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If you like to read cozy mysteries, you'll probably enjoy this series.
kimheniadis29 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
If you've read my book reviews, you'll know that I enjoy reading cozy mysteries, so it would make sense that I would enjoy watching them as well. I came across this Hallmark movie, in the previews for a different movie I was watching, and figured I would give it a watch. And I really enjoyed it.

All the actors did a great job, but my favorite character would have to be Sarah Strange, who plays Dani, the main character's business partner. I loved her outfits, and she had just a bit of quirkiness to her that was adorable. You may also recognize the main character, Lori Loughlin aka Jennifer, who use to be on Full House. She must know where the fountain of youth is because she barely looks like she's aged.

The mystery itself was very well written, and had me guessing until towards the end, which is always enjoyable. And I really liked the cinematography, how they would focus on an item and add a bit of filter to it, to give it an old-fashioned feeling. I also really enjoyed this when I watched The Good Witch TV series (also by Hallmark), so maybe this is their trademark camera work. Not really sure though since I've not watched many Hallmark movies before.

This movie series, which there are currently six of, with a seventh in production, came from the two book series by Suzi Weinert. She wrote her first novel when she was 72, which just goes to show, it's never too late to do something you want to do. In case you want to read them they are, Garage Sale Stalker and Garage Sale Diamonds.
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Enjoyable Mystery
bookandcandle22 May 2014
Another great Hallmark mystery hits the TV screen. This mystery was interesting and exciting from the beginning to the end. It kept you wondering who the killer was with the many twists and turns. Was it an accident or murder?

The filming and acting was excellent. This movie was well produced. The dark houses, antique shop and detective work scenes added to the mystery and intrigue. This movie was not only a mystery, it was also a heart-warming family story. Loved it. I'd watch this movie over and over again.

And thank you, Hallmark, for not making the music louder than the speaking in this movie. There was very little music while the actors were speaking. I could hear every word clearly in this movie. Hope you make more mysteries like this with the same actors.
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blanche-27 June 2016
Hallmark movies appeal to people who like family-oriented movies that don't contain graphic sex, bad language, or sex. I'm not actually the demographic for these films - my taste runs a little broader - but they have their place.

"Garage Sale Mystery" is the pilot for a series of mystery movies starring Lori Laughlin as Jennifer Shannon, a wife and mom of who also runs an antique store with a partner. Her excellent powers of deduction and observation make her good at solving mysteries. When her friend is found murdered after a robbery, Jennifer isn't sure it's an accident and looks into it.

The area has been plagued by a series of robberies, and Jennifer figures out the criminals are casing the houses by attending their garage sales. She and a young detective attend the sales together to see if they can spot anyone Jennifer has seen at a previous sale.

This possibly should have been called "Estate Sale Mystery" since I think antique and collectible stores would be more likely to check out those more often than ordinary garage sales.

Very pleasant, with the pretty Loughlin in fine form, and I love the antiques shown. There isn't much as far as production values - these are made on very little money. But if you're looking to relax for a couple of hours, these are a pretty good bet.
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Garage Sale Mystery
Prismark1011 November 2018
The first of the Garage Sale Mystery movie has Lori Loughlin as Jennifer Shannon. She is happily married with two kids and co-owns an antiques shop.

Jennifer tours the garage sales in her area looking for bargains. When her friend is found dead from a suspected accidental fall, Jennifer is not convinced. She thinks her friend might had been a victim from a break in, especially as she recently had a garage sale which had valuable items.

Jennifer has to convince the police to reinvestigate the matter but her poking around puts her own life at risk.

This is a Hallmark movie and the makers try to have some red herrings and there is a bit of zippy editing. The camera zooms in each time Jennifer spots a bargain in a sale.

The mystery does fall a bit flat, I was not surprised when the culprit was revealed. It was a little bit unstimulating but it was an ok frivolous viewing.
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The Devil in the Details
boblipton15 September 2013
I don't have anything bad to say about this Hallmark murder mystery about how Lori Laughlin, who runs an antique and collectibles business, cracks a murder mystery. It seems that the details of the production, each unremarkable or perhaps even superior by themselves, somehow combine to produce a total effect that does not please this longtime mystery buff. This is obviously a matter of Your Mileage May Vary and I urge you to give this a try.... but be ready to turn it off.

The acting is very good. Lori Laughlin plays her role very well. On the other hand, the camera-work soon descends into that Lifetime Network woman-at-risk lighting which raise my hackles. The details of the antiques trade are there to fill out and distract the viewer, but it's not something that interests me. I figured out most of the script's red herrings well before they were revealed.

It may very properly be said that I am not the intended audience for this movie, but here am I, watching it. I suppose my real complaint is that, after reading hundreds of mysteries and watching at least as many, I show up hoping for something new or particularly interesting. There's nothing of that here, resulting in yet another decent time-waster. I hope you see more in it than I do.
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First Season/Epidodes Were Better
peteisaphotographer26 August 2018
Truly enjoyed the older/first Episodes much better. The police seem to welcome Jennifer's help more, but in newer seasons Jennifer seems almost too desperate to be involved and meddlesome.

The original children were more likable or real, Bredan Meyer and Sara Canning, the newer son, Connor Stanhope is likeable, but perferred first son, however, newer daughter, Eva Allan is weird in character/somewhat off in relationships.

Liked the budding romance between the first daughter and the younger police, but not so much the unsure romance between newer daughter and divorce police. Seem the episodes were better written, the relationships were better established it seem....
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Super Mom who can do it all...apparently
Ed-Shullivan22 July 2018
There is no doubt that Lori Loughlin is that cute, adorable mom type sort of in the same vein as TV actress Barbara Billingsley was back in 1957 when she played the perfect mom June Cleaver on the hit TV family series Leave It To Beaver.

Fast forward some 60 years to the present time and we now have Lori loughlin playing wife and mother named Jennifer Shannon to two teenage children, where she not only has the time each evening to prepare a sit down five course meal for her family of four, but she also runs a successful second hand store with her business partner Danielle (Sarah Strange), spends her weekends purchasing antique treasures that no one else seems to ever find (?) and on top of all this she seems to also find the time to play cupid for her adolescent daughter Hannah (Sara Canning) and a young good looking detective named Adam Iverson (Andrew Dunbar) who Jennifer convinces that what looks like an apparent accidental death is actually a murder.

So Jennifer who is cute as cute can be and even more charming than the Lucky Charms leprechaun cooks for her family, finds rare antiques, plays cupid and is determined to solve what may be the apparent murder of a wealthy friend of hers. This made for TV movie is a light hearted mystery filled with family values worthy of our time and Mrs. Shullivan nor I were disappointed in the end game.

We enjoy Lori Loughlin as the amateur cutesy sleuth with more charm than Niagara Falls has water. I give this premier episode in the Garage Sale Mystery franchise film collection a decent 7 out of 10 rating.
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bkoganbing6 December 2016
Lori Loughlin and a whole flock of Canadian players bring us the first in a series of Garage Sale Mysteries. All centered around Loughlin whose passion is to go to garage sales. It's her philosophy that one never knows what kind of treasures one finds at a garage sale. And she does pick up some in all of the series.

Here Loughlin has noticed a disturbing pattern of burglaries that seem to follow garage sales she goes to with any number of regulars who also are looking for bargains. But some may not be looking for ones on sale.

It gets deadly when one of her friends who was conducting a garage sale is murdered. It also gets dangerous for Loughlin when she gets too close to the truth.

Other than a nose for valuable antiques, Loughlin is a well adjusted happily married woman with two children and a husband and the investigating cop Andrew Dunbar interested in her daughter Sarah Canning. Imagine the Loughlin you knew from Full House married to Bob Saget and you have her character here. Cameron Bancroft has a nice turn as the husband of Loughlin's deceased friend.

Another good Hallmark mystery.
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Garage Sale Mystery...And It's All for a Good Cause ***
edwagreen10 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Lori Loughlin turns sleuth here when a series of garage sales leads to those homes being burglarized and eventually murder.

Loughlin becomes suspicious when these events are coming and eventually finds an estranged friend dead at home. It appears that the deceased fell down a flight of stairs, but Loughlin sees things differently.

How convenient that the young detective falls for her daughter who has recently broken up with her boyfriend and is quite depressed. Needless to say, the depression doesn't last too long.

The burglars are soon discovered and Loughlin isn't wrong that the death of her friend was no accident.

This is routine fanfare.
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Fascinating mystery series
jml19886 November 2019
I'm so excited to start this series after being bored to death by the Good Witch series. I love the garage sale aspect, as I grew up yard saling with my mom, and everyone dreams of finding a priceless treasure in a pile of junk! The ending to the mystery was not what I expected, so I appreciated the shock.
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A True Cozy Mystery
HpyCmpr15521 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If you know anything at all about American Cozy Mysteries then you know that this is EXACTLY what this is and should not be complaining about the "woman in danger" because you would know this is what always happens at the end of the book. It follows the formula to a "T". It was fairly well acted, got a little annoying with the camera angle when it had to show the clues the protagonist was noticing (this would have been in her head in the book). And the romantic interest of the police detective for her daughter instead of her was a nice change. All in all it was tolerable. I give them an "A" for effort. But the book would have been better, I'm sure.
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Nice family program
pastorron-0395314 August 2018
My wife and I love these mysteries but, there is somewhat of a redundant plot. I've had everyone figured out by the 1 hr. 20 minute commercial or sooner. BUT, they are entertaining and family oriented and enjoyable to watch.
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Antiques and Mystery
marciaoh25 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This, the first in the Hallmark Garage Sale Mystery series, is not as good as the later Garage Sale films. However, Lori Laughlin is likable and engaging as the housewife/sleuth Jennifer Shannon. Her job as owner of an antique shop adds a nice thread tying her part-time interest as a younger, American, Miss Marple and her thrift store, collectibles enterprise. The cast of characters in this movie adds intrigue to the narrative. I have only a couple of critical comments. First, the plot was rather predictable. I figured out the murderer before midway through the show. Second, the young detective, who acts as a romantic interest for Jennifer's daughter who is recovering from a recent break-up, is completely incompetent, yet the audience is suppose to take him seriously. He is slow witted, one dimensional and utterly unbelievable as the officer in charge of the murder investigation. This detective is a mediocre actor who lacks energy and passion. Worse, he is a lousy detective who misses every clue. Jennifer, a housewife with supposedly no experience in solving crimes, figures out each detail concerning the death of her friend then delivers every new discovery to the young detective. The conclusion is preposterous when Jennifer's daughter, with a straight and serious face, thanks the doofus detective for keeping her mother safe. Then, she kisses the cop as intelligent viewers wonder what in the world the daughter finds admirable about this dense guy. The biggest irony is that Jennifer was not kept safe by the dullard detective, as she was almost shot by the killer in the last few scenes--the bumbling lead detective having apparently no idea that Jennifer was in mortal peril.
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Hallmark Hype
runt-6254021 January 2018
I enjoy Lori's Garage Sale Mystery series. What I DON'T want in a bio is a bunch of Network Hype. Take that crap out, and give Lori her proper kudos., and give us a picture of her true heritage and skill set.
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