My Old Lady (2014) Poster


Kevin Kline: Mathias Gold



  • Mathias Gold : Is that why he shot and stuffed all those animals,so he wouldn't have to shoot and stuff your mother?

    Chloé Girard : Or your father.

  • Mathias Gold : A perfect flower is nearly old.

  • Mathias Gold : I bleed for her, she bleed for me...

  • Chloé Girard : What are you doing here?

    Mathias Gold : I own this apartment. And I also own Madame Girard.

  • Mathias Gold : A boar is a bore.

  • Chloé Girard : J'ai deux mots à vous dire...

    Mathias Gold : No no. No French. My French is for shit.

    Chloé Girard : Please don't be so vulgar.

    Mathias Gold : Well, I'll try not to be. But I can't make any promises.

    Chloé Girard : I know exactly who you are and I know exactly why you're here.

    Mathias Gold : Who am I exactly and why am I here?

    Mathilde Girard : Chloé!

    Chloé Girard : Maman, s'il te plaît!

    Mathias Gold : I had a Cairn terrier named Murphy who used to eavesdrop constantly. He was 90 in dog years when he died; same age as your mom.

    Chloé Girard : My mother's 92.

    Mathias Gold : She told me she was 90.

    Chloé Girard : She lies about her age.

    Mathias Gold : She had me totally fooled.

    Chloé Girard : You have no legal access here before my mother dies. If you continue to trespass, Mr. Gold...

    Mathias Gold : Whoa whoa. Let's just talk all over, ok? Hi. I'm Mathias Gold. I'm from New York. I'm renting a room from your mother. I've paid her...

    Chloé Girard : I have no time for this. Simply and clearly, if you're not out of this apartment by noon today, our lawyers will petition the police to have...

    Mathias Gold : Excuse me. But I'd like to say something simply and clearly. This is my apartment. Yeah. My dad bought it and he paid for it over 43 years; gazillions of dollars and then he left it to me. I don't care if your mother's 500 years old and the two of you ended up living in a tent. I own this apartment and I'm gonna sell this apartment. The moment I have the money in my pocket, I'll be gone and not a minute before, ok?

  • Mathias Gold : I shot the pig.

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