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So much potential, so little follow-through..
butlerphilipj5 May 2016
A lot of the reviews seem to be based on the pilot episode. I'll agree, it was pretty freaking great, with an excellent hook! Then, the show took a turn for the worse. While the production value stayed consistently excellent, the writing turned out lack luster. It almost ended up turning you against the protagonists for being such idiots and making not just stupid, but completely unrealistic choices. It also contradicted itself in many ways and asked for way too much 'suspension of disbelief' throughout. The most frustrating part is that it started out soo well, bringing back memories of the first season of Breaking Bad ("what would normal people do in THAT kind of situation?!") - and ended up feeling more like Gilligan's Island. I almost want to give a one star rating to counteract all the 10 star praise that was given for just the first episode or two, but I'll give it a 6 for the 'meh' it earned.
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Delightfully daft, often funny remake of the original, but with reservations
pfgpowell-17 January 2016
I reviewed the US version of Mad Dogs after seeing the first, pilot episode, and what I wrote then still more or less stands and this is it. But I have added a few more comments at the end after watching another six to qualify that.

I'm rather baffled why the U.S. has a compulsion to remake films and, as here, series and doesn't just present its audiences with the original. The remakes are often quite good, but why remake them? But anyhow...

I've seen all three seasons of the original Brit version of Mad Dogs and I can't recommend it highly enough for often very funny sly humour, suspense, intrigue and sheer entertainment. And I'm happy to report that this remake is almost as good - at least in the first few episodes - most probably because the Brit creator, Cris Cole, is again at the helm. That is a relief after seeing so many films (from all around the world) which eventually let you down. As I say the humour, very British humour I have to say, does travel well, and might have you laughing out loud on occasion, but it is far more than just a black comedy. The first episode starts off slowly and quietly, then 42 minutes in . . . I can recommend this. The casting is excellent, the dialogue natural and the story quite bizarre. Don't hesitate, please, treat yourselves.

POSTSCRIPT: For the US market, the producers have tinkered a little - well, tinkered quite a lot - syncopating the original plots and expanding the story, introducing new characters and, it has to be said, in the process they created something of a different animal. Whereas in the original British version the humour - very black and often unobtrusive - was a continual thread throughout (until the two- episode finale which was something of a letdown) and formed the series backbone, for the US the humour is more or less abandoned as a central trope and the series becomes more of an action piece. There's nothing wrong with that, but it does lose a little of its edge as a result. But then it is intended for a different market and culture.

Another difference is that despite the utterly bizarre plot twists and very silly situations the four characters find themselves in, in the original version it all somehow holds together well - it's as though they are caught in a one-way system and there's no turning back. Conversely the new version increasingly doesn't quite hold together: there are several points where the four could all have disentangled themselves quite well by a word here and there, and that they didn't has more to do with making a TV series than anything else.

The twists don't grow out of the situations the four find themselves in - and their very stupid decisions - but from the necessity to keep the story going and interesting. That's rather a shame, as it loses something rather neat. It also becomes as it goes on, plotwise, something of a mess - folk get around Belize with an ease and at a speed which is only possible on TV. But such quibbles won't, I'm sure, disturb your average US viewer. The Brit version, though didn't take the easy way out and just kept it all going, following its own logic, which was some achievement. The final episodes here see everything tied up a little too neatly which is a shame and out of keeping with the original wackiness. Sad to say the US version doesn't quite convince

However, despite those drawbacks your average viewer should enjoy this, but I must stress that for a real treat and a rather tighter piece of work you should seek out the British version which doesn't quite cut corners so easily.
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I really wanted to like this show
meyerwoo16 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I finally gave up at episode 5. I really wanted to like this show, but it got really boring with these supposedly smart Americans who persistently make stupid decisions. It's supposed to be a dark comedy, but they're just a bunch of idiots who you wind up not rooting for because they're idiots, and there's no empathy or humor in what happens to them because what they do never makes any sense. Running for your life? Take a detour to deliver a refrigerator for kids on the side road, when you know murderous drug runners are coming to kill you. That makes no sense! Quarantine in the middle of their escape? It's like the writers randomly came up with plot points and threw them in to just keep the story going for another few episodes. It makes no sense! Such a waste of a fine cast. You're better off spending your time catching up on that sleep you always said you'd catch up on than waste your time on this series.
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Finally a show that truly has it all.
vighorus19 January 2015
The only thing I knew about this show was that it starred Romany Malco and Billy Zane and it was about some guys in Belize.

After seeing the pilot...I was blown away. The quality of the show is excellent! Drama, Comedy, Sex, Mystery, Intrigue and more!

  • It is well filmed - The sound is great - The actors on spot on! Nothing seems fake, it all seems very real.

The story is easy to follow yet mysterious and intriguing. You want to know more and more as it progresses.

This pilot gives you that feeling you had when you first watched a show and were instantly hooked after one episode. We all have shows like that, this is one of them.

WATCH THE PILOT and I guarantee you that your jaw will drop and you will say, WHAT just happened?!?
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Excellent Pilot - Hoping for a pick up
zanthras-231-5442605 February 2015
<> This Pilot show is excellent. The acting is top notch and the tension built to an incredible crescendo, all whilst set in a stunning location. I have to admit the show was slow to get going, but that is something that is missing from T.V and film these days. Rather than jumping straight in to mindless action, the script writers, directors/producers took the time to introduce the characters, allowing you to connect with them and ultimately care about their situation. It's a risky roll of the dice, for a pilot episode, and the production team deserve to be commended for that. I hope this show gets picked up!

I was not expecting the end sequence of events at all, what the heck was with the head mask? Who is the lady introduced at the end? These questions need answering! I don't think I have been so gripped by a pilot episode since the first episode of Breaking Bad or Dexter, and look how great those shows turned out! :)
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Spare yourself the pain of this stinker
mepontoni15 April 2017
A little hard to imagine why anyone thinks this is a great show. I did watch the whole thing, but only to find out how they were going to tie all the ragged plot lines together. When the best part of a movie is the scenery, you know you have watched a stinker. The "boys" are really stupid...I mean class A trying to solve their problems. I guess that means this could be a comedy, except there's a genuine laugh about every other episode. Worse, the dialogue between these losers is like rubbing a cat against a cheese grater. Their whiny selves are not clever. They are annoying. But I'm done with it, never to return.
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Stupid people doing stupid things in stupid ways. And bickering about stuff you don't care about.
tdibble-17 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Note that I tried to post this review on Amazon and for the first time ever my review was rejected. Apparently they do not like critical reviews of their own content, or perhaps the review reviewer was just having a bad day. Whatever. They gave no reason, so I will stop providing them free review content. Here it goes:

This is painful to watch. These are the stupidest people I have ever watched on screen. Making idiotic decisions. And not having a whit of sense between them.

I had watched the first episode during pilot week and wasn't impressed, but I was hopeful that it might get better. Watched the second and third episodes and just can't go any further.

Stupidity that stuck out to me (heavy spoilers if you care):

* You bury a person all of two feet below the ground? Have you never seen any kind of a movie or TV show, any of you? Haven't you at the very least heard people talking about "six feet under" and wondered, "why so deep"? Sheesh. That is just stupid.

* The money. Why did they take it with them off the boat instead of leaving one or two behind to guard it while the others went to get a fuse? Seems simple enough. Then, when they are on shore with the money, their great plan for getting that back to the boat's owner is to rent a car and put the money in the trunk and mail the key to the guy? Are they idiots? Why not put the money back in the same hold where the drugs had been, since they were returning the boat to the marina?

* The guy pulls out a big blue fuse. Big. Blue. Fuse. You go to the store and buy a gallon's worth of assorted color fuses of various sizes. Really? NONE of these morons remembered that the fuse was blue? NONE of them has ever worked on anything with a fuse to know that they are color coded and come in only a handful of sizes? And they replace it with a yellow one ... which will either blow prematurely or not be effective as a fuse (the latter is fine unless there is another fault which would allow the electrical fault to blow something much harder to replace, but the former would leave the boat stranded at a random place in the ocean).

* The stupid personal bickering, not when there is nothing else happening , but when timing is critical. It was tiring. Maybe having watched the first episode so long ago I'd lost whatever connection to these characters that might have been made there, but honestly, I don't know enough about them and don't identify with them at all and so don't care about their stupid squabbling. Get on with the story.

* The girl needing financial advice. It took all of ten minutes to help her out. They couldn't figure out how to do that? Did the two of them really need to leave the house together instead of one of them going back while the other guy took care of the girl so there wouldn't be additional issues from her?

* They saran wrap the "cat" to a wooden chair, suspend the chair from a rope, and think that is going to be secure? I mean, come on. It wouldn't take but maybe a half hour to smash the chair against the sides of the well and free himself. I'm assuming that that is what happened, because I can't go on to the next episode, even running the background. It is just too stupid.
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Needs More Character Development and Deeper Story Line
rotex2920 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This show had great promise out of the gate with the pilot, however as it progressed, the storyline seemed to grow weaker. This supported by the introduction of new and random characters who seemed to add little to the plot (i.e Rochelle, the US Attache at the Embassy), or were added late in the series to create unneeded twists (the woman CIA operative). Billy Zane was seen only in the first episode and after that it was up to the viewer to speculate on his role, involvement in the story and his overall character's relationship to the plot and to each of the four men who came to visit him. (It was never really made completely clear). It almost seemed the writers wrote this on the fly, attempting to get the scripts in before the deadlines, without much thought to creating a "good and solid" storyline. The plot seemed to take on a gigantic life of its own without taking the viewer through the intricacies of the characters or story for adequate viewer understanding and digestion. For example, the disappointing thing is that with the great cast (Steve Zaun or Michael Imperioli), that character development was left primarily for our imaginations, with implication and random explanations of the men's past lives introduced at various places in the show. The writers might have included more background on each of the four men and their independent struggles with alcohol and drugs, professional misconduct, divorce, estranged children and marriage problems back in Chicago. As a result, the viewer was left to try to figure out why each of the men had motive for behaviours in the jungles of Belize. This could have been interesting fodder to keep the story going and send it easily into a second season. If it goes to a second season, (which at this point, it shouldn't) a number of improvements could be made to make the whole adventure more palatable.
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These are just lousy guys!
its_jimbo28 November 2016
I wanted to like this. I was trying to find something to watch on my 4K TV and settled on this. I figured Belize is beautiful (as it turns out it is filmed in Puerto Rico), but still pretty enough. I have always found Billy Zane fun, so I have given it a try.

The first episode was intriguing and well, there is some of the most graphic violence ever filmed, but these guys might be the dumbest, worst drivers in the history of the world. I am now seven episodes in and just want them all caught. I should be rooting for someone, but there is not a character to like in the bunch.

I would add details, but I want to do this without spoilers. Just trust me, without the 4K filming, this has nothing to offer!
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Loved IT!!!!
fancyfaye200319 January 2015
I expected the show to be side cracking funny but what I saw was 5 super talented actors who were still funny at times but were able to keep it interesting in this dark comedy. I love all the actors and wish them success when this series is picked up!! It was both funny and serious at times. I felt like all the actors that had done comedy was able to switch into different characters for this show. The setting for the show was perfect, the plot making us think they were just going to have a lot of fun and then Billy Zane flipped the script was awesome and I never expected it to turn out the way it did. This was a great start to a even greater series!!!
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I'm trying....
louismccall28 January 2016
I am only on the 3rd or 4th episode but I am having a hard time with this show. I want to like it but it seems to be dragging out this story and I am not really feeling it. The story is cool, and the chicken the pilot episode was gorgeous, but these characters seem really stupid for people with good jobs and who are of means.... They just repeatedly make dumb choices... I know ti is trying to maintain a level of dark humor but it is missing something... You expect them to get into car accidents or leave something out in the open... It just seems to be poorly executed. And what is with the yellow back, of all the colors to keep a bag full of money long term.... seems odd.
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Dark, manic, violent..and fun.
reviewcentralny27 January 2016
Yes, cringe you will. A lot. Think 'Weekend at Bernie's' only darker, much darker! But it's a small price to pay for this roller coaster fun ride, a remake of Cris Cole's show from 2011 with the same name.

Only this time around we're in Puerto Rico (not Mallorca) and by that I mean 'Belize' of course. Regardless, the setting is gorgeous. A welcome escape into a perfect world that unravels into madness a short while into the pilot. Thanks to a solid cast, perfectly mismatched to never solve a single situation with good common sense, you'll follow their downhill adventure - which will make you either yell at the screen in frustration, or laugh out loud - depending on how you watch a show like this: as drama with a sense of humor, or pure comedy.

The predecessor of this show is still going strong at the time of this little review, so we can safely assume that there is enough madness in the book to keep this brilliant set of characters busy for a few more seasons.

Better than expected with interesting and unpredictable story lines - another strong show in Amazon's line-up.
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Im sick of this remakes
sandykisses18 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Why is it always necessary to repeat a story we have already seen?If the US has no ideas for shows anymore ,they have no right to steal ideas from another directors at all.Its always the Uk shows mostly with John Simm they remake.First Life on Mars which I thought what the heck?Such an incredible show An now Mad Dogs?I only can say the UK version of Mad Dogs is something really special, not only because of John Simm and Philip Glenister,but I admit I am a huge fan of them but anyways.When I watched this show the first time I was so impressed and after the really incredible ending I thought about the show many weeks after because I could not get it out of my mind.It shows you the brutal reality about the mafia.If you screw with them you're lost.There is no sweet story to tell.I don't understand why Ben Chaplin agreed to act in this show again and be the Quinn character - renamed Joel.It ruin the spirit of the original and I don't like that.An a black dude plays John Simms character.Seriously?Do they want to say were no racist and act a black guy to prove it somehow?Beside of him it seems like they only changed the names but I recommend for all of you to skip this weak imitation and just watch the original Uk version.I did not gave the Life on Mars remake a chance and this show Im not going to give a chance either.I would not be surprised if John Simms show PREY is going to be the next remake on their list.I had to get my anger out of this Im sorry but it had to be said
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A mad masterpiece
Brave_TraveIer2 January 2016
Shawn Ryan period. A amazing opening to the show and I'm immediately greeted by a lot of familiar faces. wonderful cast right at the start. The acting is amazing, as is to be expected with a cast this good.

The show starts out very intriguing. You get the feeling that something isn't quite 100% right. Its 4 different friends traveling to Belize to visit a friend of theirs who is retired, and very, very rich. He has a mansion, a private beach, the works, but there's something mysterious about him (milo, played by Billy Zane). I wont spoil anything but ill just say that the setup is subtle but incredibly well done.

You'll find yourself at some point absolutely glued to the TV, captivated. wow is all i can say. i really don't want to get into a detailed review because i don't want to spoil anything. Just know that this is worth an incredible watch. I am impatiently waiting for the release of the rest of the first season. Shawn Ryan (The Shield, Terriers, Chicago code) is a master of his craft I expect nothing short of a masterpiece.
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An awful show only driven by the ineptness and cowardice of the characters
willprot6 March 2017
I am not sure what some people are seeing in this excruciatingly terrible show, (looks like many just reviewed the pilot). I literally could not get through the second episode and I tried TWICE.

The problem is all that happens to move the plot forward is 100% dependent that the main characters are incredibly stupid and cowardly, but beyond that inane fact... all the strangers they meet seem to know this before getting to know them and treat them as such. In the second episode literally THREE times before the show was halfway through someone they just met (1 a couple hours the night before, 2 immediately) does something you would NEVER do someone you don't know, barely know, or are doing business with and... ignoring them, need their boss happy... but beyond that they just take it.

These bumblers can't figure out how to deal with or get out of any situation where anyone is being aggressive, they just tuck their tail between their legs and accept it, furthermore the actions they do take are often boneheaded and just get them into more problems. Not to mention why is everyone they interact with so aggressive and overbearing towards them.

If the ONLY way you can get your characters in to situations is by making them idiotic and fearful and somehow inexplicably everyone they meet treats them as such you don't have a good show, or premise for a show; it's just bad writing. HUNDREDS of shows get their characters into hot water and tricky situations without relying on the audience to just accept they are the stupidest group of businessmen, lawyers, or what have you on the planet.
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The 4 Stooges should be the title.
reckman-6462825 September 2018
Trying to get through the 3rd episode but the stupidity is really hard to overcome. It's beyond pathetic just how stupid the 4 morons are. One lame brain move after another. One petty argument after another. These 4 would screw up a one car parade. Their collective IQs is less than 100.
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Amazon Original Series?
PuckerFactor24 January 2016
I really like it. It's well produced with snappy writing and a good cast....just like the original British series. Ben Chaplin from the original series is actually in this version too.

Wikipedia - Mad Dogs (TV series)

"Mad Dogs is a British black comedy and psychological thriller television series, written and created by Cris Cole, that began airing on Sky1 on 10 February 2011, and ended on 29 December 2013 after four series and 14 episodes"

Which brings me back to the advertising on Amazon. This is billed as an "Amazon Original Series"....WHAT PART OF IT IS ORIGINAL?

Are we to assume that because Americans haven't seen it before, it is original?
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Cannot wait to see entire season!
kathleenmackenz23 February 2015
Judging a show off of just seeing the pilot is usually tough (some quality series have started out with a mediocre pilot emerging into an awesome show...)

However-Mad Dogs nailed it!!

Intriguing plot kept my attention throughout the entire episode, while trying to figure out what might be coming next/what direction they might go with the series.

Fantastic cast!!! Owning their roles in the first episode.

When can we expect the full first season to be released?!

Leaving us hanging, Amazon!

Must see more - STAT!! :)
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An unoriginal idea executed with originality and perfection
alexdelliott25 January 2016
Mad Dogs is about 4 former friends who go to Belize to reunite with another friend who has taken early retirement. However they are inadvertently thrown into a hilariously dire situation involving drugs, money, a boat, police, criminals, corruption, the US government, smallpox, and a cat. This sounds like the sort of comedy that we've all seen before but it is very far from it and, without spoilers, I'll tell you why.

The drama. In most of these kinds of shows/movies the main characters are very shallow, with their main characteristics serving to make us laugh. Here, though, each character is completely three dimensional and fleshed out over the 10 episodes with back-stories (without flashbacks thankfully) and real traits and flaws. This is a drama first and foremost and the show never forgets that, effectively building up tension in every episode. We quickly learn that these friends perhaps don't like each other as much as they appear to and we get to watch the relationships evolve so organically over a long period - thanks in part to this being a 10 episode show rather than a 2 hour film. Even the aforementioned cat is given enough story for the viewer to care about his character. The acting from the main cast is flawless and convincing and managed to hold my attention throughout the entire season.

The comedy. I believe this is why opinions on the show are divided. This isn't a typical American comedy show about funny characters making witty comments at each other to make us giggle our way through 10 episodes. The characters play everything out with straight faces and, in fact, comedy is used pretty sparingly throughout the season. However, when it is used it is used to great effect and made me laugh out loud and rewind several scenes to see them again. One notable early example is the cat's first appearance in episode 1 (you'll know what I mean when you watch it). The comedy is extremely dark but also extremely entertaining and managed to surprise me and give me a welcome break from the tension that builds up throughout the show.

The style. The benefit of this show being available to stream is that episodes don't have to be cut to a specific time. This is used and the camera lingers on the characters faces to convey their emotions without them needing to talk and to build the suspense whilst also allowing the viewer to gaze on the beautiful, vibrant scenery. The style really complements the mood of the show, elevating it higher than many other shows that may try the same thing.

Overall, Mad Dogs is a show that delivers emotion, suspense, comedy and originality within a genre we have all seen before. It kept my interest from start to finish and now all I want to do is experience it over again. My only hope is that they don't try to drag it out with more seasons and just let it exist as the self-contained work of art that it is. This is my first new show of 2016 and it has already set a new benchmark for other shows of its kind. It is excellent and I fully recommend it.
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SPOILER ALERT: They have to be kidding.
zumaondeki8 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
After watching the first episode in full found myself not wanting to watch any more of this current series. I can never understand why when American TV studios decide to "Remake" an already good quality British production such as "Mad Dogs" how so much of the original gets lost in the new production. This has been done so many times in recent years and I have yet to see a better than the British production produced in a series yet.The Brits just seem to have a knack for creating good mystery and comedy. WARNING!! NO RACIST INTENTIONS EXPRESSED IN THE NEXT SENTENCE OK! (Examples) so we have our four friends off on an adventure to their old school buddies hideaway in "Belize" which I find was actually Puerto Rico and of course we need to be politically correct and one friend has to be non White (Why ?) and further on the rather noisy sex scene we have to have a female who was local and of course non white which says something for the thinking behind that idea that white women can't appear Raunchy and drunk and want a good time really? Gave up on one episode if you have not seen the original English series from 2011 but like the concept go check it out as I give it a 9/10 compared to this remake 4/10. NB: I am seventh generation Australian and have ancestors of many don't waste you time on hate remarks.
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It's not Belize
jazmaan22 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Other than an establishing shot at the Belize Airport (or maybe even that was just a set they built) THAT AIN'T BELIZE! Having visited Belize many times, I kept asking "where is that supposed to be?" Although they dropped a few Belizean towns names (like Belmopan where the hooker was supposed to be from) the geography was just all wrong. And there were no Belizeans in the movie! (Except maybe the hooker). And that discotheque was ridiculous. Nothing like it in Belize that I know of. So I watched the closing credits like a hawk. No mention of Belize Tourist Board or Film Board. And then I saw IT'S FILMED IN PUERTO RICO folks. And there's really nothing about it that accurately represents life in Belize. I had to laugh when I saw the immaculate stretch limo picking them up in the airport. That limo wouldn't last one day on the roads of Belize. And then that scene in the glitzy disco/casino was also ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I love Belize and I get mad when people disrespect it, but let's be realistic. There's no Vegas style casino/nightclubs in Belize.

And worst of all, how do you show a series about Belize with NO BLACK PEOPLE except one hooker?! The President of Belize is black! Black folk are everywhere. Except in this show. Grrrr.
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Too much "chick" drama and unrealistic events
mosaiclimited-9395427 January 2016
I was so excited when I saw the promo for this series. It had everything I liked including remote, exotic location, great cast (love Steve Zahn), and a suspenseful plot.

By episode 3 I thought WTF is this show? There is so much drawn out drama that is shoe-horned into the script. It's truly like a bunch of high school chicks who can't get anything done because of far- fetched, BS scenarios. If this series could just stick to the action and suspense plot it would be nice but dang! There will be an intense situation (on a boat) and then a quick shift to a past event that occurred that has NOTHING to do with the current situation and these 2 or 3 guys argue about the stupidest crap and I am left thinking, are these grown men or junior high girls? No straight guys in real life would ever spend more than 2 seconds discussing the drama and it feels very forced. That just ruined it for me.

Next, there are many things that leave me thinking how the hell did the guys pull this task off. Knowing how to navigate through a jungle that sometimes seems like it's a 5 minute journey between the boat and home but the aerial shots make it seem like hours and miles away. Other times I feel like the same foot journey is miles long. And how the heck do they find the guys on the path in their vehicle? Can't figure it out and there are more instances like this.

Third, the camera shots just seem unnecessary at times like the kid who just got a camcorder and does these crazy (unnecessary) shots which serve absolutely no purpose.

Finally, I am so sorry to say but Michael Imperioli just looks odd. The best description is that he looks like an old Jewish grandma. It's bizarre and a tad unsettling.

I think this series has great potential but it could either be 2 or 3 episodes long and eliminate all the fake, annoying drama which only slows the show down. Steve Zahn and Romany Malco really shine in this series and are the stars of the show.
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That Cat!
theannainbananna20 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This show is beautifully shot and the characters actually seem multidimensional. I'm excited to see how the story line unfolds. And that cat! I was kind of upset that Billy Zain got his head blown off in the very first episode, but maybe he'll appear in flashbacks. I feel like, even though the plot seems predictable, that the writers have more in store for the audience. Man this is ten line minimum tho! Anyway, there are so many elements that they set up in the first episode that kept me wondering. Like, I really wanna see those guys go home and try to live normal lives. I also wanna see if that one dude tells that guys wife about the gorgeous black chick. There also seems to be some underlying moral lessons they are going to learn.
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Never as good as the original.
islero-124 January 2016
Consider the original British version of Mad Dogs as one of the very best TV shows to have aired. This is just another silly remake from people with no imagination and who have no talent for creating something original. Another brilliant British series, Shameless was also copied and didn't come close to the original. Stay with the original Mad Dogs, as the cast is brilliant. Life on Mars, another British crime drama was copied with equally disastrous results. In addition to the writing, the acting, in my opinion, is far superior. John Simm and Philip Glenister are just two, of many TV actors that are extremely talented and always worth watching.
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basteiner10 June 2019
Wonderfully surprised about EVERYTHING around this project. Thank you so much for the experience.
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