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  • Elderly Eunice Bevan's corpse is discovered in her house whilst her bed-ridden, ailing husband Joe lies in the room above. With no sign of forced entry it looks as if the killer was one of the Bevans' children but the only one still around is daughter Helen and she claims to have had no contact with them for thirty years. Joe however is convinced he heard Helen argue with her mother and she is arrested. Helen tells Rachel that when she was growing up the parents abused her and her siblings, one of whom committed suicide. Janet, now acting sergeant, sees that Joe is far more mobile than he claims and the police reason that one of the two must be the killer. Rachel is less sure that she did the right thing in marrying Sean and can also do without the reappearance of her loud, drunken mother Sharon.

  • After a neighbor tells Janet Scott there might be trouble at an elderly couple's house down the street, she calls in uniformed police. They find Eunice Bevan's decapitated body and her invalid husband Joe bedridden. When Rachel questions her daughter Helen Bartlett, they learn that Helen and her parents were estranged and hadn't seen one another for 30 years and the only sibling she kept contact with was her sister who had died the previous year. Joe tells Janet that there was someone in the house and heard Helen's voice. On that basis, they arrest Helen for suspicion of murder but when they realize Joe isn't the invalid he was made out to be, they're not sure who is guilty. Meanwhile, Rachel is growing rapidly disenchanted with new husband Sean and feels she's made a mistake marrying him.


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  • In this return back episode It is started in flashback type start up to the show... The opening scene shows Scott and Bailey's Boss aka Godzilla being attacked from behind and then pans back to 8 months later... There is a grim discovery on the street Janet scott lives on. A beheaded woman is found in her home. The only people who appear to be at home, however are herself and her bed ridden husband, which is where a long twisting mystery begins, the aspects of incest, and abuse appear in this show with a shock revelation by one of the daughters of the late woman... Similarly back In their personal lives janet scott and Rachel Bailey seem just as mixed up... Against her better nature Rachel lets her mother back in to her life, an embarrassing event ensues.. Meanwhile her partner Janet discovers her husband is seeing someone new. She feels jealous, not of his affections but the fact she can't find any one to fall for her self.

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