The Little Death (2014) Poster

Damon Herriman: Dan



  • Evie : [Interrupting Dan watching TV, after shutting it off]  I love you.

    Dan : How is that important? Give me the remote.

  • Dan : [playing a scene]  Miss Redding.

    Evie : Detective.

    Dan : I'm going to need to ask you a few questions, if that's alright.

    Evie : Depends.

    Dan : On what?

    Evie : On whether you're the good cop or the bad cop. Which one are ya?

    Dan : Guess.

    Evie : Good cop.

    Dan : Guess again.


    Dan : I said, guess again. Now, Miss Redding, are you going to cooperate?

    Evie : Fuck me.

    Dan : But they're watching us behind the mirror.

    Evie : Don't care. Fuck me.

  • Evie : [playing a scene]  I hear you've been misbehaving, prisoner. Um... I always fall for the bad boys. What are you in here for, stud?

    Dan : Assault. Sexual assault.

    Evie : I'll bet she secretly loved it.

    Dan : He.

    Evie : For fuck's sake, Dan!

    Dan : What?

    Evie : You're trying to turn me on by telling me you have sexually assaulted a man?

    Dan : It's called having a back story, Evie.

  • Dan : Your blowjobs... aren't... very... good.

    Evie : They're not... They're not that bad.

    Dan : They are.

    Evie : Well, you remember the last time you went down on me, Dan? 'Cause I don't.

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