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Excellent, excellent, excellent!
gramma_elaine25 July 2017
This was such a good movie! Can't understand the other reviews. Good for all kids who use cell phones. Telling untruths can DESTROY someone's life, and even make them consider something horrible to stop the pain. Dove family films gave it five stars. Acting is really good, and believable. I checked this out through interlibrary loan, and am considering purchasing it. This is a feel good afterward movie! Please make your own decision about this film, and don't listen to the negative reviews.
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Cute, slow, and a little bit unexpected collagemovie
martin-andersson2215 March 2015
I always liked collegemovies. There is something about that contained world, telling a story within that "set" that is enjoyable, watchable, communicatable.

This one is a bit unexpected as far as collegemovies go. The stereotypes break their own molds a little bit, which is unusual. But they do not break them so much that they lose the value of being stereotypes. It is a gentle play with stereotypes, letting them be stereotypes but sort of bringing forth the humanity from the stereotypes.

The message of the movie is also very sweet and humane and especially important for us that live in this day and age of political correctness.

I really did enjoy this movie.
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After-School Special on Cyber-Bullying
tim-arnold7776 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I have no idea how this film even received 5 stars out of ten. The website I watched this film from showed that IMDb rated it at 8 stars. I was shocked. Anything with Jamie Kennedy carrying anything above a 4 or 5 star review was certainly worth my time. So I watched it. I waited and waited for something about the movie to cause me to agree that it deserved the 8 star IMDb rating it had claimed to achieve. In fact, at the film's mid-point, I might have given it a 5 star review, but the ending was ridiculous. The film floated the notion that absolutely ANYTHING posted on YouTube will go viral in matter of minutes. As well the film perpetuated the myth that everyone is gullible and believes everything they read online— refusing to understand, let alone believe that fictitious Facebook pages can be created to defame a person. And how easily the tide turned against the lies and bullying once everyone discovered "the error of their ways". If that wasn't bad enough, the only two distinguishable actors, Natasha Henstridge and Jamie Kennedy close this unbelievable After-School Special on Cyber-Bullying, with the most forced and unnatural looking lip-lock it has ever been my discomfort to see. My lord, what a bad film. If there is a hell, it would be forced viewing (eye-lids peeled back and held with clips) of this sort of stuff for an eternity.
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Really a good movie
vonna-056245 October 2017
I am glad that I ignored the bad reviews and watched this movie. It was well worth it. It had a great message about courage, friendship, loyalty, truth, and is timely for the current issue of cyber bullying. If you are looking for a well acted, funny, poignant movie with a happy ending, then this is it. Ignore the bad reviews and give it a chance.
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Good Story, Very Relevant to Today's Social Climate
cizewski520 December 2018
I'm not sure why other reviewers considered this movie unrealistic, other than the daughter being allowed to take such a public stand at the end of the movie. But, the vindictiveness and mob mentality portrayed in this was spot on. The relationship between the mother and daughter was healthy and realistic. The contention between the oddball (history) teacher and the administration was very realistic. And, if you've ever lived in a small, rural town, being demonized and horrifically harassed was exactly what a personal friend experienced just a couple years ago. This was a very good story that was well acted with a great message.
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Cute but unrealistic Warning: Spoilers
This movie was so unrealistic, it was hard to watch. This movie assumes that high school students are innocent little angels, having no idea what the Colosseum is and actually doing their homework (sure, that happens). The movie likes to play the "pronoun game" with us at the beginning, using pronouns like "they" and "them" to hide the background of the story from the story from the audience, even though it is already obvious what the story's about. Also, the "mean" comments posted on this fake Facebook page were hardly mean at all. Sure, they were a little hurtful, but a lot of them were pretty funny. The message of this movie was lost in its unreal inconsistencies. To be honest, it would have been more exciting to see a suicide that having the student body go from hating the girl to falling in love with her in a matter of seconds.
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Not bad
hnavage31 December 2018
This was a pretty good movie. It has great lessons in it about cyber bullying and it helps us see what a person can go through. Encourages people not to cyber bully.
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nogodnomasters28 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is a child safe story about cyber-bullying, sort of. For most of the film the cyber thing goes unexplained until 55 minutes into the feature. Forced to go to a new school, Ashley Evans (Danielle Chuchran) is a wonderful model student who effects change because she is beautiful and dumb guys will do anything for a blonde. She is in a weird history class taught by an eccentric teacher who teaches world history and US history in the same class. Mom (Natasha Henstridge) is a drama teacher.

The film attempts to cram in as many of life's lessons as possible into one film. It introduces Max, who is a computer geek who can figure out who sets up web sites, but never provided us with the solid proof that would vindicate Ashley, which leads the accusation open. Of course the film makes her out to be a saint.

If you like sappy films with sappy music this is it. A Lifetime type film.
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Watchable cast in a movie about cyber bullying
phd_travel27 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Serious and slightly exaggerated to make a point, this movie shows a girl and her mother moving to a new town to avoid cyber bullying from a couple of mean girls who create some fake social media in her name showing her saying mean things. Things follow her to the new town. Eventually some good kids in school side her and she overcomes.

It's a timely issue as it does happen with increasing frequency.

The actresses Natasha Henstridge as mom and Danielle Chuchran as her bullied daughter are watchable and fairly sympathetic.
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