"Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" Down the Rabbit Hole (TV Episode 2013) Poster

Michael Socha: Knave of Hearts, Will Scarlet



  • Alice : Stop your moving. We'll just sink faster.

    Knave of Hearts : Because a slow death is so much more pleasant. This is humiliating. I'm going to die like a bloody s'more.

    Alice : What?

    Knave of Hearts : It's biscuits and chocolate, and you get toasted marsh... never mind, the point is we're gonna die.

  • Knave of Hearts : The Red Queen - you also said it was her who threw Cyrus into the Boiling Sea. Why would she do that?

    Alice : I don't know, but I'd love to ask her and see the look on her face when she realizes I'm not the forgiving sort. Particularly when said face meets this branch repeatedly.

    Knave of Hearts : Doesn't sound like you.

    Alice : The doctors said I'm a danger to myself and others.

  • The White Rabbit : Uh, what I meant was, I was having tea with the Dormouse, and he said that he saw him.

    Knave of Hearts : So we came all the way here on the word of a narcoleptic rodent?

  • Alice : You.

    Knave of Hearts : "You"? That's what I get? "You"? Well, nice to see you, too, Alice.

  • Alice : Careful, Knave. We've landed in the Mallow Marsh.

    Knave of Hearts : Of course we did, because a pond made out of dessert topping makes perfect sense.

  • Alice : I can't believe it. *You*. You were...

    Knave of Hearts : Brave? Daring?

    Alice : Stealing my wishes.

    Knave of Hearts : Oh, that. I think maybe you misunderstand. I was just protecting the wishes.

    Alice : You expect me to believe that?

    Knave of Hearts : Not really, no. But could we focus on the part where I came back and saved your life?

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