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Episode dated 8 September 2019

Panel discussion with The Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway, Washington Examiner contributor Kristen Soltis Anderson, and Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page; Buck Sexton, former CIA analyst; Mara Liasson, ...


11 May 2014
Episode dated 11 May 2014
Topics: Monica Lewinsky's Vanity Fair article; Hillary Clinton and the media; Lara Logan's leave from CBS; Barbara Walters' retirement. Guests include Lauren Ashburn, Keli Goff, Mary Katharine Ham, James Carville and Joe Concha.
18 May 2014
Episode dated 18 May 2014
Topics: the kidnappings in Nigeria; Karl Rove's comments about Hillary Clinton; Jill Abramson's departure from the New York Times; Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.
25 May 2014
Episode dated 25 May 2014
Topics: Hillary Clinton's interview with Diane Sawyer; the scandal surrounding the Department of Veterans Affairs; Jill Abramson's departure from the New York Times.
1 Jun. 2014
Episode dated 1 June 2014
Topics: Hillary Clinton's book, "Hard Choices"; the V.A. scandal; Brian Williams' interview with Edward Snowden; First Lady Michelle Obama and school lunches.
8 Jun. 2014
Episode dated 8 June 2014
Topics: the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is discussed. Also: Bret Baier on his book, "Special Heart: A Journey of Faith, Hope, Courage and Love". Panelists: Lauren Ashburn, Jim Pinkerton and Bill Press.
15 Jun. 2014
Episode dated 15 June 2014
Topic: Rep. Eric Cantor's primary loss in Virginia; Hillary Clinton's book tour; the crisis in Iraq; the 20th anniversary of the O.J. Simpson trial. Also: Laura Ingraham discusses David Brat's victory over Rep. Cantor.
29 Jun. 2014
Episode dated 29 June 2014
Topics: the IRS investigation; Rep. John Boehner's plan to sue President Obama; Hillary Clinton's book tour; Diane Sawyer's stepping down from ABC's "World News"; TV ratings for the World Cup; Rebekah Brooks' acquittal.
6 Jul. 2014
Episode dated 6 July 2014
Topics: President Obama and the media; Monica Lewinsky's TV interview; the Travel Channel's Adam Richman's social media controversy; ABC's "The View". Panelists include Lauren Ashburn, Rich Lowry, Keli Goff, Joe Concha and Lola Ogunnaike.
13 Jul. 2014
Episode dated 13 July 2014
Topics: Sarah Palin's comments about impeaching President Barack Obama; turmoil in the Middle East; Rosie O'Donnell's return to The View (1997). Panelists include Lauren Ashburn, Jonah Goldberg, Noam Scheiber and Sarah Lacy.
20 Jul. 2014
Episode dated 20 July 2014
Topics: U.S. immigration policy; the crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17; Rupert Murdoch's bid for Time Warner Cable; a New Jersey reporter's comments about the murder of a police officer in Jersey City.
27 Jul. 2014
Episode dated 27 July 2014
Topics: the Israel-Gaza conflict; whether Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) will run for president in 2016. Guests include Lauren Ashburn, K.T. McFarland, Fred Francis, Leland Vittert, Joe Concha and Jackie Kucinich.
10 Aug. 2014
Episode dated 10 August 2014
Topics: President Obama's relationship with the press; Mitt Romney back in the spotlight; Sen. John Walsh (D-Mont) ending his campaign; Rupert Murdock and Time Warner Cable; the media's trustworthiness. Also: an interview w/Chris Wallace.
17 Aug. 2014
Episode dated 17 August 2014
Topics: the unrest in Ferguson, Mo.; Hillary Clinton's remarks about President Obama; the crisis in Iraq; the death of Robin Williams; Chuck Todd named the new host of "Meet the Press". Guests: Lauren Ashburn; Jim Geraghty; Joe Trippi.
24 Aug. 2014
Episode dated 24 August 2014
Topics: the death of journalist James Foley; the unrest in Ferguson, Mo.; the indictment of Texas governor Rick Perry. Guests include Lauren Ashburn, Scott Olson, Abe Van Dyke, Matt Lewis, Richard Fowler and Greta Van Susteren.
31 Aug. 2014
Episode dated 31 August 2014
Topics: Obama's "No Strategy" moment; Al Sharpton covering his own funeral speech; Burger King's move to Canada; creditability of the media. Guests: David Zurawik, Joe Concha, Charles Gasparino, Lauren Ashburn, Jim Pinkett, Mara Liasson.
7 Sep. 2014
Episode dated 7 September 2014
Topics: ISIS; President Obama's response to foreign-affairs crises; likelihood of another Mitt Romney presidential run; Sunday political shows; the midterm elections. Guests: Lauren Ashburn, Bob Cusack, Amy Walter, Joe Concha, Steve Hayes.
14 Sep. 2014
Episode dated 14 September 2014
Topics: President Obama's ISIS speech; Congress and foreign policy; the NFL's Ray Rice controversy; Kirsten Gillibrand's book. Guests: Lauren Ashburn, Jim Geraghty, Dana Milbank, Christine Brennan, Harvey Levin and David Zurawik.
21 Sep. 2014
Episode dated 21 September 2014
Topics: President Obama's ISIS strategy; Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) and the Democrats; NFL controversies; the new cast of "The View"; the midterm elections. Panelist: James Rosen; Mary Katherine Ham; Mara Liasson; Joe Concha.
28 Sep. 2014
Episode dated 28 September 2014
Topics: President Obama's ISIS strategy; White House press-pool reports; accusations of plagiarism against Fareed Zakaria; the midterm elections. Guests include Christina Bellantoni, Rich Lowry, Joe Trippi, Richard Grenell, Leslie Marshall.
5 Oct. 2014
Episode dated 5 October 2014
Topics: the Secret Service; the Obama administration's ISIS strategy; the Ebola outbreak. Also: Matt Bai discusses his book, "All the Truth Is Out". Guests: Stephen Hayes, Michael Tomasky, Sharyl Attisson, Ed Henry and Frank Sesno.
12 Oct. 2014
Episode dated 12 October 2014
Topics: the Ebola outbreak; the Obama administration's ISIS strategy; Leon Panetta's book, "Worthy Fights"; same-sex marriage. Guests: Bob Cusack; Susan Ferrechio; Sharyl Attkisson; Amy Holmes; Bill Press; Bill O'Reilly.
19 Oct. 2014
Episode dated 19 October 2014
Topics: the politics of Ebola; the midterm elections; cable news; "Saturday Night Live". Guests: Ed Henry, Matt Lewis, Ana Marie Cox, Joe Concha, Jedediah Bila, Bob Cusack, Susan Ferrechio.
26 Oct. 2014
Episode dated 26 October 2014
Topics: Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee's death; President Obama's relationship w/ the Democratic Party; leaks in the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Mo.; Monica Lewinsky's return to the public eye. Guests include Jonah Goldberg.
2 Nov. 2014
Episode dated 2 November 2014
Topics: election coverage; fact-checking political ads; the 2016 elections. Guests: Andrea Tantaros, Julie Roginsky, Amy Chozick, Rich Lowry, Mark Hannah, Frank Luntz, John Roberts.
9 Nov. 2014
Episode dated 9 November 2014
Topics: the midterm elections; President Obama's reaction to his party's losses; Sharyl Attkisson's book, "Stonewalled". Guests: Mary Katharine Ham; Ana Marie Cox; David Zurawik; Sharyl Attkisson.
16 Nov. 2014
Episode dated 16 November 2014
Topics: MIT economist Jonathan Gruber's comments about the Affordable Care Act; Jenna Bush's interviews with her father and grandfather; 'Glenn Beck's illness; "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart; Mike Huckabee's political future.
23 Nov. 2014
Episode dated 23 November 2014
Topics: President Obama's immigration plan; protests in Ferguson, Mo.; allegations of sexual assault against Bill Cosby; Uber executive Emil Michael's remarks. Guests include Sharyl Attkisson, Amy Holmes, Joe Trippi, Sarah Lacy.
30 Nov. 2014
Episode dated 30 November 2014
Topics: the shooting of Michael Brown; resignation of Chuck Hagel; allegations of sexual assault against Bill Cosby. Guests: David Zurawik, David Webb, Mara Liasson, Bill Hemmer, Joe Concha, Harris Faulkner, Andrea Tantaros, Jedediah Bila.
7 Dec. 2014
Episode dated 7 December 2014
Topics include the decision not to indict a New York police officer for the death of Eric Garner; nationwide protest over the deaths of Garner and Michael Brown; Hillary Clinton's political future; football player Ray Rice.
14 Dec. 2014
Episode dated 14 December 2014
Topics: the CIA interrogation report; the Rolling Stone article on an alleged sexual assault at the University of Virginia; the leaked Sony e-mails. Guests: Lauren Ashburn; Stephen Hayes; Juan Williams; T. Rees Shapiro: Ana Marie Cox.
21 Dec. 2014
Episode dated 21 December 2014
Topics: the Sony email hack and cancellation of "The Interview"; former Florida governor Jeb Bush's political future; U.S.-Cuba relations. Guests: Sharyl Attkisson; Jonah Goldberg; Joe Trippi; James Rosen; Richard Grenell; Julie Roginsky.
28 Dec. 2014
Episode dated 28 December 2014
Topics: a year of mistakes and mishaps; why media trust has plunged.

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