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Sex & Nudity

  • A character has sex with someone who he believes will tell him about his dead daughter, she is seen putting her bra on and is shown in her underwear. A character takes off her bra. A few sexual references. Two characters are having sex, the mention of a condom and one is shown on-screen as this is happening another character can feel it happening. As she feels it is happening, she asks to exit a bus she is on.
  • A character is getting ready for a shower. She is shown taking off her clothes no nudity.
  • A character is shown in her bra looking at a scare. A character kisses her girlfriend this scene is very brief, but makes sense to the plot.
  • A character is seen shirtless, and a sex scene occurs, but it is stopped. It's fully clothed. Just the male is shirtless. Two characters are scene kissing throughout, they walk to a bedroom and implied sex occurs. A character spies on two characters have sex, we see some thrusting, no nudity, just you see there bare-backs.
  • Two characters discuss there marriage status after an affair with her previous boyfriend. Two girls are seen having sex, we just hear moaning, and we see a girls underwear. No nudity. A character asks ''what they are wearing''. A character discusess how his wife was pregnant at the time he died, and ''love'' is stronger than death. A discussion of two characters ''are meant to be''. Images of a characters relationship are seen on screen including kissing, cuddling and hugging. Love songs are heard in the background as the character reflects on the memories. A character discusses her fake relationship with a 24-year old ''musician''. Two characters kiss briefly. The other-twin feels the interaction.
  • A character bends over and we see her underwear, a sex scene occurs, we see a man shirtless and a woman wearing a bra with some moaning, she claims if ''she has sex'' she tells him about how when she has sex, she see hears, and see things, and tells the man about his dead daughter. We see the male's back, and he gets ready. In a hospital, we see a female in a hospital bed, and we see the top of her chest. A character's stomach is shown in a hospital, this is due to the doctors showing the character her stab wound.Very brief. A character mentions she ''can feel'' her sister having sex the day she ''died.'' We see a characters back. It is mentioned a character ''knows many guys''. We see a characters back as she changes, we don't see her breasts.
  • A character wakes up from having implied sex. Characters discuss ''love'' being complicated, and another character discusses her marriage. Two characters make out sort of.
  • A character calls another sexy during a photo shoot, a character takes off his clothes and goes swimming, he strips down and we see him in his boxers, the woman strips to her underwear and bra, and implied sex occurs. They then make out on a beach. A character is shown in her bra, while another touches her scar. Two characters have sex and make out, no nudity or anything graphic is shown Characters discuss having sexual relations with other characters.
  • It is a characters wedding. A group of girls go swimming, and see a group of guys swimming shirtless. A character mentions she met someone else. A character tells another she loves him, and they can no longer be together. They are seen holding hands. Characters are seen making out. Two characters discuss kissing and why he chose her sister over her. Two characters have sex in the woods, nudity is shown but is blurred out the other twin can feel this happening. A couple kiss in a hospital. A couple kiss while they dance. A character kills another after sex.

Violence & Gore

  • A bus goes over a cliff into a ravine, we see the bus go off a cliff. A girl is stabbed after running away from her work-place. a little child is in the road as a bus goes into a revenue. A character can feel her sisters sexual-experience and asks to get off the bus, this leads to the bus going off the cliff again at the end of the episode.
  • A character bangs on the door of a house, and she screams at him to ''GO AWAY''. A character goes into a room for questioning, and they show some scars of death thats it. A character is seen looking at a scar wound, a little child is in the road as a bus goes into a revenue.
  • Another character is stabbed, we see the blood. A character looks at a scar on her back. A character is hit over the head with a shovel, he locks in himself into a room and forces him to go away and begins praying. The character who hit him over the head with a shovel is hit over the head with a shovel.
  • A home invasion is clearly scene taking place, we hear a woman scream, a child hides in fear and a robber in ski-masks tells him ''it's okay'' and to wait for the other robber to go away, the other robber enters the room, and the other one tries to talk him out of it. The child is shot. A woman is killed in her house, full-blood, a cat is scene eating her guts. A character's scar is annoying her, she is seen in pain, blood is running down her shirt. She then falls down the stairs, and awakes in a hospital. A character throws his character across his desk in anger. A character draws violent photos with blood in them. A character is stunned when black water approaches in the sink. This episode is rated TV-MA.
  • We see a bloody wound from a character, we see the scar repeatilty through the episode, a character puts something on the scar to ''make it feel better''. A character mentions how she felt when her sister got hurt. A character mentions how she died during a flood, the home invasion sequence is discussed. We see a bloody stab wound briefly. A character asks if she is dead, another character responds with ''there's only one way to find out''. The home invasion scene is discussed again, mentioning how ''no one'' was suppose to be home, we see the masked man walk across a field, with a gun, and tries to shoot it, but it doesn't go off, and he disspears. And had no idea, that his friend would kill the characters mother. A character mentions he ''died'' a slow and painful death due to cancer. He is asked for ''his forgiveness'' and hands him a gun to ''kill him''.
  • It is implied a character had attempted suicide. A character is screaming for help, due to a character not letting her go, due to finding out his brother killed someone, and a locket of her was found. Teens dig up a girls grave. A character is shown being tied up while crying. A character talks about how she came back from the dead, while other people in the group ask questions. Two character discuss the fate of another saying how they don't want to hurt her. A character holds a knife to another and unties her from being tied-up. Very brief. A character discuss how an ''angel'' is going to take them away. A character shoots a characters ex-boyfriend. We see blood. A knife is held-up to her throat.
  • The murder of Rowan's ex-boyfriend is discussed, we see the body and some blood and discussion of how a knife was held-up to her throat. A character looks at photos of a robbery, we see a bloody gun shot wound. Bloody photographs are shown. The bus-crash is discussed and mentioned briefly. During a flashback, a character is pulled from a car. The bus crash is re-shown, and a character begs to leave, as we see the bus turning avoiding a character. A discussion of how a character was tied up, and ''thought he was going to kill me!" A character is angry and tells another ''not to touch me!" Speeding cars drive to the house of the girl who was kidnapped and a character is punched in the face repeatidly and kicked as well. A character grabs a stick and knocks one of them out. We see a character with bloody bruses. A character looks at her sisters scar, and the bus-crash is mentioned again. A character confesses to murder. Two characters hang themselves. A suicide is discussed.
  • Throughout the whole entire series characters are brought back from the dead. The series contains some bloody cuts and bruises.


  • bitch, shit, hell, and damn is used over the course of the series.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A lot of it takes place in a bar, so there is tons of social drinking, and smoking. A bong can be spotted on a table in a character's friend's home. A character hands in her pills to her therapists and says she is ''done''. Characters take shroom drugs in the first season finale.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The cat eating the guts of a human. may be intense, as well as the home invasion scene, or the being hit over the head with a shovel. A character is buried alive and the scene is disturbing and dragged out. A scene appears where a character removes deer guts.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • We see the home invasion scene again involving the child being shot and screaming. We see a character holding a gun. A character goes looking for his brother, A scene of a woman being stabbed from a previous episode is shown again, there is blood. A character is hit over the head with some sort of axe. We see a dead girl laying there, as blood comes out of her. A character picks up his brother, and is seen buring him alive as he screams for help. This scene is disturbing. Blood is scene on his face, the character is hit over the head with a shovel, and the buring alive continues. Extremely disturbing. A character is seen in critical condition with tubes hooked up to her. We see blood on her stomach and some sort of cuts and bruises throughout her body. A younger character approaches a characters office, and tells him ''he knows'' he was a robber during his home invasion and discuses how he killed his mother & him during the robbery. The lights go dark, and a character decides to find a flashlight, and begins searching for him. During a field trip it is mentioned that, a dam burst destroying a part of city, and killing 86 people. A memorial mural is shown briefly. A character decides to go for ''a walk'' in a river. She goes into the river, and dead deer appear across the screen. This scene may be some what distrubing, no blood is shown. A character randomly disappears. The dear are removed from the river, and we see there dead bodies, and its discussed they were ''possibly shot''. The police are asked to find a cause of death. A character removes deer guts, this scene is literally quite disgusting. A character discusses his mental health, and ''they made a mistake'' of killing him, he is punched in the face. A knife is held up to his neck and he begins the man who helds the knife to ''PLEASE DO IT!" and ''PLEASE FORGIVE ME!" for killing him. The discussion of characters dying and how they died is discussed. The body of a dead deer on a table is scene, and it is mentioned they died drowning. And the ''expert'' says the deer committed ''suicide'' for an unknown apparent reason, the character discusses hunting. Two characters discuss there lives before they died, and how being brought back was ''unnatural'' the home invasion sequence is discused again. A characters scar is seen on screen again, the scar is bloody & very disgustingly shown. The episode contains a lot of bloody images. As a character drives, he spots the child who has gone missing. A character tells her friends ''she wants them dead''. A character falls to the ground, and is kidnapped by a man? Heavily implied!
  • Two characters hide from police after the burglary, a character pulls out a gun and kills him. He dies while trying to remove the gun, we see blood in his mouth. A character is arrested for fraud and kidnapping. A character hears voices from a panting. A character mentions how she hears something bad/a flood is going to happen, this is repeated by another. A character mentions he should not have locked her up. A character mentions he died in a flood, and two friends stop by to see her sister, and see if she is okay due to her being hospitalized. A character has a concussion. We see a bloody scar on her face. A character grabs another violently and says ''LETS GO!" and asks who else he has hurt. She screams at him, and tells him ''what he did was bad'' and tells him it is not right. He turns the music upload and blasts, she grabs him and shakes him. A character mentions her daughter is dead. A car spins out of control almost falling into a revenue. A character kills another one by slicing him or hitting him in the head with a knife. A character visits his childhood home where he was murdered. We see a flashback of him bleeding prentending to be ''awake''. A character mentions his mother would not be returning and a fairy was ''FAKE"! One of the main characters is killed imaginarly, violently, she is choked to death and shoved into a wall. She calls his name, and gets no answer. A character sets a plan to burn down a dam to destroy the whole town. A character plays with a knife and plans to kill another one, she cuts her arm and blood appears. They get into a physical fight. She runs away. A character gets into a car with a stranger, it is implied that it his next victim. The power goes out during a wedding reception. A character uses firecrackers to burst open a dam.

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