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Sex & Nudity

  • The game includes some sexual material, however no nudity or sex.
  • It is possible for a character to look at various sexual positions in a Kama Sutra book, however it is not detailed and not mandatory for the game to progress (the player may not pick up or even notice the book).
  • Two characters kiss on a couch. They plan to have sex, however they ultimately don't.
  • It is possible to get a female character to strip down to her bra and panties, however no further than that. The character is seen multiple times in her underwear, however (excluding when she first take off her clothes) it is not in a sexual way. Depending on the player's choices in the game, she may not even strip to her underwear.
  • A character is seen taking a bath, however no nudity is shown. She later walks around in a bath towel in a non-sexual way (once again no nudity).
  • A character changes clothes, however no nudity is shown.
  • In one segment of the game, two characters go off alone to a cabin, where they plan to have sex (they don't). Throughout their journey, they make many sexual remarks, however nothing too graphic.
  • F*ck is used in a sexual way one or two times throughout the game.
  • The term "porn star" is used twice throughout the game.

Violence & Gore

  • Until Dawn features gameplay where the player can make decisions that drastically effect the storyline. This being the case, each choice may change how a character may die, or if they die. Throughout the game if the player makes the right choices, the player may minimize the deaths (some deaths happen regardless), but without prior knowledge of what decisions to make, it is likely the player will be the cause of multiple deaths of main characters. Some deaths are caused by forcing the player to choose between two characters (to keep alive or kill). Nevertheless these deaths are both shocking and graphic.
  • The following is inevitable:
  • A character/s fall to their death after being chased off of a cliff. You see the aftermath. The bodies have some blood, but you only see their faces. This scene is more disturbing/shocking than it is gory.
  • A character is split in half by a large saw, blood and guts spurting up. Though the camera focuses on the character's facial expressions, you can still see their intestines fall out, and watch the violence play out.
  • A character is beheaded by a monster's claws after being chased.
  • A monster will have its head torn off by another monster.
  • The following may or may not happen (Note: These contain multiple possible deaths for the same characters, and as such, not all of these can appear in the same playthrough. Additionally, there are likely more deaths, but due to the nature of the game being that not all of these happen, these were the ones that footage could be found of):
  • A character may be found with their jaw torn out. Their body then falls down an elevator shaft. Depending on player choices, this scene may be revisited later, with the death being shown. Should that happen, a monster will hold the character's head and with the other hand stick two claws into the mouth of the living and awake character and pull down until the jaw tears out of the character's head.
  • A character may be run off a cliff by elk. You see the character's bruises and their eyes roll up into the back of their head. You then see the character's body dragged off by something, leaving a trail of blood.
  • A character can have their jaw impaled with a hook after being dragged by a creature. You see the impact of the hook, and watch as blood pools in the mouth of the character as they die.
  • A character can have their head slowly torn off by a monster. The camera lingers on both the body, and the severed head, with blood pouring out of both. Depending on choices made by the player, the head may be thrown in front of the other protagonists, including the character's girlfriend.
  • A character can be instantly beheaded should they open a door. The head is lingered on by the camera. Though this scene is just as gory as the rest of the game, this scene tends to be more shocking due to how quickly it transpires.
  • A character may have their eyes gouged out by a monster. This is done on camera, and the face is lingered on.
  • A character may fall into mining equipment and have their body eviscerated until their body jams the equipment. The character's upper half stays above the blades, and is visible the entire sequence.
  • A character can be shot through the eye by another survivor. You see blood fly, and the face of the character afterword.
  • A character may have their head slowly crushed by a monster. While this is done on-camera, it is difficult to see as once the head is crushed, all you can see is blood. [NOTE: Should this death not happen, the alternative is that the character will be transformed into a monster, and then kill 2 people searching for survivors off-screen later. In either case, no matter what you do people will die.]
  • A character may have their neck by snapped by a monster and their limp body thrown against a wall.
  • A character may be impaled by a monster. This is one of the few deaths in which the camera does not linger on the wound. The camera instead focuses on the character's expression, and then on their lifeless body in a pool of blood.
  • A character may light a match and catch a building on fire, killing themselves and the rest of the survivors near instantly. The camera briefly shows the charred body of one of the survivors.


  • Language is infrequent, and is only used when in stressed situations (being chased/killed/scared) The game features some uses of the word 'fuck', but it is never used excessively. Other words like 'shit','dick', etc. are used occasionally.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some soft alcohol use and drug references.
  • You see two characters who are passed out from being drunk. This causes one of the characters to be unable to prevent a death, so it certainly does not glorify the alcohol content.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This game is very violent, if it were a movie, it would be rated R for strong bloody horror violence and language including some sexual references - All involving teens.
  • The game evolves around your choices which includes who lives and who dies. Additionally, there are a number of sequences when something bad will happen no matter which choice you make. This may become distressing for the player to choose.
  • The game asks you questions about what scares you, and will feature things that you say scare you more prominently.
  • The maniac in the clown mask may frighten some young players.
  • Many jump scares throughout.
  • Very intense and creepy atmosphere.
  • The monsters are deformed and cursed humans and are particularly frightening when seen, especially during the final chapter.
  • There are scenes which show characters hallucinating due to insanity that may be frightening to younger players.
  • This is an extremely intense and scary game. The player is completely immersed in the world the game creates. Definitely not for those who are easily scared.
  • Players should be 18+ to play - due to the strong violence.

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