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  • Caesar's masterly manipulation allows a triumphant Roman recapture of Sinessa. Gannicus stays behind to cover the retreat of Spartacus and most warriors onto the icy mountain ridge, where they are pinned down in dire conditions. Crassus rewards Heracleo with gold and 'traitor' Laeta, but Gannicus manages during his escape with Sibyl to kill the pirate captain and rescue the new 'slave'. Crassus orders Tiberius, who hoped to resume deputy command, to preside over the celebration of Caesar's victory and bribes senator Metellus to share the looting of the whole city. Instead of befriending Caesar, jealous Tiberius tries to trick his rival during the bloody execution of prisoners, but Caesar triumphs again.


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  • "Spartacus: War of the Damned" - "Spoils of War" - March 8, 2013

    We pick up right where we left off with Caesar advising the rebels to run and the battering ram shatterin the gate. Agron, Gannicus' German galpal and Lugo are attempting to hold the gate but the influx of soldiers is just too much.

    Spartacus, Crixus, Naevia, and Gannicus fly in to another area where Romans have streamed in and the battle is on. While they defeat this group Agron arrives to announce the gate has fallen and takes off to find Nasir.

    Crixus wants to stay and fight but Spartacus says it's time to cut and run. Gannicus offers himself up as a diversion saying that Spartacus' death would be too much while his would be less important.

    Crassus and Caesar fight side by side strking down the rebels.

    The other rebels stream out Northern gate in hopes of escape and Crassus' army heads after them.

    Most everybody out leaving the small core crew to take on the whole army. They battle their way back to the gate which is inching closed. Spartacus rolls under just in time as the gate slams shut trapping the army inside the city walls.

    Regardless, Crassus is still psyched, having struck a serious blow by driving the rebels out and having secured the city.

    Gannicus, having survived his battle, takes refuge with his admirer Sybil under the stables where Laeta once hid.

    Caesar gets a shave and a haircut and is embraced as a hero. The once skeptical senator is happy. Crassus wants to do executions to keep his men motivated and delights in his and Casear's victory. Caesar isn't sure it's a victory but Crassus says the rebels are trapped on the ridge, from which there is no escape.

    Sybil tends to Gannicus wounded hand and reflects on how hard it is to kill Spartacus. Gannicus says their fate might not be so rosy now that they're trapped. She tells him she has faith.

    Caesar unshackles Laeta who recognizes him from his infiltration. Caesars reports that Crassus says to clean and care for her so she is washed and redressed and restored to her former finery.

    Crassus goes to chat with Kore and ask her to stay by his side here in the villa. She is thrilled but clearly damaged by her rape at Tiberius' hands in the followers camp. Tiberius enters and heads her off at the pass saying he laid a "heavy burden" on her by mourning the passing of Sabinus with her and that she gave him great comfort. Crassus promises Tiberius that soon he will reinstate him as a leader, after he leads the tribute to Caesar's victory. This, of course, leaves a bad taste in Tiberius' mouth but Crassus counsels that shrewd men turn rivals into allies and Tiberius must do this. He embraces him and his pride beams through that Tiberius has become a man through war. Tiberius says he has become what Crassus has made him. Later he goes to Kore and threatens her, saying that he will say she willingly gave herself to him if she tells Crassus. It is clear she will not tell and risk her position.

    Gannicus and Sybil keep quiet in the stable but the soldiers begin to pry up the boards. He tells Sybil to pray and gives her a knife and instructs her to cut her throat if he is killed since this will be a better fate than being held captive by the Romans. Instead, he vanquishes the soldiers and they escape into the city to figure out a plan.

    The newly cleaned up Laeta goes to visit Crassus. He wants to hear of Spartacus the man, an appraisal of his worthy adversary. She reports that Spartacus is not a beast,but a wounded heart, yearning to balance scale. She says he fights for what he believes is just and cant stop. Crassus says theyre the same then, both thinking themselves hero and the other villain and that history will decide. He then springs a horrible surprise. Heraclio, who it turns out was not killed but only wounded in the last episode, comes for his final payment. Crassus tells him to take his coin and take off, and as a parting gift, gives Laeta to him since she lent aid to Spartacus.

    Caesar is playing with two women, a gift from Crassus and he summons Tiberius. He offers one of the chicks and some wine as a treat. Tiberius is cranky and having none of it. Caesar brags of his glories. Tiberius seethes.

    As they are about to depart Heraclio tries to convince Laeta he wont hurt her and shell be his queen. And then he brutally brands her with his "H" and then kisses her as she screams. Gannicus comes in and confronts Heraclio. A fight ensues but it is Laeta who kills Heraclio, with his own branding iron. Gannicus, Sybil, and Laeta plan their escape as Gannicus dons Heraclio's cloak and tethers them as if they are his slaves.

    Meanwhile, the superfun tribute to Caesar is on with slaves drawn and quaterered and beaten as part of the entertainment for Caesar, Crassus, the senator and others.

    As they drink and cheer, Crassus reveals that he is claiming the city for himself. The senator calls him greedy. Crassus says its the spoils of war and offers him the villa and taxes from port as a way to sway him. Bribing him essentially to convince the sentate to let him have the city. The senator starts seeing his point of view.

    Tiberius is leading the bloody tribute and when Lugo starts mouthing off he gets an idea. He declares that Ceasar himself should slay the final slave and hands him a sword. But, unknown to Caesar, Tiberius has unshackled him and he fights back. Caesar shrugs it off and says fighting this guy and killing him will be a symbolic win for Rome and tosses him a sword. It's a serious fight that it looks like Caear might lose but, of course, history being what it is, he isn't killed. He doesn't quite triumph either, however, as the slave ends up killing self instead of letting Caesar land the killing blow. It's kind of an anticlimax but Crassus puts a triumpthant spin on things. Tiberius seethes.

    Just as Gannicus, Laeta, and Sybil are almost to the gate Caesar spots them. Gannicus spies two horses and tells Laeta and Sybil to make a break for it and he fights off Caesar and the soldiers. He gets Caesar good before jumping on a horse and riding off.

    Caesar is pissed and wants Crassus to go after him. But Crassus likes the idea of the false hope that Gannicus' survival will give the rebels.

    They make it to the snowy ridge where things are dire and cold for the rebels. They are all thrilled to see Gannicus and Gannicus them. But then Spartacus lays the bad news to him: he takes him to the end of the ridge where a huge trench is dug near the edge. It would appear, says Spartacus, there is no way out.

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