"Ultimate Spider-Man" The Spider-Verse: Part 2 (TV Episode 2015) Poster

Drake Bell: Peter Parker, Spider-Man, Crow #1, Crow #2


  • Spider-Man Noir : Why are you dressed like that? What are you, some kind of circus clown?

    Spider-Man : My pal Nova might say yes.

  • Spider-Man : Talk about your not so friendly Spider-Man. I bet this world's version of Aunt May, is a real hoot.

    Spider-Man Noir : Aunt May? I ain't seen her in years.

    Spider-Man : Why?

    [webs Spider-Man's feet to the ground] 

    Spider-Man : Hey!

    Spider-Man Noir : Sometimes, the only way to protect someone is to leave them behind.

    Spider-Man : Another note to self, don't turn into his jerk.

  • Spider-Man : Don't worry, folks. I saw Iron Man do this once.

  • Spider-Man : You're a pig.

    Peter Porker : Very perceptive? And what are you under that mask? A monkey? 'Cause only a monkey would wear a suit that stupid.

  • Green Goblin : [hijacking a blimp to lure out Spider-Man Noir]  Don't worry, folks. It'll be a short flight.

    Mary Jane Watson Noir : You'll never get away with this!

    Green Goblin : Well, then maybe the Spider will stop me.

    [through the blimps' loudspeakers] 

    Green Goblin : You hear me, Spider?

    [Both Spider-Men arrive at the scene] 

    Green Goblin : Catch me if you can!

    Spider-Man : Oh, I can and will. Believe it, Goblin.

  • Spider-Man : [having rescued the blimps' passengers by catching them in a web]  Anyone who has to barf, lean over the web. The rest of you follow me.

  • Spider-Man : [having saved the city from the crashing blimp]  See? Good things happen when you let other people into your life.

    Mary Jane Watson Noir : Kid's right. No way even you could've done all that alone.

    Spider-Man Noir : Something to think about, I guess.

  • Spider-Ham : [swinging in to save Spider-Man from Goblin]  Hands off the monkey, big bad!

    [knocks Goblin away, then pulls Spider-Man out of the mud] 

    Spider-Man : Thought you were afraid of being a failure.

    Spider-Ham : Even I never lost a fight to a nut with an anvil. But if you can take humiliation like that, what am I worried about? Ready, Spider-Monkey?

    Spider-Man : Right with you, Spider-Ham. Go hog-wild!

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