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Surprisingly puzzling!! Makes you watch more
PedroRosarioRodriguez25 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Well, without watching the first episode some people might think of this as the typical evil vampire plot in which Drácula is biting everyone around him like crazy. Let me tell you this: The average Drácula can't be any farther from the way he's portrayed here.

The plot is very cleverly opened for many twists in the future due to its interwoven style.The cinematography,costume,and production in general are flawless. As far as the acting goes,it does what it's intended for most of the performers. Although some actors like the one interpreting Drácula himself do a remarkable job. His acting shows some sort of darkness behind and romantic feel at the same time. The latter fits perfectly the story plot.

Some sex,romance,drama and horror are all mixed together to make you watch the entire episode and ask for more!!!
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Dracula, American Entrepreneur and Man of Science
claudio_carvalho13 March 2016
Dracula is released from his tomb and comes to London posing of the American entrepreneur Alexander Grayson. He offers a ball to the high society in his mansion and shows his latest invention. When he sees Mina Murray with her fiancé Jonathan Harker in the party, he recalls his deceased wife that was murdered by the secret Order of the Dragon. Dracula seeks revenge against the members of the Order of the Dragon and is helped by a Londoner that wants to destroy the secret society.

The legendary character of Bram Stoker's novel was shown in different versions in the cinema history: Nosferatu, Dracula films from Hammer studios, and versions from famous directors (such as Tod Browning, Herzog, Coppola) and also by unknown directors. "The Blood is Life" is a television show with a great production, showing London in the Nineteenth Century. The cinematography, set decoration and costumes are very beautiful. However the story is weird, with Dracula as an American entrepreneur and man of science; Jonathan is a journalist; and Renfield is a black man. For fans of the famous vampire, this first show is quite ridiculous. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Dracula: The Blood Is Life"
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Actually better that what i expected
Pink_Fate26 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I was very reluctant to watch Dracula, with all the vampire TV Shows around i just got bored with the same story. Dracula seems different, it is not centered on a love story, it has other aspects that has potential. Its not textbook Dracula story, which might disappoint some fans. Yet i think since the main character is Dracula, he shouldn't be all bad and bloody. This one seems to have a purpose that is both vindictive and noble. The thing that i found so interesting, was the idea that Dracula is a "man" of science and spoke about Darwin, a nice new angle to the old blood and lust monster. I think Jonathan Rhys Meyers can succeed in portraying Dracula, he can be dark, romantic and mysterious at the same time, not to mention very sexy.

Yet, i would say that the best aspect of Dracula is the set, i was really impressed with how beautiful and realistic it was. His house, streets etc, all looked like real setting not a studio at all.

i think i might watch a couple more episodes before i decide if i like it. So far, i wasn't bored and couldn't predict anything, which is always a good thing in my book.
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