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  • Another firm, led by a familiar face, makes an aggressive play to steal Pearson Hardman's associates and clients, and the fallout could affect Louis Litt's future at the firm.


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  • Open with Harvey arriving to work exactly at 8am. Donna tells him that one of his clients, Trent Devin, is there for an unscheduled meeting. She also tells him Mike isn't at work yet.

    Devin is having second thoughts about taking his company public, a decision he and Harvey had already talked about. Devin says he's worried about the future of the firm.

    Louis tells Jessica he's upset about hiring somebody after telling him there was a hiring freeze. She tells him to move on and wants them to heal their wounds, starting with him making sure he retains a client that thinking of jumping ship.

    Louis meets with Harold and demands he draft a copy of some contracts for the client they're losing and get them to Rachel first thing in the morning. This is basically his last chance.

    Mike arrives at work at 8:30. Harvey is furious he wasn't there to help with the Devin meeting. Harvey says he's tired of cutting Mike slack.

    Donna thinks Harvey was needlessly hard on Mike. Harvey tells her what's happening with Zoe and her brother.

    Mike runs into a former Pearson Hardman associate named Jimmy. Mike complains about Harvey and Jimmy tells him how good things are for him at his new firm Pratt and Gould. He then tells Mike that his firm is expanding and there is a place for him there. Jimmy also tells him his firm is poaching some of Pearson Hardman's associates.

    Mike drops by Harvey's apartment and tells him he got a job offer. He also tells him about Pratt and Gould going after their associates and clients. Harvey realizes Allison has been whispering in Devin.

    Harvey and Jessica meet with Allison and asks if Daniel is pulling her strings. She says no. Jessica tells her they're filing a claim of interference, arguing she's using privileged information to steal clients.

    Rachel tells Louis that he's lost the client. Despite telling him Harold's work was flawless, he immediately blames the associate. Harold rudely and publically fires Harold.

    Harold talks to Mike about the fact Louis makes him freeze up. Harold talks about how well he did at Harvard.

    Donna and Harvey talk through his existing clients, making sure they are all solid. The plan is to focus on Devin.

    Mike talks to Louis about Harold. Louis eventually agrees to keep Harold, but only if Mike personally guarantees every bit of work Harold produces.

    Mike goes to Harold and tells him there was nothing he could do. Harold mentions several other top associates who are leaving for Pratt and Gould.

    Mike realizes that Allison is taking the firm's best fifth year associates. Harvey thinks Louis may be involved.

    Harvey goes to Louis' office and accuses him of betraying the firm by helping Allison poach lawyers. He denies the charge. Harvey wipes everything off of Louis' desk and tells him that as far as he's concerned the two of them are done. As a senior partner Louis can't be forced out, but Harvey will basically treat him as if he no longer works there.

    Louis meets with Allison. He wants a job. He says Jessica will waive his non-compete as long as he doesn't take any clients. He wants a senior partner position, but Allison tells Louis he has no leverage. She wants him but he'll need to earn the spot. Allison promises he'll be valued if he joins her firm.

    Mike tells Harvey he knows what's going on with Devin. He thinks Allison is offering him a deal to become CEO of a larger combination of two companies.

    Harvey tells Devin he knows what's going on. All he asks is to be allowed a look at the contract. If it's on the up-and-up, Harvey thinks Devin should leave him for Allison. But he reminds Devin that he's never lied to him and wants to at least have a shot at protecting him.

    Louis goes to Jessica and asks to be let out of his non-compete. She says she's not on the same page as Harvey and thinks he's a valued member of the firm. Jessica knows what it's like to be wooed by Daniel. Jessica signs the release, but Louis now looks conflicted.

    Heading into the office Mike is cornered by Tess' husband. He punches Mike in the face a few times and kicks him in the stomach.

    Louis leaves his resignation letter on Jessica's desk and heads to the elevator with a box of his personal items. Just before he heads down a bloodied Mike appears from another elevator. Louis helps clean him up and they start talking about Louis leaving the firm. Mike mentions that he needs help with the Devin contract.

    The next morning Jessica tells Harvey she doesn't like how he treated Louis and thinks he's off his game. Mike shows up and tells Harvey why he got beat up. Mike tells him he figured out the Devin contract is actually too good to be true, Allison is trying to collapse Devin's company so she can represent him. Mike tells Harvey that Louis was the one who figured out the issue was with the numbers. For Louis it was a just a way to say he's sorry.

    Harvey tells Allison that she's lost the fight for Devin. She tells him that it's only a matter of time before things get worse for Pearson Hardman, since everybody knows they're weak.

    Mike talks Jimmy into getting Harold a job at his firm.

    Harvey tells Jessica he wants to be a named partner. She tells him it's not the right time.

    The episode ends with Harvey tearing up Louis' resignation letter.

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