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Pray for the New Rosemary's Baby
wes-connors14 May 2014
In Paris, an attractive pregnant woman jumps out of her apartment window, and splatters her bloody body on the sidewalk. Next, likewise attractive American ballet dancer Zoe Saldana (as Rosemary "Ro" Woodhouse) suffers a miscarriage. She and her struggling writer husband Patrick J. Adams (as Guy Woodhouse) will eventually be "connected" to the couple in the opening scene. They move to Paris, where Mr. Adams gets a professorial job. An unholy combination of providence and happenstance arranges for Saldana to have her purse snatched, which leads to a meeting with eerie Carole Bouquet (as Margaux) and her weird husband Jason Isaacs (as Roman Castevet). The wealthy couple decides to set the younger couple up as parents to a new version of "Rosemary's Baby" (1968)...

The first part of this two-part TV Movie re-make of the classic film – which was originally directed by Roman Polanski and starred Mia Farrow – covers events before "baby night" (the big one)...

Many of the changes are plausible and interesting, but they add little and bring along a new set of problems. For example, introducing a parallel couple works, but it does make the villains seem less powerful and mysterious. The biggest strength is the expanding of the character played by Mr. Adams, but we jump from him being suspicious (like when he encounters his parallel) to participating wholeheartedly (we guess, from the ending of part one). One of the oddest additions is how Saldana, director Agnieszka Holland and filmmakers (including several Saldana family members) give the relationship between "Rosemary" and her attractive sponsor a Lesbian vibe. They kiss several times and Ms. Bouquet even gets to cure a headache by sensuously stroking Saldana's chest. Well, if it works...

***** Rosemary's Baby (5/11/14) Agnieszka Holland ~ Zoe Saldana, Patrick J. Adams, Carole Bouquet, Jason Isaacs
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The First Nite
mrsinks6513 May 2014
When seeing they were going to re-make THE CLASSIC, I was a bit worried, BUT, Fear not ( or really FEAR) This is a total gem. Zoe and Carole are Truly spell binding. I have only seen tie first episode, but do not despair......... Aside from a few script and location changes, It will creep you out and want a taste of the 5 star original...... A MUST SEE!!!!!! If you are old enough to remember the Roman Polanski, Mia Farrow, John Cassettes original, Ruth Gordon played a very old creepy lady, and Carole Bouquet plays the same role with style, mystery and class. I am rushing out to buy the original book to scare myself to sleep once again! 9 stars!
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