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Dumbest Show Ever!
safaslote-9955211 July 2017
The girls on this show act like young high school girls that just talk about sex and celebrity gossip. I feel like I lose brain cells every time I watch it. I also think these girls are SUPER fake because their actions always contradict their words, especially Adrienne. I think the show should be canceled because it's very toxic to young girls. We should encourage girls to make smart decisions, not to sleep around and be obsessed with your looks 24/7.
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anoolios30 December 2014
Cheap trash shrill gross fake this show screams and rants -- these people thrive on cliché and popular veneer. Absolutely no one on this show resembles anything Real. Is it a satire of other Women based shows? Junk. Total junk. Each woman thrives on yelling every cliché they've ever heard. Stupidity combines with overly made up faces and heads swarming with unflattering hair extensions. There's something deeply diseased about how these women present themselves. Horrifying examples of the emptiness at the root of American obsession to strut harsh personalities as something of value. On a recent show food is treated as cheap props to throw around and hair extensions are touted as meaningful to a woman's life. Empty headed. These women aspire to Drag queen sensibility but possess none of the talent.
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Unintelligent glorified trash
highrvoltage29 May 2015
I've watched this show several times, and am watching it right now at 11:42 A.M. Its pure garbage. I try to be open minded and give everything a chance, but this is the worst show I've seen on in a long time. It is ignorant trash. The information relayed is conveyed as if they just learned it from their writers 10 seconds before delivering. Tamera is the only one who seems intelligent. Tamar Braxton is the worst part of the show. Who thought it would be wise to put someone on T.V. who sounds as if they're struggling to even convey there own thoughts in an articulate manner ? Its as if someone said "we need to recapture the Jerry Springer audience" before putting this idiot on. Loni has a natural stage presence, and should have her own show, but the chemistry among the group seems fake, and forced. How this show hasn't been canceled already is unbelievable. I'd bet the majority of the shows fan base didn't pass the 9th grade. Jeannie Mai is the most annoying personality I have ever seen on TV in my entire life.
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lojopete9 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The Real??!! No. The fake. I tried to watch this talk show and there was a lady talking about not taking her wig off and not letting their men know they way false eyelashes etc.. Are they women or are they drag queens. I can't wait for the show to be canceled. These women are not real, they are flaky and empty... is there a vote for -10? The most unreal of the panel is Tamar Braxton. She moves her fingers, does all the stereotypical moves, fake, fake, fake. I can't believe young women act like this. I'd rather they put a game show on in their place. As you can tell I do not like this show, but it stays on the air. I will continue to not watch it, not talk about it. But I had to warn you. Watch if you must, but you won't for long.
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Ghetto is a SEVERE understatement!
tlo-392653 November 2015
This show is just AWFUL! Its like a 3 ring circus with the works, clown cars, trapeze walkers, trained animals and of course a ring master. How this show is still on-air is just baffling. What I also find mind boggling is how they allow someone like Temar Braxton to act like such a complete fool and drag the show down. She is extremely outdated, uneducated, sloppy and low class- news flash NO ONE acts like that in real life. Maybe in the 90's you could get away with it but that behavior and ignorance was never accepted on television. She seriously needs to drop the "ghetto fabulous" act and get with the times, truly strong and powerful women of all races just DO NOT act like that. Here's a suggestion watch a few re-runs, take notes and show some respect for the other co-hosts who do an excellent job to portray themselves as civilized educated woman. As for the other women on the show, do they seriously want to be associated with such trash?!? I know if I was trying to come up in this business and get myself known, I would be absolutely mortified having to co-host with someone as disgusting as that. Come on people seriously need to get it together, this is just unacceptable!
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Ghetto, not fabulous!
audreybullock-1641129 December 2017
I am embarrassed as an American, that this garbage is on T.V. The cast, speak ghetto and sound ignorant, uneducated, with cognitive impairment. The standards for T.V. shows have seriously lowered if this disgrace is on T.V. I finally understand what audience they are trying to target. Poor, ghetto, uneducated, inarticulate, women with at best, an 8th grade education and on food stamps and welfare and probably pregnant with baby number 3. We shouldn't encourage these kinds of people. It is not cool to be a dumbass. Disgusting.
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shasha_200225 December 2014
This show is awful. I thought it was adult women having intelligent conversations on current events. Boy was I wrong. They are so rude and disrespectful. One of them was receiving a gift and she got mad and threw it because it was a gift card, what an ungrateful child. She should be embarrassed at herself. They interrupt each other and don't let each other finish their thoughts. They seem very materialist too, it's just not a good show. Maybe if they were nicer and not so mean but I just don't see that Too many shows these days are trashy and full of drama. Hopefully it gets canceled, we need more quality programs not more drama and trash.
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A Sad Attempt at a Talk Show
outcensoredinquire11 September 2015
Ugh where to begin.I actually just made an account solely for the purpose of writing a fitting review of this trash. This show is such a pile of garbage. Its like an attempt to make a generic version of the View, but like 75% of it is ghetto BS. Every single one of those women are just unbearable to listen to, they need to tone it WAY down. That dumb ghetto one that sits on the far left is just ugh. She literally makes me want to shoot myself. Adrienne is this stupid bimbo that thinks she leads the whole community of all colored races just because she's some dumb dried up Mexican that was in a sad excuse for an all girl group in the 90s. Jeanie is just some "TV personality" WTF?? Honestly, what has she ever accomplished besides screaming in front of a camera about clothes or stupid talentless rappers that are guests on the show. I'm a guy pretty late in my teen years and I can definitely say that there is NOTHING attractive or admirable about any of these skanks. I pray that this stupid excuse for a TV show gets cancelled soon.
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#1 Worst daytime talk show
sdeven3 April 2015
I know that The Real is targeting the young people, but it is sending the wrong message. Instead of sending the message for responsibility, genuineness and morals, it features plastic surgery laden talk hosts who are dressed too richly and have a plastered on smile. The giggling and weak topics are not interesting. I watched for the first couple of times (you know when they even had more hosts that were really bad...). The show has not improved over time and really should have been canceled in its first season. There are enough boring daytime talk shows now and this one should be forgotten. Look back at other programs that have been canceled for this one and you revisit your decision.
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libraesque6315 November 2014
This show is a pile of garbage. The only reason I've even seen it a couple times is because the TV is still on after Wendy Williams. I have NO idea who these women are, so I had to look them up. The Braxton one.....holy cow, she is a CLOWN. A grown woman acting like that? She's a stereotype come to life. How does she get away with calling people HUNTY, which is a portmanteau for Honey and the C-word? OUTRAGEOUS! Loni calling people "heffa"? Ring ring...the 90's called, they want their slang back. Speaking of slang...Adrienne saying AX instead of in the WORLD do these people have a show? Is it purposely over the top and ghetto for an uneducated demographic? And all that FAKE hair, FAKE eyelashes, TACKY outfits, CLOWN make-up, GHETTO language.....GROSS is the best word to describe this ridiculous show Cancel this show and give a show to Auntie Fee. At least people could get some ghetto recipes for their next White Trash party.
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Tamar needs to GO
redappleseeds6 March 2015
I could tolerate the show much much MUCH better if Tamar was replaced by someone else. She definitely has to be the center of attention, and I cannot STAND the sound of her voice! It grates on me something fierce. Her over the top "all about me" is definitely NOT what people want to see, her brashness and ghetto-momma persona is so not appropriate for someone in this profession. She's not cute, she's not funny, she isn't anything but an attention hog, and riding on the coat tails of her sister Toni Braxton's successes, because to be quite honest I watched Tamar sing on the show and it was not at all impressive.
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The Real is not so real
vmotleydesigns27 October 2014
I have watched the show "The Real" several times now. It could be a much better show if Tamar was replaced by someone else. She seems to think that it's the Tamar show. She talks too much, is ghetto (you can't understand her half the time). She seems to think the "over the top" persona is cute. She's too old for this behavior and it takes away from the other co-hosts. I like the other co-hosts. They're very likable and have more to offer. Tamar's antics (hair flipping, ghetto talk, mouth snapping, etc... are just too much. Viewers want to see funny, real, and intelligent women that have real opinions. We don't want to see over the top performances by a women who obviously has a lack of self-esteem; otherwise she wouldn't behave in that manner. She seems to crave a lot of attention. It's just too much. I just cant' watch anymore.
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The Real Keeps it Fake
northwindj13 October 2014
I am all about girl power. I love my make-up. I can't handle this show. If keeping it Real means wearing all the make-up in the drawer, plus hair extensions, fake boobs, etc etc, then these ladies are hard core real.. The only thing real about them is the real need to talk at a shout. Why must they scream every word. You have microphones WE CAN HEAR YOU! The 'with it' girls don't know urban slang from 5 year ago. The only thing these girls are good for is fans of screaming yelling reality programs. Anyone else needs to have an aspirin nearby. If you want to watch just to laugh at people thinking they are ultra hip while they don't understand old slang and being excited about products we saw on Hoda two years ago. Its more to laugh at than laugh with.I so wanted to like this show.

I have watched 5 times now. I hoped the women would settle down and stop shouting. I give up. I guess 'Real' means being clueless, narcissistic and behind the times. This show is more for the top 40 crowd. If you think keeping it real means spending 3 hours getting dressed then this show is for you.
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Get Rid of Tamar
TinkerTime4 February 2015
This show would not be so bad if Tamar was not on it. She is awful! When I first caught a glimpse of the show, at first I thought Tamar was joking around with the lip smacking, hair flicking, look at me attitude, etc. Then I realized that is how she actually is. She is so in-love with herself that it's disgusting. I wonder if her co-hosts really like her, or are they just paid to pretend that they do. I have tried suffering through her antics to see aspects of the show, but I just can't anymore, I have to turn the channel. Tamar ruins this show!! There is always something about someone that another doesn't like and we can work through that, but I just can't find one thing about Tamar that is enjoyable to watch.
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urmomisanemailaddress18 September 2014
What a trash cast, poor Loni Love is the only one that deserves to host a talk show, and now her reputation will suffer for going from Chelsea Lately to this garbage.

The rest of these women are a bunch of D list celebrities with nothing better to do than spit out cheap, ghetto, uneducated gossip. Adrienne Bailon? Gross, she is a disgrace and an embarrassment to Hispanic women.

It is obviously low budget, because they found the cheapest women to host, and they have the most irrelevant guests on the show.

Anyone who would choose to watch this over The View must be simpleminded, it gave me a headache to listen to these women for 5 minutes.
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real trash
lovinglifeny22 January 2015
I am a paralegal and an actress living in new york from Ireland and I am so disgusted with this show. This show would never make it any part of the world except America and after seeing The Kardashians I am so disgusted this is what American women consider viewable - it is so disgusting ,The women are uneducated, they wear way too much makeup , what part of their bodies is real and why should we aspire to insecure women who need plastic surgery because they feel ugly - they are so ghetto and fake it is so annoying and why cant they speak appropriate English They try to be funny and are not funny at all with their annoying segments and i am so angry at a time where black American women demand to be taken seriously and are aspiring to better things - it is disgusting , they don't listen to guests , they talk over guests and each other , the topics are junk, the guests are nobodies and the constant shouting by Adrienne and the Chinese one makes even the other hosts look annoyed - another annoying thing is the fake smiles while they are interviewing guests and the bored looks, they are all narcissists and way into themselves - ugly, trashy women with no proper language

No sexy guy would date them - when they do have male guests on they all act like total bimbos throwing themselves at them

Ms Braxton should be ashamed of ourselves she sounds like a cigar and really is starting to look like Michael Jackson
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Move to BET
mantis-8338318 May 2015
Move this show to BET where it belongs. This is not a representative of five cultures. It represents the ghetto black culture and Tamar does that very well. Black friends of mine and people that I know don't act like she does and it is disgraceful for them to see her in a position that represents that aspect of their culture. Tamara is black, Loni is black, and they have finally gotten Adrienne to shun Jeannie and side with the black side. Jeannie is proficient with style and has always shown that in her actions and appearance. They don't make eye contact with Jeannie because they are jealous of her experience and show that in their actions. I am disappointed with Adrienne and I know she just wants to get along, but she will feel the wrath of Tamar, Loni and Tamara in the end I am sure. I agree with the too loud and those stupid games as that is just juvenile in what we want to see from these girls. Get a better representation of five different cultures and get a better look at how to get along and not show hostility toward each other which is exactly what this show is doing. It is not a "for real" representative of diversity in our society today.
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being real
storeytime_3511 October 2014
Im sorry people, this show isn't being Real! Adrienne who talks about having breast implants and claims she ask for a b cup but came out with double dds is a bunch of bull! 1st off if she ask for a b she must have been really small and your skin doesn't stretch like that. I've had mine done and I wanted dds and had 2 do it twice to get them and I was a b when I started and there's a lot of details you go thru before you get em. You look at the implants and you talk about how many cc your going to get and those who have had implants know what i'm talking about. Don't understand why she gotta get up there and lie about it. She wanted to be that big! Its not because some doctor went against what she wanted and decided to do what he/she wanted and like I said your skin isn't going to stretch like that in 1 visit. Hey if your gonna be on a show called THE REAL then BE REAL!
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Boycott Tamar!
jmb-6587517 November 2015
I gave this show a 5 because Tamar really brings down the value of this show. Tamar and her ghetto-ratchet personality drives me insane and I really want more for and from this show. It has so much potential because I LOVE Tamera, Adrienne and Jeannie. Loni is OK, she kind of corny but she reps for all the plus size chicks with a sense of humor. But Tamar really takes away from the show. Her character is not 100% clear. She tries to mix classy and ratchet and ghetto with the lame lip smacking and it's just all confusing and annoying. I want to be able to relate with what she is saying and/or understand the point of view she is trying to convey. She needs to either be replaced or they need to make that seat a rotating guest. Her seat seems like a character that brings the rough around edges type of opinion with the ultimate, blunt "REALness" the show is going for. A few good recruits would be: Da Brat, Keisha Cole, K. Michelle, Lil Mama, Lauryn Hill, Brandy, Janelle Monae, Keke Palmer, Tatiana Ali, and Kristina Millian. I chose these ladies for the fact that they are artists so they can bring that "entertainer/singer" perspective. Also, the actresses I think would be a good try because they would just make it more interesting. Please consider and reach out to these women!! I'm sure the rest of the world would rather watch any of these ladies instead of Tamar. That's all!
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Terrible Show..Take This Off TV Period
hardinjudy12 January 2015
This is the worst talk show ever put on television. Guest are pretty good but the hosts of the show sound and act so stupid it makes the entire show terrible. Some of the topics are idiotic, the questions they ask sometimes to the guest are dumb and they are so loud it seems like a shouting match of a dumb and dumber show than anything real! They are fake, the attitudes are fake, the makeup make them look like fake clowns and over talking one another make them all look fake! I really cannot get over Adrienne talking about her so called career being hurt by the Kardashian's. My question is WHAT CAREER? The Cheetah Girls have been dead and gone for years like her career! It seems like a show of rejects except for Tamar!! Put Tamar and Vince on in the place of this junk.
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The show has good intentions...
desilu-3630111 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I'm willing to support the show because I do think that Tamara, Jeannie Mai, and Adrienne are genuine people. They come off as just naturally positive and it's good to see that on TV. I will admit that sometimes Loni seems to not really belong, but it's not too bad. But Tamar...irks me to no end with her smacking and screeching and wig tossing. It's way too fake and much too annoying. I enjoy when she acts normal but it's like finding a purple and pink unicorn. No shade. A side note that also bugs me to no end, is that she pretends to eat on food segments (which they do way too often not to notice). That's weird. But having said all that, I will look past Tamar because it's good to see a diverse panel of young woman represented on day time TV.
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Flawed but Worthy of Praise
tyrinwestmoreland3 December 2015
This show is by far one of my favorite talk shows of all time. I don't really understand why a grand number of people dislike this show, obviously because they fail to see the creativity that the show brings out, but I'm going to resist judging. The Real offers different opinions from five women discussing about certain topics worthy of talking about and each have their own unique personality to make up for the show: Tamar (sassiness), Tamera (understanding), Loni (comedic relief), Mai (flamboyancy) and Adrienne (feistiness). Of course, the show is not particularly great, but I still enjoy watching it. What these girls say, they keep it real and it's not just about how they act or what they wear, they're still keeping it real. People fail to look at the essence of the show because they focus on superficiality, which this show doesn't have. Name a talk show where the hosts create an episode in their pajamas, feel halfway comfortable about discussing something that they did in the past or even hold a segment to show how they prepare for work in the morning even if they don't look their best. Plus, they say what's on their mind and while sometimes questionable, there's no doubt that as the title goes, everything is real. I can understand some aspects that makes the show cringing to watch, but I wish viewers wouldn't focus so much on whether they're being superficial or not. The show has my approval to continue on!
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Reallllllllllll Ghetto
Annejlee82 October 2014
Currently watching this right now and so far this is the second episode I've managed to sit myself through. This talk show annoys me so much I had to create an IMDb account just so I can write a review in hopes that the producers can read it somehow and CHANGE some things about this show. First off, Adrienne and Tamar is WAY too ghetto to be on this talk show. From the way they talk, snack their lips between sentences, to their crazy hair and makeup...they just make the show seem like a "real housewives reunion show." These ladies in particular talk all over each other, get all loud and rude in each other's faces and if this was suppose to portray "real" women and how they talk...then the show has got it all wrong and it WILL be cancelled soon. Loni, Tamara, and Jeannie so offer some fun and intellectual aspects to the show by being themselves and classy. Second, the show jumps all over the place with no real topic or discussion format so it just feels so unimportant and immature. Would not mind if this was a type of show that just collects itself after a month to discuss current topics or trends but to have it on daily with nothing to really offer audiences is just a bore and lame. Narrow it down, keep the three women but dump those two ghetto trash women as soon as possible. Let them stay on shows such as Vh1 and BET..not for daytime talk show.
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Dineenv15 October 2014
This show is far from Real. The worst one up there is Tamar. Always talking loud and ghetto, flipping her hair, snapping her fingers, rolling her eyes. She must think her S*** don't stink. I can't even understand her when she talks. And Adrienne talks just as ghetto. She tries to hard. She's pretty and I like her but just act normal girl stop trying to hard!. It actually seems like Tamar and Adrienne don't like each other. They give each other hard looks throughout the show. But Tamar u are just rude and u have that attitude like everyone should bow down to u. On a positive note, the other 3 ladies are Great. They are professional and well spoken and actually have something meaningful to say. I hope they switch out Tamar with someone with class!!!
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Screechingly painful
lasherxl20 August 2015
I was just flipping through the channels and ran into this and it first it was a bit like a car accident, you know you should turn away but you just can't. They were talking about things and as it progressed the volume level raised and the pitch went so high I thought my windows might shatter, you think I'm exaggerating, but I actually still have a headache from listening to them.

Now before people dismiss me, I am a guy, but I have watched shows like The View, I like women's take on a subject we are different in many ways same in others, but these girls were insistent that men and women's sexual drives are essentially similar, which is categorically untrue. Then as they carried on it they mentioned how much religion played a part in sexual connection, which for some if not many it does, but certainly not everyone. As the camera panned through the audience it was almost entirely African American women, then it all made sense.

If you are a young African-American woman 20-32 who is very devout but slightly vapid, then this is most assuredly the show for you. Personally I must avoid it to keep all my wine glasses intact. I don't think this bodes well to providing a positive foundation and influence for young up and coming African-American girls, but I am neither a girl nor African-American so mayhaps I'm wrong. To me I just wish they would speak instead of caterwauling on and on.
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