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Thoroughly predictable
pmailman29 August 2018
Not a bad movie, but you could have correctly written down 80% of the plot after the first 10 minutes. Points for some very good performances, absolutely stunning images of Singapore. Would have been fine to catch on TV than pay to see it in the theater.
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Pros and Cons
fwj-3319428 September 2018
Pros: pretty thin girls + something different + Singapore is nice (only the nice side is shown because it was sponsored by the Tourist Bureau)

Cons: Gold diggers are pathetic + showing off or accumulating wealth is tacky + what's with the joker pants and 1920s style long skirts?

By the way, a Christian mother who backstabs and front stabs and is into material accumulation lol
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Are You A Greedy Gossipping Materialist Who Keeps Extra Dressses in Her Polluting Car?
Rachel-shashana20 January 2019
If so, this movie is for you! go forth and marry for money and take care that your house has extra bathrooms, a huge island in the kitchen and you post your vacations photos often enough on Instagram (or wherever people do that stuff)...

If you are classy, intellectual, like films and cinema or looking for humanity then look elsewhere. This trash has none of those things. It is a sad testament to the animal instincts of show offs.
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The Good And The Bad
o-7141630 December 2018
Bad: Jetsetters with so much money are so 1989 Every oriental person had an English or American accent. What gives? The Asian Ellen was not funny The Xian backstabber was so true I was sick

Good: Pretty girls Nice sights Finally a girl who is really interested in her man instead of searching on the net for him and doing other research
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Crazy Small World
lxd-2762318 August 2018
First my disclaimer. I used to date one of the girls in this film. Interestingly one of the issues with us was what you see in this film which is all the need for money and glam and fashion this and latest item that. With that said, and the lady shall remain nameless, I did not find this film so good because i have almost lived it and it doesn't have an aura for me. But there are funny moments and it may be exotic for some. People in the threater seemed to enjoy it. I say give it a shot or wait for the video, but watch it anyway. Oh and hi 'Angel'
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oqw-7885028 August 2018
This is a stereotypical film about recently rich Chinese/Singaporeans (not Asians, the title is a marketing trick) that are not self aware. They confuse money with prestige, the kind you see queuing outside a Japanese $200 a dish restaurant to be seen, to review and post on Instagram or some other stupid social media website. This film is for them, about them and probably by them. Skip.
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Not A Film For Me
lxsjhyad26 September 2018
I wasted my money and should not have watched it.

Everything I hate is in this film: backstabbing, lying, gold diggers, people who think wealth and being rich is cool, Christians, piano music etc. etc.
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Two Questions
rosalind-softchoice27 December 2018
When do millionaires and billionaires find the time to get six packs and hard bodies if they are running a multinational business? Second question: are all Christian women as evil, sinister and back stabbing?

I believe those were the central themes of this film
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Non Caucasian Hollywood Blockbuster is something unusual, this Corporatist Film is for 1%, not for 99%
hilaryswank201117 September 2018
'Oh my God, will this work? We don't know. It's all Asian,' the US-based Asian film investment group Ivanhoe Pictures stated in 2014. Asian film is seemed as art film in US.

Crazy Rich Asians (2018) is all Asian-American casts Hollywood blockbuster since Flower Drum Song (1961). Its feature is not all Asian casts but it is all Asian-American casts. This point should not be ignored like the most of the criticisms against this film.

This film is an attempt to defuse Caucasian racial dominance of Hollywood movie characters. It is its advantage in its major theatrical release throughout the Warner brothers's distribution lines world wide.From class society's political view point, Crazy Rich Asians (2018) has no blue collar workers as its main characters. All of them are not middle class, they belong to highest ruling class which constituted by billionaires of industrial giants.

Hollywood films ordinarily feature middle class characters however Crazy Rich Asians (2018) is fully described by high class billionaires. Its most important feature is well mentioned by its film title.

The story is that Asian American Rachel Chu moves to Singapore to marry with her billionaire boyfriend Nick Young after they solve strong objections from Nick's domineering mother Eleanor Sung-Young.

The ending is predictable. And important aspect of this blockbuster is that it takes Singapore as stage for this film despite its obvious Chinese domination of casts.

The most shriving city of Asia, where the most millionaires and billionaires live in Hong Kong in 2018. Thus, it should geographically be staged in Hong Kong instead of Singapore.

Avoidance of Mainland China and any other Chinese cities is a kind of political decision of Hollywood executives. The aim is to avoid giving political and psychological advantages to China.

Dir.Jon M. Chu could have filmed this in China if he tended to fully contribute to China, on the contrary, he did not, and made great compromise to the political reality of American film industry. It still keeps the nationality of being Asian Americans, not pure Chinese.

As the result, Crazy Rich Asians (2018) is not full Asian cast Hollywood blockbuster, but it is rather a full Asian-American Hollywood blockbuster. And it's obviously dominated with Chinese characters rather than various Asian races.

Racial diversity is still an issue in democratic formation of Hollywood filmmaking.
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This Film Last Night And See In The News This Morning That...
tts-6985023 August 2018
... the director is wanted by law enforcement for being missing in action for his military duty. That makes sense. This film was an embarrassment from start to finish. All it shows is that the small group of Asians it depicts are cloned westerners who love, eat, devour, like, swallow shallow material 'things' and have zero care for the planet or their own image. 'Asians' as we all know if we are honest with each other are just mini westerners who act like westerners, want to be westerners and demand to have the same polluting cars, shiny jewels and 'romantic' encounters as the westerners. I have not read the book, but this film fully makes sense. There are a million 'Asians' out there who run around showing off their wardrobe and mansion and tanks (I mean cars) and this film glorifies all of them and will therefore get them to pay for tickets. That shows as Asians we have lost.
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I Think People Have Zero Clue What 'Romance' Is
yuxcbmxl19 August 2018
Al these reviewers here calling this film Romantic or Rom-Com must have a twisted sense of what romance and romantic is. This film is half comedy and half tragedy. There is no romance. A bunch of newly rich who spent their childhood riding mules are now millionaires, marrying for money, marrying for sex, cheating and philandering and this passes as romance nowadays. Well, I think not. Think Cinderella or other fairy tales and now reverse it. That is the image of these very plastic capitalist materialist greedy human replicas. How sad.

What is really sad that all the people in the cinema are looking at this thinking this is how they want to be not understanding these are gross sham humans as disgusting as Shahs Of Sunset or the Kardashians
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A movie of gold digging superfivcial East Asian women
zmtxnbze25 September 2018
The gold diggers are shallow and superficial. They want to marry a millionaire and will back stab anyone and travel anywhere to do it!

Unfortunately, they are 30 years behind the times. The joker suit and the women with the very long prairie skirts are a retro hoot. My goodness/. I guess you cannot buy taste.
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Pulp Fiction
chc-250046 September 2018
We watched this film over the weekend. I am not rich so it may come across as sour grapes, but I find display of wealth, driving flashy cars and showing off expensive clothes is embarrassing. It shows our society and laws have failed when some people have too much and others have too little.

Watching the film it worried me that it is promoting gold digging and back stabbing. Of course, many say that the film was mocking gold diggers, but if so it was very implicit and many viewers may have missed it. Regardless, they say any publicity is good publicity so either way young (and old) women may watch this and think marrying rich, tall and handsome is more important than marrying a good man. It is a pity if women are attracted to steel, gold and aluminum over humanity.

The film is sourced from a novel. It likely is from the pulp fiction genre.
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What was so good about this movie?
nmlb42-204-41375326 August 2018
The super lame, obnoxious attempt at humor was completely unnecessary. Boring, predictable, mediocre acting. Extremely simplistic story. Two thumbs way down.
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Pure Trump Style Propaganda.
crcybjia7 October 2018
Calling Crazy Rich Asians a romantic film maker is like calling Donald Trump's lust for Ivanka cute. Moreover, there is such a gap between the rich and the poor that the rich need to be ashamed. There is nothing but embarrassment promoting this nonsense. And the materialistic mother was a Xian. Figures.
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She Used To Be A Mystic Warrior
Shashana-Rosenstein30 November 2018
Then she was a Bond Girl. She is a old Christian coot now. How the mighty have fallen. At least that part is accurate. Don't people grow old and become scared and senile and find Christ?
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Monumental Yellowwashing
Larry-Donalds3 September 2018
This commercial and 1980s' style film is made for rich and shallow Singaporean princesses who are too self-absorbed to notice marrying rich and having material 'things' is sordid and embarrassing.

Singapore is powered by Malays and Indians and this elitist film yellowwashes them mercilessly. I was so sad that the year is 2018 and a segment of the population think it is either "romantic" or "comedy" that women are hungry for money and back stabbing and we have not reached a point to know that less is more.

Three *** Stars for the pretty women

Go ahead, down vote this review. Thanks.
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Conspicuous Consumption
war-5031120 August 2018
Materialistic story and superficial acting, couldn't help rolling my eyes that people still think marrying rich and god digging is cool. Strongly disgusted
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gahytutg12 September 2018
Dated clothing (long ankle-length skirts?? Oh my), settings, food and gold diggers. I cried and vomited up during the entire movie.
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Crazy RACIST Asians
huey208822 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is so bad it is embarassing and I am Chinese. This movie shows the super rich Singaporeans going about in their daily lives of buying multi million dollar jewellery or ordering their house keepers around to hide their purchases or jetting off to private islands or container ship for bachelorette or stag do. Inserted in between these rub it in your face wealth scenes are what appears to be tourism ads. I get it, Singapore is exotic and hyper modern and Singaporeans LOVE their food but the world already knows that, it's nothing new. When some of these Asian actors demand that they want to be represented in Hollywood, how about bringing something fresh to the table that will make people sit up and listen?

Instead the opening scene is the race card being played in such a cringeworthy bogus way that paves for an unbelievable plot right to the end. Another incredible bombshell is that Rachel, the fermale protagonist (Constance Wu) has no idea that her boyfriend Nick (Henry Golding) comes from a super rich and famous family. It's 2018, she's a cool professor - go feminism but she's has never googled his family - surely a take down on her intelligence. Wu is in superb form in her comedy sitcom but here, she's a stunned deer who gets shoved around.

Then there's how Singaporeans are depicted. The women are all preened and dripping with brand labels. When they are not eyeing the commoner Rachel up and down and gossiping, they are shopping or having crazy parties. I have never heard of Singaporeans partying away into the night and causing scenes. They are one of the most ultra conservative Asians on earth.

The movie has another go at western culture in the dumpling making scene. Chinese parents pass down traditions or values as well as recipes so their children will never resort to microwaving macaroni cheese and feel so much resentment towards their parents to ship them off to nursing homes. A lot of bashing the west but ironically this movie is like Sex and City with a lot of European luxurious brand names dripped throughout. And not to forget these crazy rich Asians also act like westerners and party hard like they're in Magaluf. Spot on!

It's so sad to see my rich culture that already has an excellent film industry pander to Hollywood. Michelle Yeoh is South East Asia's screen legend even way before she ventured into the universally acclaimed Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. There are other notable Asians who have been given a platform in Hollywood - Jacky Chan, Gong Li, Ang Li, Lucy Liu. But it seems the complain still remains that Hollywood is whitewashing Asian stories. But if Crazy Rich Asians is what is on offer, I don't blame Hollywood for sourcing other talents.

It's 2018, people of all culture have so many opportunities than before so there's nothing really to complain about. That is if you are one of those people who expect to be rewarded just for turning up or just want to make a lot of money via Hollywood but use the cultural diversity cloak to get more attention.
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Are The Reviews Inserted By The Producer?
hyj-7010524 August 2018
What is going on here? I watched this film and know three things:

1- I wish Mao Tse Tung would come back or find an heir. If these is how Singaporeans and Chinese ethnics are then someone needs to remind them that wealth and bling and expensive cars and expensive weddings and chasing money is nothing but douchebaggery. There are a billion hungry people in this world. Driving a fat SUV or limo is downright criminal.

2- It says "Asians," but where are the Arabs? No, this film does not feature "Asians." It only features a sliver of "East Asians." There are not even any Koreans or Japanese or Russians here, but certainly no Arabs, Iranians/Persians, Indians or Khazaks.

3- If I read one more review with "rom-com" or "romantic comedy" in the title it will be a river of vomit. Hey studio employees, get some creativity.

Gold digging and bling show offs should be banished and embarrassed not glorified.
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There Are A Couple Of Pretty Chicks in This Film
Otherwise, it is quite materialistic and shallow. I vomit on rich people and their desire for material goods. SUVs and race cars are tacky. How much of a complex must the characters have and what does that say about people who watch this embarrassment??
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Stupid boring and irritating
connie-starkovs12 September 2018
How can this movie be rated 7.6 overall when most of the reviewers hated it? I thought it was irritating and boring. A bunch of shallow stupid mega-rich people with nothing interesting to say drinking champagne in gigantic houses and slithering around in slinky designer clothes. And really, how did her mother never know her boyfriend's family was that famous and rich after she dated him for a year and they were so 'close'? Predicable ending. Cute lead actress who is supposedly a brilliant professor but she hardly showed her brains to say anything clever during this movie. Jokes and gags fell flat. How has this stupid movie been so hyped up?
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Only For Chinese People Who Think 'Driving' An Expensive Car Is Cool
omr-7984120 August 2018
It is 2018, the world is burning, overpopulation and pollution is rampant and there are people out tere who are more concerned about wearing a name brand dress or carrying a name brand bag and driving a very embarrassing and tacky SUV (yuck). Those are whom this film targets. People who do not realize they are shallow and superficial and it is not cool to fart your way through this life polluting, cheating, whoring and generally being an embarrassment. I have visited China and Singapore and and and am embarrassed that shallow material goods is mistaken for fun and love.
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Some Pretty Skinny Women yes
frejuphotr6 April 2019
But it is a horrid display of touristic propaganda at its best Simply calling something a romance doesn't make it one. You actually need to supply romance and feelings, not a handful of obvious biased opinions. Very see-through if you've ever actually done something romantic. Poor job, shame on the studio for allowing this tripe.
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