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surprisingly funny!
fritzlang14 June 2018
I went into this with low expectations. Honestly, an entire film about adults playing the game of tag?

I was pleasantly surprised how funny this film was! I haven't laughed this hard in a LONG time! It is a fast paced comedy that wears its R rating proudly - it is rude, crude and funny!!

This film is all about excellent acting, great direction and wonderful editing. The plot is paper thin but I was never bored..

Don't let the plot dissuade you from seeing this. I actually laughed so hard I missed a lot of the jokes! will probably buy this on bluray so I can catch up with what I missed.

Enjoy. 8/10
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Vastly Underrated IMO
bnemec-929-47812516 June 2018
Folks should learn to totally ignore the critics these days. Too much political correctness has made them completely misleading and just plain wrong a lot.

I haven't laughed in tears for much of a movie in a long time. Based on a true story this was outrageous and funny. It is not for kids and is pretty dirty language but so well done. Enjoy!
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Easy to watch and very entertaining :)
shiorichuu16 June 2018
I came in with no expectations of this movie being any good and only watched it because of an ironic inside joke between me and some friends. I was surprised at how entertaining this movie actually was! As with generally any comedy with an outrageous concept, Tag isn't highbrow and you can't really take it seriously (which is a mistake I believe a lot of the negative reviewers made here). What I loved about Tag is that they took the already interesting and humorous concept of grown men playing a kid's game and just RAN WITH IT. The action in this movie was outrageous and not at all realistic, but that's just what was needed. Tag doesn't take itself too seriously and makes the most with its initial concept, like any group of fun-loving friends would. Tag is great if you're looking for an easy watch that's hilarious and fun!
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Hilarious - Negative Reviewers Have No Humor
michele_h201116 June 2018
If you like these actors or like movies in this genre, you'll really enjoy this movie! It's really funny, the plot is well developed and has more meaning to it than just jokes.

The few negative reviews so far sound like people who just don't know how to have fun at movies so ignore that and go enjoy!
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Stupid but a lot of fun
eagleey15 August 2018
Watch it. It's great. The jokes are mostly on point, the staging is good and even though i hat slow-mo, it really works here. Including the train of thought they play into the scene from the off. Would have gotten a better rating, if it wasn't so far over the top from time to time. And some characters could have used a bit more depth, or at least it would have been interesting.

Anyways. Good and fun movie.
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Tag is Flawed but still Fun
Jared_Andrews19 June 2018
If you seek a fun and funny summer movie, look no further than Tag. Well, as long as you're okay with a movie that possesses zero lasting impact, little substance, and moral, umm, compromises.

Five male friends have been playing the same game of tag for over 30 years, even as they have each moved on to different cities and their adult lives. Each month of May the game resumes and the taggers take great lengths to avoid being "it."

Despite the best efforts of the other four, Jerry (Jeremy Renner) has never been tagged. Not once. In 30 years.

Hoagie (Ed Helms) informs the guys that Jerry is retiring from the game, so this must be the year that they finally tag him. To get things started, Hoagie sets off on one of the best "getting the gang together" movie sequences I've seen in several years.

Of course, Jerry hasn't remained untagged all these years for no reason. When approached, he unveils his heightened senses and powers of observation via internal monologues that the film captures surprisingly well.

Renner's escape sequences truly make him look like a superhero. Actually, his character in this movie is more impressive than his Hawkeye character in Avengers.

This movie is jampacked with action, much of it intentionally over-the-top. The taggers are intense, even diabolical.

Taking this too seriously could have been disastrous, but fortunately the film is self-aware. It never passes up an opportunity to poke fun at itself. Each chase scene makes the taggers appear both heroic and appropriately ridiculous.

In another indication of the film's self-awareness, the filmmakers make clear that the game is more than a game. Unfortunately, they deliver this message in a tactless way. A character literally utters the words, "It's not just about playing tag. The game keeps us together." The line is a bit too blunt, but it's understandable. Subtlety isn't exactly this movie's strong suit.

The film also understands when to deliver a dose of comic relief as things become too intense. Hannibal Buress does most of the heavy lifting in that department.

Despite the movie's frenetic action and breezy pacing, it drags. Even a runtime of an hour and 40 minutes felt too long.

Overall, Tag is inconsistent. It has its funny and tender moments but nothing that will stick with viewers for long. To its credit, the cast and gags make for a fleeting night of fun. For some, that may be enough.
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You don't stop playing because you grow old.
pinemaples15 June 2018
Tag is such a fun movie. The lengths these guys go to for their game is honestly inspiring, as is any instance where people put way too much effort into something so silly (see "Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf"). Ed Helms has made a career out of having fun, and seeing him in this movie with Jon Hamm and Jeremy Renner is just part of that magic that brings out the kid in all of us. You don't stop playing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop playing.
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Catch me if you can
TheLittleSongbird11 August 2018
Loved the idea, based on a true story, the advertising was interesting and the cast is a talented one (Jeremy Renner, Isla Fisher and John Hamm particularly have shown themselves to be more than capable in a lot of things). 'Tag' had the potential right off the bat to be a fun and intriguing film, regardless of its mixed critical reception.

'Tag' turned out to be just that, fun and intriguing with some over-the-top excitement and a few tender moments. It is far from perfect and it is not great or one of those unforgettable films of the ages films, with content that is not going to be for all tastes, but it did make me smile and laugh and a lot of effort went into it. Neither one of the best films of the year or the worst, instead it's somewhere in the middle which is not too bad a position to be in.

It looks good, slick, stylish and sometimes clever, never incoherent. The music appeals on the ear and is hardly ill fitting. The direction shows an ease with the material and allows the cast and their chemistry to shine. Much of 'Tag' goes at a lively pace and the cast are stellar mostly, Jeremy Renner and Isla Fisher being particularly good.

A good deal of the film is very funny and often hilarious. Am actually not always a fan of lowbrow comedy, am more a sophisticated, witty and subtle (and also dark and screwball) sort of person myself, but there are times where it's done well thanks to the wit, the sharp timing and the comic timing of the cast and 'Tag' is one of those examples. A few touching tender moments too and it makes the game of tag interesting and exciting.

However, 'Tag' is not perfect. The flimsiness of the story does show in moments of slack pacing in some extraneous scenes (namely the dramatic ones). The film sometimes goes overboard on the sentimentality, the tacked on (or that's how it felt) ending, as well as the over-the-topness.

While most of the cast are fine, Leslie Bibb's overacting does get too much quite badly that it gets tiresome. Didn't see the need for Jake Johnson's character when nothing is done with him, merely an example of a just there stereotype. Do agree that some of the content is distasteful, am not surprised actually at the offense the miscarriage jokes/parts have garnered (can be known to find things found controversial blown out of proportion in film, not this time with it being one of the worst things one can go through).

Summing up, an uneven film but an enjoyable one. 6/10 Bethany Cox
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Carried by a Talented Ensemble Cast, Funny Jokes and a Nice Message
CANpatbuck36644 July 2018
Tag banks on the premise of this group of guys all playing a game of Tag that has lasted 20+ years. There isn't much of a story developed other than a couple of events to escalate (Jerry's wedding and potential retirement doesn't develop things, it only serves as a catalyst to throw the game into overdrive) and this is one of the few movies where I appreciated that. Tag is at its best when the characters are dropping one-liners at each other's expense or playing the game itself. Its when they try to bring in other elements to the story that Tag gets bogged down. The streamlining of the plot helped the movie operate at a quicker pace and I enjoyed that part of Tag.

The action scenes in this movie are improbable and stretch plausibility. The scene in the woods encompasses this the best. But there is one standout aspect to them. Jeremy Renner's character of Jerry is a generational talent at the game of tag and he can anticipate the strategies and movements of his friends before they even happen. The scenes featuring Jerry are a sneaky satire of the Guy Ritchie/Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes movies and even though I really dig those movies, the scenes were hysterical. They had a fun flow to them and despite the rest of the ensemble acting like goofballs to sell how awesome Renner's character is, they were some of the best parts of Tag.

Tag brought together a mix of established comedians/comediennes and a few unexpected dramatic actors/actresses to cut loose. Ed Helms is playing a very Ed Helms character as Hogan, he's a little more animated than usual but he's a veteran and performs capably. The same goes for Jake Johnson as Randy 'Chilly' Chillano. I liked him here, he tends to be someone who needs good material to be effective, but he did his job. Jon Hamm seems like an odd choice (considering his age and his dramatic background) but it was also fun to see him do something unexpected in this. He also had his moments where he was just as funny as everyone else. My 2 favourites members of the cast were Hannibal Buress as Kevin Sable and Jeremy Renner as Jerry. Buress isn't stretching but his dialogue and his delivery were on point and he probably had me laughing the hardest out of anyone. Jeremy Renner also looked like he was having a blast cutting loose in this. He's usually very stern and low-key and he was great as this guy whose ability transcends this game. I also want to compliment Isla Fisher and Leslie Bibb as Anna Malloy and Susan Rollins respectively. They were both very funny in their own right (especially Isla) and it would be great to see them both take on more comedic projects like this.

Tag has more than enough stuff to enjoy but it did have some problems that brought the movie down a little. Most of the subplots fall flat on their face. I couldn't have cared less about Annabelle Wallis' character Rebecca or the fact that she was covering this unusual story. Callahan and Chilly fighting over Cheryl (Rashida Jones) comes across as half-baked and felt like it should have been cut out of the movie. They gave Isla Fisher and Leslie Bibb great moments, I just wish Annabelle and Rashida could have some strong material to work with as well. I also thought the ending got a little melodramatic, I definitely liked where the movie was coming from emotionally but the drama surrounding Hogan felt tacked on and just out of left field (especially since the movie has no problem mocking chancy material throughout).

Lastly, I liked the message/underlying theme that Tag is promoting. Whether you think a group of grown men playing tag is awesome or shockingly immature, the message of lasting friendship was heart warming. As the movie addresses, when you're young, you think you're going to have the same group of friends forever. This is almost never the case, but I liked the camaraderie this group had and I can see why someone looked at this story and was inspired by it.

I got some big laughs out of Tag and that was enough to make it a worthwhile trip to the theatre. This won't be a transcendent comedy where I watch it regularly but I'm happy I took a chance on it. If you're looking for something to get a few belly laughs out of and don't mind seeing something a little on the immature side, give this a shot. My actual rating for Tag is 7.5/10 rounding up to an 8/10.
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A summerly comedy. I kinda liked it.
kaptenvideo-8987523 July 2018
Based on a true story. For one month every year, five highly competitive friends organize no-holds-barred game of tag they've been playing forever - risking their necks, jobs and relationships to take each other down with the battle cry "You're It!"

This time, the game coincides with the wedding of the gang's only undefeated player, which should finally make him an easy target...

Starring Ed Helms, Jeremy Renner, John Hamm, Jake Johnson, Hannibal Buress, Isla Fisher, Leslie Bibb, Rashida Jones, Annabelle Wallis et al.

I mentioned all these people that may be hard to remember just by name, because "Tag" comedy is essentially a team comedy, an effort where the success depends very much on the flow and synergy between actors.

The good news is, since they're all professionals who do this kind of thing all the time, there's no trouble here. Basics are solid.

Even the best-known names, such as Helms, Hamm (of "Mad Men" fame), or Renner are here for the team, nobody's in star position.

Except maybe Helms, a versatile comedian offering his usual mix of sweet, sensitive and funny. The problem with him is that he does the same thing all the time, so any movie will feel a bit more generic just by having him.

But it's not just all comedy. "Tag" is also kind of an action movie, although in unusual way. There is only little amount of actual, you know, action, although the handbag fight is a standout part.

But the clever use of slow motion gives the scenes of grown-ups playing tag a distinct feel of an action movie, with all the amateur parkour and dangerous stunts to get away from being tagged. Nicely done.

For an R-rated adult comedy, "Tag" is also refreshingly obscenity-free. There's only character who has a bit of a foul mouth (a female, by the way) and the amount of dirty jokes is less than average.

We still have a constantly pot-smoking character but no modern comedy would be complete without drug-jokes.

In summary, "Tag" is more about atmosphere and flow than heavy on laugh out loud moments. You may not remember it that well in couple of day's time but it's breezy fun while it lasts.

For a bit of escapist entertainment released during summer season, I've seen a lot worse.
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maria-e-schmidt9 February 2019
I don't know if I was in the perfect mood or what, but this movie was exactly what I wanted it to be. It's joyful and funny and has a great cast. Take your critic's hat off, start the popcorn and throw this on.
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A very funny and heartfelt reminder to live life to the fullest
jd_bugman8 February 2019
This movie really pulls you in and makes you think about making the best of every day you're alive before it's too late. There is comedy and weirdness and outrageousness and the reminder that you need to live life to the fullest each and every day. At the end of the movie it's very likely you'll appreciate what you have. This movie totally made me forget of all the social BS that's going on in the world and my life and made me think about the things I have to be grateful for.
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Honest review
paul-6956113 August 2018
So, I watch a lot of movies and always use this site to gain an overview of the type of movie I can expect. As with all reviews some will love it some will hate it. This is my rating

It starts ok, a few laughs but nothing out loud, and basically that's about it. I don't think I laughed again, I may have raised the odd smile here and there. The acting is good, but the story line is silly and way over the top. It says based on the true story and there is a clip in the credits of the real tag team, but I can't help but think how much was staged as a promotion for this film. The honest truth is it didn't keep my interest and I fell asleep towards the end and had to rewind. I class good films as those I would watch again in a year or so time, but I wouldn't watch this again. It's entertaining enough for a Sunday evening with nothing on TV but thats about it.
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An hilariously over the top comedy, Tag is well worth your time
eddie_baggins17 June 2018
One of the more random true stories to be adapted for the big screen in recent times, Tag is for all intents and purposes an extremely silly and over the top comedy but one that knows and understands what it is and is all the better for it.

Directed by first time director Jeff Tomsic and featuring an all-star cast led by Jon Hamm, Ed Helms, Jake Johnson, Hannibal Buress and Jeremy Renner, with help from the underused female supports Isla Fischer, Annabelle Wallis, Rashida Jones and Leslie Bibb, Tag is quite literally a film about a bunch of adults trying to beat each other at the game we here in Australia call chasey/tiggy but it's also a subtlety affecting examination on friendship and finding reasons to remain in each other's life, which makes Tag become such an enjoyable watch from start to finish.

Based on the original Wall Street Journal article published in 2013, Tag features little titbits of the real life story its based upon but recognising the absurdity of the real-life game played by a group of long-term friends one month every year, Tomsic and his cast aim for the over the top and deliver and ensure that Tag never takes itself too seriously, which allows us as an audience to accept what we are in for and go along for the constantly moving ride.

Focussing its attentions on Helm's determined Hoagie, Hamm's self-assured Callahan, Johnson's no-hoper Chilli and Buress's mild-mannered Sable trying their best to "tag" Jeremy Renner's champion player Jerry before he gets hitched and retires from the game as the uncatchable player, we are thrust into a series of completely over the top yet often hilarious high-stakes scenes of attempts to catch-out Jerry and the film's ability to craft an energy and frenetic nature to these moments really stands out as the does the cast's ability to build up a solid chemistry together.

Led by Helms and Hamm who are both having a real blast in their respective roles, everyone gets a moment to shine here with supporting players Fischer and Renner both stealing the MVP chocolates with their fun turns and come the films surprisingly touching finale you begin to realise that you've grown attached to these characters despite the silliness and mayhem that surrounds them.

Final Say -

If dumb comedies aren't your thing, Tag is a film to run very quickly away from but for anyone that heads into this hilariously true tale with the right mindset, Tag will become one of the more easy to enjoy and likeable comedies released this year and a likely inspiration to get your old chasey buddies together for one last game.

3 ½ waterboarding's out of 5
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Amusing (but only sporadically funny) R-rated Laughs
bastille-852-73154715 June 2018
Few studio comedies have a premise as ludicrous at first glance than "Tag," which centers on a group of 40-something men playing the playground game of tag for a month every year. They play the game with absolutely no holds barred, and the best player in the group (who has never been tagged,) is about to marry.

The cast in this film is generally quite strong throughout. I'm a fan of much of the ensemble, which was the primary reason I took interest in this comedy. The chemistry between the leading men is strong, and the female roles are also enjoyable to watch while adding narrative tissue to the film. It's certainly enjoyable and entertaining to see such a talented cast just have fun with each other. The plot is generally amusing, and the slapstick "action" sequences as players avoid being tagged are fairly creative and fun to watch. That said, the film does have some very notable flaws which bring it down a notch compared to similar mainstream comedy films.

The first key flaw with the movie is the clear and present lack of conflict, since the characters agree to a book of rules for the game--so even though players can be afraid of being tagged, there's a pretty drastic lack of suspense or even a sense of thrill in these moments at times. The writing is fine and there are some good jokes, but plenty of them don't work. Much of the humor tends to come from the absurdity of the situations in the game rather than any written plot devices. Also, the movie seems to (maybe unintentionally?) send a mixed message about the friends' game of tag. It means to be a silly comedy that doesn't take itself seriously, and also wants to portray the friend group as tight knit. Then again, it also portrays the game of tag as something that does have clear negative consequences--albeit to a fleeting and finite extent. Of course the movie is intended to be over-the-top, but even in far-fetched scenarios like this, there is a psychological limit to just how long the viewer can suspend their disbelief. That doesn't mean they won't have some fun watching it, but it means that the movie's concept could have been executed slightly better.

If you are a fan of someone in the cast, I liked "Tag" just enough to recommend that you see it, but others can probably just wait to rent it. 6/10
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Jo_Blo_Movie_Critic20 July 2019
5/10 - sometimes funny, overly crude, and what could have been a more interesting story given its incredibly fascinating source material
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Hit and Miss
krbodkin14 August 2018
But mostly miss. The humor ranges from slapstick to random, but never clever or hilarious. The music makes me want to mute the movie for the duration of pretty much every song.

It gets progressively worse throughout the duration of the movie.
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Warning Label
southdavid10 July 2018
"Tag" is a very loose adaptation of a newspaper article about a group of friends who have been playing a game of Tag for 30 years. In this version, where the slapstick and violence have been increased for comic effect, four friends played by Ed Helms, Jake Johnson, Hannibal Buress and John Hamm combine forces to try and finally tag Jerry played by Jeremy Renner, who has never been caught before and has honed his skills to almost precognition levels.

All the cast are generally playing the sort of roles that we've seen them play before. They are mostly likable, if a little dull. Which is also a fair assessment of the film.

"Tag's" problems are almost exclusively regarding the tone of the picture. Fairly quickly it abandons reality for a scene of a chase through an apartment building that ends with one character taking a spine destroying pratfall at the conclusion, he shrugs this off to continue the plot. This would be fine, if later on the film didn't include scenes regarding substance abuse, miscarriages and serious medical illness. The jarring nature of this shift really dragged me away from what I thought was a fun if slight movie up until that point and I feel like it's going to be a real trigger for some people who are after a bit of escapist humour.

Instantly forgettable, apart from the misjudged moments, don't bother tagging in for this one.
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Very funny Movie - Enjoyed it and deserves 8 stars
dubwize13 August 2018
This is the kind of flick that brings out the kid inside you. Hilarious moments interlaced with slow-motion inner monologue makes this movie clever and easy watching. Definitely laughed aloud often and I sure do wish there were movies like this instead of the drivel being offered at the moment.

I have to add there were some "feel good" moments as well and definitely I will be watching this one again.

Great cast, great acting, Jeremy Renner often felt like James Bond. For fans of comedy movies this is a must watch.
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More than Meets the Eye
GeNioS20 June 2018
Early in the movie there is some talk about paranoia. By the time the movie was over, I realized I was the paranoid one. Throughout the movie, I found myself questioning everything. The movie ended and I still didn't believe some of it. The setup could have led to a dozen different endings.

Going in I thought the whole movie was likely in the trailer but I ended up really enjoying this movie. There's some adult humor but the movie is rated appropriately. And for all of it, I ended up leaving the theater with a surprisingly good feeling. Well cast, well acted, well done. I thought it was great.
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jwheezie520 June 2018
This movie was well done. The cast was perfect and it was non stop laughs. I loved every second of it.
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You're it.
domtaylor8 July 2018
Although it's only occasionally funny, 'Tag' manages to be a constantly entertaining experience that uses its unique storyline to offer audiences a comedy that feels fresh. While the joke structure and general feel of the film is similar to the majority of comedies from recent years, the situations that the characters find themselves in in order to 'tag' each other offer something original. The majority of characters are well-realised, and all bring a different comedic aspect to the picture. The only character that I didn't like was Annabelle Wallis' 'Rebecca Crosby'. While it has nothing to do with Wallis' performance, the character has no real purpose except for being the person who all the exposition is dumped on. The character is a reporter who likes the idea of what these men are doing and decides to go on their 'tagging' quest with them. Throughout the film all she does is follow the characters around asking questions about their pasts, the rules and regulations of their 'tag' game, and even about events that had literally just taken place onscreen. Personally, I feel like this character should not have been included in the film, as much of the 'required' exposition could have been delivered through the main characters- or perhaps a one-scene side character who was confused as to what the characters were doing (although it's pretty clear due to the visuals)- and not through a reporter who's role in the film is a rather unbelievable one. Apart from the inclusion of that character and the exposition, the film flies along at a rapid pace, always being entertaining. It might not be a laugh-out-loud comedy that breaks the mould, but its characters and fun situations are good enough to keep you entertained for 100 minutes. 7/10.
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Fun, Real, and unexpectedly Emotional.
Aktham_Tashtush14 August 2018
The first i saw the poster , and seeing Ed Helms, Jon Hamm,Jake Johnson and Jeremy Renner I just expected a masterpiece.

The plot is basically based on real story, but the hyped made by the Rob McKittrick and Mark Steilen script writing made it look so fast and packed with a lot of funny moments.

The cast just nailed it ,, Jeremy Renner with these Sherlock slow motion kicks and of course the hilarious Ed Helms ,, man they all did well. The end though was emotional for a bit before it all turns back into heartwarming breeze of fun.

So recommended.
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CerridwenHawk4 November 2018
I appreciate this is based on a true story; however, to use so many wonderfully talented Actors and give them a script well below par was shameful and a true waste!! Surely this was a case where dynamically talented Comic Writers were needed to add zing to rather ordinary lives.
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Tag: Heavily average with sprinklings of meh
Platypuschow15 September 2018
Tag stars a host of famous faces including John Hamm, Ed Helms, Isla Fisher and Hawkeye himself Jeremy Renner. It tells the story of a group of friends who have been playing the same elaborate game of tag ever since they were kids as a charming way of keeping one another in their lives.

The concept is kind of cute, but totally wasted here.

First of all the biggest flaw to Tag is that it's another one of these big Hollywood comedies that forgot it's a comedy. What I mean by that is it simply isn't very funny and get's really serious at times which totally takes the fun out of it.

Sure it has it's moment, I did laugh and it has a few thought provoking original segments but they are far to few in number.

I'd have love to have seen what a competent writer could do with this concept, whoever wrote this dropped the ball and dropped it hard.

Passable harmless stuff, but not funny enough to be a comedy and not dramatic enough to be a drama. And that ending! Talk about an anti-climax!

The Good:

Isla Fisher

Some great ideas

The Bad:

Ideas are wasted

Simply not very funny

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Brian Dennehy got old!
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