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I honestly don't get all the hate..
lonniew13 March 2015
As you've read, this is not your typical Adam Sandler movie.. yes it has it's jokes but it's not his typical shtick .. some of that is thrown in for good measure, but this is much lighter.

This has what I thought to be a very good story and even a nice twist, even though I saw it coming before it was revealed, it was still a nice twist.

I think this movie has a lot of heart and it has morality tale spun in for good measure.. It has a pretty good cast of characters as well.. I got my laughs, I got some sincere emotional moments and the "yay for the underdog" moments as well .. I left satisfied!

The KEY to this movie is don't go in with expectations.. if you're going there hoping to see another "Click" or "Happy Gillmore" movie you'll be disappointed..

I honestly do feel bad for Adam because he's gotten typecast .. if he tries to step out of the expectations then people think he sucks.. Jim Carrey has fought that for a long time.. just as so many others have... Give them a chance!
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Sandler's best film in a long time
spmact6 April 2015
I used to be a big Adam Sandler fan, until he started phoning it in with the same kinds of immature jokes and "safe" comedies that sucked but still made a lot of cash.

I'm really glad he branched out and took a chance with this film; I think it really paid off. This film has a lot of heart, some decent comedy, and a nice story. It's more drama than comedy, but it's not too much drama. It even has a nice fantasy element without getting too caught up in it.

I don't get why it has such a low rating. I read some negative reviews by "critics" and thought it was another disappointment by Sandler, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it wasn't. Give it a chance, and if you're not already prejudiced, I think you'll be glad you did.
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The story is so catchy,, the comedy is fresh,, one of the best Sandler's movies in years ;)
Aktham_Tashtush9 May 2015
The idea of the movie is fresh new ... at the beginning it starts so vaguely intriguing .. if i didn't knew it's Adam sandler's movie and already had watched the trailer and knew it's a comedy i wouldn't get it from that start of New York 1903 story ;)

The plot is catchy starts easy understandable and grows nicely to the flip point where the shoe maker uses that magical "stitcher" machine we saw on the trailer and wears his first shoe ,, there is some predictability but it was still nice storyline to follow.

The screenplay is tight ,, perfectly written, the movie itself is purposeful ,, like literally "put yourself in somebody's shoes" what would you do !! Seeing how everyone's life really is ... having his own life, problems, having fun ...etc until things go waaaaay bad :D

Well as for the cast ,, i mean come on .. it's Adam Sandler and i don't know but i really liked the short appearance of Dustin Hoffman i like him too,, his role kinda brought some emotional moments to the movie ;)

Overall the movie is really sweet ,, not the type of comedy where you find yourself on your back laughing ,, but it works with the events smoothly.
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One of Sandler's Best
sarah-haverty13 March 2015
I'm really surprised at the low rating! I thought the plot idea was very original for a movie. I thought it was a good idea to involve his heritage too. My only critique is that the love interest was too young for him. But I also liked how the humor was less silly than some of Sandler's other movies- simply because I like to see man of his age mature and transition. I mean, I enjoyed many of his other movies, but I'm happy to see him transition to other forms or levels of humor. Some of the previous moves he made were rough, namely Click, Spanglish, and Punch Drunk Love- I still enjoyed them but I thought they were a little out of touch of his spark. I hope to see more movies of the caliber coming from him, very good and entertaining movie.
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worth the watch!
moviecritic70116 March 2015
I don't understand why this movie has such low ratings. It definitely is different than movies that you would typically see Adam Sandler in, but none the less still a really good movie. It was different, its appropriate for children. It was a sweet and heart-warming movie. It also had some laughs. It was a movie that I really enjoyed and probably wouldn't mind watching it again. I think this is one movie I am glad I didn't watch based on reviews but because it is an Adam Sandler movie. I think this is showing Adam Sandler in a different light and I love it. I think this role suited Adam Sandler really well it made me respect him more. I would say it is worth the watch.
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Worthy of a better rating
Kingslaay4 January 2019
Creative, interesting and amusing are thoughts that come to mind after watching the Cobbler. I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed this film. The concept was very creative and fascinating. It also had quite an alright story to ground the fantasy.

If rewritten or directed differently perhaps with a bit more flair and moments this could have been an incredible film. Nevertheless, it was still pretty good and deserves a higher rating on here.

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Unique and bizarrely invigorating, The Cobbler is better than Sandler's recent works
quincytheodore9 April 2015
Adam Sandler has made an array of dubious movies for several years now, filled with cheap jokes and crude slapstick moments. The Cobbler has significantly different direction than all of those, it brings an odd near magical concept that unexpectedly works. While it also has a couple of flaws like some corny jokes and predictable plot devices, it remains entertaining without forced juvenile moments and delivers genuine laughs.

Story follows Max Simkin (Adam Sandler), a cobbler who finds out that his old apparatus has another magical function other than fixing soles. It allows him to change into the person who owns the particular shoes. The premise is good, Max steps into other persons' lives and also the wrong crowd, whose lives are far more diverse than his. Adam Sandler take a different role than his usual silly middle age men role. He brings more of casual awkwardness from a polite man, the addition of background and cultural aspects are also very welcomed to set a more identifiable setting.

Cinematography is slightly somber, certainly a change of pace from Sandler's usual overly colorful tone. To its credit, there are amount of details of the environment and the movie portrays the setting as a fundamental part of it. Humor mostly hits the spot, the jokes will create a few chuckles here and there. Though it's not all gold, it is definitely better than maniac laughs in Grown Up which isn't infectious at all. The film has more focus as it tells the comedy with both subtlety and exaggerated motions.

Actors deliver fair performance. Max's transformation takes him into different skins, all of which are portrayed with shared clumsiness. The body switching subgenre has a few predictable twists, the film also faces this problem, but it creates scenes with enough refinement that makes them refreshing and presentable. Screenplay and script have substantial material, they don't overreach the premise even though there are a few subplots in play.

There are some narrative hiccups towards the latter half, although these are not intrusive and shouldn't deter one from giving the movie a chance. The Cobbler reminds me of Click, it has strange concept yet surprisingly effective. This is an improvement in Sandler's movie line-up and it's certainly worth a view.
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Excellent and Surprising Sandler
personaleassistante17 August 2015
I was never a fan of Sandler, 'cause he always used the same jokes, the same base-storyline, same characters and etc. Even similar locations and chicks (blond in preference), to all of his movies!

With this one, from the trailer I have watched one year ago, I was so anticipating to watch it. Sandler, played out of his comfort zone and he won. To all the points: acting, story, scenes, photography, production, other actors, WOW just WOW. Loved every single minute of this movie. Even if you are a hater of Sandler, you should give it a try. I put my hands on fire, that you will be also happily surprised.

My rating is 9/10 cause, nothing is perfect, right? :-)
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A really sweet, heartfelt film.
Svenstadt13 October 2018
I also don't understand all the hate about this film. This also stars Dustin Hoffman. This was perhaps Adam Sandlers best attempt at the other-than-comedy genre. I was never a big fan of his comedy anyway. It's been a while and I don't remember this at all. But it would make a good date movie imo.
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Fun to Watch
pmminton19 March 2015
I am glad I ignored the bad reviews from users and critics and watched this movie. I didn't have any expectations when I rented it, but was merely in the mood for a comedy that would take my mind off of a hectic day. Luckily, The Cobbler fit the bill. It was funny, charming, clever and overall very entertaining. The premise of the movie was unique and intriguing, and I enjoyed the plot twists and fantasy moments alike. Adam Sandler was in great form, and the entire supporting cast made the movie work like a well oiled machine (pun intended). I didn't find the characters played by Adam Sandler offensive or distasteful, and there were some real laugh out loud moments. Of course, there were plenty of moments full of genuine sentiment, with lots of lessons to be learned. This is the kind of movie I want in my permanent collection, and if there is going to be a sequel, I can't wait to see it.
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A Magical Fairytale Come To Life
tesswysko20 March 2019
I haven't yet seen an Adam Sandler movie that I don't like. I've been a fan since the first time I heard red hooded sweatshirt. This movie, while slightly dragging a little bit in places, and having quite a few places where I say no no no don't do that! Reminds me so much of the Fairy Tail movies I used to watch as a child. And while the cobbler does some things selfishly, without giving away any spoilers, in true fairy tale fashion you will see that the ending is not only the right one but extremely rewarding! This movie is definitely a must-see not only for any Adam Sandler fan, but for anyone who wants to get a little bit of their youth back in their step!
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Adam Sandler nails it! (no pun intended)
Ed-Shullivan28 January 2016
This was an enjoyable film that is some 90 degrees right away from the comedic portrayals that Adam Sandler normally portrays. In The Cobbler Adam Sandler plays Max Simkin, a fifth generation cobbler continuing in his fathers footsteps, but working without any reward or passion. Max's father just vanished one day so Max stayed home to take care of his aging mom.

The films opening scene starts in 1903 in a tenement building in New York's lower east side. A group of hard working Jewish business men are being strangled slowly by their landlord for more and more rent money and so they need to figure out a way to understand who their landlord is so they assign the task to Max's cobbler grandfather to repair a pair of their landlords shoes with his magic manual pedal threader. The film then swings forward 111 years to when Max is running his grandfathers shoe repair business when he is threatened by a gangster to have his shoes repaired by the end of the day or deal with some violent consequences. As Max's bad luck would continue his threader machine breaks down so he is forced to use his grandfathers manual pedal threader and in so doing, Max's life changes forever.

I really do not want to give away the creative storyline in any way but suffice to say that Max develops an understanding of why his father and his grandfather before him always held on to this manual pedal threader. The writer/director utilized Adam Sandler's comedic and dramatic abilities to develop a character in Max Simkin, a fifth generation cobbler who stayed in his heritage original storefront in lower east side New York to grind away a living and take care of his aging mother since his father abandoned them.

There is a very unique and multi-cultural side to New York with a blending of the people who walk in to Max's shop each day that writer/director introduces us to through various scenes and a good musical score. There is also a group of first rate actors such as Steve Buscemi, Method Man, Ellen Barkin, Dustin Hoffman, Lynn Cohen and Melanie Diaz who support Adam Sandler in this charming film.

It is well worth a watch and I give it an 8 out of 10 rating.
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Clever, Imaginative Departure for Adam Sandler
zardoz-1325 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This imaginative fantasy about a lowly cobbler who discovers he can walk literally in the shoes of others and bring about change provides an interesting change of pace for comedian Adam Sandler. "Win-Win" director Tom McCarthy and "Undeserved" co-scenarist Paul Sabo have fashioned an engaging yarn with some surprising twists and turns that boasts a persuasive cast, including Steve Buscemi, Method Man, Dan Stevens, Fritz Weaver, Ellen Barkin, and Dustin Hoffman. As a second-generation cobbler, Max Simkin (Adam Sandler of "The Water Boy") has carried on his father's business and still operates out of the same location on the Lower East Side of New York City. One day an unsavory African-American gangster, Leon Ludlow (Cliff 'Method Man' Smith of "How High"), enters his establishment late for afternoon and insists that Max repair his 10 and a half loafers. Leon throws a scare into Max, and Max hangs around to await his return, but Leon doesn't show up. Max tries on his shoes and he is shocked when he seems Leon in the mirror. As it turns out, Max had to resort to his father's old stitching machine when his new one cracked up on him. Max finds himself involved with a dangerous criminal lady, Elaine Greenawalt (Ellen Barkin of "The Switch"), who wants to evict a helpless old man who refuses to be evicted from his building. McCarthy and Sabo have our undistinguished hero behave like a superhero, changing his identity every time he slips into a different set of shoes. Steve Buscemi plays a barber that owns a barbershop next door. "The Cobbler" has a clever ending. This is a fun little movie.
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The Cobbler is the top Superhero Movie of 2014
samnlm25 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not sure if this will contain a spoiler and I don't want to get blacklisted for adding in a spoiler but this is my first review. I consider The Cobbler the top superhero movie of 2014. What makes it so great is that our superhero (Sandler) helps people without being personally acknowledged. He's not a showoff! He loves his mother and shows this rare western trait by his actions; taking care of her in her old age. I've haven't seen a more recent movie that had family values in mind, like this one. No doubt, it is a cult classic: what defines a cult classic is that few people understand what they are seeing until months and sometimes, years later. Then, they realize it was a great movie overlooked by most people. I'm just a guy who enjoys watching a good show. The Cobbler is what you call "entertainment" and Hollywood critics should remember that. We want to be entertained; it's where the money is. One more thing, yes, Sandler's love interest is young. As long as it's legal, who cares! Charlie Chaplin and James Doohan (Scotty) come to mind; both married 18-year olds.
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This not-so-typical Adam Sandler movie makes up for a delectable watch
itsmuks14 March 2015
The Cobbler doesn't come up as a typical Adam Sandler movie having a typical humor. This in fact constitutes a perfectly entertaining flick having moments of subtlety and non-pompousness. The trailer did show some emotional scenes and gives an impression as if the flick is about a brooding Adam Sandler but the real matter totally contradicts that. It is funny and leaves a big smile on your face when it ends. Now about Adam Sandler. This is one of his finest performances owing to the fact that he makes no effort to act. His natural awkwardness perfectly fits the character and i don't think there could have been anyone more perfect to play this coward yet clean at heart protagonist.

Don't fall for the reviews or the ratings. This movie is sumptuous in its own way and will leave a great taste in your mouth when seen on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
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Not the usual Adam Sandler shtick....
steven_torrey30 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is not the usual Adam Sandler shtick. Max Simkin (Adam Sandler) is a New York City Jewish cobbler with an ancient sewing machine; when he uses the machine to repair shoes, and when he tries on the shoes, he turns into the person who owns the shoes.

Adam--as the Cobbler--does this for a variety of scenarios. But there is one consistent story line. A Black thug (The Method Man) involved in various criminal activities, and Sandler/The Cobbler comes back as either the Black thug or someone to interact with the Black thug--and ultimately seeks revenge for the criminality of the Black thug.

At one point Adam Sandler comes back as his father Abraham Simkin (played by Dustin Hoffman)to court his obviously senile, demented wife; she enjoys the evening with her long dead husband, and she dies peacefully.

I found the movie touching and funny in an understated funny way, not the usual klunky Adam Sandler funny way. The location of New York City made it all the more endearing; the Jewish ethnicity made the film all the more endearing. The Jews at the beginning of the story say that you have to walk in a man's shoes before you can judge him; a sentiment shared by American Native Indian culture--"unless you walk in a man's moccasin's, you can't judge..." From that premise, the movie takes off.

Like so many movies, it calls for a huge willing suspension of believe; but hey, that's why I go to the movies.
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Worth Watching- one of better recent Adam Sandler movies
phs-kicker-416 May 2015
Definitely worth watching. It is Adam Sandler in a different type of role, in a movie that has action, comedy, and a worthwhile touching plot. It seems like with the reviews people either love it or hate it, I'm just glad I didn't listen to the reviews and I went ahead and watched it. It is a family friendly movie with very minimal swearing or violence and has a good story line of walking in other peoples shoes that make it a worthwhile family night type of film. I don't remember hearing about this movie before I accidentally found it while searching for some of Adam Sandler's summer movies that are coming out in theaters. Definitely worth watching.
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One of the Strangest Films I've Ever Seen
RustyShacklefordd13 March 2015
I'll start off this review by saying this is without a doubt one of the strangest films I've ever seen. I had actually been looking forward to it because McCarthy's past films have been good and it was nice to see Sandler in a different type of film. It wasn't terrible, but it certainly wasn't good either.

I really have no clue what McCarthy was going for here. The film starts off as an old-fashioned comedy with some drama thrown in, but it eventually becomes jumbled in a bunch of subplots that involve saving the neighborhood a murder plot involving gangsters. Parts of it get a bit dark and surprisingly violent for a PG-13. It's a mix of a dramedy, fantasy comedy, and crime thriller that never mash together leading to the film having a major identity crisis.

I think some people are pinning it on Sandler being the problem here, but he is actually decent in his role. Although, I found it strange that they chose to show the other actors in the roles of the side characters when Sandler is "in their shoes". It would have been funnier and much more enjoyable if it had been done the other way around. Steve Buscemi and Dustin Hoffman also appear briefly in the film, but neither of them are giving much to do.

The main reason why the film fails is because of it's script. As previously mentioned, the film is an uneven mess. McCarthy and Paul Sado are the only writers, but it feels like they had several people write various subplots that were all mashed together. This could have easily been a PG-rated family film if it hadn't been for brief moments of unnecessary nudity and violence that don't serve any purpose. Aside from the unevenness of the whole film, the writing itself is pretty poor. Some of the dialogue is laughably awful and incredibly forced, most of which comes from Melonie Diaz and Method Man's characters. With that said, none of the dialogue is clever or good, but some of the more established actors such as Sandler and Steve Buscemi. There is a point where it seems like the film could take a route of having a message about the way a community interacts with one another, but nothing ever comes of it resulting in a rather predictable story in which the twist can be solved about halfway through.

Despite all of it's missteps, The Cobbler does have a few factors that keep it from being a complete disaster. Sandler himself does a decent job in the lead role. It's not a particularity memorable one despite going out of his comfort zone, but he fits the role and uses that to his advantage. Despite being wasted, the film does feature a great cast including Steve Buscemi, Dustin Hoffman, and Dan Stevens who while given little to do, are nice to see on screen. Even though the story itself is pretty predictable, I never found myself bored during the film's runtime. I'm not sure if it's because of how bizarrely awful some of it is, but the strangeness of the whole thing is enough to keep you amused just to see where it will end up next. Even though I didn't laugh once throughout the entire film, there are some occasional chuckle worthy moments such as a montage early on of Sandler discovering his new ability.

After a long string of bad comedies, I was really hoping The Cobbler would be a step back in the right director for Sandler. Unfortunately, it ends up being a bigger misstep for director Thomas McCarthy. There was potential for this to be something noteworthy for the two of them. Instead, it's cluttered mess of a film that's almost admirable in how bizarre it is. The Cobbler is no Jack & Jill by any means, but it certainly isn't going to do an favors for Sandler's career either.
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This isn't the typical Adam Sandler movie, but...
cleberpassanante8 September 2015
... it's a very good one. If you're looking for something funny, then go watch something else as this film goes far away from the regular comic act from A. Sandler we are all used to.

In fact, this film is anything but regular. This is an out of the box, imaginative and creative story. The plot has a good pace as it keeps presenting characters and information but also progresses quickly through the story. As every good movie, there's a bit of a twist in the end, which was very positive to the story.

In a certain way, it reminds me of two other fine movies starred by two comedy actors but focusing on a creative story rather than a funny one. Those would be "Be Kind Rewind" (Jack Black) and "Stranger Than Fiction" (Will Ferrell). The connection with Be Kind is mainly due to the preservation of the tradition that lies in both plots and how important that is to the course of the story. The connection with Stranger is because of the innovative fantasy that gives such peculiar taste to these stories.

If this film had at least a couple of funny scenes, it would be better, but it is good to take a break from all the dumb comedy movies we have been seeing lately. Definitely worth checking out!
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Why is this rated so low?
Rageypoo15 June 2015
Yes, this wasn't Adam Sandler's typical work, it had very subtle comedic undertones, and it missed out on potential "laugh out loud" moments, but what it brings to the table was something I honestly didn't know I was craving. What starts out as a slow and soggy beginning, gradually turns into something fresh and light hearted that I really enjoyed. If you were expecting the slap-your-knee comedy you are used to, this may not be for you, but if you are ready to see some just good quality acting, than this movie is just the ticket. It's always welcoming to have a movie take what seems like everyday life and introduce a touch of "what if" magic to the mundane, and I think this movie hits that mark perfectly. It wasn't over the top, it didn't try to hard, and it takes a concept that we take for granted and introduces it to us in a very kind way.
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A surprise!
barbaragould16 May 2015
Great. Just kept getting better through out the story. Not a silly comedy but a wonderful tale. Adam Sandler out does himself. No goof ball here. Filled with comedy,suspense and love. Dustin Hoffman was the perfect choose as the father. Steve Buscemi was perfect as the barber,and "tie in"" of this sweet story. It made me want to find a cobbler! It takes the viewer in and eager for the "next turn" of the plot. Did not want it to end. Pure magic! Was amazing how it all ties in. It makes you laugh. It touches your heart.At the same time, it keeps guessing. Treat yourself and watch this movie. Adam, do more like this!
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A unique film with a very different role by Adam Sandler
stephendaxter16 March 2015
After watching the trailer for this film i can say that i was definitely intrigued because it looked like something a little different for Adam Sandler. And after watching this film not only was this a different role for Sandler it was a very different movie, it felt odd and unique so i give it props for being different. The movie starts out as being very grounded and pretty slow for the first 20 minutes, and i wasn't getting any comedy from the film at that point so it seemed like i was in for a complete bomb. But after then the movie changed, the pacing of the movie stayed relatively similar but it got very weird and at the same time a little more interesting. The idea of someone living out other peoples lives in their shoes was intriguing and made me want to see where they went with the film. Unfortunately where they went was into a series of 4 to 5 different subplots, all of which weren't really that interesting. They offered a few funny moments but none of the humour really connected, not that i was too surprised after Sandler's previous works. But i wasn't as disappointed about there being not nearly enough humour because to me this film was more of a drama than a comedy, sure there are a couple of funny bits but the focus of the film was still on Adam's character Max who was part of definitely the most interesting subplot.

I haven't been able to say this in a while but the scenes with Adam Sandler were actually my favourites of the movie as he is really the only character that undergoes any character development at all. Well, no-one else was really in the film long enough to get any character development or they were just playing various stereotypes. There is a twist at the end that was a pretty good twist to reveal.......... if i hadn't already guessed it two thirds into the film. It was unfortunate but i felt like they hit you over the head too many times with clues so that by the time they revealed it you already knew. Also there are a few cameo's in this film including one by Dan Stevens that unfortunately weren't used to the best of their ability so a bit of wasted potential with some of those characters. So in the end it is still not a very good film but one of Sandler's better ones recently, 1 or 2 good subplots out of 5 and some pretty meaningful and emotional moments are not enough to make up for the not so entertaining and unfunny subplots and predictable ending. If you're looking for a laugh out loud Sandler film this isn't for you but if you are looking for him to play a more grounded role in a drama-like film then you may get a bit of a kick out of this. - 4.5
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I wanted to love this film but it just didn't connect with me
sweeeetmikey15 July 2015
THE COBBLER review by: Mike Smith

Max Simkin repairs shoes in the same New York shop that has been in his family for generations. Max stumbles upon a magical heirloom that allows him to step into the lives of his customers and see the world in a new way.

I watch every Adam Sandler movie with the hope it will make me laugh like Little Nicky, Happy Gilmore, or the classic Billy Madison, or hit me emotionally like Click did. The Cobble was another unfortunate miss. This movie falls short every time and doesn't fully pull the trigger. For instance, the sad emotional parts don't completely deliver the emotion and fall flat. The comedy isn't laugh out loud funny and you only get small chuckles.

The story sounds good on paper but sadly it just didn't lure me in; I tried hard to love this movie but it just felt two dimensional. The cast is full of talented people like Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi, Dustin Hoffman, Ellen Barkin, Melonie Diaz and let's not forget Method Man. Yes, they work well together but besides Adam Sandler and Steve Buscemi, the chemistry between the rest of the cast seems not to be there. The film's ending felt rushed like the writer didn't know how to end it and the wheels just fell off.

The cinematography is basic but the shots of the New York working class streets make you feel like they are there. Because the movie is about a shoemaker get ready for... you guessed it: lots of shoe shots.

All together I wanted to love this film but it just didn't connect with me. The ending is rushed and outright ridiculous for the last 5-10 minutes of the film. I still have faith Adam Sandler will make a classic movie sooner or later but I would pass on The Cobbler at together. Cheers and remember life won't suck as long as there is a good movie to watch, and I watch the bad ones so you don't have too.

3 out of 10

Edited by Samantha Locke

Twitter: FatMikeTPK Facebook Page:
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Nearly Plot less and Unenjoyable
Challenger201328 July 2015
The common argument nowadays is that Adam Sandler follows his past formula too closely. The comedic formula he championed in films like "Happy Gilmore" and "Big Daddy" has become bland in newer films such as "Grown Ups 2" and the horrid "Jack and Jill." Most critics suggest that he try new things, work for different directors, and focus on acting instead of having complete control over his films. I mostly agree with this, but with "The Cobbler," Sandler has followed all of these suggestions and still failed to hit the mark.

"The Cobbler," directed by Thomas McCarthy, follows Max, a shoemaker and repairman (hence the title) who lives a boring and undesirable life until he finds an old spinning machine with a special quality. When Max wears shoes that he repairs with the machine, he takes on the physical identity of the owners of the shoes. Sounds interesting, right? Unfortunately, the idea is not well executed and the plot seems like a mindless wonder for a very long hour and a half.

The plot here is practically non-existent. We watch Max parade around as other people for most of the film, then McCarthy attempts to create a storyline, involving gangsters and crooked rich people, in the last thirty minutes. Unfortunately, he tries too hard and it occurs too little too late. The film is promoted as a comedy, but I can't recall chuckling or finding any part of the film humorous at all. The film starts as an attempt of a drama, then becomes a fantasy, then a caper/crime film, and then finally (and you won't believe it) a superhero film. The film does not know where it wants to go, probably because it does not seem to be going anywhere.

The topic on everybody's mind with the release of this film is simple: how is Adam Sandler? Well, he is not "bad" by any means. It seems as though he was trying to recreate his brilliant performance in "Punch-Drunk Love," but he cannot seem to find the same conviction in this one. His performance seems real for the most part, but there are often moments when he looks just as bored as I was. It's hard to blame him too much with the content he was given--his character is pretty hard to like for most of the picture--but the film would benefit from a little more energy in his performance.

Dustin Hoffman recently stated that film is the worst it has ever been at this moment. Whether he is right is debatable, but I can understand how he feels this way after starring in one of the worst films of recent memory. Of course, he is not to blame, and this time, neither is Sandler. What floors me is how a director like McCarthy, who has been so highly praised after his first few pictures, can deliver a film like this. The premise caught my interest, but the product failed to deliver. To be frankly honest, "The Cobbler" is a narrative mess.
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Best Movie of 2014
SonofLiberty211 July 2015
I'm almost 50, and in my lifetime, I've seen a lot of movies. I like all kinds of movies, so I'm no snob. All I ask is, be original. Don't treat your audience like some teenager whose viewing experience doesn't include the 20th century. Adam Sandler achieves this in spades. He has outdone himself tremendously, and in the process, outdone the rest of Hollywood for 2014, and for 2015 thus far.

The plot is original, the acting, by both main players and supporting roles, is excellent.

Suspend your disbelief just a little. If you can believe in quantum mechanics, where an atom can be in two places at once, then what's so hard about a magic shoe stitcher? C'mon a'ready!

The twists in the plot are very well done. Just when I thought I had it figured out, Sandler would blind-side me with something I never saw a weapons grade taser!

Although there's no overt nudity, there are some scenes shot with ...cough....strategic object placement (covering the bare necessities to avoid an R rating ) that make this risqué. This movie is not for kiddies...maybe for teenagers, depending on your standards and their maturity. The "things we've handed down" more than make up for it.

So, grab your popcorn and beverage of choice, and prepare for a delightful story. If you're never too old for a good story, then you will love this.
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