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How to Get Away with Legal Inaccuracy
emonaghan-6417231 October 2015
I saw at least 3 other reviews of this TV show that put it at a 6/10 for the sole reason that it is an inaccurate portrayal of lawyers. Yes, and...? Does that take away from the brilliant plot and acting? I don't think anything in film or television is an accurate portrayal of anything. If someone were to rewrite this exciting show into an "accurate portrayal" of law, then it would just be a show about Viola Davis filling out paper work and occasionally showing up in court. And some of these reviewers go on to say that it is a shame that people believe that is how the court of law is in real life. My advice to them is to go to the IMDb page of the Avengers and write a review that says, "it's a shame that every single person who watches this movie now believes superheroes actually exist," because apparently no one who is a consumer of media entertainment has the common sense to know that lawyers do not, in reality, go around killing and bribing everyone.

No one watches a show like How to Get Away with Murder for a lesson in law, they watch it for the interesting characters and fascinating plot. I had to write this review to correct all of the mistaken reviews that gave this show anything less than a 7, because the overall rating of this show was dismaying to me. And to learn it is for such a irrelevant reason!
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Ridiculous and gay and pretty awesome
joshoreilly244 October 2015
If you want to watch yet another procedural about lawyers that's realistic or even researched in any way this is not the show for you. However if you want an over the top, melodramatic, sexy, unpredictable show that'll keep you guessing and laughing and freaking out with every cliffhanger, then watch this.

Viola Davis is amazing (unsurprisingly) and Analise is one of the most interesting main characters on TV right now.

This show had one of the best pilots I've seen in a while and the season 2 premiere was one of the best episodes of television I've seen all year (and I watch A LOT of TV).

In summary, How To Get Away With Murder is kinda dumb, kinda funny, really engaging and enthralling and constantly surprising.
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Freaking Amazing
laselle199426 September 2014
I honestly think the other review was uncalled for. This is fantastic! The beginning is a little confusing and hard to figure out whats going on but honestly, that's what makes it so suspenseful. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Most crime shows are all about justice, which is great but sometimes it's nice to see the opposite side of things. There's so many dynamic characters in this show, it adds interest. Viola Davis is amazing in this. She's such a strong actress and her acting is very believable and on point. What I will say is, some of the characters seem a bit awkward. Again, I think that's what makes it interesting. The awkward characters have a place and don't seem like a random actress throw into the mix. I find this show, sexy, interesting and very dramatic. It's the perfect mix! I say give it a watch, if you don't like it no harm, no foul.
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Loved It, Then Hated It, Now I Love To Hate It: A Lawyer's Tale
NarcoNelly28 September 2015
At the time of writing, I have seen all of season one and the first episode of season 2.

I've seen other reviews on here that talk about how impossible it is to watch this show if you have any legal knowledge, and I would just like to add my two cents to this topic. I sympathize. I'm a lawyer, and have worked in criminal defence (once upon a time), and I, too, generally have a really hard time watching any legal dramas whatsoever. Television takes egregious liberties with the justice system, and shows that portray the practice of law are difficult to watch when they are wildly inaccurate, and it is frustrating to witness protagonists do things that you know are illegal or unethical. As annoying as this is, the tendency is understandable—even criminal law is only so compelling in real life. The assumption is that most viewers do not have legal training, and that nobody—lawyers included—will watch a show where competent, ethical practitioners stay at the office late looking up cases on Quicklaw, fiddling with binding machines, and trying not to smudge pad thai sauce on their prelim transcripts.

This show, however, is so ridiculous that it actually rose to the level of suspension of disbelief required for me, at least, to still enjoy it. It is basically a soap opera. Trying to subject it to human logic is a pointless exercise that will inevitably leave you discombobulated, shouting at the sky about injustice or whatever people do once they've discovered their whole life is a lie.

For instance, I would be hard pressed to conceive of a more profound conflict of interest than that contained in the season 1 episode 10 court scene if someone bet me $100 and a case of beer (I won't describe it in the interests of no spoilers--the blame-shifting thing). And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Every other thing that every character does in this show would get you summarily disbarred, fired, or charged with something.

At the end of the day however, that is not the point. This show seems to know exactly how over-the-top it is. But rather than trying to scale back the insanity in the name of realism, it revels in knocking it right into twelfth gear. Left and right, people are lying to each other or the court, sleeping around and committing felonies—sometimes at the same time—because why not? The degree of accuracy is so low that the mercury drops out the bottom of the thermometer and creates a rift in the space-time continuum. It fails so hard it wins. It is the Hearts equivalent of shooting the moon.

So get some popcorn and get comfy. Try to resist the analytical voice in your head that keeps screaming "No!" and just let it wash over you. Everything will be fine.
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I Love This Show
emma-199-96810930 December 2014
I know that some people don't like the outlandish schemes of this show and say that the legal parts and law school parts are "unrealistic" but that's the point of the show! Nobody wants to watch a show about the real lives of law students, they're just not that interesting. The reason that these shows are popular is because they are crazy, and lots of people like that. There's nothing wrong with that. If you don't like the drama, then don't watch this show, because yes, it is unrealistic. But that's what makes it interesting! Please just stop hating on it because realistic everyday lives aren't all that interesting to watch unless they're comedy and some people like drama because we are humans and we simply want the drama. We want those lives because they're exciting, regardless of how unrealistic they are. I LOVE THIS SHOW. It's so interesting and I love finding out what happens next. The acting is amazing and the story lines are very creative. It's really good and I highly recommend it.
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Slow at the start but Awesome all- in- all
anand-7458715 November 2015
The most interracial show ever made, seems to be the main theme of the serial. But the plot takes the cherry. The twists through out the story is simply hypnotizing. Even though it is slow at the start, the end pays it off with interest.It seems to have been made with a message of women, gay and other empowerment and is not at all subtle about it. It has Gay sex in every episode..that girls might love. But all these negative points are well outweighed by the the story-line plus acting. Majorly the actor in the lead role "Anna Keating". Her work is impeccable. I can't remember the last time I failed to identify the killer beforehand. The director would amaze everyone with the brilliant work. "How to get away with murder" there could not be a better title than this.So, watch it right now, bear first few episodes with patience, then drown in its magic. Great Show!!
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I don't usually use the term guilty pleasure...
A_Llama_Drama14 October 2015
This is definitely a time to use it. Unlike other ABC shows I used to watch like Desperate Housewives, I never heard a good word about HTGAWM. When Desperate Housewives first appeared there were plaudits and comparisons with Six Feet Under and Sex & The City. Much like DH, this show centres on a mystery (who killed Lila Stangart and how are the main characters going to get away with murder?). Add to that some of the horniest students and professionals I've seen on television since Queer as Folk, you've got a great mix of intrigue, hysteria and mystery. It doesn't pretend to be a good show. It's overblown, it's riddled with over-acting, the plot is paper thin and the court scenes are like cheap episodes of "The Good Wife." And it works in the shows favour. It's so good because it never once puts on the front of being a good television show. It's trashy and dirty and Viola Davis is absolutely amazing. If you're needing to wind down after a hard day of actual work, tune in to How To Get Away With Murder and enjoy the petty dramas of an oversexed, over-thinking, overdressed cast. The jury is out - How To Get Away With Murder is guilty! Guilty of being pleasurable.
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Nunyrbusiness2 October 2015
I just binge watched season one and I loved it. First off I want to say that there are a bunch of complaining critics on here that I think are missing the point of the show. How to get away with murder. It's not a show that's going to depict total reality. It's a fun to watch exaggerated clever show (but there's a bit of truth behind every bit of this exaggeration). Maybe the critics that rate the show so harshly should really watch it with a grain of salt. So many are saying that it's unrealistic. The law schools are not at all like this. Law isn't practiced like this. Oh grow up. The crazy twisting corrupted lying cheating goings-on are exaggerated and accelerated to make it more fun to watch. This is a fun show and I am most certainly looking forward to season two. Now I will agree that there are some gratuitous sex scenes that just really aren't necessary. The writers really don't have to spell it out for us. We get it. Maybe they will ease up on that kind of stuff in season two. Good show and I recommend it to people who are open-minded to the fact that TV doesn't always have to be based on true absolute reality. It's supposed to be entertaining. And this show is definitely entertaining.
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Among Network TV's best dramas
lucaleog11 February 2017
I have no idea why it has taken me this long to write a review for this show since I have loved it since day 1. Meanwhile, How to Get Away With Murder has become my favorite show on television, and here's why: Even in a golden age of television, network TV has been lacking original content in the last few years. There are too many procedural dramas and too many superhero shows, so therefore I am glad to have a show like HTGAWM. Yes, it is partly a legal drama, but it is definitely so much more than than. IMO it is primarily a mystery and a thriller at the same time because every season starts with an intriguing flash-forward, showing us a very dramatic event that takes place in their mid-season finale. However, when most shows have flash-forwards they only feature one in the premiere and practically have no build-up to it, HTGAWM does the opposite, it features a flash-forward in every one of the first 8 episodes of a season and plays with our mind. By the time you have watched the mid-season finale itself, your mind will be blown. But why am I telling you this? Because I am trying to underline that this show has the most brilliant and shocking twists you could even imagine, and they have about 100 of those. They are executed with such brilliance and complexity that you will never get bored or annoyed by them. What is probably even better than the brilliant twists, however, is the masterful acting. Viola Davis nails every single scene she is, she portrays this deeply flawed character beautifully with so much depth. I cannot praise her enough, she deserves every single award that exists. That is not to say that the supporting cast is any less mesmerizing, they all bring their A-game consistently. They all deserve recognition. And one last thing: character development!!!! So so brilliant! The characters that you meet in the pilot change a lot as time passes and they all become very three-dimensional! Just go ahead and watch this show. I could say so much more, but just go enjoy the fun and crazy ride. You won't regret it, I promise!
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Awful waste
ixtar126 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Like one of the other reviewers, I also went to law school. There isn't a thing about this show that plays as real; not the premise, the characters, or the plot. Also like many, I came to this because of Viola Davis. Sad to say, even she can't save it. In fact, in some places she's guilty of some horrible over acting. This is not entirely her fault, as the script is terrible. I kept hoping that there was going to be a break and we would discover that the turgid story and sleazy goings on were just some character's drunken nightmare. No such luck. Spoiler. There is not a single redeeming character in the show. In fact, they're all just widgets for all the evil things that all criminal defense lawyers are supposed to do to get off the guilty. I actually feel that I was made a worse person for having watched this.
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Poor script, flawed acting
queenofsheba-517-73278 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I was quite curious when I heard about this new TV show as I really enjoy crime stories. No need to say that I am deeply disappointed.

I find the characters portrayal quite superficial and overly dramatic. Moreover, the crime story which is supposed to be the main plot is stretched over and over again throughout the episodes. On top of that, you can add poor dialogues... and there you have it : an unrealistic show that is impossible to watch! I cannot relate to or just like any character. At some point, I simply decided to give up.

However, I feel really insulted because it seems that some creators just take the first idea that pops into their minds and try to turn it into a 'serie' deprived of substance. If you don't know what I am referring to, you can also check Scandal (from Shonda R. again...).
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A show that never fails to surprise.
nenne_cool10 January 2015
This TV show is very well written and has the viewer on the edge of her seat for 43 minutes. I have loved every episode so far, and I really like the characters. Plot twists are, according to me, fantastic. And this show has a lot of them. It never fails to surprise. Law is something I have always found fascinating - you get a new case every week and you get to follow Annalise and her students into court while also getting a glimpse into everyone's personal lives. The characters are alike in many ways, but also very unique. You get to see the relationships between the students, between the adults - and of course, between the students and adults. I have always been a big fan of Shonda, she will continue to do great things.
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How to Get Away with Being a Soap in Disguise
srolesen31 December 2015
The lack of morals by lawyers implied by the title "How to Get Away with Murder", and taking the perspective of the guilty really would be a GREAT plot, but sadly it's not this show.

Instead we see an angry black woman playing at some sort of fantasy law that's so out there it literally makes you cringe, even if your aren't a lawyer, she walks like an angry tranny and talks much the same way, and she really seems like she has some sort of IQ problem in comparison to the the rest of her profession.

She teaches law, and get's a LOT of help from her students regarding actual cases with little regard to what is realistic or proper for their profession, and she does it all angrily. There is a lot of minorities in the show, and like everything else they get that surreal treatment, where everyone is portrayed so over the top that their personalities become almost cartoonish. It's just unengaging. I wish they would have stayed closer to an actual plot instead of this overacted soap filler.
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AliceofX27 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Review of season one.

There's a common saying that if you don't like it then don't watch. Basically a way to categorize critics away as haters. It would be possible to simply stop watching a series that was wholly, completely repulsive, but How To Get Away With Murder, like many such examples, carries some sparks of brilliance that keeps you hanging on.

I wanted to quit many times. The four main characters have nothing likable about them. I was hoping that that would be the point. That this would be the show about amoral people eventually digging their own grave. Sadly what we got was this mess.

And of course no review of How To Get Away With Murder can go on without mentioning the unnecessary gratuitous sex scenes that did nothing but repulse me.

The only real spark of this show was Annalise. Viola Davis creates an amazing character that is a great combination of strength and weakness that makes her believable. But, sadly, I couldn't recommend this show even for her.

And then of course there is the mystery. Till the end I was hoping this series would have a smart ending, something to blow you away. But all we got was a B grade ending of "you will never guess it was this character even though it makes no sense and feels like they made it up at the last minute".

In short I hold this series as trash and I have no desire to watch the second season.
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Getting Away With Murder
LeDentalPlaque11 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Having watched Shonda Rhime's Grey's Anatomy, I was kind of expecting a lot of drama with How to Get Away with Murder. However, having watched several episodes, I'm not liking the way the legal system is being portrayed nor am I enjoying the unnecessary scenes that act as a filler to the script.

Though I'm fascinated by the cast and what is actually happening, I think the storyline could move along much faster than it's current state, and that can be rectified by focusing on the quality of script and dialogue instead of attracting more shock-and-awe attention at every possible moment, especially with the overdose on sexual scenes and illegal activities of Keating's law students.

It's extremely far-fetched to have the legal system portrayed as such, and a classroom being taught by a lawyer/professor who teaches her students how to be "good" lawyers. It's ridiculous, and the combined talents of all the great actors and actresses on this show are not enough to save the series if it continues on like this.

The most intriguing part of the storyline is the murder plot, which you can only see snippets of in each episode. That's what's keeping me going. But overall, it's not the greatest show and I highly doubt I will keep watching after we all figure out the outcome of the murder plot.

If you're into a whole bunch of pointless, far-fetched drama and filler sex scenes that push your boundaries, then How to Get Away with Murder might tickle your fancy. If not, then either stay tuned to see whodunit or give up watching as the show's not going to change.
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The Comedy Hit of the Year!
dunks58-615-95531622 February 2015
The writers and producers of this show probably thought they were creating an edgy, glamorous and sexy, if somewhat fanciful, legal drama. They have in fact created the best unintentional comedy I've seen in a long time. I've watched some preposterous twaddle on TV in my time, but this was so outstandingly, hilariously stupid that it deserves its own drinking game.

I guess it was - shall we say, "inspired"? - by that '70s classic "The Paper Chase" ... hotshot law students vie to win the esteem of the brilliant but cranky law professor ... but now, instead of pudgy, white, jowly John Houseman, Professor Cranky-Pants is a feisty, ultra-glamorous African-American lady with Naomi Campbell makeup and a skin-tight red leather jerkin ...

This show has SO many things wrong with it that it must surely become a cult comedy hit among the legal fraternity. For example ... Prof. Cranky-Pants is also a practising attorney who alternates, apparently day-by-day, lecturing in law *and* defending high-profile criminal cases .. 'cos, like, you would *totally* have time to do that ... and, naturally, she lectures publicly, in precise detail, on the actual cases she'll be defending THE NEXT DAY ... and because she's so brilliant and mean, she pits her students against each other to come up with the best possible defence for the case she's running tomorrow - and she'll use theirs if its better .. what? come on, I bet that really happens!

And of course, in this liberated and uncensored era, we see all the modern hi-jinks that glamorous yuppie students and their teachers get up to in order to .. ahem ... "get ahead" in the law game ... like the cute male student who turns out to be gay, who manages to get vital info about the case by going to the gay bar frequented by the gay nerds from the IT Department of the company where the defendant worked ... he chats up the bookish (i.e. wears glasses) but cute gay Asian-American IT nerd, who of course looks shiftily at his feet as he admits that he's been instructed by the firm's legal dep't not to discuss the case. It (almost) goes without saying that IT Nerd's steely resolve melts instantly when Sexy Gay Law Student uses his secret weapon - he turns his attentions away from him for a moment and makes eyes at another guy ... seconds later, after the obligatory "Don't tell anyone I told you" disclaimer, they're ripping each other's shirts off and slamming onto the bed, while IT Nerd sings like a canary ...

... later we meet the equally sexy female student who "impresses" Prof. Cranky-Pants by telling her how she used false pretences to illegally obtain totally inadmissible evidence about a witness' medical condition ... instant Credit, of course!

... later, in the obligatory "feet of clay" interlude, we follow Model-cute African- American Underdog Student (actually played by an English kid who was in Harry Potter) as he drops over to Prof. Cranky-Pants' (totally unlocked) office, late at night, to ask a sticky legal question - as you do ... but something's amiss ... we hear some grunting sounds - so of course he barges into the inner office where - naturally - he stumbles onto Prof. Cranky-Pants giving a head-job to an enormous, heavily-muscled, shirtless black man ... what? I'm sure that happens at Harvard Law School all the time!

We decided to press "stop" at the point where the students meet the defendant ... but she doesn't come to the large, comfortable, well-equipped lecture hall - oh no ... that would be too easy, and not "legal" enough. No, the ENTIRE CLASS has to meet her in Prof. Cranky-Pants' sumptuous, wood-panelled, book-lined office, and they cram in there, in a not-at-all-stagey-and-awkward manner, lined up the staircase, and everything ... taking notes, on notepads - as you do in 2014 - nodding sagely, or looking at each other quizzically and shaking their heads, while cute, tearful, blonde Ms Defendant gives her sob-wracked account of the case.

I know TV is just a business, but it never ceases to amaze me how so many people are willing to be involved with such sloppily-conceived, cliché-infested, badly written, poorly acted CRAP, and how network execs seem endlessly willing to give huge amounts of money to keep producing crud like this ... and it's doubly galling when one considers the many well-written, well-acted, well-produced and brilliantly original programming, like 'Firefly', 'The Fades' and 'Outcasts', that get cancelled after one series.
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Great show!
youmustbecrazy107217 January 2015
First, let me start by saying I love this show so far. I hate that "actual" lawyers gave it 1 star, which is like me saying that since I'm a Soldier, almost every military movie and 98% of all movies involving guns and explosions are garbage because they are not accurate. I won't even go near how they portray the military, totally screw with how the uniforms look and how they show our tactics. Nowhere near the truth! But I understand the writers are not military and there are too many little things under the hood for them to get everything right, as should lawyers when watching this show.

Watch an actual documentary on lawyers if that's what you're looking for, because this show would not have the high ratings if they showed that dull stuff. This show is light on the legalese....not to the standard of "The Practice" or "L.A. Law," but it has just enough legalese so the uninitiated stays interested, and enough excitement around the courtroom so you will love it.

The characters, the interaction between them and the plots work. Watch the first episode and if you aren't intrigued, then this obviously is not your genre. I'm only 4 shows in. It is a solid 8 so far....
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ANOTHER Shonda Rhimes series where everyone is a murderer . . .
cmkay99926 September 2014
. . . or an accomplice to murder? And everybody cheats on their spouses? This is why I stopped watching Scandal, and I won't be watching any more of this series.

But I really don't understand why I have to post a certain number of words for my review to be accepted. It's ridiculous. Brevity is the soul of wit.

Having to write 10 lines about a show this bad is almost painful. Do you like causing me pain, IMDb? How about a review of you? I've noticed some really bad changes to the site since you were taken over by Amazon, and objectionable company all its own. I guess I won't be visiting your site much, either, from now on.
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I am obsessed
milesoem10 November 2014
The premise of this show is a spin on the law dramas of old but told in a new way. The characters are so different with secrets that are quite shocking. The actors play these very intense roles with remarkable believability. Best of all Viola Davis because her character is a mix of hard edged Black Woman and a truly disturbed emotional wreck. She does it so well I would be upset if there is no Emmy recognition. This is exciting writing with excellent acting. I love this show. If you are looking for a TV thriller that is like a page turner book- This is it. ABC has got something here and it is my hope that they keep it coming. Good luck to the show.
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Pure Trash
chiluvr12282 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It may be hard to believe, but there was a time in TV history where even married couples had to be shown sleeping in single beds. Now it seems just about anything goes. Where are the censors? How does this trash get on the air? Sex scenes, oral sex, etc. The TV censors are letting more and more of this crap be shown. And boy is this show confusing. I like Viola Davis so gave this show a try and I wish I hadn't. She plays a ruthless defense attorney who teaches a class on how to be a great defense attorney. While this lawyer & professor (Annalise) is upset about her husband's supposedly infidelity, she was unfaithful herself. Nobody has any kind of morals on this show; not the lawyer, cop or students. Possible spoiler I missed the pilot episode so I'm a little confused about what is going on with her students. Did they kill someone and are trying to cover it up? Did her husband have an affair and then kill one of his students? No idea and I don't care as I will never watch this garbage again. If you have any kind of morals or sense of propriety, this is not the show for you.
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How to Waste An Hour of My Time
mpgangle-119-94879028 September 2014
I wanted to like this. I really, really did. After about five minutes, though, I looked at my husband and said, "I am finding it hard to suspend my disbelief." He replied, "I am, too." The premise is interesting to me: a complex, strong, female law professor and her students tackle ambiguously moral subject matter. But the acting was heavy-handed. Without spoiling anything, there was a scene in which one of the actors changes mood abruptly, which came off more psychopathic than complex. I don't think that was the intention. There was subtlety neither in the acting nor in the directing. There were things that would have been more interesting in allusion rather than in hitting us over the head with graphic imagery. And I know a little about the law (disclaimer: not an attorney), enough to know that very little of the legal stuff was realistic. Reading the other reviews here confirms this. In fact, it was so unrealistic that I just couldn't get past the liberties taken in order to advance the plot. It seems to me that a better director would have known her craft well enough to understand other devices with which to move the story forward, without cheap reinvention of reality. I should actually retitle my review; I didn't make it through the whole hour.
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grayson-knight17 October 2014
If you went to law school and/or an attorney, this is IMPOSSIBLE to watch. While a number of other movies and television shows allow you to separate from reality when legal concepts present themselves (or attempt to stay accurate) this show is sooooo ludicrous it is impossible to take seriously. It is aggravating and completely off base. You would have to be almost brain dead to buy into this writing. The acting is okay, and Viola Davis is great, as usual. However, the concept of the show and the writing attempts to market the premise as real, but it is so far from reality it is impossible to take it seriously. If you are familiar with law and the legal profession at all, stay away!
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Murder did not look any more tempting
eng-jaber-8712 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I don't understand all the bad reviews surrounding this show. It's a very entertaining show full with mystery, backstabbing, drama and so much more. Some talked about the sex scenes. what era are you from people? it is innocent network sex scenes. This show got me hooked from the very first episode. great cast and the lead actress should be at least nominated for an Emmy. if that didn't happen hen there is something wrong with this world. Highly recommended for viewers whom like courtroom drama and a touch of mystery in their show. This show got me to start an IMDb account just to write this review. This should be enough to tell you how good this show is. Hopefully it stays on TV for a very long time. A+
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Love love love the show! Brilliant!
esther_angela19 October 2014
I am a lawyer myself and really love the show. People saying it's not realistic obviously know nothing about law practice/how the world works...Of course it's glamorous/shocking and over the top, otherwise no one would be watching. Good acting, nice plots and also groundbreaking new area's like gay sex (really don't understand all the haters while other series have loads of hetero sex), nicely and sexy done! Hurray for Jack Falahee for nailing his role! Maybe it's because I'm from Europe and we're not that hypocrite here....but really, wake up to the new! Shonda Rimes is obviously attacking many (US?) taboos and doing a great job putting an older black woman in charge of the show, with her sexuality intact, Viola Davis is brilliant.
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I want out of Shondaland
beachorchid80021 October 2014
From what I've seen of Shonda Rhimes shows I am beginning to feel like she is the TV equivalent of a Harlequin romance writer. I've watched every episode of Scandal and am trying to watch this show. Scandal went off the rails second season with a crazy amount of sex and violence. Rhimes sure does like to mix a story into a bunch of over-the-top violence and sex scenes, which brings us to this new show. How to Get Away with Murder is basically a romance novel on screen. The characters are one-dimensional and unlikable. They exist mostly to provide characters for sex scenes with some thinly plotted murders in the background. Viola Davis is such an amazing actress and her talent is wasted in this role. It's just sad how poorly written material is all over TV and this is becoming our standard. Luckily there are some good shows still on like Motive and BBC's Sherlock, where characters are multi-dimensional and plots actually exist. How to Get Away with Murder should be retitled How to Get Away with Bad Stories if you Mix Enough Shocking Scenes in to Distract People's Brains from Your Bad Writing.
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