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29 Jan. 2014
Returning to active duty following the shooting of his partner, Nick Barron is given a new partner. Ben Chartier is a new member of the team, having transferred from a rural police unit. Barron is resentful of his new partner and tension quickly builds between them, climaxed when a suspect is shot during a robbery and one of the policemen is investigated for an unnecessary shooting.
5 Feb. 2014
Nick and Ben continue as partners and encounter an incident that they don't report. Ben is cleared of any wrong-doing in the shooting of a robbery suspect.
12 Feb. 2014
Welfare Day
The first day of the month falls on a Friday, making this day when welfare checks arrive even more chaotic than normal. Being short-staffed most of the team pull double shifts.
19 Feb. 2014
The Party
Nick is upset that the injured Harvey will be attending a party with former squad members. The team deals with a gang rape and the escalating drinking problem of one of their own.
26 Feb. 2014
Ben takes a sick day to go home to work things out with his father who he had arrested for a hit and run while drunk; Nick is partnered with his nemesis, who spreads a rumor that Nick is warning a drug gang when police raids are scheduled.
5 Mar. 2014
Baron and Chartier find themselves in the crossfires of a gang war. Ben is introduced to Nick's sister.
12 Mar. 2014
Nick and Ben collide over a politically explosive case.
19 Mar. 2014
Word spreads of a potential mole in the department after a drug bust goes wrong. Tyler's addiction starts to surface to others. Nick and Ben are recognized for their heroism. Audrey and Nick's relationship runs into turbulence.
26 Mar. 2014
Justice is served expeditiously when one of the group's own is ambushed while on patrol.
2 Apr. 2014
Ben is given a proposition by S.Q. to investigate the rest of the team for a leak. Nick and the rest of the team suffer a grave loss.

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