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Season 10

15 May 2019
What It Do In Des Moines
To honor a bet that he lost to Mark, former New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez works a shift at the Fenway Wahlburgers restaurant and Paul is shocked by the reception A-Rod gets from the Boston Red Sox fans. Mark and Donnie confront Paul about his hostility towards social media, and plot to exponentially increase his Instagram followers, and give him a 'signature tagline' worthy of a celebrity chef. Phyllis and Alma take an oil painting class, and the male model gives them a lot more to work with than they expected.
22 May 2019
On the Road
Mark, Donnie, and Johnny Drama all pitch in to give Paul a crash course in marketing after a lackluster radio show appearance. Paul and Drama take a road trip by driving the food truck out to Mark's new dealership in Columbus, Ohio, just to turn and around and get back to Boston to tailgate at a Patriots' game with former Super Bowl Champions Matt Light and Troy Brown. Alma and Bob meet with a medium and are visited by a presence from the other side.
29 May 2019
Be a Good Sport
Donnie breaks ground on his St. Charles location. Alma, Johnny Drama, and Phyllis plan a 50's themed carhop behind Paul's back, and Paul gets strong-armed by Alma into helping once he finds out. Brandon tries to find his niche in the family business, getting into the dog food market with the help of Paul, and Alma's dogs.
5 Jun. 2019
A Tale of Two Sin Cities
Paul gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly with the Air Force's Thunderbirds in Vegas. Brandon tags along and bets Paul that he'll have a better Vegas experience on the strip. Bob gets more involved in the company and trains as Wahlburgers' employee from the ground up.
3 Jul. 2019
Next-Gen Wahlbergs
Paul visits the Lone Star state and gets a full cowboy experience as he explores a possible Austin location. Alma and Phyllis help Brandon get his dating life on track. Paul puts his body on the line to learn a new skill in an attempt to spend more time with his son, Ethan.
10 Jul. 2019
Wahlking Down Memory Lane?
In this special episode of Wahlburgers, get ready to laugh your buns off. Mark, Donnie, Paul, and Alma recall the most hilarious moments over the last nine seasons. It's a no-holds-barred romp down memory lane where no Wahlberg is safe.
17 Jul. 2019
Wahlburgers Home Away from Home: Part 1
Paul visits a beef distributor in Amsterdam in preparation for a possible military base location in Germany, while Nino tries to distract him with playing tourist the entire time. While Paul is out of the country, Mark and Donnie do their best to deal with oversight on their existing U.S. locations. Paul ends up with some special new footwear.
24 Jul. 2019
Wahlburgers Away from Home: Part 2
Paul visits a military base in Germany to decide whether or not it's a good fit for a Wahlburgers location; Alma and Phyllis work up a sweat as they take part in a community event with fmr Boston Celtics players Dana Barros and Leon Powe.
31 Jul. 2019
Wahlburgers Award Show Clips Show
In this laugh-out-loud special episode of Wahlburgers, the cast takes over their own show. Hosted by Donnie and Paul, this show devolves into a self-proclaimed award ceremony, where Donnie and Paul hand out Wahlburgers awards to their favorite clips. With special appearances by Alma, Bob and Brandon, plus a special "Behind The Menu" segment starring Johnny Drama.
31 Jul. 2019
Wahlburgers Comes Home
Life comes full-circle as the Wahlbergs prepare to finally open the long-awaited location in their hometown of Dorchester. Donnie gives Paul a professional makeover for the event, using some of his friends from Blue Bloods. Alma gets a special treat from Mark's personal chef, and the whole family comes together for one more special grand opening in the place where it all started.

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