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  • When the guys can't get hold of any Comic-Con tickets, Sheldon tries to hold his own convention and ends up spending a wild night with James Earl Jones. Meanwhile, the girls try to feel more mature by going to a fancy hotel for tea.

  • Despite doing whatever humanly and technically possible, the guys are unable to obtain tickets to this year's Comic-Con through legitimate means as the tickets are all sold out. Leonard, Howard and Raj decide that they will get tickets from a scalper, which Sheldon refuses to do as if they are caught, they will be banned from Comic-Con for life. Leonard, Howard and Raj have to decide if this little seed of information is enough to scare them off from doing what bad boys would do and proceed to buy the tickets through a scalper. Sheldon's plan is instead to start his own comic book convention. He goes on a search for at least one science fiction celebrity who would appear as a headliner at his convention, barring those who have restraining orders against him already. Sheldon's celebrity stalking doesn't turn out quite the way he expected. Meanwhile, Penny, Amy and Bernadette go on a quest to do something that makes them feel grown-up that they would like and not just something that makes them feel like they're pretending to be grown up.

  • When Sheldon found the place James Eral Jones was he went over to see him. Meanwhile the rest of the guys are trying to get tickets to Comic-Con. The Girls are are at a bar. Meanwhile Sheldon is having a blast with James and end up Ding Dong Diching Carrie Fisher.


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  • Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Sheldon (Jim Parsons), Howard (Simon Helberg), and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) were at the ready. The anticipation was killing them; Leonard had butterflies. (SHELDON: Don't go soft on me, Hofstadter; I'll slap those glasses right off your face!) Penny (Kaley Cuoco) came for coffee and asked what they were doing. Leonard explained they were trying to get tickets for Comic Con and all of them were trying to get in the virtual line...(SHELDON: GOOD LORD, THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR FLIRTING! Keep it in your pants.) The ticket window opened, and...


    (after the commercial break)

    THE GUYS: (not-so-enthusiastic) refresh...refresh...refresh...

    PENNY: Yeah, this is not going to be enough coffee.

    Only Leonard managed to get in a queue and was 15,000th with only Thursday and...sorry, only Sunday tickets left. And then those were gone, too. Sheldon actually cried. (PENNY: This is really sad...and in a different way than it was 20 minutes ago.) And after all the time all four of them worked on their Hulk costumes (really? Howard was going to be the Lou Ferrigno Hulk?) the guys were depressed. But Sheldon gathered himself and decided he was going to start his own convention. Of course, he could have bought scalped tickets like the other guys planned, but Sheldon was afraid of getting caught by the Comic Con Police and be banned for life. (SHELDON: You're going to feel pretty silly when you're 80 years and have to drive me down there and then sit in the car for three days.) The guys weren't convinced Sheldon could pull off his own convention.

    SHELDON: You know, there was a time when Comic Con didn't exist at all, until one lone dreamer with a unique vision made it happen. And you mark my words: I'm gonna rip that guy off.

    He could certainly try, although getting Robert Downey Jr. wasn't going to happen. Sheldon couldn't even get Wil Wheaton because Wil thought he wasn't a big enough star to carry a convention on his own. (that, and he had to shampoo his beard that day) This in spite of the fact it would be at a Marie Callender's and every panelist would get a free slice of pie. As for getting Stan Lee, Leonard Nimoy, and Bill Nye, he would need Leonard's help; the restraining orders were quite detailed on Sheldon not talking to them.

    Penny relays the story of Comic Con to Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), unable to grasp how the guys could spend so much money on tickets. Even though she spent even more on a dress the other day, but in her defense that dress could get her into a lot more places than just Comic Con. It baffled Bernadette, too, given she had to advance Howard some of his allowance and good luck getting him to pick up his toys now.

    AMY: Why can't they do something sensible like Sheldon and start their own comic book convention? (pause) Also, who would like to throw me out that window?

    Bernadette thinks they should counter their Peter Pan syndrome by going out and doing something grown up, like go to a museum. Penny was on-board going anyplace grown up...other than a museum. Bernadette knew of an afternoon tea a local hotel had, and the ladies agreed. Penny was even going to put on clean underwear...once she got some from Target.

    While the guys decided to change their costumes from the Hulk to the Fantastic Four (the Invisible Girl is standing right next to them, they swear), Sheldon had a plan for snagging a huge guest for his convention. Surprisingly, it didn't involve duct tape or chloroform: it involved doing some research and finding out that James Earl Jones would be dining at his favorite sushi restaurant tonight. Leonard begged Sheldon not to stalk James Earl Jones. He wasn't going to, and the guys should have been more concerned about being arrested for theft for buying scalped tickets. After all, Sheldon planned to warn James Earl Jones about the dangers of posting his location on Twitter; there are some weirdoes out there.

    As the guys waited for the scalper to arrive...and contemplated he might be coming to steal their money or their kidneys or make suits out of their skin... Penny, Amy, and Bernadette discovered the afternoon tea at the hotel was really designed for the younger crowd. About 6-10 years old, perhaps?

    PENNY: I can't believe we thought this would make us feel grown up.

    BERNADETTE: I can't believe the waiter thought I was your daughter.

    But Amy's tiara was turning a few heads, and it was like the tea party she held with her hamster, teddy bear, and Raggedy Ann. Until her hamster ate all its babies. (AMY: It got less cute really fast.)

    James Earl Jones meeting Sheldon was as scary as you would think.

    JAMES: I've been in other movies, but you don't care about those, do you. (Sheldon nods) I've only got one thing to say to people like you...I like Star Wars, too!

    James invites Sheldon to sit down. Sheldon explained Leonard thought he would be a creepy stalker if he bothered James, but James thought Leonard was a real weenie for saying that. (SHELDON: He is, Mr. Earl Jones! He is!)

    Back at the apartment, the guys were waffling about getting the scalped tickets, given Sheldon was right about people being arrested over it. (RAJ: If I go to jail dressed as the Human Torch, that might send the wrong message.) Suddenly, Leonard says that they always chicken out at the last second, that they're so afraid of getting into trouble, they never do anything wrong. Even Bat-Man breaks the rules. (RAJ: You know I struggle with Bat-Man.)

    Sheldon was slowly discovering James, as fun and as friendly as he was, was a bit...out there. When he read the script for Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and found out Vader was Luke's father, he thought they were lying. (SHELDON: Me too!) But the night was still young, James' wife was in New York, and he had a The Lion King (1994) residual check burning a hole in his pocket. Sure enough, they hit an ice cream parlor, go on a Ferris Wheel, and they even sing The Lion Sleeps Tonight at a karaoke bar!

    SHELDON: (at the top of the ferris wheel) Hey Los Angeles! I'm on a Ferris Wheel with Darth Vader! And he's nicer than you think!

    JAMES: I AM!

    The ladies find the bar in the hotel for some more grown-up drinks. And a good philosophical question from Penny: when did they start feeling grown up, since Penny didn't feel that way? Laughing at seeing an old man slip and fall the other day wasn't making her feel grown up at all. Bernadette admitted she didn't feel like much of a grown-up herself even after getting married. Of course, getting her wardrobe from Gap Kids didn't help. As for Amy, she found it hard to feel like a grown-up when she hadn't ever been with a man.

    PENNY: OK, sex is not what makes you a grown-up.

    BERNADETTE: Yeah, otherwise you'd be the oldest one here.

    PENNY: (pissed off) Really? That's how you talk to your mother?

    They finally concede the guys have the right idea. They were probably doing something way cooler. Well, if you count them turning off the lights and hiding from their scalper cool...

    As for Sheldon and James Earl Jones, then end the night in a sauna after playing Ding-Dong-Ditch at Carrie Fisher's house. (CARRIE: It's not funny anymore, James!) Sheldon finally tells him about not getting tickets to Comic Con, and James invites all the guys to be his guests. After all, San Diego is just across the border from his favorite city on Earth: Tijuana! But given Sheldon asked how much it was to get the strippers OFF of his lap, he wasn't up for it.

    JAMES: So Beau Bridges is on my shoulders and Jeff Bridges is on Marlon Brando's shoulders. And remember, we do not have permission to be in this pool. Hey Sheldon, wake up! And Angie Dickinson is about to sic the dogs on us, and I go under the water and Marlon goes under the water, and the water raises about 2 feet and sloshes over the patio and the dogs freak out and run like hell and then we run like hell. Oh, that was a lot of fun!

    SHELDON: Who's Angie Dickinson?

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