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Grosser than its predecessor and unfortunately shorter on laughs.
lnvicta10 May 2015
Hot Tub Time Machine is one of my favorite "stoner" comedies. I know it doesn't technically fall under that category but the style of humor is similar to movies like Harold & Kumar in that it's dumb humor, gross-out gags, and just unbridled ridiculousness. And that's fun to me. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 keeps that same formula but unfortunately it's missing a few key things that made the first one so great.

First is the novelty factor. We've seen these guys time travel before so the whole "explaining time" aspect isn't all that interesting. Second, there's no consistency. The first movie had a plot - it was an adventure from start to finish and you were with these characters the whole way. It was straightforward and it worked. Here, they try to save Lou from being killed by going back in time to stop the killer, but instead they go forward in time and apparently the killer is from that time and ended up going back in time to kill Lou, or something. It's just a dumb convoluted plot. Not that plot is important in a comedy; it just helps to have some sort of narrative to follow instead of scene after scene of ridiculousness.

And third and most importantly, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is missing John Cusack. He held the first movie together like glue. He played Adam, a likable everyman that the audience could relate to, and it helped that he had some of the funniest lines in the movie. This movie is all over the place without him. Lou is now the main character, and as much as I love Rob Corddry, his character gets really old really fast. His entire character revolves around gross-out humor and shock value, and it worked wonders in the first HTTM because Adam's sense of reason helped balance it out. Jacob is now the only voice of reason but he's Lou's son and serves as the punch-line to a lot of jokes in the movie. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Adam Scott is the newcomer playing Adam Jr., the son of John Cusack's character. The gang meets Adam Jr. in the future and he ends up going on the adventure to find Lou's killer with them. I love Adam Scott and he was fine in this movie, but he didn't really add anything noteworthy to the group's dynamic. He plays a geeky character who's about to get married, then on their adventure as you can imagine, drugs get consumed and mistakes are made. He definitely provides some laughs, and the group is still enjoyable to watch for the most part, but you can definitely feel a void in the character department.

The most important thing about a comedy is obviously the laughs, and this movie has a few. Much of the dialogue feels like shock value for the sake of being crude. Again, it works sometimes. Other times, not so much. Everything was done better in the first film. This definitely feels like a cash grab movie, especially since they didn't even bother asking John Cusack to return because they knew they'd have to pay him a sh*tload of money (although he does have a nice little cameo in the unrated version). But all in all, it's not terrible. It's a run-of-the-mill raunchy comedy with some funny moments and a lot of disgusting ones. It's worth maybe a one-time watch - if you were a fan of the first one you'll find some good chuckles here and there, and if you haven't seen the first one then you might enjoy this even more because you have nothing to compare it to.

As far as sequels go, it could have been a lot worse. The fact remains though that Hot Tub Time Machine 2 was simply unnecessary.
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Heartless mess
swaldyn13 March 2015
When I first saw Hot Tub Time Machine back in 2010, I was pleasantly surprised. It was an entertaining buddy movie that yearned for something more, that came packaged with a soul and an ethos, and with its powerful heart, it took great strides to comfort us and lead us on a journey toward self-discovery and catharsis. Hot Tub Time Machine was as much an exercise in great dark comedy as it was a purge of all that was wrong in our lives, and it came loaded with characters that were funny yet so very human. It had all the markings of a truly great movie, and one could tell it was a labor of love, carefully crafted by an adept team.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2, on the other hand, casts itself far astray from its predecessor. In this sequel, we find our regular cast of characters (Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke – John Cusack is absent this time around) living the good future they've carved out for themselves in their last outing. But they're unhappy. Ego and wealth has seized hold of them, and in Corddry's case, has turned him into a frustratingly awful monster that no one, not even his wife or son, can stand. It's during the middle of a party where Fate propels them on another adventure, as a cloaked assassin shoots Corddry in the family jewels. The team rallies together and plunges through the pool of time to find this assassin and halt a "friend's" murder.

Along the way, our protagonists meet up with Adam Scott, cast as a replacement to and a bastard child of John Cusack's character. And it's through Scott that Robinson, Duke, and Corddry discover they weren't just propelled into the future, they were cast onto an alternate time line, a recurring joke intended to spoof several popular movie franchises as of late, most notably The Terminator franchise. After a convoluted exposition and an overdone foundation for time travel, hilarity ensues.

So the audience waits. And waits. And waits. The sounds of candy wrappers and teeth mashing popcorn echo off the walls of the theater. A few people cough. Someone blows snot into tissue paper. A cell phone warbles the classic Power Rangers theme through a pair of jeans. But no one laughs. The audience is so stoic, I find myself wondering if I accidentally stumbled into a screening of American Sniper. Nope. Rob Corddry is on screen vomiting penis jokes at a mile a minute. And no one is laughing.

It's like this for most of the movie. Every twenty minutes I might hear a slight chuckle, but this theater is mostly a mausoleum. Saint Peter is before us, showing us the last endeavors of director Steve Pink and writer Josh Heald before their careers died. It's a lesson for us, a morality play on cashing in with an undeserving sequel.

"Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is lazy," Saint Peter tells us. "It's a bucket of unused jokes thrown at the screen in disarray, hoping — nay, praying — something sticks. It's a good thing John Cusack knew well enough to stay away, but the devils who made this had to go ahead and drag Adam Scott into this disaster." There's a scene midway through Hot Tub Time Machine 2 where Scott trips on psychotropic drugs. He puts this thing called an "electric ladybug" on his neck, which is little more than a bug-shaped microchip. Scott trips for hours and hours, and it's an excuse for the creative time to play with different lenses and editing tools. As I'm watching Scott make a goof of himself for the camera, his head twisting and turning into odd shapes while he makes faces, I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. Here he is, having the time of his life, and we're staring at him like a bunch of old people on a bench with nothing better to do — arms folded and hell bent on people-watching.

What's even sadder is Scott's whole motivation, as a character, is to find his dad. The movie teases us with John Cusack references frequently, whether it's the group of friends finding Cusack's trench coat or his boxed memories of "Cincinnati" (a point of furious indignation in the first film) or Scott, holding up Cusack's photo, bemoaning the ills of being a fatherless son. And whether or not this teasing was meant to be a joke, there's no delivery, and there's no punch line. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 dangles the carrot of a missing character, arguably the one who brings the cathartic element to the previous film, above our heads for an hour and a half and offers nothing for solace. Much like the rest of the movie, there's no sense of closure, no real turning points or soulful characters on a quest to better themselves.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 isn't another darkly comedic exploration of the human condition. It's just junk food, and even as junk food, it doesn't taste very good. The jokes are half-assed and the script is unpolished. It's a last minute effort to capitalize on a movie that built quite a sizable fan base.
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I left the theater asking myself "What was that"?
DarkVulcan2928 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I was a big fan of the first Hot Tub Time Machine, which was Back to the Future meets The Hangover. It was funny and raunchy, had four leads you get invested in, and tells an entertaining story. It's ending left me wanting more, so I thought a sequel would be awesome. When I heard John Cusack was not in this, my feeling for it left little excitement, and the trailer didn't much for me either, but I wanted to give this the benefit of the doubt.

The movie pretends to have a plot, but it's an excuse for gross out gags. Like Movie 43 although not as awful. John Cusack I really missed, there was chemistry with the cast in the first film, with him gone it just breaks down the chemistry. Adam Scott is funny in a few scenes as Cusack's son, but he looks so out of place. Rob Corddry is awful, his craziness is amped up to 11,it's like the writers felt he was too subtle in the first one. And Rob Corddry can be funny, if given the right jokes. Craig Robinson looks incredibly bored, and Clark Duke does try but goes nowhere.

I'd rather watch the first film and pretend that this sequel does not exist.
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Not a good thing when the only real laughs come in the closing credits
Buddy-519 March 2015
"Hot Tub Time Machine 2," the sequel to the critical and box office hit from 2010, proves definitively that if at first you DO succeed, don't try again.

As Part 2 opens, we find that two of the original time-trippers (Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry) have parlayed their earlier visit back to 1986 into fame and fortune in 2015 (a third, Clark Duke, is pretty much the "butler" to his successful dad). John Cusack, the fourth member of the group, has wisely chosen to take a pass on this misbegotten reunion. He clearly used the hot tub to attain the foreknowledge that this particular venture had disaster written all over it.

Now the remaining trio has to travel ten years into the future to prevent Corddry's assassination in the present (don't ask). Adam Scott ("Parks and Recreation") and Gillian Jacobs ("Community") join in the festivities, though we suspect they'll not want to emphasize this particular part of their resume in any future auditions.

The screenplay by Josh Heald is, to put it mildly, a bit of an incoherent mess, short on logic and humor and long on jokes involving punctured testicles, spurting semen and homosexual rape. There is one funny scene in which the three look into a mirror to see their true selves in 2025, but the writer seems to have saved most of his best material for a clever and amusing end-title sequence. Whether it's worth the ninety minutes of dreck you have to sit through to get there is something you'll have to determine for yourself.
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Yea, Sure it's terrible. It's still funny.
chipdfctoo9 April 2015
Who really went into this expecting a masterpiece? Was the first one any better? Nah, not really. Sequels always face harsh criticism, but as far as ridiculous movies with sequels go, this one really isn't that bad. Lighten up, it's a comedy.

I got a lot of laughs from this movie. I got a lot of laughs out of all the "future" advancements we've made as a society. From "smart cars" that get the O.K. to execute people, the scary (but kinda fun looking) club scene, to the hilarious TV shows we all (probably legitimately) have to look forward to. The end credits are also worth sticking around for, these fools changing American history in photographs is just fun.

Most of the criticisms I've read here are about bad plot, stupid storyline, etc... Quit trying to be some newspaper critic. You're not going to get recruited to a "My BFE Town Today" column off Amazon. It's a silly movie, if you expected more, you should stick to the films that are worthy of judging and criticism.

If you want some laughs, with actors you don't expect anything else from, give this movie an hour and a half of your time.
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An average silly comedy
alindsay-al4 December 2015
For a start I have never seen the first hot tub time machine but I get the idea so I watched this completely average sequel. The premise sees one of the crew get killed in present day so they have got to use the hot tub time machine to go to the future. Now all of the crew were good in this film including nick robinson and adam scott. Everybody played there role well and their chemistry felt real in the film. However, some of the other characters your meant to care about aren't that effective in their roles. The story is just overly convoluted and confusing for a comedy. Plus there are some really pointless sub plots in this film that end up really not mattering. The script had some funny dialogue and I liked most of the pop culture references. But, when they try the drama it just doesn't work and neither does some of the humour. The style is sometimes grotesque and at times it is funny but at times it just seems really cheap. Overall this isn't a terrible film but only has a few decent laughs. If you do watch this film continue watching after the credits for the best part of the film.
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Elpri8020 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The first Hot Tub movie was funny. Sometime you should leave well enough alone. The entire movie pushed the envelope of X rated junk. The D word; F word; men's private parts basically was the entire script. The actual movie was probably 30 minutes long. The rest was inane dialogue you find when there is no real material for a script The movie rambles on trying to find out who killed Lou. The script appears aimless as the four friends journey through wild parties;obsession with penis and any other debauchery the writer can come up with. This movie is truly a sequel let down. Cheap laughs will be had by teenagers and porn customers. If you do not fall into either category save your money and stay clear of this movie. It isn't even worth "on demand"!!!!
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Absolute garbage
deloudelouvain27 October 2015
I actually don't remember if I found that the first Hot Tub Time Machine movie was funny or not but what is for sure is that the second Hot Tub Time Machine a piece of garbage is. It is supposed to be funny, that's what comedy is about. And I don't know what they tried at every second of the movie, but it for sure was not funny at all. I laughed once during the whole movie, and even that laugh was kind of forced. It is probably one of the worst comedies I ever saw in my life, and I can tell you I saw a lot of awful movies. Adam Scott is probably one of the least funny actors in the business. I don't know if it's just me but in Parks and Recreation (that I absolutely love by the way) he is also the weakest link. That guy is just not funny at all, and I don't get why they make him play comedies because it won't ever work with him. Rob Corddry was also extremely unfunny and annoying. How this movie can still get a 5.1 rating is beyond me. It's a disgrace to real comedies. I rather watch paint dry then watching this garbage again.
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A Waste of Time (Travel)
SeamusMacDuff14 October 2015
One of the worst movies I've every seen. The original set a low bar, but it had a plot, decent acting, and some humor. HTTM2 has none of these. Corddry's character is among the most unlikeable you will encounter, so when he's the main man you know things are way off. Most others are sleepwalking through their roles, wondering when it's over so they can get their paychecks. The "jokes" are mainly crude outbursts with no setup or relevance.

If televised virtual man-rape is your thing, then maybe you'll like HTTM2. Otherwise, at some point well before the ending you'll be wishing for a HTTM to take you back before you started watching so you can avoid this dreck entirely.
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Why All The Hate? There's Lots To Love!
steveisfreeeva12 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I was very leery about watching Hot Tub Time Machine 2 after reading the countless negative reviews on this site and others. I finally decided to go ahead with it and I am glad I did. I now realize the majority of the hate is stemming from John Cusack being missed. I don't feel that the first one 'worked' because of John Cusack, but it worked because of the 'ensemble', the humor and the pacing of the film. That being said, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is no different because again the 'ensemble', the humor and the pacing is there (although, after all, it IS missing John Cusack....kind of). I found this movie enjoyable. It had it's fair share of funny moments (let's all remember that THIS is a comedy), and the characters we've come to know and love from the first movie are still the same. Adam Scott is the new 'addition', playing the son of Adam (John Cusack) and maybe this is where the film stalls a bit. Scott's character to me was a bit annoying, although in fairness he did have a couple of hilarious moments. Enjoy this for what it is. It works and it's funny. Don't compare it. Think Back to the Future and Back to the Future 2. One might have been better than the other, but they both worked. So does Hot Tub Time Machine 2. And if you're worried about John Cusack..don't'll see.
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I love goof-ball comedies, but this one's sucking on the bottom of the Mariana Trench.
grichman1 August 2015
I have lost time out of my life. This film is an abysmal mess. I watched it first for 15 minutes and could not take anymore. And, a month later, I tried to continue watching the movie, but could not even watch another 5 minutes before pulling the plug or smashing my TV. The storyline straddles between the absurd and the overtly obnoxious. Joke sequences are improvised and spliced together with what seems like bad takes.

I am not a complainer. I like stupid movies like Blades of Glory and at my worst enjoyed Rob Schneider's, Benchwarmers, but this film is in the gutter along with dirty syringes and runoff resulting in a complete waste of time.

There can not ever be a spoiler alert for this movie because nothing can be spoiled in it. In my opinion only, a hunk of garbage with festering vegetables and rotting meat is a good way to explain how I feel about this movie. And the fact that IMDb requires more than ten lines of text for reviews makes me even more upset considering the additional time I have wasted writing this review.

I leave good reviews when warranted, but there is no reason for a good rating here. Any review more than one star should not be taken seriously. Moving on.
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I thought this was supposed to be a comedy
kcguice20 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I laughed twice while watching this movie. This movie has absolutely no redeeming value. None of the characters are likable. The main character is downright rotten.

I wouldn't even recommend waiting for the DVD. My advice would be to skip it altogether. I wish I could go back in time and not watch this movie. Don't say you weren't warned. It'a darned shame because I loved the first movie.

The best part of this movie is when it ends. The next best part is the closing credits. I think the writers used more imagination with the credits than they did with the actual script.
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Seriously, literally, the worst major release I've ever seen
kevrhon-121 February 2015
Seriously, literally, the worst major release I've ever seen. I almost walked out. I never walk out.

I saw the first one on cable and thought it was entertaining enough. It was simple, but funny and with heart. I can't even describe the sequel. If you've seen the trailer, you've seen most of the funniest bits. And much of what you see is tacked on at the end during the credits.

You'd think it's about a series of adventures where they hop back and forth through time trying to fix things or improve their lot in life or something. It's nothing like that. It's all about trying to solve a mystery that threatens the life of one of the main characters. But, you know, "funny." The plot is mostly stitched together with juvenile off-color jokes. And not the good kind. Mostly references to male anatomy. Reading a page of posts here on the IMDb message boards is funnier than HTTM2.

During the first 10 minutes, about half a dozen people at the screening I attended DID walk out. I stayed only because I'd driven over an hour to see it and paid for a full admission plus concessions. I was by God going to stay to the end. It was a very fidgety 90 minutes. I gave it a "2" here at IMDb, only because there were a couple of pretty good laughs.
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I thought it was OK/good, and made me giggle
startroopers9 April 2015
When it started i assumed it wold be useless but as it got going i got sucked in and don't see how the ratings are so low. I found it funny entertaining and the other critics must have forgotten what being young and care free is like. This was U.K. style comedy, It also makes a point that if you don't go for it nothing will get better in life. There are many jerks out there that will test you constantly and if you back off they always come back. But with this Movie you can change time and start over...tell me you ain't thought about it loll. But there are coincidences for every thing you do x 100 fold in time travel. The actors in this film are great and i don't even think about them normally. I think this film was grate for older guys/gals my age that wanna have another go at life.

Dave: Cornwall, U.K.
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Best Watched Under The Influence
ActionFan-Reviews16 April 2015
After watching this movie, it only confirms what I already believe, and thats critics don't know what the f*ck there talking about most of the time. I was a bit put off by all the bad reviews, but I am glad I gave it a watch because this was frickin hilarious! Sure the plot doesn't make sense or it doesn't have John Cusack, but who gives a f*ck! you get more of Craig Robinson, Rob Courddry and Clark Duke, who let's be honest provided most of the laughs from the original. Sure it's more crude and it may not appeal to all those artsy fartsy critics who are whining about the movie not being PC, but if you want a good stoner movie to watch with the guys and enjoy something without taking it too seriously, watch it! I think it is on par with the first and has been unfairly judged. Compared to most comedy sequels, that always do the same thing as the first (hangover sequels), at least this went in a completely over the top direction that was more like a bunch of comedy skits than an actual movie. Overall, I thought it was hilarious and a definite guilty pleasure. Sure it won't appeal to everyone, and its not supposed too. Obviously for a movie like this you don't expect much just a lot of laughs and this is definitely a goofy stoner comedy best enjoyed under the influence.

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The Worst Comedy Ever? Possibly
rjsf9626 October 2015
Sequels for films in general are a case of diminishing returns, this proves true if a) the concept is already running thin and b) it is part of the comedy genre. Look at the Hangover series. The first film was a good comedy with a heart. The first 'Hot Tub Time Machine' followed suit but with a better plot and funnier jokes. 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' follows the exact same formula as its predecessor with a little twist. Remember 'The Hangover Part II', it was essentially the very same film as the first but lacking humour and a soul. Unfortunately you can say the same about 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2'. A premise that only required one film to be explored in, but inexplicably has a sequel because it is guaranteed to make money - well not this time, the film flopped hard, no chance of a second sequel then!

In the first 'Hot Tub Time Machine' film, Lou, Nick, Jacob and Adam inadvertently sent themselves back in time from 2010 to 1986. This time the present day has been completely changed as a result of the events that took place during the first film. The arrogant Lou is a billionaire, Nick a famous song stealing artist, Jacob remains the only one that has not changed and Adam does not make a reappearance. Instead we get his child Adam Jr. This is like swapping caviar for a big mac. Adam Jr. is not introduced into the film until Lou, Nick and Jacob use the hot tub time machine for one last dip. In 2015 Lou is shot and bleeding to death. The three of them try to go back in time, instead entering the very near future of the world. It is their mission to discover who wanted Lou killed. This time the ride will be anything but smooth.

Where do I start with 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2', with a film so pointless, irritating and lazy I want this to be over quickly much like the film itself. The acting is bad. Well, awful. No, horrendous. The script may be to blame, but the likable characters from the first are all gone. Bar Craig Robinson's Nick. A glimpse of an actor trying so desperately to do good amongst the chaos that you want to like the film. But no. This film is repulsive; I hated every frame of it. It is one thing to assemble such comedic talent and then to crush it completely strangling all creativity out of the equation.

'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' has a script that fails on every conceivable level. The tone for one is all over the place. Lurching from romance, friendship and bonding to drug abuse, suicide attempts and rape. This does not work pure and simple. I counted homophobic, racist and hurtful jokes. This is towards almost all genders, races and cultures.

'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' has the nerve to steal its plot almost beat for beat from 'Back to the Future Part II'. Did anyone know how great a travesty they had wrote? Maybe. Did they stop there? No. After all money is still money. Whether it is tainted or practically stolen from the pockets of the audience does not matter. It is best to invent a time machine, go to the year 2010 and tell all involved with the first film to steer clear of a sequel, no matter how big the pay check.

Amongst the penis, boob and ball jokes, it still makes time for the most non sensical sub plot put to film. A smart car tries to kill Lou. I am done here. I left the film halfway through and any true fan of the first film should avoid the sequel like a contagious disease.

'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' is the worst kind of sequel. Irritating, endless and annoying. The jokes are not in good taste and you can almost hear the cash machine register as the actors pick up their checks and leave as quickly as possible. My advice? Treat 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' like a night out gone awfully wrong. To cure the hangover return to the first film and if they do make a third invent your own time machine to erase the Director and writer from film making itself.
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Awful and best avoided
kingdaviduk26 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this sequel might be good, the trailer made it look quite good. The first film was quite good although not a favourite, and I thought the sequel would be worth seeing. However, it turned out to be a bit of a waste of time. Crude, vulgar, indecent exposure in one place -- this film has nothing much to make it good. The comedy was severely lacking most of the time. What was there was just infantile and unpleasant. They had some good ideas in the plot, but seemed to lose all sense of what to make the film about. Lou was a very selfish, self-centered man with a low IQ who thought that doing stupid things was funny -- and right near the end of the film he finally realises what an idiot he has been and starts to change, only for something ridiculous to then ruin that. What were the writers thinking? Just as the film almost tries to save itself it got ruined. The best bits really were just the photoshopped images of them travelling to meet famous people in the past right at the end, as well as the coat-check girl (Bianca Haase). Chevy Chase's brief appearance almost made it worthwhile but he only got a few seconds screen time, so that was pointless. Maybe the makers could not afford to hire him for longer?? The people who made this film, including the writers, should seriously consider a new profession -- maybe McDonald's have a few openings in a local branch.
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Not Even worth the price of admission....
thomas-w1527 February 2015
Hot Tube Time Machine 2: What possessed the producers to make a sequel to the modest hit Hot Tub Time Machine is beyond me? After reading the screenplay for this movie, a thirteen year old would think this is stupid. Yes, it has it's moments where you go so over the top that your body practically forces you to laugh. Outside of those five funny moments, you will find yourself wondering who thought this was going to be funny. With way over the top juvenile humor, terribly written and executed jokes, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 will be a sequel no one will remember.

The screenplay is definitely the worst thing about this movie. It is no plot of any kind. You could take a nap for an hour in this movie and still not miss anything important. There is no big "Oh No" moment or climax anywhere in the movie. You would think that a movie that has to do with time travel has at least a semi-interesting storyline, but no, it is just a stupid comedy film.

Most people probably do not know anyone who is in this movie with the exception of Craig Robinson. He was the funniest in the movie, but that is not really saying a whole lot because the others were terrible. The only think that was funny was a few scenes of Craig Robinson and some physical humor. Anyone can be funny if they have a great joke written for them. The comedians that are remembered for a little while are the ones that have a crappy joke written for them and they still find a way to make it funny. None of those comedians are in this movie, they went to a movie that could actually be funny.

If you want to see a funny movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service will give you comedy and action, while Hot Tub Time Machine 2 gives you next to nothing. I do not recommend you see this in theaters or on DVD.

For more of my reviews, go to my website at
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This was a hilarious, if outrageously crude film
maclock11 April 2015
There are very few comedies which have made laugh out loud in a theatre. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is one of those comedies. I could very well be incorrect, but I should imagine that many of the people who did not enjoy this film were offended by depictions of nudity, drug use, binge drinking, sexual intercourse, and jokes or humour dealing with any or all of the foregoing. If you are not a prude, though, then you may find this outrageous comedy is worth a viewing. It is easy, mindless viewing suitable for a night when you could do with a few laughs. As I have not seen the first movie, I have no idea whether it is in any way funny or amusing. It does not strike me as being necessary in the least, though. The Hot Tub Time Machine series would not appear to build upon previous movies in such a way that you need to view the first film to appreciate what goes on in the second. Recommended viewing for those who are not holy rollers.
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Why do comedies keep getting bad reviews on IMDb? This movie was great and got a 5!!?!??!
misterphilipj4 March 2015
I've noticed a trend where horror movies and comedies get poor reviews on IMDb. I think IMDb really needs to change their rating system for these types of films. Documentaries and dramas and thrillers get artificially high reviews... This is a problem I hope they address.

Hot tub time machine 2 was a riot from start to finish. It was original and witty and lived to the expectations from the original.

Some things did insult my intelligence, but hey - it's a comedy, the time machine plot holes don't really need to be examined like they do in movies like X-men.

Go see it, and enjoy.
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Boy, what a sequel. I say with heavy sarcasm
nukeman-0035924 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The reason they go back in time is because it was their second chance to redo the past and fix their own present. Now, they just go back to the time machine is because of Lou, he was the one that did his future niece and caused Adam Jr. speaking of spoiling, don't name drop better time traveling films. It just feels like i'd rather watch those instead of yours. The second thing i have against is Lou, sure he was an A- hole in the first one, but good god! he gets into a fight with a car, a freaking car! and many questions that are never answered; What was in the Cincinatti box? Why does no one call out Lou? Why does everyone care about Lou? and finally, How the heck does the whole Hot tub time machine travel work? i understand the ingredients needed for it, but still what do you have to do after that? i don't think anyone's body can take that much drugs and alcohol. Not to mention, many of the jokes here are not funny, the excessive name dropping and usually revolve around Lou being an A-hole to everyone.It was awful
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Not sure why I'm even giving it a 2
TheOneThatYouWanted29 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, now I remember. The future scenes were awful but at least they tried, dammit! How did Hot Tub Time Machine even get a sequel? Sure it was funny but not sequel worthy funny. But yeah, everyone and their mothers knew this was going to be a flop and a horrendous movie. Honestly wish I never watched it. Seriously, I need to stop watching films I know are going to be disappointing. What's his name, from the first movie does have a cameo. The man was smart enough to turn down a starring role. All the other actors were just there for a payday. This movie should have been a made for television film at best. Anyway, make sure you don't waste your time on this movie.
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Not funny at all. A blatant cash-grab.
thomas-446-1052687 April 2015
I remember i enjoyed Hot Tub Time Machine 1, so i was looking forward to seeing this one. Let me start by saying, it is not funny at all. I wonder if the script writer was high on drugs, because i cannot imagine how else this would be funny.

This is right up the alley of the interview, its not funny, it even hurts my intelligence to watch it. There was so much room to make a sharp satire with this concept, hell, with the whole Fougle thing going on at the beginning i was hoping for some funny jokes aimed at Google. This is disappointing.

Please Hollywood, stop throwing money on parties and coke and hire better script writers instead. Thank you.

Recommendation: Don't watch, let them try harder next time if they want our hard earned cash.
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Don't watch Hot Tub Time Machine 2
nikosafer20 February 2015
I have never see the original but i glad i didn't watch it.

What wrong with this film?

1)The Humor :is nothing original or new is the same Humor with some other movies(gross out humor)

2)The Story :This is just 4 guys siting a hot tub all the time and tried to date with young girls,nothing else and is not Funny

3)The Characters :All 4 main Characters are not likable

4)is a gross out humor film : gross out humor never have being funny

Don't waste your time to watch this movie watch instead The Angry Video Game Nerd MOVIE
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Very Funny
russrcaldwell-4907619 April 2015
This film is funny and the jokes are terrific. Look, if you're reviewing this and your primary criticisms are directed at the plot construction or the "poorly developed" characters, please put down your film school for dummies book and lighten up. THIS MOVIE IS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE. The plot is nothing more (nor should it be) than a vehicle for the jokes and the comedic talent of the COMEDIANS. Rob Corddry is sharply hilarious and the ensemble has plenty of chemistry for a TIME TRAVEL COMEDY!!!!! If you can suspend disbelief well enough to accept the basic premise, than you can climb the hill that is the rambling, aimless plot. It is quite funny and the cast does a great job in delivering the dialogue. The dialogue is the focus, not the plot or the characters and in that effort it succeeds. Watch the movie but please do not watch it if you're in the mood for a deep character study supported by an intricate, responsible and thoughtful plot. I give it 10 stars for being what it was intended to be - A TIME TRAVEL COMEDY WITH CRUDE, SARCASTIC AND HILARIOUS dialogue delivered by funny people.
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