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Fri-Yay Show!/Tommie Lee

Tommie Lee (Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (2012));

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Lamar Odom/Real-ly Good News

Lamar Odom ("Darkness to Light: A Memoir"; "Dancing with the Stars"); a feel-good news story;


3 Jan. 2017
Pam Grier/Shoutrageous/Tamera's Take
Actress Pam Grier; a guessing game for loudmouths and know-it-alls; Tamera gives valuable advice.
4 Jan. 2017
E-40/It's Jeannie Mai's Birthday/Loni's Love Court
Rapper E-40; Jeannie's birthday; Loni settles a case between Tamera and her husband, Adam Housley.
6 Jan. 2017
Tap Out: Useless Resolutions/Ante Up/Temperature Turn Up
New Year's resolutions that need to end; a guessing game; items that keep people warm indoors, as the temperature drops outdoors.
9 Jan. 2017
Mel B/Kristen Bell/Crushin' on Velvet
Guest co-hostess Mel B; Kristen Bell (The Good Place (2016)); a fashion show featuring looks involving velvet.
11 Jan. 2017
Mel B/Jillian Michaels/Mental or Parental/Cooking Segment with Mel B and Her Husband, Stephen Belafonte
Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels; the hosts weigh in on whether disciplinary actions were on the right path or too extreme; guest co-hostess Mel B and her husband, Stephen Belafonte, prepare a dish.
12 Jan. 2017
Mel B/John Salley/Hit Reply
Guest co-hostess Mel B; NBA star John Salley gives advice for a vegan diet; the hosts answer negative comments made on the show's social-media pages.
13 Jan. 2017
Mel B/Taraji P. Henson/Shoutrageous
Guest co-hostess Mel B; Taraji P. Henson (Empire (2015) and Hidden Figures (2016)); the hosts play a game for loud-mouths and know-it-alls.
16 Jan. 2017
Angela Rye/Reverend Bernice King/Radical Monarchs/The Real Squared
Guest co-hostess Angela Rye; The Rev. Bernice King, daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; an activism organization for girls of color; a trivia game.
18 Jan. 2017
Vanessa Simmons/Passport to Pretty/Steals on the Real
Vanessa Simmons (Queen Boss (2017)); beauty products from other countries; highly discounted fashionista finds.
19 Jan. 2017
Angie Martinez/Jason George/Dimestore to Deluxe/I Know It All
Guest co-hostess Angie Martinez; Jason George (Grey's Anatomy (2005)); an audience member plays a game to win shoes; different ways vapo-rub can be used.
20 Jan. 2017
Frenchie Davis/Danny Trejo/Human Trafficking
Guest co-hostess Frenchie Davis; actor Danny Trejo (Cross Wars (2017) and The Prey (2020)); a human-trafficking survivor tells her story and how to recognize human trafficking.
23 Jan. 2017
Joseline Hernandez/Tika Sumpter/Man Crush Monday/The Real Update
Guest co-hostess Joseline Hernandez (Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (2012)); Tika Sumpter (The Haves and the Have Nots (2013)); the hosts' favorite man crushes; a Fan-cash-tic Giveaway winner uses the prize money to get back on track with her college education.
24 Jan. 2017
Joseline Hernandez/Eddie Cibrian/Shoutrageous/Rate the Shade
Guest co-hostess Joseline Hernandez (Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (2012)); Eddie Cibrian (Rosewood (2015)); a guessing game; the hosts offer advice to fans about situations they are going through.
26 Jan. 2017
Joseline Hernandez/Keri Hilson/Under Eye Goodbye/Hostess with the Mostest
Guest co-hostess Joseline Hernandez (Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (2012)); Keri Hilson (Love by the 10th Date (2017)); getting rid of dark circles under the eyes; an audience member plays a game for money.
27 Jan. 2017
Joseline Hernandez/Wyclef Jean/Curl, You Got This!
Guest co-hostess Joseline Hernandez (Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (2012)); musician Wyclef Jean; the hosts show viewers how they're curling their hair all wrong.
30 Jan. 2017
Kandi Burruss/Saniyya Sidney/Express Lane Meals/The Social 411
Guest co-hostess Kandi Burruss (The Real Housewives of Atlanta (2008)); Saniyya Sidney (Fences (2016) and Hidden Figures (2016)); cooking a meal with 10 items or less; the hosts answer fan questions from social media.
31 Jan. 2017
Kandi Burrus/Brandon T. Jackson/Ante Up/Haircare Under There
Guest co-hostess Kandi Burruss (The Real Housewives of Atlanta (2008)); Brandon T. Jackson (Eloise (2016) and Love by the 10th Date (2017)); contestants play a game; taking care of hair while in protective styles like wigs, weaves and braids.
1 Feb. 2017
Kandi Burruss/Glamour/Shoutrageous/Steals on the Real
Guest co-hostess Kandi Burruss (The Real Housewives of Atlanta (2008)); a guessing game; highly-discounted fashionista finds; Glamour performs.
3 Feb. 2017
Kandi Burruss/Larenz Tate/Ladies Choice Show/Loni's Love Court/Hit Reply
Larenz Tate ("Bronzeville" (2016)); the hosts pick each other's outfits, the topics and the segments, and reply to the negative comments on the show's social media pages; Loni Love settles a case between guest co-hostess Kandi Burruss (The Real Housewives of Atlanta (2008)) and her husband, Todd Tucker.
6 Feb. 2017
Remy Ma/Papoose/Tap Out
Guest co-hostess Remy Ma; Papoose ("Love and Hip Hop: New York" (2010)); the hosts give their thoughts on Valentine's Day trends that need to end.
8 Feb. 2017
Remy Ma/Gabrielle Union, Lisa Vidal & Chike Okonkwo/Van Jones/We Read You
Guest co-hostess Remy Ma ("Love and Hip Hop New York"); Gabrielle Union, Lisa Vidal and Chiké Okonkwo (Being Mary Jane (2013)); Van Jones (The Messy Truth with Van Jones (2016)); the hosts perform dramatic readings of fan arguments from the show's social media accounts.
9 Feb. 2017
Remy Ma/Anthony Anderson/The Real on the Road
Guest co-hostess Remy Ma ("Love and Hip Hop: New York"); Anthony Anderson (Black-ish (2014) and Animal Nation with Anthony Anderson (2017)); Jeannie travels to Philadelphia to play a game with fans.
10 Feb. 2017
Remy Ma/Chris Sullivan/That's Plenty for 20/Shoutrageous
Guest co-hostess Remy Ma ("Love and Hip Hop: New York"); actor Chris Sullivan (This Is Us (2016)); Valentine's Day gifts for $20 or less; a guessing game for loudmouths and know-it-alls.
14 Feb. 2017
Pooch Hall/Brian White & Finesse Mitchell/Shoutrageous
Guest co-host Pooch Hall (A Dog's Purpose (2017)); Brian White and Finesse Mitchell (Media (2017)); a guessing game for loudmouths and know-it-alls.
15 Feb. 2017
Gary Owen/Sybrina Fulton & Tracy Martin/Peter Parros/Mental or Parental
Guest co-host Gary Owen (The Gary Owen Show (2016)); co-authors Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin (book, "Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin" (2017)); Peter Parros (The Haves and the Have Nots (2013)); parents write in to ask the hosts if their parenting technique was too extreme.
16 Feb. 2017
E.J. Johnson/CeCe Winans/The Real on the Road
Jeannie travels to New York to play a game with fans; CeCe Winans performs; guest co-host E.J. Johnson.
17 Feb. 2017
Deon Cole/Manslation/Keep That Money, Honey/Steal on the Real
Guest co-host Deon Cole (Black-ish (2014) and Angie Tribeca (2016)) gives relationship advice; Tiffany Aliche ("The Budgetnista") gives money-saving tips; highly discounted fashionista finds.
20 Feb. 2017
NeNe Leakes/Jidenna/Man Crush Monday/The Real Squared
Guest co-hostess NeNe Leakes (The Real Housewives of Atlanta (2008)); musician Jidenna; the hosts divulge their favorite man-crushes; a trivia game.
21 Feb. 2017
NeNe Leakes/Hit Reply/The Social 411
Guest co-hostess NeNe Leakes (The Real Housewives of Atlanta (2008)); the hosts reply in discussion to negative comments on the show's social media pages and answer fan questions.
22 Feb. 2017
NeNe Leakes/Congresswoman Maxine Waters/Guinness World Record
Guest co-hostess NeNe Leakes (The Real Housewives of Atlanta (2008)); Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.); Adrienne tries to break the Guinness world record for the most selfies taken in three minutes.
23 Feb. 2017
NeNe Leakes/Justin Cornwell/Caption This/Shoutrageous
Guest co-hostess NeNe Leakes (The Real Housewives of Atlanta (2008)); Justin Cornwell (Training Day (2017)); the hosts ask fans to help them caption a photo; a guessing game for loudmouths and know-it-alls.
24 Feb. 2017
Cocoa Brown/The Real Claw
Cocoa Brown (Dying Laughing (2016)); a gigantic version of the popular claw arcade game.
27 Feb. 2017
Shekinah/Craig Robinson/Fake It or Take It
Guest co-hostess Shekinah Williams; actor Craig Robinson (Table 19 (2017)); audience members must determine real products from knockoffs.
28 Feb. 2017
Shekinah/Stephen Bishop/Mardi Gras King Cake Game/Brother/Sister Reunion
Guest co-hostess Shekinah Williams; Stephen Bishop (Imposters (2017)); contestants dig through a giant Mardi Gras king cake; a brother and sister, who were separated as toddlers, meet for the first time in 18 years.
1 Mar. 2017
Shekinah/Lori's Single and Satisfied/Buy It or Deny It!/Hostess with the Mostest
Guest co-hostess Shekinah Williams; Loni Love talks about being single; the staff tries products and gadgets; an audience member plays a game.
2 Mar. 2017
Shekinah/Nicole Ari Parker/Tap Out/Go Big or Go Home
Guest co-hostess Shekinah Williams; Nicole Ari Parker (Time After Time (2017)); trends that need to end; a contestant answers trivia questions to win designer prizes.
3 Mar. 2017
Shekinah/Melissa Peterman/Shoutrageous/Steals on the Real
Guest co-hostess Shekinah Williams; Melissa Peterman (Baby Daddy (2012)); the hosts play a guessing game for loudmouths and know-it-alls; highly-discounted fashionista finds.
6 Mar. 2017
Anika Noni Rose/Loni's Single and Satisfied/Catch Your Coin
Anika Noni Rose (The Quad (2017)); Loni gives advice on being single and helps an audience member; a contestant answers trivia questions.
8 Mar. 2017
Kym Whitley/Absolutely Adrienne/Passport to Pretty
Kym Whitley ("Young and Hungry" (2014)); Adrienne answers fans' questions; beauty products from around the world.
10 Mar. 2017
Jennifer Lopez & Vincent Laresca/Who Knows Better?/60 Minutes to Glam
Jennifer Lopez and Vincent Laresca (Shades of Blue (2016)); a trivia competition; the glam squad makes over a police officer and gives her the surprise of a lifetime in 60 minutes of less.
13 Mar. 2017
Tahj Mowry/Spring to Safety/Nature's Pain Killers
Guest co-host Tahj Mowry (Baby Daddy (2012)); safety advice for spring break trips; natural pain relievers.
15 Mar. 2017
Michelle Williams/Denise Boutte/Absolutely Adrienne/Slay Day
Guest co-hostess Michelle Williams (Destiny's Child); Denise Boutte (Media (2017)); Adrienne answers fans' questions; showcasing the audience's super-fly style.
16 Mar. 2017
Ernie Hudson/Mom 411/Slam Dunk Snacks
Ernie Hudson (APB (2016)); the hosts answer mothers' slang, app and technology questions; snacks for a college basketball tournament party.