Kingdom Hearts III (Video Game 2019) Poster

(2019 Video Game)

Ben Diskin: Young Xehanort



  • Sora : [encountering Xehanort in a dark room filled with darkness]  Xehanort!

    Woody : What do you want with my friend?

    Young Xehanort : Look... Such tremendous darkness. All because he was ripped away from the boy who cares about him most.

    [darkness begins to surround Woody] 

    Woody : Does that mean... we'll all be like Buzz... if we don't... find Andy?

    Sora : [to Xehanort]  Wrong! Distance doesn't matter. Andy's part of their hearts, just like my friends are part of mine. You can't rip that apart!

    [Woody looks down at his boot, then at Buzz's boot, which have Andy's name written on them] 

    Young Xehanort : What? Your friends are your power? Ah... How very true. But if the light of friendship is a form of power... the darkness of being alone is a power... even greater. Darkness is the heart's true nature.

    Woody : [steps forward]  Whatever you're talking about, I don't care. Put Buzz back the way he was, then get lost!

    Young Xehanort : Or else what, toy?

    Woody : Yeah, I am a toy. And a friend. My guess is no one's ever loved you before. Because you know nothing about hearts and love.

    Sora : [steps up beside him]  There are hearts all around us, trying to connect. Your loneliness only made Woody and Buzz's connection stronger. That's the hearts true nature, to never, ever let go. Wherever they are, Andy and the other toys haven't let go either.

    Woody : Yeah! You can't keep us from Andy. We're going home no matter what. And taking Buzz!

    Sora : Xehanort, you're so caught up in finding the shadows, you forgot about the light that cast them.

    [the darkness recedes back and expels from Buzz] 

    Young Xehanort : No!

    [the trio charge at him and lock their weapons with his] 

    Sora : Woody, now!

    [Woody uses his pull string to lasso a piece of floating debris, swinging forward and snatching Buzz out of the air, crashing to the ground] 

    Buzz Lightyear : [regains consciousness]  Woody... Wait, how did I get here?

    Woody : Oh, I don't know! Maybe somebody switched you into "dark and stormy" mode.

    Buzz Lightyear : But I don't have a-

    [Woody offers him a hand and helps him up] 

    Buzz Lightyear : Thank you, Woody.

    Woody : Good to have ya back, Buzz.

    Donald Duck : Hey, hurry up!

    Goofy : We can't hold him much longer!

    Sora : Don't give up, guys!

    [Xehanort swipes them all back] 

    Young Xehanort : So, even empty puppets can be given strong hearts. I am going to have to remember that.

    Buzz Lightyear : [trains his laser on him]  Remember this, our hearts will always be connected to Andy's. No matter what you do!

    Woody : And that's something you'll never understand, because you're hollower than any toy.

  • Rex : [after Buzz is possessed]  Buzz? What's the matter?

    [Buzz aims his laser at Woody] 

    Woody : Come on, Buzz. Quit fooling around.

    [Buzz fires his laser] 

    Goofy : Look out!

    [jumps in front of Woody and blocks the shot with his shield] 

    Woody : I can't believe it! Buzz has been taken over?

    [Buzz continues to fire his laser] 

    Sora : [to Xehanort]  What did you do to him?

    [continuously tries to strike him with his Keyblade] 

    Young Xehanort : I thought I made it clear. I am testing the strength of their bonds. In this world, toys have hearts. And those hearts come from a powerful bond. So what happens when those bonds are stretched to their limit? When they are worlds apart, can cloth and plastic hold on to their hearts? All I needed was wedge to widen the divide, someone like you to fill them with distrust and doubt. And that chasm you created can be filled with a vast darkness. Witness it for yourself.

    Donald Duck : Sora!

    Rex : Do something!

    Sora : On my way!

    [tries to run to them, but Xehanort grabs him] 

    Young Xehanort : Not this time!

    [blasts him into the video game screen] 

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