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  • In night two of the series premiere, Detective John Kennex and Dorian are dispatched to investigate a murder and high-profile missing persons case that lead them into the highly profitable world of IRCs - Intimate Robot Companions - also known as sexbots. Meanwhile, Kennex looks to reconcile a part of his troubled past.


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  • Two men get on an elevator, but the security camera records balls of light instead of their faces. They head up to a hotel room, where a man is telling a woman "just one more" as he cuts off a small piece of her hair. The men bust in and shoot the erstwhile barber, then pack up his things and escort the woman out. She goes with them willingly. As they leave, they explode a grenade of particles into the air.

    Later, Kennex and Dorian arrive on the scene. Dorian dazzles some kids outside by making his face glow blue. Kennex tries to impress them by jamming a knife into his (prosthetic) leg, which only succeeds in terrifying them. "You have negative energy, man," Dorian assess, suggesting he's bad with kids and also likely has a problem with cats.

    Up in the hotel room, the victim is Sebastian Jones. The men used a DNA bomb and fired absorption rounds that wouldn't have made a sound. They were wearing flash masks and took the man's bag. Dorian looks at the security footage, and while he can't see the men's light-obscured faces, he notices something about the woman's eye: she's an android.

    Back in the station, they learns Sebastian was a high-end sex trade bot maker, with 23 patents, including one for the blush response. Sexbots are licensed and have reduced sex crime. Detectives Stahl and Paul debate the creepiness versus benefits of the "bang bots." Sebastian's company is in bankruptcy and his assets are in storage.

    Kennex and Dorian head to the sexbot warehouse. Stahl calls with news. They found DNA where the sexbot touched, but it matched 23-year-old Nicole Bloomquist, who was abducted three weeks ago from a parking garage. They don't know how a bot is leaving human DNA.

    In a parking garage, the two men from the hotel room snatch a mother, leaving her son behind.

    Back in the station, Stahl has found three other cases where the same thing happened.

    The woman's young son, Victor, is at the station and Kennex tries to get him to talk. He gives the kid an animatronic giraffe and Victor say he saw two men drive off in a big silver car.

    They check surveillance footage of the car driving off, but it had stolen plates.

    Stahl finds that Sebastian's former business partner Lorenzo is suing him he and just opened his own sexbot showroom.

    In a warehouse somewhere, a man with an accent and an Eastern European gang tattoo on his neck checks on the kidnapped mom.

    Dorian and Kennex visit Lorenzo Shaw's showroom, where scantily clad sexbots undulate on platforms. Lorenzo confirms that with Sebastian dead, their shared intellectual property rights revert back to him. He says Sebastian was constantly inventing and sunk all their capital into new tech and their biggest client dropped them and bankrupted them.

    Their client was an Albanian group, but he won't say more about them. Dorian easily hacks into Shaw's network and gets information on them.

    At a nightclub, Kennex and other police test all the bots for human DNA. The Albanians watch from a back room as the police find nothing.

    Two Albanian men with the same gang neck tattoo come out to talk to Kennex, saying they stopped buying from Sebastian because they make their own now. Dorian and Kennex can both tell the men are lying.

    Stahl calls to report they traced the sliver sedan to an industrial area. They head there and find a skinned sexbot, the one from the hotel.

    In Rudy's lab, they find bullet wounds precisely where the bot's memories were stored. They wonder why the skin is removed. Kennex remembers the bots leaving human DNA and wonders if that's why the women are being abducted -- real skin would make the best sexbots. Rudy says they're growing skin from the abducted women.

    Rudy digs around in the bot's head but says the memories are too damaged. He needs to examine a live one.

    After the box autopsy, Dorian is pensive. He wonders how humans talk to children about death. Kennex says they say the same thing as to adults, that the person has gone to a better place. Dorian asks what Kennex said to his partner's son after he died; but Kennex didn't go see him. Dorian wonders who will miss him when he's gone. Kennex assures him someone he helps will, because he's a cop.

    Dorian gets an alert that someone responded to the "Dr. Richard" dating profile he created for Kennex, in which he likes quiche and long walks on the beach. Kennex insists he meets plenty of women. "I ran a bioscan and it looks like your testicles were at full capacity," Dorian says. "You're scanning my balls?" "I didn't enjoy it, I just can't help but notice -- you're backed up," Dorian says. "Don't scan my testicles. Ever again."

    Kennex explains his type: brunettes who are smarter than him. Dorian points out he just described Detective Stahl.

    She calls with a location on the sedan.

    Kennex, Dorian and a team of police stop the car. There's an Albanian at the wheel and a gorgeous woman in the back seat. She's a sexbot, whose DNA matches that of a woman abducted two months ago.

    The abducted mother is heavily drugged and taken to a lab where she's injected with something. There are other women strapped to machine near her, also being injected (or drained) of something.

    At the station, Kennex tries interrogating the sexbot like it's a machine. Dorian asks Vanessa where she was born and the bot recognizes "Charlene," the sex bot they found skinned. She wonders where her friend is. Dorian recognizes she was designed to bond with people. They tell Vanessa they think she was being taken somewhere to be destroyed. She says Uri sent her with the men they found her with.

    Kennex and Dorian head back to the club looking for Uri. Meanwhile, he busts in on the lab, where the women's skin is being harvested. He tells the lab workers to abandon everything.

    Kennex and Dorian come up empty, but Dorian finds a microchip. He calls Rudy. He thinks the bots are made with a kind of tech that was discovered to inadvertently send out a GPS signal every time it updated. Rudy plugs in Vanessa the sexbot and finds the first time the signal was sent out.

    The police storm the right warehouse this time and find Uri racing to close things down. They find the woman hooked up to machines. Vanessa's human is dead, but the others are alive, including Victor's mom.

    Back at the office, Stahl tells Kennex he should celebrate. Dorian tells her Kennex can't, he has a date with a woman from the dating website. "Benedict Android strikes again," Kennex tells him.

    Captain Maldonado tells them that Vanessa will have to be deactivated because she was made with human skin. Dorian wants to be there.

    He goes to the lab, and tells Vanessa she's going to a better place, but he'll remember her. Dorian watches as she's switched off and the light dims from her eyes.

    Kennex goes to see his former partner's wife and son, Marty.

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