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Eddie Encounters Scott Haze’s Mystery Villain In Yet Another Venom Set Video

Is there another in-development comic book movie that’s garnered the same level of buzz as Venom?

With the exception of Avengers: Infinity War, Sony and Ruben Fleischer’s Spider-Man spinoff has been placed under such an intense spotlight that it seems like we’re never too far away from the next piece of content – leaked or otherwise. And sure enough, celebrity news agency Backgrid has uncovered the latest reel of footage that shows Eddie Brock writhing around in agony on the streets of Atlanta.

Dressed in civvies and looking a little worse for wear, Tom Hardy’s famous anti-hero is then faced with Scott Haze, whose mysterious villain appears to threaten Eddie before Ruben Fleischer yells “cut!” It’s admittedly a little blurry, but see if you can spot any story clues from the embedded clip.

Our guess? Hardy is beginning to feel the effects of the symbiote, and
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