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A difficult fantasy that asks basic questions about life
steven-leibson8 March 2014
We just saw this movie at Cinequest 2014 in San Jose, California. It's a difficult movie and will be impenetrable for many. It seems to take place in a very Earth-like town but there are multiple moons in the sky and many residents have special powers. However, the residents all have Earth-like woes. The main character, Cemal, has a lot of woes. His mother and siblings died long ago in a fire. He lives with his dad and the two work in a barber shop. Cemal can see through and walk through walls but he spends most of his time in the movie wondering why he exists (and whether we exist at all) and what would have happened if we'd never existed.

As a result of Cemal living mostly in his own head, he has a series of misadventures over the period of a few weeks. The movie explains some but mostly it leaves you to fill in the gaps.

This movie is a visual poem on existence. The movie's title is a line in one of Shakespeare's sonnets, which starts:

"How can I then return in happy plight, That am debarred the benefit of rest? When day's oppression is not eas'd by night, But day by night and night by day oppress'd."

The sonnet plays a minor role in the movie, but those four lines from The Bard's poem explain the movie's nearly unexplainable plot.

This movie will be much easier to assimilate for people with a science fiction bent.
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A breathtaking masterpiece
kursat_k806 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
In this Onur Unlu's masterpiece, painful truth and surrealism are combined to question meanings in entire life over the main character, Cemal.

Superheroes lives in this city without knowing what they can change. An old canister rotates and Cemal hypnotized, stand up from peaceful veranda of the barber shop and shave his own wrists. In front of "Çiçek Berber" - Flower barbershop- red flowers grows from his wrists. And the masterpiece starts.

Every single frame is an art in this breathtaking masterpiece. If you think cinema is not only for entertainment, you have to watch this movie.
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Brilliant Fantasy movie...!!!
rameshmanjunath30 December 2013
Watched the movie in BIFFES 2013 (bangalore international film festival). The sheer brilliance of this fantasy movie can be credited to director, cinematographer and music director. The black and white medium of this fantasy movie adds more to its glory. This movie is not everybody's cup of tea, I Saw people walking out in middle or abruptly during screening. Mreyte ya mreyte (caramel) by Racha Rizk is mesmerizing and adds significantly to the viewing pleasure. The synopsis is given, so i wont go in detail about the story. The climax scene is wonderfully crafted and the performance by almost all the actors are excellent. Some scenes may seem violent, thats the only thing hard to over come. Watch it if you get a chance and you love fantasy movies, where a world has two moons and two suns with superhero kind of characters, yet lead a very ordinary life.
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Extraordinary Brilliant Movie
yemo-134-8601592 August 2013
First of all I want to explain why Onur Unlu didn't screen this excellent movie in theater.

In our country the sector of cinema is organized by a particular group which have an exclusive possession in this sector. I can't remember the percentage accurately but he said that %30 (or 40) of the movie theaters belong to this group. Besides these theaters have a significant role in box office as they are all fully booked. ( Turkish members could know these theaters easily i.e. FORUM CINEMAS ).

I mean these cinemas determine the box office indeed and others not much important. That's way the terribly awful movies have great amount of box office. (just like Ozcan Deniz's Evim Sensin). And this group doesn't want to accept Onur Unlu's films to screen their movie theaters.

So Onur Unlu was aware of ( and I think he is still) the condition that he couldn't have had the opportunity to do good things without help of this group. And then he decided to not to screen his last film in theaters. In my opinion it is something humiliating to be at the same theater with terrible films one of which written above. Hence I've found Unlu's decision so correct.

There are lots of thing to talk about the movie. But it doesn't deserve any spoiler. I think there is not only one main idea in this movie.

You must really watch it.

Thanks and best regards to the director Onur Unlu and all who contributed to this.
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A small Aegean town in Turkey
ejderyurdakul-559674 February 2016
I felt i had to write this review because the movie was kinda misunderstood. So the real intention of this review is, bringing an important correction under the lights.

It is an extraordinary movie, filmed totally in black and white. I never thought i would be able to watch a black and white movie till the end but this movie was absolutely worth it. The disturbing reality mixed with the real texture of a small Aegean town. Ignorent people, shy female male interactions, romance, a great story which is partially given and you need to solve the other parts.

Let's make one point obvious; this movie has nothing to do with supernatural powers or super heroes. The protagonist is suffering schizophrenia. Some people are real, some people are not and some people are being seen different through his eyes.
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One of the best Turkish movies I have seen since long time...
osmanmustafa18 November 2013
I must watch...a hidden jewel.

It may be hard to access since it has not been widely released but if you somehow see it in a local festival don't hesitate to buy a ticket. I feel lucky to be one of the minority who was able to watch it thanks to "Baska Sinema" in İstanbul.

I am a big fantasy science fiction fan. I was surprised to see that most of the characters in the movie have special powers but this not a superhero movie. The film is about ordinary people with superhuman powers who live in a small town and live their standard, boring lives. They are all extremely naive and even the most extraordinary incidents and behaviors are being easily accepted by the townspeople.

I think this is all I can say without giving any spoilers but I know that I left the theater with a smiling face and a broken hard at the same time.

If you want to watch an extraordinary and amusing film, don't miss it.
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