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So stupid that it's wonderful!
MartinHafer28 March 2015
"Axe Cop" is a super-hero cop who has magical powers and adores chopping the heads off baddies. He has no other life--he just lives to kill thousands and thousands of evil doers by lopping off their heads.

Yes, "Axe Cop" is a show made by both a semi-responsible adult AND a 5 year-old! While this might sound stupid, and it is, the child-like characters and dialog make it a lot of fun. So, instead of an intelligent and well thought-out hero and baddies, they are insanely dumb--like the sort of things a 5 year-old boy might think of when he's playing (or on LSD). And, the dialog is equally silly--just like you'd hear from a little kid as well. For example, in one episode Axe Cop says that all girls are stupid--not a sexist comment but more like the sort of thing almost all little boys would say. The overall effect is very random, silly and occasionally very hilarious. Well worth seeing and enjoyable for all ages provided you have a high tolerance for weirdness--which I hope you do.
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Niche comedy gold
tbond8921 August 2013
If I watched this show with absolutely no idea of it's premise, I would have thought this show is utter rubbish; I can understand how some of these reviews can be so scathing.

So if you haven't yet seen Axe Cop and are thinking of giving it a go, there's one thing you must know: The synopsis and story lines of the show were conceived by a 5 year old.

Once you know this fact, the craziness and lack of explanation for story development makes sense, and makes it so much more enjoyable. Characters will randomly develop new powers, superheroes will travel to different planets in monster trucks and on the backs of dinosaurs, and people's heads and limbs will be cut off with no clear-cut reason as to why.

But that is how the mind of a kid works; anything that they think is exciting, dangerous or cool will get a mention in the story. If they do need to justify a point to close a storyline, it is the work of magic, or secret powers, or it's from another planet. Don't expect stories to make sense, but it's not supposed to; it's the craziness of the situation that makes the show so great to watch.

It's not for everyone, but if you're a kid at heart, give it a go! You'll think this is fantastic.

Plus some great voice cameos.
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Axe Cop Rules
PhDiesel7 August 2013
This show is a fantastic harbinger for future interaction between the internet and television. I've followed the Axe Cop web comic for years and to see it brought to life by Nick Offerman, Patton Oswalt and Johnathan Banks is pretty much wish fulfillment. If the plot seems childish to you, that's because it was written by an 8 year old, Malachai Nicolle. His older brother brought Malachai's stories to life and the animation style really syncs up well with the illustration style of Ethan's comic. If you can't handle the pure, unbridled madcap awesome that is Axe Cop, you may have lost the childish part of your soul. I, for one, am ecstatic that this show has made it to network TV and I pray that it goes well enough to prompt other networks or FOX to consider animating more web comics. Could we see Nathan Fillion voicing Dr. McNinja someday? We can only hope.
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A Great Show
digdog-785-71753810 August 2013
A Great Show!

Unfortunately some people won't get it; A shot explanation is that it's meant to be confusing, over the top and nonsensical.

The madness of the show isn't just the protagonist, Axe Cop, being so called because he has an axe, it's that it's totally feasible for these characters to "take a dinosaur" instead of "take a taxi", and more so when the destination is another planet, not just "down the block".

Frankly i've had enough of characterisation always trying to be the "more cool than the guy before, with extra shoulder spikes", ad i find refreshing the positively childish attitude with which the show is scripted.

So i'm totally cool with Axe Cop's partner being "Flute Cop", and i'm thankful that it's this writing team that did this show, because if someone else with your run-of-the-mill writing talent would have done this show, it would have been Axe Cop and Shotgun Cop, or Axe Cop and Fire Girl, or Axe Cop and Axe Spy, and so on and so on.

Great show - but Bob's Burgers is still better.

My vote : 8/10 - for those who "get it".
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Not quite up to par with the comics, but great nonetheless
Swhiteyolk19 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I've been a fan of the Axe Cop comics for over a year now. I love them for their zany, bizarre, random, and extremely imaginative story lines and characters, as well as the phenomenal art. When I heard they were making a TV show out of it, I was torn. I was ecstatic that it was getting a TV show, but I was nervous about it being terrible.

Then I saw the first episode, and absolutely loved it. They almost perfectly captured the essence of the comics. Sure, it's not quite as crazy as the comics, but I'm sure that was just so it would appeal to a wider audience. This is the type of show I can put on and just laugh nonstop for 11 minutes. It's hilarious! It looks, feels, and sounds just the way I would want an Axe Cop TV show to look, feel, and sound. All of the actors in it are great, and give an excellent performance as their characters. Nick Offerman is especially perfect, playing Axe Cop himself, and fully capturing his rather emotionless and psychotic demeanor. And again, this show is extremely weird, but in a delightfully imaginative way. It'll shock you into laughter with it's unnecessary violence and dark dialogue. For example, the episode Birthday Month has an evil Santa Claus who wants to go to Heaven "To kill God and become Jesus! Obviously!". I kid you not, he actually says that. This is just one of many hilariously dark things in this show.

If you love shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show where weird and creative things happen, you'll definitely like this. It's darker than those shows, but has the same sense of humor and imagination. The only weak episode so far is Babysitting Unibaby, everything else is just pure gold, my favorites being... well, all of them except that episode!

I'm not sure how long it'll last with it's weird time slot and the fact hardly anyone knows about it, but I'll watch it to the very end.
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The single funniest cartoon ever.
lorddrawcula9 May 2015
I have never laughed harder at any cartoon I've ever watched in my life. The Amazing World of Gumball can really hit my funny bone, too, as it has several flashes of brilliance I don't often see in other cartoons. But for me, nothing holds a candle to Axe Cop. It's just so meteorically stupid.

It only takes one minute till I'm laughing like an idiot at the sheer naivety, imagination, and format-bending splendor that goes on in every single episode. Each one is ridiculously action-packed, action conceived only by a young boy whose imagination speaks for just about every young boy's imagination, ever. Now, I generally don't like action-packed shows or movies, because often times it's taken SUPER- SERIOUSLY by directors--directors who are adults, mind you. Eventually, the insane action becomes absolutely mind-numbing, and the only thing that can fix that is action that is MORE insane... it's like heroin to some people, maybe Michael Bay. But Axe Cop walks over all serious adult action, doing it better than everyone else, no less as a cartoon. It IS taken seriously, but by a kid. And because it's conceived by a kid, it's not just absolutely off-the-wall bizarre action, it's GENUINE.

Cheap philosophies aside, this show hits my funny bone, every time. The icing on the cake is its TV-MA rating: there's no bad language and no sex, just blood every now and then. That alone shows it was written largely by a kid, and what a lucky kid he is.

I won't go into details, because describing the plot line of any episode is exactly like trying to retell the story your son brought to his show and tell. It's just a gem. If you don't laugh at Axe Cop, you haven't lived: you have simply existed.
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All about context
steveviper5 September 2013
It's a little hard to appreciate this show unless you understand where it''s coming from. The show is based off of the comics created by 28 year old Ethan Nicolle who does all of the illustrations and written by his 5 year old brother Malachai Nicolle. Personally I love the comics, and I think the premise of the show is a solid idea, and I believe it can be fun for all ages. It's definitely a different perspective of writing and it's meant to be over the top and ridiculous.

The previews look promising, I had a few chuckles and it definitely seems true to what the comics are all about. I personally am enthused to see this become a TV show and can't wait to see how it turns out.
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We need more shows like this!
dansuper910 September 2013
Axe Cop is incredible funny show that parody all the Super-Hero cartoons and the Pulp Fiction genre.

Alomst every second there is some cops/science-fiction Cliché that turns in unexpected way to crazy direction. the creators mock about almost any sub-genre of Geek Culture, including Anime, Super-heroes comics/ TV shows, Procedurals shows, Detective novels, Western movies, Horror movies, Science-fiction, Fantasy, and much more. Must-See show for every Geek!

and yes, it's childish, and the humor is often silly and immature, but in cool, funny and original way. in these days when most TV shows are the same (procedurals/soaps), it's refreshing to see an original show on a broadcast TV channel.
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OrangieTooDope22 May 2018
I managed to catch this a few times when it was current but it was on at a weird time so I missed most of it. I just got to watch every episode and I loved it. What a shame this show didn't go on forever. A cop that thinks women are dumb and refuses to help babies because they're dumb and random dinosaurs. What else could you want? Oh yeah, cutting off heads.
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So, so insane
cherold24 January 2017
I'm not really a big fan of the sort of meta cartoons you see on Adult Swim. Most of them just seem really stupid. The only one I ever cared for at all was Sealab Something-or-other.

But for some reason, I just *love* the very meta Axe Cop. I love it because it acts like it's the stream-of-consciousness ramblings of a hyper 8-year-old brought to life. It makes no sense, but it makes perfect dream sense. It is often quite heartless and always wildly funny.

There have been two seasons so far and only a handful of episodes per season, so while it is possible that this joke could get old eventually, at this rate I could watch it for years.
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Funny, but tries way too hard
bryantjlarsen12 August 2013
It takes a lot just to "get" this show, and I may never fully get it. It seems like the theme of the show is that the more childish, ridiculous and nonsensical the story becomes the better, with the comedy coming from the unwarranted intense seriousness of Offerman's voice acting when referring to "poop monsters" and the like. The dialogue is funny but its seems to try very hard to appeal to the wacky adult swim fan as opposed to the conventional and more broadly appealed Family Guy/Simpsons fan.

There is no depth or insight whatsoever to the show, just mindless action and quirky remarks. It does not seem to take an old theme in a new direction like Venture Bros and Johnny Quest, or Archer and James Bond, but is more reminiscent of something a bunch of manatees in tank full of "idea balls" cam up with. I would not be surprised to see a dedicated but small fan base try to keep the show alive for another season or two, but I would also not be surprised to see the show cancelled and quickly forgotten.
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Utter Garbage
Juaqino17 August 2013
This is, without a doubt, the worst cartoon I've seen in my life. I suspect that the makers of this show have purposely inflated the IMDb rating for it, because I just don't see how anyone could rate it anything more than 1 star.

It's terrible.

They think that they're being clever by being random. But see, randomness in and of itself is not funny. Adult Swim shows can have a level of crazy randomness, but the episodes are usually about something. What Axe Cop tries to do is copy Adult Swim but take randomness to a point where that's all it is. There's nothing funny or clever about it.

Axe Cop should have been called "Deus Ex Machina: The Show", because its randomness gives it virtually no form or restriction(yes, that's always a bad thing). For example, a character can suddenly have fire powers or move the entire earth without those powers ever being previously established and without any explanation. The Axe Cop is surrounded by enemies? Well now he has the power to cover the earth in fire that only kills all the bad guys! It's not funny or amusing because every second of every episode is just like that. There's a reason children usually don't write for TV or Film because their imaginations are random and have no substance. I guess the creators and the idiot executives at Fox thought that this time they'd "think outside the box" and hire a kid and his older brother to write a cartoon for them. This goes to show just how out-of-touch some of these executive goons are.

Don't bother watching this show. Go outside or read a book; don't lower your already low standards and let this crappy show melt your brain.
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this is the sort of show hipsters watch. they watch it so they can say its awesome. so they can tell you, "you just don't "get it" "

there's nothing to get. and there's a reason we don't have more 5 year olds writing for the media.....

i do however, take this back if its a show for kids.... and if the dude that writes it, reads this, i'd tell him not to stop writing comics because its brilliant that he's doing it at all at such young age and that he clearly has massive potential to write epic stories in the future, but this is metaphorically raw meat, thats no where near the quality ready for human consumption.
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A Horrible Rip-off of adult swim.
m3trigun23 July 2013
I can't even begin to comprehend who would watch this garbage. During the time slot it was shown i would guess it would be intended for more mature audiences, but it seemed like a plot meant for a 10-13 year old. Also judging by the first episode it was such a horrible blatant rip off of adult swim's nightly lineup, which is what they're trying to do at FOX, but failing miserably. This show actually lacks any coherent plot or production quality. I would rather watch those garbage newer episodes of the Simpson's than watch this crap. For a good animated show go watch Futurama. I would be surprised if this show didn't get cancelled after about 2 weeks on the air, did they even do any test screenings with this crap? Oh god. i mean i thought i had seen awful before but this really takes the cake.
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