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Jake Johnson: Randy 'Chilli' Cilliano



  • Hoagie : Synchronize your watches.

    Callahan : I don't know how to do that.

    Randy : I don't have a watch.

    Sable : Time is a construct.

  • Randy : [from trailer, at Hoagie's father's funeral]  I think your dad would have really wanted you to be...

    [tags Hoagie] 

    Randy : ... it.

  • Randy : [to Jerry]  Yeah, you're really good at tag.

    Hoagie : Yes, but you've kind of missed the point. I mean, it's not about trying to get away from each other. It's actually about having a reason to be around each other. You know?

    Jerry : [Quietly]  Yeah.

    Hoagie : I mean, Ben Franklin said it best. Am I right? "We don't stop playing because we grow old."

    Hoagie , Randy , Callahan , Anna Malloy : "We grow old because we stop playing.""

  • Sable : What's the difference between Episcopalian and Lutheran?

    Randy : Episcopalians don't eat fish.

    Sable : That's... pescatarian, that's... not a religion.

    Randy : They're all fanatics, I don't know.

  • Randy : [after getting away from Hoagie]  You ain't getting me today, man. I'm not losing.

    Hoagie : There's only one problem, Chilli.

    Randy : Oh, yeah? What's that?

    Hoagie : I'm not it.

    Randy : The fuck you mean, you're not it?

    Callahan : [Running into frame and tackling Chilli]  I AM, MUTHAFUCKA!

  • Jerry : Verbal amendment. That women should be playing.

    Callahan : Amendment.

    Randy : Yeah, amendment.

    Anna Malloy : [Realizing she is now "it.']  Oh. Oh, you just made a big mistake.

    Jerry : [Jerry runs away]  You're it bitch!

    Anna Malloy : [Anna looks around and spots Randy]  You're it now! You're going down!

    Randy : You're too intense!

    Anna Malloy : You're gonna suck my tiny ginger balls!

    Randy : Oh gross!

    Anna Malloy : You're gross!

    [Anna screams and tackles Randy] 

  • Randy : I'm gonna be pissed if she didn't have a miscarriage.

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