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  • Amber (Mae Whitman) addresses Ryan (Matt Lauria) about his issues with her hanging out with the band and struggles on whether or not to lean on Sarah (Lauren Graham) for support. Drew (Miles Heizer) asks his uncle Crosby (Dax Shepard) for advice on girls. Meanwhile, Julia (Erika Christensen) and Joel (Sam Jaeger) put their best foot forward for their family's sake and Adam (Peter Krause) shows his support for his wife Kristina (Monica Potter).


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  • Kristina is poking at the uneaten cake custom-made for her victory party. Adam reminds her that they are alone at home now and she can grieve if she needs to. Kristina assures Adam she is fine. Max updates them again on Bob Little's graciously thanking Kristina for her challenge. Kristina will allow Max to dig in to the cake if he turns off the television. Handed a fork, Max stabs the eyes on the image of Kristine on the cake and proceeds to devour forkfuls much to Kristine and Adams wonderment and amusement. They start throwing fistfuls of cake at each other.

    Sarah comes home to a couple of tenants outside her door complaining about the busted heating. Carl calls her from down the hall, extracting her from the confrontation by claiming he has a problem in his apartment. Instead is just offering her the warmth and quiet of his apartment, and some wine.

    Joel spends the night on the couch, much to Julia's dismay. She apologizes for her behavior yesterday at the trailer and urges him to help her fix the situation. He agrees.

    Sarah and Carl are enjoying their wine and talking. The power goes out, probably from the overload of Carl's ten space heaters. They kiss.

    Amber enters the Luncheonette and sees the band, including Zach, who is bruised and has his arm in a cast. Oliver tells Amber that Ryan cost them a week because Zach can't drum. She apologizes but Adam calls her to his office.

    Drew's roommate asks him what his deal is with Natalie. Drew says shes just a friend so the roommate tells him he saw Natalie with another guy at a frat party the previous night. He also suggests Drew wear a condom when he is with Natalie because she has been friends with benefits indiscriminately.

    Amber tells Adam and Crosby she understands the gravity of what happened. They tell her the band won't be pressing charges and Amber is relieved. Then they ask her if Ryan has ever been violent to her, and she assures them he would never do that. Adam wants her to promise to tell them if anything ever happens. They tell her that Ryan cannot come to the studio. Adam also wants her to tell Sarah about what happened.

    Heather is cleaning out her desk. Kristina tries to tell her they had a good fight, but Heather confesses that losing stung because Kristina would have made a great mayor. They hug.

    Joel has come home early. Julia and the kids come in. He wanted to make pizza dinner with them.

    Amber comes home and finds Ryan, who hasn't gone in to work. She says she spent the day trying to clean up Ryan's mess at The Luncheonette and that he cost the studio a lot of money. He offers to go in to apologize and make restitution. She says he can't. He asks about their relationship, and she says she can't say what is happening because she loves him but he hasn't been forthcoming about his medication and because he doesn't trust her enough to tell her what is going on with him.

    Sarah leaves her apartment and sees Joel outside his door working on his bicycle. She behaves awkwardly and goes back in the apartment.

    Natalie rubs Drew's thigh as they are studying in his room. She says she's bored and he wonders if there's a frat party she could go to. He thought they had a thing, but she says she's in it for the fun, and that he is sweet, but sweet can get boring. She says she is offering him a no-strings gift.

    Joel tucks Sydney in as Julia watches. Sydney asks if they could have a pool and tells them about her friend who now has two houses, one with her mom, and one with her dad who has a pool.

    Zeek is relieved to hear that the band isn't pressing charges. Ryan is frustrated that they think that by recording a song that they have created something important to the world. Zeke commiserates, but says what is important is that Amber thinks it's important. Ryan wonders if Sarah was right in saying that he's not good enough for Amber. Zeek says Sarah is just being a mom and that no one will ever be good enough to marry her baby. Ryan says he's trying hard but he cannot adjust to the civilian life. He says he hated being in Afghanistan but at least, there, everything mattered, everything was important. Zeek tells him he has to decide where he wants to be.

    Kristina and Adam are at the playground with Nora. A mom recognizes her as the mayoral candidate and points out the slide here has been broken for some time. The woman didn't realize the election was a few days ago and that Kristina lost. After the mom leaves, Adam teases Kristina that she has to go fix the slide with duct tape.

    Drew tells Crosby about his situation with Natalie and Crosby is only interested in how Natalie is so open-minded about sex. Crosby says Drew needs to enjoy it while he can.

    Sarah knocks on Carl's door and blurts out that they cannot sleep together again, that she's forty-two years old, that she needs to focus on her career, and that she needs to set boundaries. She leaves.

    Julia, at home, gets a series of texts from Ed. She goes to his house and finds Ed packing his things to move out. His estranged wife thinks it would be better until they divorce. Julia asks him to stop calling and texting. Ed doesnt understand and doesnt understand why she came over just to tell him that. Julia wants to know if his moving out is because of her. Ed says its because he lost himself a while ago and had been miserable, so no. She says shes sorry about his troubles and hugs him. They kiss. She leaves.

    Drew agrees to the booty call system but wants Natalie to assure him that he won't see her at a frat party making out with another guy. She agrees but when he starts to set more rules, she wonders if they should just be friends. She apologizes, saying that she hoped they could work this out, but she doesn't think it will. She says she'd still really like to have him as a friend though, just before she leaves.

    Kristina is with Gwen as she smokes pot. Kristina tells her she lost by 947 votes. Gwen offers her a toke, and muses that if Kristina went after the pot smokers in Berkeley, she might have won. Gwen is sad she wont be around when Kristina runs again. Kristina takes the joint.

    Amber tells Sarah what happened at the bar. She asks for Sarah's advice as a friend and not as a mom. Sarah tells her she always was worried about Amber falling in love because she is so strong and is tough enough to handle anything. But as her mom, Sarah says that just because Amber can handle things, its not what she would want for her.

    Amber finds Ryan at home. They both want to talk but she wants to go first. She concedes that they have difficulties but that's great since they love each other and they can fight through it together. He stops her and tells her he can't do this life and has re-enlisted.

    Julia and Joel get ready for date night. She is preoccupied.

    Adam has driven Julia to a street corner where there is a large campaign billboard for Bob Little. He produces a shopping bag full of eggs. He urges her to throw one at the sign, but when she is reluctant, he throws one first. Kristina follows and they throw several more until they set off a car alarm.

    Amber goes to see Sarah and breaks down.

    There's a knock on Drew's room dorm room door. His roommate says it is his booty call, earlier than usual. Drew opens the door and it is Amy.

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