Kingdom Hearts III (Video Game 2019) Poster

(2019 Video Game)

John Ratzenberger: Hamm



  • Rex : [Woody shuts off the TV]  I was watching that.

    Woody : Ah, sorry. But this is no time for television, Rex.

    Hamm : Gotta say, that Gigas is pretty impressive.

    Rex : Really? I like Yozora most.

    [Woody suddenly tackles them] 

    Hamm : Woody! What gives?

    Woody : Shh!

    [Buzz joins them] 

    Buzz Lightyear : Are they back?

    Woody : Shhhhhh!

    [they see several Heartless on the floor and duck out of sight] 

    Woody : All right, guys. Today we teach those masked intruders who's boss.

  • Goofy , Donald Duck : [Sora has escaped the video game]  Sora!

    Woody : Y'all right, Sora?

    Sora : Yeah, I'm just fine. And you?

    [everyone has sad looks on their faces] 

    Sora : Wait... Where's Buzz?

    Goofy : He disappeared into a dark corridor.

    Sora : Oh...

    Woody : Sora, how do we get him back?

    Sora : I don't know. My power won't open those.

    Sarge : Sir, did I hear you say "dark corridor"?

    Woody : That's right, Sarge. Any ideas?

    Sarge : Well, it might be a long shot, but we've sighted a shadowy portal in the Kid Korral. We can infiltrate from a window in Babies and Toddlers. I'll head there and get it open.

    Woody : Sarge, you're a lifesaver!

    [turns to the trio] 

    Woody : You guys in?

    Goofy , Donald Duck , Sora : Yeah!

    Rex : Please promise you'll bring Buzz home.

    Hamm : With batteries included?

    Squeeze Toy Aliens : Journey safely. Farewell.

    Woody : Don't worry. We're gonna get our friend back.

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