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Gene Roddenberry rolling over in his grave.
ardast27 July 2016
Where do I begin? As a lifelong Star Trek fan I had an uneasy feeling while watching this movie. I could not shake the sense that I was just looking at another mediocre summer popcorn flick; an experience that would evaporate from my brain just hours after I leave the theater.

I remember sitting in the cinema with my head low embarrassed by the movie, although I wanted it to prove me wrong ever since I saw the "Beastie Boys" trailer back in 2015. Instead, it dragged along with that "proven" Hollywood formula of what a summer hit should look like. Constricted by its own creative limitations I was looking at a product that was not a science fiction in its core, but a creation that had only one intention since its birth: to milk as much money as possible.

Star Trek Beyond was so devoid of the primordial concepts set up by Mr. Gene Roddenberry that it contributed to the confused identity of the picture. The plot of the movie is so "light" in its essence that it lacks the moral dilemmas, the exploration (inner and outer) and the development usually present in the Star Trek universe. There was neither message nor any character evolution and we did not learn more about anything really. Instead of Kirk, Spock and Scotty you could stick just any name over the protagonists and nobody would have noticed. The story was atrocious and full with plot holes patched up by unnecessary although flashy looking CGI.

Star Trek Beyond also has one of the weakest villains in its history. It was definitely not the actors fault and such a shame to waste the opportunity of having a strong artist like Idris Elba. It was the fault of the writer and the director who missed the opportunity to take Star Trek back on its track. Instead they created a cute flick full with needless CGI scenes, explosions and dialogue written for "dumb" audiences. Everything had to be explained to the viewers, nothing was left to the imagination. There was nothing to debate with your friends after the movie or something to stir your imagination or to push you to prod its meaning. Nothing like that at all, everything was given on a run-of-the-mill plate for the audience to consume in a shortest possible time frame.

The movie had its moments, so not everything was complete rubbish. I liked the character of Jaylah and some of the humor, but that was it. Some of the scenes were of course visually impressive though sometimes things would fly around too much and contaminate the image. Of course this movie was done by people, who know their job, but I am not pondering the execution and the skill of the artists, I am merely concerned about the soul of this thing we love so much.

This thing we used to know of as Star Trek.
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Not really Star Trek. To JJ: Your audience is smarter than action and explosions.
aiqbal6625 July 2016
Disappointed with this entry in the series. Star Trek to me isn't about motorcycles and loud music, it's more about exploring science fiction concepts and themes through great storytelling (which this film has very little of). The "twist" at the end is figured out about a 1/3 of the way in. Lazy storytelling where props are laid for action scenes for no apparent reason (why is there a motorcycle aboard a starship?).

On the plus side, the cast is magnificent and the charm they bring to their roles makes this enterprise watchable. It's too bad the script and direction don't give them much to do. Mr. Lin, while a good action director, isn't a good storyteller. While that's good for the Fast & Furious franchise, Star Trek deserves better.
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Terrifically fun popcorn action
cherold9 November 2016
After the noisy and irretrievably stupid (though reasonably entertaining) Into Darkness, I wasn't desperate to watch this one, but when I finally did I was relieved to discover that it was even more enjoyable than the first film in the reboot, a rollicking adventure with terrific alien weapons, fun McCoy/Spock repartee, a promising newcomer alien, and a lot of really excellent action scenes.

The movie had almost all the qualities of the original series except one - the thinking part. The smartest thing in the movie is the funny opening scene, which suggests the difficulty of communication between different cultures.

But that's the last thing in the movie that suggests even a moment of thought. The main villain has very little in the way of motivation, and when he explains his purpose it's quite disappointing. Nothing in this movie is there to provoke thought, and I'm not entirely convinced that anything in the movie really makes sense, although there's nothing at the time that hit me as too absurd to live with (unlike the previous movie).

If you expect this movie, like the series, to explore racism and war culture, well, you're not going to be happy. But if you just want some old-fashioned action with some familiar characters, this totally hits the spot.
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Just garbage
magnuselm22 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
How is it possible to spend so much cash making a movie so utterly meaningless and bad? 185 million USD?

This is 2 hours of your life that you will never get back.

So, where to start? First off the story is so thin and seems like a child wrote it. It has no depth and right from the beginning you feel basically nothing for the bad guys or the good guys, and there are so many holes in the story.

There happens to be a huge base far out in space where the Enterprise is going to restock? Isen't the Enterprise supposed to be out in deep space exploring?

Next to this large space base there is a nebula and apparently a planet with perfect conditions for human survival. It seems to be right next to the large space base, which would seem very very unlikely considering the vastness of space. And the crew happen to land on the same small area of this huge planet so they can all meet up.

Then they meet a character that seems to be a bad mix of Rey from Star Wars and Neytiri from Avatar who happen to have found an old federation ship (that of course they can get to work after 150 years on a deserted planet), very unoriginal.

So the reason for the bad guy Krall to lure the Enterprise to his planet and destroy it seems to be a device that Kirk has that will help Krall kill people. But in the end of the movie it is very clear that using his ships alone he could have easily destroyed the base - so what was the purpose of this relic device in the first place?

There is quite bad CGI during the whole movie. In every action packed scene especially the fighting the camera moves around so much it is hard to grasp what is happening. But even with this shaky camera trick it's impossible to miss how utterly bad these scenes are. The fighting scene between Manas and our Rey character is one of the worst Iv seen in a long time.

The only thing decent with this movie are some of the actors and their dialog. Everything else, from story to script to CGI is just garbage.

Im sorry I like Star Trek I really do, but this movie is not worth seeing in the cinema.
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To timidly go where every idiot's been before
tieman6419 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"There are numerous examples where terrorism has successfully promoted political change. Is it therefore not fair to say that terrorism is acceptable when all options for peaceful settlement have been foreclosed?" - Commander Data

"We killed 20% of the population of Korea. 20 killed, everyday for 1100 days." - USAF General Curtis Lemay.

Directed by Justin Lin, "Star Trek: Beyond" opens with one of its better scenes. Here Captain James Kirk (Chris Pine) of the United Federation of Planets attempts to broker a peace treaty with comically tiny aliens.

Unfortunately, because no "Star Trek" movie can go two inches without ripping off Nicholas Meyer's "Wrath of Khan", Lin then gives us a familiar scene in which Kirk and his buddy, Doctor McCoy (an overacting Karl Urban), discuss "birthdays" and "getting old". Because Kirk looks like a teenager, because we barely know him, because we've seen better similar scenes in "Khan", and because we've never watched Pine's Kirk meaningfully grapple with regrets or the passage of time, this sequence feels exactly like what it is: a hack writer's attempt at pathos. The film was written by Simon Pegg.

We're then introduced to Lieutenant Uhura and Commander Spock. They're having a rocky "romantic relationship"; a series of formulaic domestic disputes which the filmmakers mistake for "depth" and "substance". To hide the fact that she's been reduced to a nagging housewife, Uhura occasionally "subversively" kicks butt and "rescues men". But counter-clichés are still clichés.

Kirk and his spaceship, the U.S.S Enterprise, then arrive at Starbase Yorktown. Emblematic of Federation values - cooperation, sharing, caring etc - Yorktown serves as a meeting place for different species. But where previous Trek bases looked elegant or functional, Yorktown looks like eye-candy for morons: unnecessarily busy, vulnerable and over-designed. The Enterprise docks with it, in a sequence which unintentionally flaunts much needlessly dangerous engineering.

Kirk is then tasked with investigating a nebulae. Here the Enterprise is ambushed (why doesn't it warp away?) by thousands of vicious mining vessels; they decimate and destroy the Enterprise. Lin and Pegg offer the ship's destruction as a "big emotional moment", but it's not. This rebooted franchise has never treated the Enterprise as anything other than fodder for ridiculously powerful enemies. Unlike its previous incarnations, this Enterprise has no character, is not a home, never feels like an extension of its captain, and has never been something its crew could rely upon.

And so our heroes escape to an alien planet. Here we're introduced to Krall (Idris Elba), an evil Starfleet officer who crashed on the planet hundreds of years ago. Krall blames the Federation for his abandonment. Yes, another vengeful super-villain.

Things get stupider: Krall found a fountain of youth and an army of a gazillion mining drones. This fountain of youth allows Krall to "suck the life-force out of living beings" because apparently all modern super-villains must be contractually able to "steal your energy". More stupid is Krall's fleet of mining drones; instead of using them to fly home, Krall stays on this planet and embarks upon a 100 year quest to find an alien Mcguffin which Kirk randomly finds and which turns out to be an alien weapon. Krall wants to use this weapon to destroy the Yorktown, despite the fact that his drone fleet is much more powerful.

Things get stupider. Because all adventures need a random local chick to help point the way, Kirk runs into Jaylah, an alien girl who lives in the cloaked wreckage of Krall's old spaceship. Why can't Krall find this ship? Doesn't he know where he landed his own ship? Doesn't its sudden disappeared throw up red flags?

The film ends with the usual dogfights and fisticuffs. Throw in some ticking time-bombs, the Beastie Boys, much ignored property damage and a series of cliffhangers which would be easily avoided if our heroes simply used their transportation devices - and why are they still using spaceships? This franchise has made it clear that transporters can beam human beings across entire solar systems! - and you have one unimaginative climax.

The film's final scenes see our crew inheriting another Enterprise, a moment which highlights how disposable and hasty everything in this franchise is. We also learn that Kirk turned down a promotion - he inexplicably jumps from kid to Captain to Vice Admiral in the blink of an eye - because he "enjoys being an explorer" and "hanging out with his buddies". But what this franchise says it's about and actually shows are completely at odds: we've never seen Kirk do anything other than engage in slaughter, carnage and mayhem. He's James Bond in space.

And like Bond, "Star Trek: Beyond" is political in the worst ways. Here is a film in which an angry black terrorist decides to blow up a "bastion of democratic and co-operative values" because he "hates our freedoms" and "refuses to get with the times". In other words, like all mainstream Hollywood terrorists, Krall is an utterly irrational strawman without a coherent motive. He must thus be destroyed by our enlightened, multi-ethnic, tolerant, multi-coloured white boys, who apparently can't solve anything without themselves resorting to gigantic levels of violence and carnage. The film's politics might make sense in the context of its supposedly Utopian future - Star Trek is, after all, the product of 1960s hippies - but is mostly superficial and dangerous when overlain upon our real world. Ours is, after all, a world which deifies democracy, co-operation, multiculturalism, trans-nationalism, tolerance and the binding of all nations under a "common market", all for the purpose of ransacking nations and ecosystems, fostering class divisions, scapegoating, finding cheap labour and pushing down wages. Most major acts of barbarism over the past century have been hypocritically done in the name of the very values "Beyond" deifies. A better film would examine this.

2/10 – Highly illogical.
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Fast and Furious in Space
amaskedman25 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I was worried when Justin Lin was signed on to direct. I am not a fan of the mindless Fast and Furious franchise with its ridiculous stunts and silly plots. I gave him a chance, because after all, its Star Trek.

What we got was Fast and Furious in space. Just running, fighting, explosions, one frantic scene after another with no time to develop characters, motivations, or even plausible Sci-Fi. It feels shallow, a promising plot sacrificed to the alter of YA expectations.

Another Star Trek movie where the enterprise is destroyed, again? Is this sci-fi disaster porn now?

The dialogue is forced, the banter off tempo, and in the end, the actors talents and IP were wasted on what feels like a B movie.
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Uninspired popcorn flick.
Jan-Vissers-40-7121330 August 2016
The Gene Roddenberry's legacy is nowhere to find in this film. This Star Trek movie feels more as a Marvel Comics flick than a Star Trek movie. One- dimensional characters, a whirlwind of imagery, a meager story and over the top villains and hero's.

A true Star Trek movie for me is one with a nice story, sound science, a spec of humor, real characters, and last but not least; always in search of the human condition. Star trek is more than the sum of episodes and movies, its a way of thinking, and inspired millions of people -personal and professional- to make the world a better place. The brightest people off all humanity, like Stephen Hawking, NASA scientists, all love Star Trek.

If Director Justin Lin had seen all of the Star Trek series and movies, he would never made such a terrible -for me- horrible movie.
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An Excellent Science Fiction & Action Movie.
HealthyLove25 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Nine hundred and sixty-six days into its five-year voyage, the USS Enterprise arrives at Starbase Yorktown, a massive "snowglobe"-like station with its own internal atmosphere and cityscape, to replenish dwindling supplies while the crew takes shore leave. Struggling to find continued meaning in their mission, Captain James Kirk has applied for a promotion to Vice Admiral of Yorktown, and plans to name Spock as the new captain of the Enterprise. Meanwhile, Hikaru Sulu reunites with his husband and daughter, Spock and Nyota Uhura have amicably ended their relationship, and Montgomery Scott works to keep the ship operational. Spock also receives word from New Vulcan that Ambassador Spock, his elder counterpart from the original time-line, has passed away.

An escape pod drifts out of a nearby nebula. The survivor, Kalara, claims her ship is stranded on Altamid, a planet in the nebula, and the Enterprise is dispatched on a rescue mission. The rescue turns into an ambush when the Enterprise is overwhelmed by a massive swarm of ships and is badly damaged. The swarm's alien commander, Krall, boards the ship searching for an alien artifact that Kirk had obtained on a recent mission. The swarm rips apart the Enterprise, and the saucer section crashes to the planet as the crew abandons ship in escape pods.

On the planet's surface, Sulu, Uhura and other surviving crew are captured by Krall. Kirk and navigator Pavel Chekov, accompanied by Kalara, find the crashed saucer section. Kalara is discovered to be Krall's ally when she attempts to retrieve the artifact for him. To escape Krall's crew, Kirk activates the still-functional boosters, causing the saucer to lurch forward and crush Kalara. Meanwhile, a seriously wounded Spock and Dr. Leonard McCoy search for the other survivors. Spock tells McCoy of Ambassador Spock's death and that he intends to leave Starfleet to continue his counterpart's work on New Vulcan. Meanwhile, Scotty is rescued by Jaylah, a scavenger who previously escaped Krall's encampment. She takes him to her makeshift home, the wreck of the USS Franklin, an early-generation Starfleet vessel that went missing over a hundred years ago. With Scotty's help, the ship is repaired, and Scotty, Kirk and Chekov, and McCoy and Spock, reunite using the ship as a base. The group plans to raid Krall's camp to rescue the crew and transport them to the Franklin then escape the planet. Meanwhile, Krall coerces a member of Kirk's crew to hand over the artifact that she had kept hidden for Kirk. Krall reveals the artifact is the missing half of an ancient bio-weapon, created by the planet's original inhabitants, that can disintegrate a humanoid life form in seconds. With the device now complete, Krall intends to attack Yorktown and kill its inhabitants, and, using its advanced technology, go on to attack the Federation.

Kirk and the others free the crew as Krall launches from the planet with the bio-weapon, leading his fleet to Yorktown. The Enterprise crew pursues Krall in the Franklin. Scotty transports Spock and McCoy into one of Krall's drone ships where they eject the crew. They discover how the drone vessels coordinate. Krall's communications is disrupted with VHF transmissions, causing mass confusion that results in the fleet's destruction. Krall and his three remaining officers crash in Yorktown. As Krall escapes into the city, Uhura and Kirk discover from the Franklin's logs that Krall is actually Balthazar Edison, the captain of the Franklin. A human soldier from before the Federation's formation, Edison became disillusioned with his life and purpose after peace was established with humanity's enemies. When he and his crew were stranded in the nebula, he believed he had been deliberately cast aside. Having prolonged his life using the planet's alien technology that also physically deformed him, Krall/Edison now plans to destroy the Federation in revenge. Kirk pursues Krall into the Yorktown's ventilation system where Krall attempts to unleash the bio-weapon on the entire station. Kirk forces Krall into a portal, causing the weapon and Krall to be ejected into space, where the weapon consumes Krall. Spock and McCoy save Kirk before he is blown into space.

Kirk is offered the promotion to Vice Admiral, but he opts to remain as a captain. Spock receives a box containing some of the personal effects of Ambassador Spock; reflecting on an included photograph of the aged crew of the Enterprise from the original time-line (circa Star Trek V: The Final Frontier), he chooses to remain in Starfleet and resumes his relationship with Uhura. Jaylah is accepted into Starfleet Academy on Scotty's recommendation. As the crew celebrates Kirk's birthday, they view the construction of their new ship, the USS Enterprise-A.
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A lot of funny jokes and big explosions
outispolytropos12 March 2017
A group of amateur actors gathers in a film studio to parody the nineteen sixties TV-series "Star Trek". The actors make jokes that are hilariously funny. Then they go somewhere and there are a lot of explosions. The enemies are ugly, so it's OK to kill them. After 122 minutes the film ends.
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A solid and entertaining journey
Marthian8027 October 2016
With two great movies under it's belt, the latest installment in the Star Trek reboot has some big boots to fill. I was skeptic when I heart J.J. Abrams was not directing it and the writing was done by Simon Pegg and Doug Jong. Fortunately, it turned out to be a solid trek film.

Star Trek Beyond begins with the Enterprise and it's crew on a five year research mission in uncharted space which was assigned to them at the end of the previous movie. Kirk is struggling staying focused as captain of a starship and he is doubting himself if this is the life he wants to live. The Enterprise takes a break from exploring in a massive star base called Yorktown. The star base receives a distress call from an alien woman who lost it's crew on a distant planet. Of course the Enterprise is the best ship to help the alien woman and search for the crew. But this search and rescue mission turns very ugly when they encounter one of the most ruthless villains who's hatred of the Federation puts the whole enterprise crew to the test.

I think they did a marvelous job again and made a Star Trek movie just as great as the previous two installments. The villain was not as interesting as Kahn but the movie makes up for it by focusing on the characters. The story lays more focus on new development like the bond that grows between Bones and Spock and the new female alien character Jaylah (Sofia Boutella, who did a marvelous job) which Scotty encounters. The third act of the movie is the best (with an excellent soundtrack, Beastie Boys and Star Trek mixes very well!) and they once again pull out all the stops with visual and sound effects.

The only caveat I have with this film is the slow start and the main plot being a bit simplistic. Sometimes it feels just like a regular Star Trek episode, but then again that is also one of it's strengths.

So definitely check this one out if you liked the previous two Star Trek films, it's a solid and very entertaining journey.
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This is not Star Trek
samuelglockta9 September 2016
I stopped watching this movie after half an hour. This is not Star Trek. Not even close. If you want to make a fun movie about space and lasers and people jumping around like bunnies on LSD just make another Guardians of the galaxy movie. (Wich was a greate movie by the way)

Star Trek is about interesting SF concepts and space phenomena, interstellar politics, social interaction with alien races and now and then a space battle.

This whole new series of parallel universe Star Trek movies is just a cheap ripoff of one of the best franchises ever made. They cannibalized it for fast profit and killed their long term profit.

Even if you would have wanted to bring a bit more action to a new series of Star Trek movies there would have been a more enjoyable way to do this. What people are waiting for decades is the untold story of the Klingon wars. A new series about the Klingon wars would have been the most profitable thing that would have been ever created and all fans would have loved it.

Instead they just made a remake of Captain Kirks Star Trek and killed his character. RIP Captain Kirk and RIP Star Trek franchise.
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OK, not great, just OK
jetorbit21 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Not a Star trek fan, I'm a sci-fi fan. There's a difference. Loved the first, disappointed with the second, then this. I don't know why early reviews are so positive, but anyway, it's my view. Been so long since a movie of this genre has been the complete package, story, acting, directing, CGI, etc. This movie does nothing to address that. I got bored 2/3 way in, wanting it to end. So many plot holes, just so many. Go see it, but don't have great expectations. It was nice to look at, but that's all. The bad guy started out being very good (at being bad I mean). Opening was OK, nice special effects, just no credibility. And way too much shaky camera, way to much.
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Tries to be more "Star Trek"-ish then previous reboot films, but turn actually less so
srdjan_veljkovic28 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Being less "Star Trek"-ish isn't bad per se. What's wrong with this (motion) picture is that it fails in trying the exact opposite.

This feels like your "regular blockbuster" within Star Trek (reboot) universe. It's interesting because things keep happening, thus it keeps your attention, the time passes by quickly. But, at the end, you don't feel much, if anything. Nothing really interesting actually happened.

It's somewhat unfortunate. It starts of good. There a few funny lines/situations. The story is Star Trek-ish, yet a little different. But, about the time that the rebooted JT Kirk mutters that his "life feels episodic", it starts to feel forced. Everything. The story, the visuals, the "funny". Take "gay Sulu", for example. Sulu's sexual orientation has no bearing on this story what so ever. So, the only reason to show it is to be able to say "we're good with LGBT". Thus, it's forced, plain and simple.

All of it screams "we want to make a blockbuster". But, that shouldn't be the point, really. They should be wanting to make a good movie. If it were really good, given the extent of Star Trek fandom, you can bet it would have been a blockbuster.

So, what we have gotten is watchable, but, oh-so-forgettable. Let me put it this way: for all it's many flaws, I actually prefer "Into Darkness" to this movie.
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Not the Sort of Star Trek That Made Star Trek Great
Dan_L24 July 2016
This ain't your daddy's Star Trek (and the 3D is so unnecessary that it is NOT worth the extra cost):

(1) The plot is close to incomprehensible (2) The directing is mediocre (okay, that is a characteristic in common with the original series) (3) The audience manipulation is palpable (4) The action is overblown (5) And did I mention the plot is close to incomprehensible?

Don't get me wrong. The film is generally fun. But it lacked the heart and soul present in all five television series (ain't counting no cartoons). The "Spock Prime" character is about as confusing as it gets. And while the homages to Leonard Nimoy were touching, they were a bit heavy handed.

But worst of all was the loss of any subtlety and heart. This reboot increasing seems to be solely about the money.

And the negative reaction to Zulu being gay -- which was handled with taste and, unlike the rest of the film, subtlety -- was just plain crazy. I would think that fans would have been a lot more upset about the Uhura-Spock romantic relationship given the nature of Vulcans, even half-human, half-Vulcan ones -- now that's moving away from the Roddenberry playbook far more than making Zulu gay.

All in all, Star Trek Beyond is a pleasant, but not very satisfying addition to the Star Trek compendium.
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Beyond Crap.
TheDevilsNotetaker6 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Easily the Worst Star Trek I have ever seen. Has Zero elements known for being Trek and simply transplanted Fast & Furious into Outer Space.

Story-wise its utter trash. Would Starfleet have the tech to build a vast city-station of the type seen in this at such an early stage in Federation history? No.

It moves so fast its incomprehensible- the CGI and lens flares make it look so synthetic I realized how good the miniatures and physical effects looked in the early movies and ached to see them again.

Krall- the bad guy's motives are never really explained and is a totally forgettable villain- just an excuse for more CGI.

The only saving grace are the performances of Simon Pegg and Karl Urban who really nail their performances as Scotty and Bones.

So thanks to JJ and company TWO of the greatest SF franchises lay in ruins, raped and eviscerated. ST and SW.
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Way to go Abrams. Just when I thought you couldn't do worse.
chrichtonsworld24 December 2016
You don't fool me. You might have put Justin Lin at the helm it is so obvious you were pulling the strings. Because everything in this film has your hand print on it. Star Trek Beyond even starts with a freaking lens flare.

At this point I had made peace with the new Star Trek and just wanted to enjoy myself. Bring on the spectacle and eye candy. Give me the super slick action and your edge of your seat thrills. All I wanted was to have fun. But no, that would actually require some effort and you could not be bothered huh Abrams? So yes let me be one of those guys complaining that this is not my Star Trek. I have been a fan of the original franchise for a long time. I actually embraced the reboot until Star Trek Into Darkness. Although that did not stop me from enjoying for what they were. Fun popcorn movies but so far removed from what Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek should be about that it simply is not funny anymore. But would you believe it that Beyond even fails as a fun popcorn flick? All the spectacle and eye candy was unimaginative, uninspired and ultimately boring. Yes, you heard me say it. Star Trek Beyond is boring. It had me going for the first ten minutes and then I lost interest completely. There is nothing in this adventure that drew me into these events. I could overlook the minimal story and lack of genuine twist and turns. Although the big one at the end was decent enough if it weren't for the fact that I already had stopped caring about this film entirely. All the characters in this film could have died and I would not have given a damn. Maybe except for Bones. Karl Urban can do no wrong with me. Even if he tried to. But all the other characters got on my nerve. Anton Yelchin's Chekov was a parody of the original. Worse of all though he is not in the film as much as I would have liked to. There isn't a single scene that serves has a proper send off and farewell to the magnificent actor he was. And that pisses me off to be frank. Actually a lot of characters including Chris Pine as Kirk lack the charm and wit from previous films. Spock was more human than Vulcan. Let me remind you people that it was his Vulcan half that made him an interesting character. It was like no one in this production cared about this film at all. Then why should I? Why should I give in and accept this mess of a film?

And trust me I tried shutting of my brain and simply enjoy it but I couldn't. Because nothing about this adventure is memorable or exciting. Most important reason is that the spectacle is predictable as hell. Even the Beastie Boys scene you could have seen coming miles ahead. Now I must admit that that scene did put a smile on my face. But one brief moment of joy like that is not enough. Not by a long shot. In order to remain fair I have judged this film solely on what it did offer and not of what it could or should have been. Still I do have to point out that this latest part in the reboot franchise is proof that this is not Star Trek. The older films and TV Shows next to spectacle always offered good drama and thought provoking concepts about many essential things that matter in life. Star Trek made science and philosophy accessible and fun for people who otherwise might not have been interested. Star Trek Beyond however dismisses all of this and treats it's audience like they are idiots. The people behind this new franchise assume current audience only want action and spectacle and nothing more. And maybe this is true which makes me sad. Very sad. I like to be challenged. I like to be provoked about political and social issues when done right. However like I first stated that I was willing and able to overlook the lack of this in favour of fun. But that's just it. Beyond rarely is fun. The very few moments that were could not make me forget the agony I experienced while watching this film. I stared at the screen in such detached manner that I think I would have gotten more enjoyment watching noise.

I for one am hoping that they are done with this and that they will go back to what Star Trek should be about. But if they don't the fans will. So many wonderful fan made Star Trek projects out there that are made with love and passion that surpass these crappy movies in every way. Simon Pegg claims to be a huge Star Trek fan. Then it is so puzzling to me that he could have written this script. Almost everything about it is a downright insult to the real fans and legacy of Gene Roddenberry. I never realized this until now but Simon Pegg is kind of a douche. Overall don't bother people. Star Trek Beyond is a giant waste of your time.
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weakest of the three so far
omorg-pub1 August 2016
and let's hope they don't get any worse, if there even is another sequel following this uninspired sci-fi action flick accidentally populated with characters from the star trek universe.

my first reaction was aaaaaaaaagh.... AAAAAAAGH!!!!

production values... check. casting... check. sexy new alien.... check. banter.... check (sort of, sometimes). pacing... check, i guess. visually stunning sets.... check. but star trek? no, no, no, no no no. this is a sci-fi action film that happens to use characters from the abram's cast.

the villain is bland and the plot uninspired. oh, no, the galaxy/enterprise is in danger. granted that's going to be part of any plot line here, probably, but how it's executed does make a difference. did they do even one thing to continue the expansion/reimagining of the star trek universe? did they, for instance, pick a thread out of "into darkness" and start to develop the human/klingon conflict plot line? did they make good and interesting use of their talented supporting players? not even close.

no real character evolution. lots of exposition for disposable characters, though, done in what is frequently the least interesting way--the character merely relating details of their history (without even good dialogue or tension to add to the moment).

sorry... i've been a fan since TOS... i loved abram's vision. i was saddened to see this release and i hope it doesn't kill the franchise, but i also hope it's not a sign of things to come.

as a final word... anton, you will be missed. regardless of the ultimate quality of this film, your marvelous contribution as ensign chekov and many other creative works will stand testament to your considerable talent and gift to all who enjoyed them. taken from us far too young.
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Like the original series (fun, funny, serious, touching, exciting, imaginative, awesome)
Domzer21 July 2016
Spoiler free review: I was lucky to go to the premiere in San Diego at comic con... the night was amazing but it ended with a super fun movie. That's the best word to describe it... fun.

The difference with the past 2 Trek movies was that unlike the original films we didn't bond with this cast over 100 or 200 episodes of slower paced TV. These guys were just tossed into it. This movie gives us an idea what a show with them would be like. It's impossible of course to do. But it was such a nice break form the overreaching drama from Into Darkness.

This is still serious and has tearful moments and sincere motivations from characters... but it's also fun. Some people forget the original trek as Justin Lin told the crowd at the premiere that the original series was fun. It was funny. It was a pure comedy at times. and he's right. This movie takes all the elements the series was... (serious, funny, action, fantasy) and mixes it into one giant movie. Including the Shatner like fist fight.

Loved it.

Dialogue from Simon Pegg and Doug Jung was absolutely natural to the characters and everyone had their moments. The scenes of different characters sharing moments with each other was great.

New characters Jayla is terrific. Sofia was great in the part.

It's sort of a typical Justin Lin movie too as in the set pieces, action scenes fx were simply amazing... breathless... the character moments fantastic, warm, sweet... the story was very good but some holes and confusion at times but it's so worth having that for the pure fun this is.
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They finally satisfied this old-school trekkie!!!!
sedativchunk22 July 2016
I am a trekkie who has watched everything Star Trek related from the past 50 years including every film and TV show. Although I've enjoyed the rebooted films, they never quite had the same magic as the originals. Until Star Trek Beyond, that is! Star Trek Beyond is the third installment in what is being called the "Kelvin timeline" of Star Trek with the rebooted universe of Kirk's storyline. Compared to Star Trek 2009 and "Into Darkness", this film felt astronomically more like a Star Trek film. I was absolutely blown away; what I thought was going to be a mindless, action-oriented Star Trek movie, was actually a brilliantly written and directed Star Trek film that felt more than fitting in the Star Trek universe.

The spoiler-free storyline; the Enterprise is sent to investigate the disappearance of an alien race's crew in a nebula. The Enterprise (per the trailers...) ends up getting destroyed and the crew held hostage on an alien world that is used as a "booby trap" for countless other species that have also been tricked into exploring the nebula in one way or another. Throughout the story, we are not only introduced to new alien races, but also are introduced to past elements of Star Trek, included a desolate/abandoned NX-class starship! This film pays enormous tribute to not only "Star Trek Enterprise" and it's story-arch, but other Star Trek films/shows as well. For the die- hard trekkies, there is plenty to think and talk about after seeing the movie, as there are tons of references and connections made to the rest of the Star Trek universe (including ancestors of Star Trek characters seen in later series...).

Furthermore, the movies makes a touching tribute to the death of Leonard Nimoy, by announcing the death of Spock Prime. It was done in a very tasteful and respectful way, and I believe most trekkies and die-hard fans would agree that it was only fitting to announce the death of his character in the film. Simon Pegg and the new director did a phenomenal job on this film. It felt so much more like a Star Trek film, at least to me, than the previous ones. The storyline was much more original than the retelling of the "wrath of Khan" events. Chris Pine is also really starting to hone-in on his role of Captain Kirk. Not only was the acting better, but the script this time around made him much more into the masterful Captain Kirk we grew up with in TOS and less of a party-boy.

Overall, Star Trek Beyond fantastic Star Trek film. I can't believe I am endorsing and praising it as much as I am, but in my opinion, they got it right this time. After seeing this, I am starting to have more faith/confidence in the new cast continuing the Star Trek legacy and I look forward to the new films that come out in the series. If you're an old-school fan, give this one a try. It's a fun adventure and feels appropriate in the Star Trek universe.
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Frantically going...
bob-the-movie-man31 July 2016
OK, so I'm a Star Trek fan being old enough to have watched the original series BEFORE it was in re-runs! But Star Trek Beyond just plain disappoints. It's not terrible… but it's not great either.

It's Star Date 2263.2 and Kirk (Chris Pine) is into the third year of their "5 year mission" (which seems to somehow throw away a lot of potential sequel opportunities already doesn't it?). Less buoyant and confident than he used to be, Kirk is feeling a little emotionally 'Lost in Space': after all, as the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy put it "Space is big… REALLY big". Spock (Zachary Quinto) also receives some news of a personal nature that unsettles him. They are both in need of a vacation, and Starbase Yorktown (queue some spectacular special effects and an operatic Michael Giacchino track) appears to be able to offer them that. The crew disperse for a bit of R and R: Sulu (John Cho) goes off to spend time with his family (after the big internet furore, the gay aspect of this is very subtle); Kirk gets career advice from the Admiral; and Spock and Uhuru (Zoe Saldana) go their separate ways since – like Ross and Rachael – they are "on a break".

The reverie is rudely interrupted by the arrival of a frantic alien called Kalara (Lydia Wilson) from the other side of a dense nebula. She needs help to rescue her crew, stranded on a planet there. Kirk's rescue mission however goes far from to-plan, and he and his crew are caught in the clutches of the warlord Krall (Idris Elba).

What's nice about this film is that the core crew of Kirk, Spock, Uhuru, Bones (Karl Urban), Scotty (Simon Pegg), Sulu and Chekov (the tragically departed Anton Yelchin) gel together really nicely as an ensemble cast. The traditional by-play between the characters feels unforced, comedic and provides a warmth at the heart of the film. There is also a touching tribute to Leonard Nimoy, who died while the film was in pre-production, woven into the story of which I'm sure he would have approved.

Supporting the crew as a potential new character is the strikingly attractive and kick-ass Jaylah played by Sofia Boutella (the evil amputee Gazelle from "Kingsman").

There's also some fine and innovative alien technology on display with the 'swarm-like' alien fleet harking back (in an expanded scale) to the invulnerability of the nanites from an original episode.

Unfortunately, all of these positives are severely offset by a largely planet-bound Simon Pegg and Doug Jung story (didn't the woeful "Insurrection" teach writers that this tends not to be a good idea?) and action sequences that are so manically fast-moving that it is almost impossible to keep track of what exactly is happening. (Perversely, this is a film that might actually make more sense on the small screen than the big one, which is just BAD CINEMA!). There was even one point in a final fight scene where I seriously feared Kirk and Krall might have a 'sharing of mother's names' moment (if you know what I mean) but fortunately this script apocalypse is avoided.

At the conclusion the story actually makes no sense to me at all: without spoilers, it is difficult to discern exactly what the motivations of Krall actually were. Throw in a graphic in the final reel that looks like Krall is attacking the Death Star (no, seriously – watch for it!) and the concoction just doesn't hang together very well. I know Simon Pegg and director Justin ("Fast and Furious") Lin are huge Trekkers, but – sorry guys – this was a C- for me.

It's a mildly diverting popcorn movie, but with (for me at least) yet another disappointing film, its getting to the point where the best 'summer blockbuster' is likely to be Deadpool… and that was released in February!

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Not like the old versions
sunbreak7-125 August 2016
If you want a movie that has a lot of action, fighting and graphics, this is the movie for you. If you want a well developed plot and good acting, it just doesn't deliver. The acting is uneven. The Spock character seems to do the best job and is believable. Some of the others seem like they are at times still reading from the script. The old original Star Trek movies had well defined relationship stories in them but in this, it seems like the characters are secondary to the graphic presentations and fighting scenes. I would even say they don't click together like the original cast. So, to me it was entertaining to a certain extent, but disappointing in that the plot was not as developed as it could have been. The actress who played the "helper" in the end did seem to be very strong and believable.
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Much better than I expected. (Major spoilers)
cotita-110 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I had very little expectations on this film but I really liked it.

Maybe its because it has no lens flare and the shaky cam actually works.

It seems the characters have "aged" well, Kirk seems more mature and Spock seems to genuinely care about Uhura.

Jaydah eclipses Uhura as the female lead, she has much more screen time and action sequences. Bones is so much better than the previous films. He manages to bond both with Kirk and Spock, it doesn't feel fake or forced like in the past 2 films.

I didn't like the "Sulu is Gay" scene. I really doesn't add anything to the story. Why are his partner and daughter in the Starbase in the first place? Besides, it looks like everyone already knew about it. Even George Takei didn't like it.

Krall feels more like Khan (from ST WoK) than John Harrison/Khan (from Into Darkness) . He was stranded on a desert planet, he blames the federation for it and wants revenge. But even so, I think Idris Elba did a good job, its clear Krall has a personal agenda, not just "destroy the federation"

BTW Krall reminded me of Jerry from Enemy mine. Just saying.

The Spock prime scene was touching, but they missed to mention how he died. Again no biggie.

It was kind of weird having Scotty be the ladies man (sort of) and not Kirk, but it kind of worked.

The action scenes are good, no lens flare and a little bit of shaky cam (no where near Bourne levels), a couple of scenes suffer from bad CGI but for the most part it gets the job done.

In the end I think its be best of the trilogy, lets see what the next installment will bring.

I wonder how will they deal with Anton Yelchin's death. Will they kill the character? or replace him?
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Drab, soul destroying, rubbish
checkchris10 March 2017
I really didn't think it could get any worse after Into Darkness. Oh yes, it did big time. I am not able to review the movie in full as I turned off after about 1 hour or so. It's not Star Trek - full stop! I would rather watch Enterprise, that's how bad it is. Please no more, please!
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Just plain bad
tfosgard-9472512 December 2016
Those of you who haven't seen this movie, do yourself a favor and skip it. If you gave this movie a high rating when it was out, I suggest you try to watch it again. I'm betting that you will see what I saw -- a really bad movie. In fact, it is so bad, I'm actually taking this time out of my day to write this. I feel ripped off by it.

The dialogue was so bad, the audience was laughing at it throughout the movie. With the crap they had to work with, the actors didn't shine either. Chris Pine came off stiff and unlike-able. He's still not my favorite Kirk but he's been good prior. With nothing to work with in terms of a script, the cast is just limp and uninteresting.

The story itself is silly and implausible. Now, I know in science fiction you have to suspend belief to some degree but this story just stretched me way to far in terms of mad coincidences.

I couldn't wait for this film to end. I'm a life-long Star Trek fan but I'm bailing on this reboot series. "Beyond" was the worst Star Trek movie I've ever seen.
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The soul of Star Trek is fading very fast...
paulcf-510-9104624 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Watched this wretched movie last nite. The only good things: Nice to see a tribute to Leonard Nimoy/Spock. Sorry, only one good thing.

Action? Nope, not even the crash landing of the saucer, seen that before. With no engines, tell me again how it got moving? Acting? Nope, and I am getting tired of Bones (Karl Urban) constantly 'joking' with Spock, way too forced and contrived. Give it up already.

Kirk (Chris Pine) can motocross like a pro on convenient roads. Instant action scenes that give me ADHD attacks.

Bad guys? Nope, nothing new, seen in many other movies. Morphed human goes berserk.

Logic? None, why did Krall wait for the Enterprise to attack Yorktown? Simon Pegg/Scotty, should stay in the engineering level and fix nacelles or food replicators and definitely stop writing screenplays.

If there is one more Star Trek movie like this, I am out forever as a fan and will not watch beyond (pun intended) it.

The soul is gone.
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