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Good story, abrupt ending
MovieSonic23 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed watching this film all the way through until the end.

This is not a comedy. That must be made clear and I hope the film is not marketed as a comedy because it will receive a lot of low ratings by people expecting The Hangover (2009) when in reality this movie has more in common with The Last Supper (1995). There is plenty of humour but it comes about organically through ordinary (interesting) conversations.

I thought the film ended far too soon. It truly felt like half an hour was missing and that they had wasted Greg Grunberg's character because he was ultimately of no importance. I was expecting a huge investigation and perhaps some consequences but instead, the focus of the film was entirely on the benefits of murder.

I would give this 6.4/10 and have decided to round up due to the fact that there is some truly great writing here, terrific acting and I laughed out loud at least three or four times. Had the ending been more spectacular or of any consequence at all, I would have given it 8/10.

As it stands, great effort and well worth watching.

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Very weird - very dark - but fun
cekadah31 December 2014
Scott Foley did a fine job creating this lighthearted murder story and each actor pulls it all together. This is a fun but not so funny story of a group of close friends finding themselves involved in an accidental on purpose murder. Now they must dispose the evidence and here is found the brilliance of the story.

Maybe how the friends pull it all together isn't quite believable but you find yourself wanting them to get by with it - for reasons you will see at movies start.

It's an adventure, murder, mystery, and scheming story that is sure to keep you watching. My only disappointment was the ending at the bar - did I miss an important detail?
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Let Them Eat Cake
ferguson-62 January 2015
Greetings again from the darkness. What would it take for you and your buddies to talk about killing someone? Perhaps you already have … you know, in a joking way … maybe while playing golf together. That's what happens to Ronnie (James Carpinello), David (Patrick Wilson), and Tom (Scott Foley). A couple of cracks about wanting to kill Stacy (Dagmara Dominczyk), wife of their buddy Ward (Donald Faison), leads to further discussion and an uncomfortable google search.

Since all that is pretty gloomy, you should know that this is a comedy. It's a very dark comedy (given the title) that is filled with a stream of one-liners and some outlandish behavior from a group of people who will never be considered criminal masterminds. On top of that, it comes across as some kind of psycho-sexual, spouse-swapping filmmaking project for first time feature writer/director Scott Foley.

Let's see if we can connect the dots: In real life, Foley is married to Marika Dominczyk (she plays David's wife in the movie) who is also the real life sister of Dagmara Dominczyk (Ward's wife) who is the real life wife of Patrick Wilson. James Carpinello's real life wife is Amy Acker (she plays Tom's wife), and we also get the real life daughter of Carpinello/Acker and the real life son of Foley/Marika … plus the younger sister of Marika and Dagmara. That's more crossover than most community theater productions!

You may recognize Scott Foley from TV's "Felicity" (or many other projects), and this is his first feature film as writer/director. The cast is obviously having a great time, and in that manner, reminds a bit of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (Joss Whedon's 2012 version), which was also cast with a group of close friends (including Amy Acker, who also stars here). There are also similarities to VERY BAD THINGS, the 1998 film that brought out the worst traits of its characters. However as stated, this one is filled with offbeat humor and can best be described as black comedy. We even get Nicolette Sheridan as an on-the-prowl aging actress.

Some excellent films are referenced here, including: PULP FICTION, FARGO, SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, and TRAINING DAY. Clearly this film is not near the level of any of those, but they are used to keep the dialogue amongst friends presented in a grounded way for such an outrageous premise. This one won't make you think much – and please don't let it convince you that murder is a good idea. It might, however, generate a few laughs, and that's always welcome.
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Watchable, but could be better
ginocox-206-33696813 February 2015
As an evidently low-budget writer/producer/director independent film, "Let's Kill Ward's Wife" is not a bad effort. It's watchable, although a little slow and heavy on exposition. The production values are adequate with reasonably clear audio and relatively few annoying jiggly-cam shots, although I found the color a bit washed-out. The cast has an easy camaraderie and there are some genuinely funny moments.

However, it feels more like a made-for-television movie than a theatrical release. It's too conservative and middle-of-the-road for the material. It's not funny enough to be a comedy, nor black enough to be a black comedy, nor suspenseful or mysterious enough. The actions of some characters have the effect of re-energizing their sex lives, but the scenes are too tame to seem credible. Scenes that should be shocking and gruesome seem like something out of a parody or a movie from the sixties.

The inciting moment happens far too late. All of the characters are quickly involved in an unlikely plot with few qualms and little hesitation. The conflict that motivates the characters seems weak, particularly regarding the females in the group. Everybody seems motivated by some sort of herd mentality and loyalty to their friends. There isn't enough sense of good people being trapped into heinous acts by circumstances beyond their control.

The ending is not particularly satisfying because the script lacks a strong theme. There is an imbalance between their actions and the consequences of those actions. The characters haven't grown or developed through their experiences. We don't know what they would do in similar circumstances in the future or why and we're left with no better understanding of what we should do in similar circumstances in real life.
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Great acting and very entertaining!
powell-yendi24 December 2014
I really liked this movie! It is definitely a "feel good movie" because a few aspects are unrealistic, but it made me giggle a lot. The acting was phenomenal! Every single cast member brought their A-game. The plot kept getting juicier, and the relationship dynamics between the couples and the friends were heart-warming. As stated by another review, this isn't a knee-slapping comedy. It's more of a lightly humorous drama. Also I was shocked when the credits started rolling, because there was really no closure to the movie. Nevertheless, I would recommend this to all young adults and married couples who can appreciate dark humor. 8.2/10 for the acting and original plot.
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I liked it.
ferrell30 April 2017
I thought I would like it. But then I didn't. And then I thought it was strange. So I thought I would stick with it to see where it went. After the inciting incident takes place, it starts to pick up noticeably. In the end I was glad I watched it. Some truly classically funny moments.

Now I see some people didn't like it. Well, to each his own. Some people are just not ready for this kind of movie. I told my wife it was like "Dexter" on steroids. She wanted to watch it. Just as it began to get interesting, she quit. She doesn't have my patience.

I was fascinated in the credits with all the like names. So I looked it up here and on Wikipedia. I still can't get my head around how all the actors are related to each other. Wikipedia lists the budget at $5 mil. Where did all the money go? Not to the actors, director, writer or producers. It's all on location so no studio money. I think Wikipedia got this one wrong. I'd be surprised if the film cost more that $100,000.

The movie is rude, it's crude in spots. But Foley has given us some of life's "truisms" in ways never shown before. For that I give him kudos. A worthwhile effort. I gave it a 9 to try to balance out all of the unfair negative reviews. The acting was superb. The writing really had its moments. Give it a shot.
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Surprisingly a good movie
sinabrazil14 August 2016
The only reason I watched this movie was because I thought it would be one of those comedy films with stupid jokes that for some reason we find hilarious, however I quickly realised that's not the case. It has some definite laugh out loud moments but it feels natural, as if it wasn't written to be a comedy. It's funny but without trying too hard. If you are expecting pure comedy then this isn't for you, but if you want a balanced film with humour, a half decent story line and some drama this is for you!

I liked this title for some reason despite the terrible reviews it has received, it will entertain you for the duration of the film which is actually rather short.
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Very dark humor that was perfectly executed
ilcool907 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Very few of this kind of movies are being made today.

You will really get the feeling that the wife that was killed really deserved it, she was a really horrible person.

It is very entertaining to see how the group of friends worked together to quietly and cleanly get rid of the body.

The dialogues were good, it was visible that actors had fun. The good old cliché of a cop who was nearby and was suspecting something was included.

There isn't really much more to add since this movie isn't to long ( around 1,5 hours ) The movie happily doesn't have slow spots, so it's very easy to watch it without getting bored.

That about sums it up.
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Stupidly shocking, Crap...
Dr_Sagan15 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Although a member of 8-9 years, I'm writing reviews for the last 6 months and I've written more than 170 reviews. Never before I felt the need to characterize a movie as "crap" and give it 1/10.

This movie not only is amateurish and cheap (although wikipedia mentions a ...5,000,000 $ budget, that didn't go to the 6-7 main actors who received ...100$/day for 12 days shooting) but the story is so shocking that I doubt there is a civilized person out there that can't be offended by it.

Scott Foley, an actor I only knew from Scandal, directs (so to speak) and writes the most offensive "movie" I saw in recent years.

FULL SPOILER ALERT: There are these couples with kids that don't like one of the wives that much (Dagmara Dominczyk) Ward's (Donald Faison) wife. Actually she's not a bad person or anything. They just don't like her. In a daytime party Scott Foley ends up alone in the kitchen with her. For a minor cause he decides to push her head into a cake. Seconds later she slips in one piece of cake that landed in the floor. She is hurt but not serious injured. Scott Foley (an actor/writer/director who I'm beginning to hate) without any particular reason decides to ...struggle her while she's lying on the floor!!!! Not thinking for a second about her kid(s) or her husband who is his friend. Blunt cold murder.

But now is where the "movie" goes down the drain. Her husband, his friends and his wife decide that Foley did well and that all together they must get rid of the body. That includes put her in a tub, drain her blood from her veins, cut her to pieces, put the pieces in garbage bags and scattered them to many locations.

To top all that her husband Ward (Donald Faison) pisses on her dead drained from blood body while in the tub.

The movie is not a comedy, because there isn't a single laugh.

It's not a professional movie either because all the "equipment" is a lame camera in a tripod.

It's moronic because why scattered the pieces in different locations? To increase the possibility of someone find one? And why smash her head beyond recognition when we leave in the 21st century where DNA, dental records etc. are the first thing that CSI checks to identify a body? And it's shocking to kill an innocent woman and a mother for nothing and have your 6-7 friends to become lunatics who vandalize her body and become accessorries to murder and face the death sentence.

Overall: What kind of stupid sociopath wrote this script? Ah yes. Scott Foley.

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I Like this kind of movies !!
fire_phoenix_wright14 March 2015
easily i recommend this movie to anyone who like Dark-Comedy kind of movies that have weird and unusual story telling !! long ago after i watched the movie (( stretch )) I told all the people I know that the actor Patrick Wilson who play good rules in Horror movies such Insidious & The Conjuring can also nail being a comedian actor... i didn't prove wrong cause he was the best one for me in this movie and he played WELL as David !! and for the movie overall I give it 8 cause this kind of movies that i like watch the most, it even has great songs and soundtracks like (( Summer Song )) by Molly Bryant & Spiker... thats mean Scott Foley can write good movies scripts !! Great job everyone!!
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I got more laughs from Little and Large.
drhemp4 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The only funny scene in this otherwise unbelievably boring film was the scene where everyone walks in and finds the dead man's wife, and even that joke didn't last too long, by which point the film gets ridiculous.

I know the script was appalling, but still they somehow managed to find actors who could act worse than the infant that wrote it. Like we're supposed to believe the guy doesn't just accidentally kill a woman by pushing her head in a cake but he also strangles her just to make sure she is dead after she slips on the icing on the floor. Not including the murderer, there were like five or six, can't remember the film was too stupid to make an impression, we are lead to believe that not one of them would freak out or suggest calling the police, except at the very end, which led to nothing.

They dismember the dear departed's body and put them in plastic bags they dispose of by various means. The husband of the murdered woman, who incidentally was quite satisfied with the excuse that the guy still strangled her just to make sure she was dead after she slipped on the cake. The cop finds the bags with the dismembered bodies, but just gave them a lecture with unfunny one-liners.

This film is crap, do not watch, it just gets worse and worse. It's a shame, because it is sometimes said Americans do not have a sense of humour or know what irony is. This is not true, some of the funniest films and comedians ever to grace this world have come from the USA, which begs one to wonder how you could have made such an unfunny and unbelievable film.
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Take it easy
blumdeluxe26 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
"Let's kill Ward's Wife" is a dark comedy, dealing with the young father Ward, whose wife is holding him under strict control. Again and again he has to cancel his friends, who jokingly begin to think about ways to let her disappear. When she catches one of the friends in a rather delicate situation, things spiral out of control and she gets killed. What now?

The film surely is not a masterpiece, it doesn't tell a big story, neither is it unbelievably clever or anything alike. But it creates an interesting plot, is fun to watch and in all its absurdity entertaining. A bit like in "Arsenic and Old Lace" people just react fully different from what one would expect and the one character who actually shows himself traumatized is a nice mirror of how strange everyone is handling the situation. I can understand that some might be disappointed but personally I really enjoyed this small but nice piece of dark humor.

All in all you should really give it a try. Some of the ratings here and from critics appear a bit unfair to me. If you don't expect this to be a big step in cinema but just a decent, small film, I'm quite sure you won't get disappointed.
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This is one confused and depressing movie
rubimendoza20 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
When this movie stopped being funny somewhere in the middle, it started being disappointing and disturbing. Yes, it's labeled 'comedy' and 'crime', but I didn't know that the first half would be one genre and the second would be another.

As for the plot: the characters didn't have much trouble getting away with the crime, and the only real conflict was when one of them suddenly grew a conscience. The story is too simple – dispose of the body and get on with life – and the ending is consequently too abrupt.

I have seen a lot of movies where people got killed, but none of them made me feel depressed as much as this one did. Probably it's because I first thought the characters were funny and charming – even as they were doing horrible things to Stacy's dead body – but then the movie took on a very serious tone and those same people I'd rooted for transformed into villainous criminals who gloated over the murder and the cover-up. I wouldn't have minded that Stacy-was- killed-because-she's-a-bitch IF the movie had remained comedic.

I actually laughed at the killing of Ward's wife because the mood was lighter at the beginning of the film, but then the shift in tone also killed the entertainment factor. I felt disappointed at the end that I thought the masquerading characters should have been caught and not allowed the happy ending that they had.

The acting was good, but the storytelling seemed to have come from two (or more) different movies, perhaps "Horrible Bosses 2" for the funny part and "The Purge: Anarchy" for the rest (I enjoyed these two films, by the way, but separately).
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Its watchable but don't expect much!
bkphantom4718 May 2015
Its a fun movie if you don't have anything else to watch but not more than that! i find the plot smart but small. its like they whole movie can be described in just 2 sentences.The performance from the actors was really good and made me laugh few times but thats all about the movie.You have good actors that gave really good performance but really cheap plot that don't let the actors interact with the plot and make a good movie.I could say that its a bit short too and they could have add many thinks that make the movie better and more interesting as it ends really fast.

You could say also it more like dark comedy because few thinks in the movie are unrealistic and these unrealistic thinks are based on the dark comedies.

I am not criticize the movie as BAD movie but i cant say its good movie too.Its not THAT bad and you can watch it on an relaxing evening and enjoy it especially with your bf/gf if you both like dark comedies but prepared to don't except much as it doesn't have much to offer as a comedy.

i am member of IMDb many years but never tough about write a review. thats my first one so forgive me about my mistakes :-)
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Flat and lifeless run around
szweda-185557 November 2017
More morons with no signs of a brain between them let alone means of income. Worse, it is so unbelievable even though I figured earlier on we were not to take things seriously. I thought it was a reasonable idea but ended up neither fish nor fowl. Or should that be "foul"? Some moments in this movie are what the characters in it might say are "gross". Worse, it just stumbles to an end... nothing is resolved. Did they run out of budget? Who really cares. I suggest watching something else unless this is all there is.
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