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Dull and Forgettable
matthewssilverhammer27 March 2015
The word "insurgent" means to actively revolt, implying some distinctiveness that sets its participants apart from the norm. Ironically, the film Insurgent, a faded photocopy of other teen- scifi-dramas, doesn't have a single unique bone in its body. Not that it's aggressively terrible. There are some decent scifi elements and even a couple of mildly intriguing moments. But like clockwork, every slight turn for the better is quickly overwhelmed by extreme boredom. Like a forgettable SyFy channel series masquerading as a blockbuster film, Insurgent is simply a dull and uninteresting sequel. That word "sequel" should connote a progression of sorts, but no. As little as I remember about the previous entry in the Divergent Series, I can tell you this: shaky cam action scenes, bloviating about "special ones", and constant fighting for the McGuffin-of-the- week were the focus and are still in full form here. At the center is Woodley, an actress with a whole heckuva lot of talent that simply doesn't have the presence of strength to carry this sort of role. She presents a microcosm problem for an entire film full of great actors terribly miscast. Teller and Elgort manage some natural charisma and charm from their otherwise absent characters, Watts and Spencer are all but completely missing, and Winslet is just plain wasted. It's none of their fault; they just can't make the embarrassingly constant melodrama palatable. Even if it was laughably bad there might be something to cling to, but it's not bold enough to even warrant that reaction. Insurgent only serves as a lame, achingly dull placeholder until the next Hunger Games installment.
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Genuinely Terrible
paintballisbasic21 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I will preface this by saying that I have not read the books. I did see the first movie and actually enjoyed it. I usually watch movies such as this with a skeptic mind and the first one wasn't bad. This movie, however, was terrible. (Heavy spoilers roasting over an open fire to follow)

I've heard that the movie deviates almost unforgivably from the book. If that's the case, I can't speak for the book but the movie script looks to have been written by a high-schooler, at best.

The movie is riddled with clichés: Main character with a dark inner battle raging due to prior decisions made (boring!). People (and armies) showing up just at the perfect time (forgivable once, not around the 5th time). Bad guys who couldn't hit a target 20 feet in front of them while shooting an automatic weapon (man those guys suck). And the ultimate "faked death with poison/paralysis" scene (wow that whole scene was bad).

Throughout the whole movie the main character (the annoying tom-boy girl), Tris, keeps being painted as "tough" and "deadly". She is neither of these. In fact, she is quite laughably the opposite. Could her personal trainers not put her through some weight-training classes? (Her hairstylist was definitely present as her hair looked like she just stepped out of a Hollywood salon right after the scene where she cut her OWN hair with a pair of rusty scissors....) It looks like she couldn't even do 10 push ups yet she was fighting people and saving people falling over ledges with ease. But she looks like a huge wuss! Her little girly grunts and squeals she made when fighting or doing "action" made me bust out laughing. And the scene where she breaks through the glass is meant to be bad-ass and instead just left me hoping she would bounce off the glass and fall flat on her back (man, I wanted to laugh so bad).

And probably the most unforgivable part of this whole movie was how POINTLESS everything was. Examples: They fight the faction-less on the train, killing several and doing serious damage to many more (not really sure how because Tris fights like a sissy girl). Then the main character, Four, says his own name and the leader of the vagabonds through bloodied teeth is like, "Oh we cool bro. Never mind you just head-butted me in the face and killed my friends." (the Hell??) (Oh and Tris's brother is a huge pussy). They continue to fight hard and kill people to narrowly escape the perfectly- uniformed drone guards of the "capital" so that they can go in to hiding. Then the main character just gives herself up. I think it was because the villain was threatening to kill innocent people with her mind control devices (never seen that before), but it doesn't really matter. Then she's given the chance to escape by her double- double crossing 'friend' (didn't see that coming) and yet she chooses to stay to open the mystery divergent box. Well what was the point of anything if you wanted to open it anyway??! I was DYING to contain my frustration. (also, how does the evil capital lady have this perfectly built divergent-box-opening proprietary chamber system, complete with bulletproof glass and mystery-box holding pedestal, just already set up? Does no one question this stuff???)

And to top it all off, the super-secret, must-be-preserved-at-all- costs message in the box, (the ENTIRE point of the movie): "Divergents are cool, don't ostracize them. Oh, and the rest of humanity is living outside the wall. Cheers." What? No one has bothered to check this whole time?????? Gag.

Enough roasting. To conclude, lots of movies, even good ones, have clichés and information that you are just supposed to assume. But this movie was genuinely terrible. Maybe all the people reviewing this with an 7/10+ saw a different movie than I did.
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Bad enough to make one doubt IMDb ratings forever
siderite14 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Divergent was not brilliant, but it was your average young adult movie. Insurgent is way below that. It is so bad that I wanted to leave the theater and read my book.

But anyway, let's talk about the movie. In the first film Tris learns she is special, in the second she learns she is *very* special, but just if her boyfriend lets her do anything. Seriously, I actually had to ask my wife if girls like guys like him or is it just the submissive fantasy of the author. Apparently, a lot of girls like overbearing assholes who think they know what is better for you. And guess who makes her appearance in the sequel? The mother in law!

Bottom line: the sci-fi aspect of the film was marginal, the characters clichéd to the point of monomolecular cardboard and the basic story was learning to accept yourself as your boyfriend tells you what to do while he deals with his mommy issues. I am not kidding: the most sympathetic character in Insurgent was Peter, the asshole who always insults and betrays everybody.

P.S. The Erudite test was remembering something that had happened to you two nights ago? Really? That's what makes you smart?
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Messy Plot and Underutilized Great Actors Warning: Spoilers
'INSURGENT' picks up shortly after the events in 'Divergent' with obvious intentions to maintain, if not, speed up the momentum of the franchise. There's no doubt how fascinating the 'Divergent' universe is, and while it shares almost the same elements that made many of the YA franchises today, successful, the movie has its own unique facets to separate itself apart. Unfortunately in Insurgent, those elements aren't effectively explored and utilized.

Once again, movie makers fall prey to this mentality or should I say practice, that seems to highlight the film's visual panache, but dismisses the utmost importance of effective storytelling. I think I've gone redundant here, but to be honest, Insurgent is no different, and if you'd allow me to make this honesty, even brutal, this Divergent sequel tracks a deteriorating trajectory, and you can imagine how the franchise is set to get even worse, knowing the last book of the trilogy is going to be split into two movies. This doesn't surprise me at all, given the fact how film makers has been consistently regarding these popular franchises as merely cash cows.

In Insurgent, the plot thickens, and not just that, it branches out to several sub ones. That's when the film begins losing its grip around the central story, giving way to subplots that don't make sense at all, if not barely. As she searches for allies, crossing one faction's territony to another's, our titular heroine, Tris, finds herself in a cat-and-mouse chase with the enemy, in this case, Jeanine (Kate Winslet)—a name that Veronically Roth seems to suggest to be perfect for a character she molds as a super-villainess that embodies terror (am I being sarcastic? of course Lol..)—and her loyal erudite followers. Tris maintains reluctance, but when Jeanine turns toward her loved ones, our heroine succumbs and surrenders herself to the enemy. (this is so new).

INSURGENT draws in more actors on its payroll to play new characters, but barely utilizes them up to their full capacity. In the end, it's Shailene Woodley that mostly does her job as the central character. On the film's key moments, she undoubtedly shines, only her efforts aren't enough to place the movie's charm to the same level as hers. No thanks to the chemistry the film seems to suggest Four and Tris have, because I don't think I felt it—it was missing. The action sequences are well played, I must say, and the visual effects borders extravagance, but against a weak and unfocused narrative, INSURGENT is a film you better just wait to come out on DVD, instead, and not one to waste time and money on. (not unless you're planning to critique it the same I do)
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Terribly Disappointing
michaeldfishel19 May 2015
Loved the first Divergent movie. Then read all the books and thought Neil Burger did a great job turning the first book into an accurate and entertaining film. I was so sad to know he was not directing Insurgent. And after seeing Insurgent, that sadness was justified.

Robert Schawkle or whatever his name is did an awful job making the 2nd book into a movie. The 2nd book was lamer than the first, but it had a much easier plot to deal with. This movie strayed so far from the story in the book, title should be Insurgent Undone.

They even had a bigger budget for this film, yet made it shorter in length, cramming scenes in with minimal creativity and almost zero character development. Almost everything that occurs is not true to the narrative in the book. Johanna appears to have no scars on her face and she's fat, wtf. The entire villain of Jeanine is tarnished by a completely different take on her motives. Book readers of this story should not watch the film nor appreciate its utter suckiness. Did the director even glance at the book? Did Veronica Roth really approve this movie? I am appalled?
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A Disney dystopia, what rubbish
randymcbeast8 July 2015
There's nothing more annoying than a movie that sets itself in a dystopia and then has a bunch of pretty people running around doing unbelievable things. Maybe if I was a third grader I would appreciate this fantasy but as an adult it was torture to watch.

This movie would need some serious surgery to actually pass as something I could make all the way through. I didn't make it all the way through by the way. The casting, direction and writing would all have to be redone. Basically, throw it all out and start over. Otherwise, this could possibly work as a Yahoo TV movie.

File this one in the folder of movies that think the audience is dumb and will just be wow'd by ridiculous action and young heroes. So annoying and such a waste of my time.
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Do you have 119 minutes to waste?
EdinBajric9 July 2015
On what grounds does this movie have 6,9 rating on IMDb? This insults the intelligence. Shailene Woodley has no character and acts like she is first time in front of the camera. Action is meaningless. This is what happens when you run out of ideas. 45 minutes before the end I wanted to quit, but...I did not do it. Why? Because I had hoped it will improve, and then... nothing. This is the most honest opinion about this movie that I was able to give you. Now, I'm asking you, do you have 119 minutes of your life to waste? Oh what, you do not believe me? No problem! Just remember what I told you and come back after you watch this piece of abomination. As regards of Kate Winslet, first I have to say that I'm fan of her earlier works, but this is something else. This she did not need. A huge step backwards in her career. As someone (Author: siderite from Romania) already said: "Bad enough to make one doubt IMDb ratings forever".
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Bad, dull, un-original
samgreer-694-6807408 July 2015
A 4 is probably generous. I'm getting sick of the Elysium genre and this is the same thing with the exception of some vivid dreams. The elites have sequestered themselves on the same planet this time. The plot is the elites can and do openly mind control everyone and segregate the population the way they think it should be separated, but some special people can't be mind controlled and have to be dealt with, by violence of course. Suffice it to say it gets weird. I mean weird. Goofy. Nonsensical. Unbelievable. All accurate descriptions of this out of control mess. I didn't see the first one, and now probably won't because I already want this 2 hours back.
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I wanted to like it, I really did
pedpal8214 July 2015
I'm a fan of sci-fi and fantasy. Its what I read and what I love to watch. This movie franchise took a great premise, swallowed it whole and then charged movie goers to look at the digested remains for 2 painful hours. Yeah, I'm comparing this film to fecal matter. It's harsh but fitting. This movie is so terrible that it inspired me to write my first review on IMDb. Which is saying something, being that I also saw After Earth and this is my 1st review.

The dialogue hurt my ears, Woodley and James acted as if acting as actors who had no idea what acting was, the action sequences were weak at best, and then they wrap it all up with a predictable safe ending.

Basically, if your IQ contains 3 digits, run from this movie. Simply Horrendous.
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Don't watch it!!!
gusdecool31 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
First of all: i usually don't like to write review, since this movie really awful. I felt i need to do this, so you didn't do the same mistake that i do. Don't waste your time.

Second, i don't understand the story. What kind of world it is. What faction is? So i just spend my precious 2 hours to watching something that i don't understand nor the movie try to explain that

Third: story very very bad. At the ending, your friends successfully infiltrate the enemy headquarter without even noticed by your enemy. If it's one or two friends, that's okay. But this is the whole battalion. WUTTTTTTT??????!!!!!!
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A Laughable Dystopian Thriller
blakiepeterson2 May 2015
In the distant future, an uprising against the government of ends brutally and tragically, forcing those who survive the revolution to (a) form a new political system or (b) conform to the recent totalitarian control. Society is divided into sections called s; each has a certain specialty, like or . But despite the initially seamless system, civil unrest is mounting with slow but capable precision. At its lead is a young man or woman who bears unique traits, like or ; they are the only hope for a democratic future as the ruthless government will do everything they can to deter change.

If you haven't guessed it already, I have just written the formula for creating a brand new Hunger Games/Divergent series (or run-of-the-mill video game at worst). Post-apocalyptic setting? Check! Attractive young people who want to be free at last? Check! A governmental head honcho who wants nothing more than to see those attractive young peoples heads on sticks? Check!

Where The Hunger Games and Divergent split apart is specifically at the fault of their makers. Suzanne Collins concocted a series that held enough interest for the moody youths all the while pressing thought- provoking political questions; the novels, along with their film counterparts, feel timely, and most importantly, smart. Veronica Roth made a franchise of silly but entertaining (and obviously YA oriented) books more intent on action and romance instead of something deep. There's nothing wrong with that, but in the realm of film, the Divergent movies somehow feel dated. The Hunger Games films smash the box-office along with audience and critical expectations; the Divergent projects, on the other hand, limp along in comparison, looking like a crowd of Jans attempting to be one big Marcia.

As much as I knew the first Divergent was manipulative formula that told me that things were more urgent than they actually were, I liked it. I liked its full-blooded action, its futuristic aromas, and most importantly, Shailene Woodley (who is on her way to becoming a major star). It wasn't great, but it didn't underestimate our intelligence, either. But months later, I couldn't remember many of the plot points: All I could recollect was a lot of running, punching, breathy kissing, brightly lit technological colors, and most importantly, Kate Winslet scowling her ass off.

Insurgent suffers from the dreaded sophomore slump (not to suggest Divergent was an unmatchable masterpiece). Like its predecessor, things are kept moving at lightning speed, and we're never bored; but unlike its predecessor, the weak links in the storyline and dialogue are much more noticeable. The first time around, we were just starting to get used to this new (yet somehow familiar) dystopian world, but in Insurgent, we've adjusted ourselves, and like someone who's lived in the same house for thirty years, flaws become much more apparent than they were before.

Divergent ended with leading heroine Tris Prior (Woodley) hastily escaping the murderous government after a violent confrontation that left the Divergent hating villain Jeanine Matthews (Kate Winslet) with a knife in her hand (a constant reminder, as Winslet dons a distractingly large bandage). Now in hiding with love interest Four (Theo James), her brother (Ansel Elgort), and a recent ally (Miles Teller), Tris is trying to regroup; as a rose in a sea of white daisies, she is Public Enemy #1.

Meanwhile, Jeanine finds herself in the possession of an ancient box that was hidden centuries ago by the creators of the Faction system. Inside The Box (it deserves a title) is a message that will come in handy in a time of crumbling systematic function; problem is, only a Divergent has the ability to unlock it. Desperate, the government begins testing every single person who resides in the Factions, hoping to find a Divergent in the crowd who has strong enough abilities to eventually get their paws on the secret message. But because Tris is the most powerful Divergent of them all, Jeanine begins a cutthroat quest to find the woman who hurt her poor little hand.

If the plot sounds slightly weak, it is. It can barely hold itself together, as it wants to find an excuse to have as many loud action sequences and uninspired bits of dialogue as it possibly can. It connects the dots with hesitation. Yet, I find myself sounding way too harsh. Yes, I laughed at much of the unintentional seriousness, and yes, the script ranges from embarrassing to bland. But I had a good time at the theater, even if much of that good time was brought unintentionally. I guess that's what counts. I'm in the wrong demographic anyway (as a movie critic, I lit up at the very sight of Watts). This is a film for young teenage girls (I went with my 14-year-old sister, after all), and if I look or act anything like a teenage girl than I sincerely apologize.

Insurgent doesn't quite suck, but boy is it dull. Not dull like boring; dull like a recycled joke is. It's mildly diverting, sure, but it's also kind of lame. For most established names (ahem, Kate Winslet, Naomi Watts, Octavia Spencer), the film is merely a roadblock in an impressive career. But for rising talents like Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller, it's a challenge; to transcend middling material is a hugely difficult task. But Woodley and Teller are going to be stars; Insurgent will be the film they silently chuckle at when they win their Oscars someday.
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The reviews made me think twice, I wish i didn't.
fiverrmoney17 August 2015
This movie was almost better then divergent. I guess 1 guy wrote a bad review and everyone else just followed the train.

I never written a review until now, because it has to be done.

Everything with this movie was great, i was entertained throughout the full movie. And at the end (without spoiling anything), The movie got me extra excited for the follow up allegiant.

The acting was great, and the animations were wonderful. This movie was not a waste at all. You should really see this movie if you liked divergent. So stop hating and appreciate the good movies out there.

8/10 because there are better movies out there, right. But this movie is not bad at all. Definitely watch it if you want to know what happens after divergent.

I would recommend this to my friends and family.
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Is IMDb an instrument to promote bad movies?
fk55518 July 2015
The IMDb rating of this terrible movie is still 6/7. How is this possible? It looks to me that some PR-agencies undermining the credibility of IMDb. I cannot take the IMDb rating serious any longer. This is a bad way to promote movies and IMDb should not be part of this.

The plot is rather stupid. It reminded me of some cheap Indian gangster movies where a beautiful lady is kidnapped by some wild looking culprits and when it looks that the desperate lady will be raped and murdered, suddenly a hero jumps out behind a bush that weren't even there a minute before. I love well written sf-movies. This b-movie isn't one of it. One of the worst movies this year. I regret the time I wasted watching it. The IMDb rating for this movie should be 4/6 !!!!!!!!!!
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"Tweenie" dystopia copycat of Hunger Games/Battle Royale 2
turdbadge26 March 2015
Oh dear god why'd I go see this movie?! If I wanted Hunger Games: Catching Fire, I should've went to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Wait! No, I take that back. If I wanted Hunger Games, I should've watched Battle Royale 2.

Cause if I'm honest, this movie is a copycat of a copycat. Oh how I miss the good old days! The good old days where if you went to see a movie set in a dystopian future where a corrupt government put its citizenry in peril on a whim, it was rated R because it contained great special effects, gritty foul language laced dialogue, and contained adult themes. But this! Okay! I understand the concept of movie studios dumbing this type of film down so tweens can partake in something that makes them feel like they are cool, or makes them feel like their rebelling.

Even though they aren't really, they're just soaking up things that have been rehashed from what was cool 25+ years ago. Please! Tween society, realize that when everyone is a rebel, the only true rebellion is against rebellion itself!
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Not even worth watching after Divergent
fantom64210 July 2015
No character evolution, plot is very hard to believe and not reasonable at all. It seems like everything that has happened in the previous movie is just forgotten. Plot without any logic, no innovation, just repeatedly using the same plot lines again and again. Characters seem to forget everything that has happened to them, they often choose incomprehensibly redundant actions and take irrational decisions. It makes me feel sorry for all the people who spent their time on the special effects, which look great, but unbelievably poor plot just destroys the whole experience, especially after so great first movie Divergent. The first movie must have attracted many fans of titles such as Hunger Games. After watching the first movie, I couldn't wait to see Insurgent. But, unfortunately, now I must say that comparison to Hunger Games is not relevant in this case. Although the special effects are traditionally on a very high level, the poor plot together with the shallow adaptation of potentially very dramatic and epic scenes makes me feel like I should have skipped this movie and rather consider Divergent as one complete story without any follow-up.
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Average Sci-Fi Adventure
claudio_carvalho16 August 2015
Beatrice "Tris" Prior (Shailene Woodley), Four (Theo James), Caleb (Ansel Elgort) and Peter (Miles Teller) are hidden at the Amity facility but out of the blue, Eric (Jai Courtney) and his men arrive to hunt them down. Tris, Four and Caleb are betrayed by Peter but they succeed to flee by train to the Faceless area. However they have to fight against them but when they find that Four is Tobias Eaton, they bring them to their compound. Soon they discover that Four's mother Evelyn (Naomi Watts) is the leader of the Faceless. Then Caleb leaves them and Four and Tris head to the Dauntless expecting to join them to the Faceless. Meanwhile Eric is hunting Divergents for Jeanine (Kate Winslet) that needs them to open a mysterious box. What is the secret of the box?

"Insurgent" is an average sci-fi adventure and sequel. The story is full of action and good special effects, but Peter's character is a complete mess. The most incredible is that there will be a sequel divided in two parts. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "A Série Divergente: Insurgente" ("The Divergent Series: Insurgent")
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nothing new
peyton-3267328 March 2015
All look the same these films. Seen one you can possibly avoid seeing others otherwise you risk sleep- There is action, a plot rather superficial, then the actors and director seem made to mold. the first of Its kind recently was the hunger games. I still believe That young people can have fun, Although I personally would love to see movies with blackberries introspection of the characters. We Should inspire us in the West to some good movies East: China, India, Korea and Japan. if you rely only on the effect special, something is lost in filmmaking. An example are the x men, that have become all the same, which have not wanted to deepen characters intriguing benefit of those that offered more security at the box office.
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I tried my best to like it.
mike_moor19 July 2015
I rather like watching sci-fi movies. This is the genre I prefer watching. I watched the first one and it was really bad. Since I like watching sci-fi movies I decided that I should give this movie series a second chance. Boy was I disappointed. The second one was just as bad as the first.

Really boring, predictable, bad acting, weak plot, etc. are all the tit bits you will find in this movie ... guaranteed to irritate when watching through it all. To say it was really, really bad is an understatement. It was so bad that I felt inspired to write this really bad review about it. A true shame. I'm sure it could have been much better.
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Not Great; but Not Bad
cattjones20 March 2015
This film pretty much picks right up where the last one ended with very little time lapse. Jeanine's (Kate Winslet) has issued an order that all divergents need to be killed until her soldiers find a box that was kept in Tris (Shailene Woodley) parents' house and she has discovers that she will need a divergent to open it. Tris, Four (Theo James), Caleb (Ansel Elgort) and Peter (Miles Teller) have found refuge in a little village governed by Johanna (Octavia Spencer) until the hunting begins. Eric (Jai Courtney) and Max (Mekhi Phifer) have retained their blind loyalty to Jeanine; however I think that Eric has gotten even nastier whereas Max is just trying to do his job. I have to say that loyalty is a big element in this film….. you just never know. This film actually kept up a good pace and there was very little lull time. They said that there would be a lot more action in this film. I don't know about "a lot" more, but there was definitely more than the last one. I was also glad to see that Tris was no longer wimpy when it came down to fighting, however emotionally she was feeling pretty guilty. They really beat that dead horse throughout the film. I did not see this film in 3D, but because of all the special effect, that might have been a mistake. Man, computer generated imagery has sure come along way. It really makes me look forward to some of the upcoming films this summer like Jurassic World and Terminator. I am happy for my fellow German director Robert Schwentke who has successfully bounced back from that armpit of a film, Rest in Peace Department, RIPD for short, that he directed back in 2013. You can only go up from that one. Anyway, I think that this film will do well especially with the "tween" crowd; and once you've invested in the series it's kind of hard to not find out what happens next. Do I think that this film was one of the best films I've seen this year……. Nope, but it was entertaining and didn't suck. I don't recommend that you see this film if you haven't seen Divergent. This one holds its own, but you'll enjoy it more if you've seen the first one.
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Please give me back my 119 minutes
tamimibnaman24 July 2015
Usually I don't write reviews. But this movie is so bad that I couldn't help but writing this. This is the worst movie I've watched in 2015.

First of all, I've to mention the graphics of this movie.The graphics were visually stunning. But I don't consider graphics as a scale to judge movies. The story was terrible, full of clichés. Anyone could guess what will happen 5 minutes later in this movie. The acting was awful. Specially I hated the main character. She tried to deliver some good performances but I don't think she was perfect for her role. The side characters were not so great either.

If you consider yourself a person with brain, please don't watch Insurgent. Save your precious 119 minutes and thank me later .
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Hope there'll be no "Resurgent" after this
f-rabit22 July 2015
The movie is very bad. fell asleep several times. I liked the first one; not one of the best ever, but it was fine to watch. This didn't capture my attention one bit. Didn't like the visual effects too, nor the atmosphere of the movie. The story is boring and some of the scenes are ludicrous. I didn't see it till the end, hence I don't know if the final suggest another sequel. Hope not. I don't know what's happening, but generally the sci-fi movies are getting worse. The plot, storyline, or whatever are close to nonsense or, at least, vague and superficial, and the action is all over the screen. I used to like watching "superman" or "spiderman", now: avengers, thor, ant-man, transformers are full of crap. Explosions over explosions, shitload of fights that makes me look somewhere else than the screen. Expecting "tomorrowland" now. Hope I don't get frustrated again.
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Visually Stunning... Warning: Spoilers
Visually the film was compelling, but it lacked the storyline so needed from the book. I felt a little disappointed watching it, thinking about what they could've done. Separating my mind from the book I would say stand alone the movie was exactly that, a great movie. My suggestion is, if you've read the books then separate your mind from what you've read except for basic skeleton of the storyline in the book itself. The skeleton is their. They just gave it a slightly altered body build that changes what readers and fans may have been expecting. In all I give it a 6/10 for my own disappointment in the storyline. I leave out any true spoilers in order to let you make your own decision about the movie.

Good luck, and have fun.

To everyone who helped make the movie. I appreciate your hard work and efforts in bringing to life a fan favorite dystopia sci-fi novel series, and even though I was disappointed I will still go see the rest of the series in theatres. I started it, now I have to finish it.

Felix felicis,

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It's just really, really bad
tine-bresan21 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
So this movie is a sequel to the Divergent, pretty likable movie.

The movie kinda starts where the last one left us, but the story turns very boring quickly.

When it comes to some action, it's just plain horrible. So many clichés, but even worse. For example, a group of trained professionals shoots at people running towards the train. Shooters are basically hidden in the woods and shooting the runners, they don't hit anyone, but the runners shoot back (with no aim basically) and manage to shoot some. Facepalm #1.

Later there is another scene where these "runners" are attacked by armed professionals. They appear in groups and descend on the roof of a building by some ropes, as they are shooting at these runners. They can't hit a single person out of three, although they are running away from them in a straight line. When they reach the roof, they keep shooting but miss every time.

At this point I started laughing at the stupidity of it and left the cinema. Yes, it is THAT bad.
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Horribly done. Make-up artists should be fired
pappysprite30 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
How can you honestly take a movie seriously, when the makeup is always flawless. The lead actress who cuts her hair with pruning shears and then ends up with a $500 haircut with highlights and lowlights? Her makeup always perfect after every battle. I mean, she really is going to have full makeup, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush etc. Is a war zone?

I mean I understand that they want the main actress to be beautiful but how can you even remotely take a film seriously like this? At least in the hunger games, they didn't have to have Jennifer Lawrence in obvious full make up during the fight scenes, yet she still looked beautiful.

I won't even get into how boring the movie was because what I just stated were very obvious poor decision mistakes. A typical "teen" show in my opinion. Sad.
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Better, but dumber.
bryllefajardo20 March 2015
"Insurgent" continues shortly after the events of the first movie, having Jeanine finding a box that can only be opened by a Divergent and searching for all the Divergents (Which was previously shown in the trailers.) and also discovering that not all Divergents are equal as some Divergents are better than the others and obviously, the latter was Tris.

Honestly, I was surprised that I liked this better than the first since I knew that I had lower my expectations for it because I knew that the first one was horrible and also because I had no faith for the new director "Robert Schwentke" who's known for R.I.P.D which was absolutely awful. This movie had good moments, but the movie was mostly a bore. The cinematography was okay, acting was good but wasn't enough to feel attached to the characters. (I didn't feel like connecting with the protagonist.)

VERDICT: I'm not saying that I didn't like the movie, but it really could've been better. I didn't like it that MUCH because everything was too surreal. Everything was too coincidental.
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