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Absolutely love it!
grillmasterj14 October 2014
If you're a fan of the original Starblazers, you owe it to yourself to watch this series in its subtitled glory. It may not entirely have the same voice-acting nostalgia you grew up with, but characters you know and love are still there.

The character designs are not exactly the same either, but it borrows aspects of the original art style so that the characters are recognizable. Everything looks and feels fresh, crisp, and new. But the beauty of this re-make is they've kept all the things that make Starblazers/Space Battle Cruiser Yamato the same...the sound effects from the original series are still intact, as well as re-recorded versions of the classic music. C.G. is added to good effect for the actual ship, without sticking out like a sore thumb (*cough*evangelion*cough*).

I just started watching and I'm instantly hooked. ^_^ Anyhow, this review, work in progress, since I just started watching. And I have to get to sleep soon. So, to be continued...
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Better than the Original
djm_hawkmaster25 October 2014
First off, thank you Bandai and the production team for bringing this back.

I watched the original when I was 10-12 years old, so on a personal level it was nostalgic. That being said, the story has been modernized in a very technical way to add "onion like" layers to the level of realism.

The combat scenes were the finest space battle scenes I have ever seen in live action or Anime, in their detail, Better than the New Battlestar Galactica IMHO. The CGI and 2D animation was blended masterfully.

The Story has been updated in a way to fill in the realism gaps without stepping on the Original. The Characters have real and individual motives and the antagonists are no exception.

You do not have to have watched the original, the movie, or even anime, to thoroughly enjoy this series.
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Space Opera at its finest
michael-dioguardi21 March 2015
I watched the original series, like others here. I can safely say that while this series holds true to the original, it stands alone on its own.

The animation is very good. Explosions, lasers, all the sci-fi stuff one expects and done well.

The score is another aspect I found compelling. The music was done well, with great pieces well placed to enhance the story.

Characters, this is where I believe the show really stands out. With 26 episodes characters are well developed, and not just the humans. Many of the enemy characters are given equal treatment, going so far as to show family relationships among the enemy.

Battle scenes, great stuff here. We are treated to some battles that get you excited and anxious at the same time. People die, even many characters who have been developed in the storyline.

Finally, and I know some will not like this statement, any movie containing a battleship is a great movie. The naval themes presented are right up my alley. With everything from ship designations based on naval terminology (destroyers, cruisers, aircraft carriers, etc) and line formations just like watching naval reviews. Much of the ship fighting combat scenes are based on naval warfare techniques from the days of the large capital ships combined with more modern carrier warfare.

To conclude, I have watched this series twice now, and still find it exciting to watch and the characters extremely compelling. I have only found the series with English subtitles and the speaking in the original Japanese. If one is not able to do subtitles, you might wait until a dubbed version is released.

Note, this has also been released at Starblazers 2199. The primary difference I found is calling the ship the Argo rather than the Yamato, as the original Starblazers series did. The original series also changed the names of the main characters, for example Yuki Mori was called Nova in Starblazers. I am unable to explain these changes in names other than fear that a US audience would reject characters with Japanese names and would not want to see the IJN Yamato take on a second life of space flight a mere 40 years after its actual sinking. Space Battleship Yamato 2199 plays no such games with its audience.
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Faithful remake of a classic!
I'm rating it 9/10 but personally for me its 10/10 because of the nostalgia factor.

This is a remake of the mid 70's Space Battleship Yamato which was released in the US as "Star Blazers" and dubbed into English. It was so popular in Japan that there was a musical tour of the music from the show. It was equally popular among American children of the 70's and 80's.

This is an excellent remake. They kept what made the series great in the 70's and of course the animation and general picture quality is vastly superior.
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Great stuff.
Blueghost17 January 2017
Like the other reviewer said, this is better than the original. It's an appropriate update of the old "classic" anime that had been imported from Japan in the mid late 1970s.

The old show was a little hard to take at times because of all of the dialogue mis steps the English cast took or uttered, and the animation was typical "get it done fast" off shore anime that often had problems with perspectives and budget restraints regarding the number of drawings that could be used.

Thankfully CGI has freed the budget to allow animators to concentrate on the characters and letting the computers render the various machines, vehicles and devices, making for an incredibly good viewing experience.

It had, at one time in my life, been an ambition to take animation that I grew up with that had good stories but poor animation, and bring up the level of quality with improved techniques. "Space Battleship Yamato" (or "Starblazers") was on that list. And I'm glad someone else had the same idea and ran with it.

All the classic characters are there, including a few new ones adding to the story mix. And most of all the characters themselves are less exaggerated than the previous show.

It's still marginally hokey (a flying space battleship, which has some ultra-right political roots in Japan), but it's still an enjoyable watch all the same. If you've seen the original, grew up with it, have a fondness for it, then you should at least try to watch this show's first episode to see what you think.

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An Update to the Original Without Discarding the Past
uraki057 March 2015
If you were a fan of the original series (, the 2199 series will be a nostalgia filled experience. There have been a number of updates as other reviewers have posted. The end result is that 宇宙戦艦ヤマト2199 is overall a richer experience and up to par with today's expectations. If you are someone who has never seen the original, this is an exceptional piece of work and fully stands on its own without need for prequel.

If you're a fan of the original soundtrack, you're in for a special experience as the most familiar melodies are there and unchanged. You will also find a plethora of new material that blends well with original 1970's compositions.

The animation is clean and crisp, but full of detail. Typically not what you'd expect to see in a weekly televised series. Due to the unique method of release (episodes grouped and released to theaters first and shortly after broadcast episodically), the production values are very high.

Again for those familiar with the original series, everything is updated but familiar. Nothing went through a redesign so drastic that it would not be recognized. Character designs are updated to more contemporary appearances. The mechanical side of the designs benefit most from the improved animation technology available today. Some elements and characters are new, mostly done to complete the story or add depth. The story is now deeper without becoming mired in its own twists and turns hopefully allowing the viewer to become more emotionally invested with at least a few of them.

The end result is a remake that does not need to rely on nostalgia but embraces and honors its past all while bringing the animation, sound, and story into a more contemporary era.
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Nothing compares.
primeadministrator4 February 2019
I've seen a lot of reboots over the last 10-years and nothing compares to this one re-imaging. Not only does it respect the source material immensely, but it actually adds to it in a meaningful and constructive way. I will not spoil the show. I will only say that it should be watched by English speaking viewers in the original Japanese with subtitles to understand the full tone and depth of this Space Opera. It is amazing how much care, and work the SBY 2199 team put into making sure this reboot followed the canon of the original, while at the same time correcting many of the major scientific mistakes and inconsistencies the original show had. 10-stars, and the SBY 2199 team earned them.
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Interesting Military Space Opera
mayank0987624 August 2018
I enjoyed this military science fiction anime series from Japan, it is based on a remake of the 1970's space opera by the same name which itself is based on a manga series, it could be said to be the Star Wars of Japan and the series which inspired other renowned anime. It's also credited in introducing complex thoughts and mature plots in the Japanese anime industry.

The highlight of the series is the story, a tale of aliens attacking Earth and bringing the human kind to extinction, the last hope for the humans is a journey across the Galaxy's, to a friendly alien race who promises a chances for survival. Although the plot itself is simple, it's actually rich with deep conundrum and conflicting solutions. The Journey is full of space battles, drama, inner conflicts on what's right and what's wrong. Another highlight is the vast yet different characterizations, each with their own colorful personalities.

While I found the character animations good, the space battles and the ship itself were average for me, I am not a CGI fan and these were CGI heavy. The sound effects and music on the other hand were good.

I would recommend the series to a those who enjoy Space Operas
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Awesome space opera, sci-fi, you'll even probably cry a bit.
diverscale29919 March 2019
If you like SCI-FI, this is it for you. But not only space battles and lasers.

This series gives such a great attention to details, and explains pretty much everything (that is how I like a SCI-FI, create new tech while creating the backstories explaining them). I often had to pause to look at things like the very detailed engine or shield monitors, and had to back up to listen back to important information given.

The main vessel of the series, the Yamato, is also very well explored and used, with plenty of different technologies used, from huge cannons to classical WW2-era artillery shells.

The characters are also very well developed in here. Most of them are multi-dimensional and serve their own roles somewhere. This is actually an excellent space opera, and was really drawn into all of the inner stories, even love stories.

The enemies are also very well depicted, and get their fair share of screen time, and are also multidimensional. You get to understand them, and even understand them well, their behavior, and why their are doing what they are doing.

The english voice acting was also up-there, beautiful and well talented voices, fitting the characters.

All in all, this is a 10 for me, up there with neon genesis evangelion series. Looking forward the 2022 part! Thank for that new personal classic.
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1974 pre Star Wars science fiction remake
rebecca_campbell_davila15 January 2020
As always Anime has the best amount of characters with perfect development, this time with as little superstitious nonsense. Besides some near impossible science and engineering achievements the story is possible, but who cares the characters are real... even the enemies are, some one feels sorry for... all trapped in terrible circumstances. Nobody is pure evil or good, all have flaws and feelings. Shame 2202 was a terrible thing
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Star Blazers 2199 review
renegadeviking-271-52856810 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (or Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199) is an 2012 Sci-Fi anime series by AIC and Xebec studios. It is based on the original 1974 T.V. anime series Space Battleship Yamato, which was dubbed and edited for the West and renamed Star Blazers. The series is 26 episodes long. The series is dubbed by Funimation and is currently being serialized on their streaming service, Funimation Now, which new episodes being released on Thursday. It is also on Crunchyroll with in Japanese with English Subtitles, with the series being released at the same rate as Funimation.

The series takes place in the year 2199. The Earth is at war with a and advanced militaristic race called the Gamilons. They had destroyed all of Earth defences and, using radioactive planet bombs, destroyed the surface of the earth, driving the survivors underground. But not all is lost. A message from the distant planet Iscandar offers help to restore the planet to life. Included in the message was the plans for a ship that can traverse the great distance between the planets and fight off the Gamilons. But the UN could only build one ship in time and, for reasons, build it to resemble and ancient Japanese battleship from World War 2, the Yamato.

With the ship build, its crew set out on the perilous journey through intergalactic space. The crew includes Captain Okita, a man who puts his mission first before his own health; Tactical Officer Susumu Kodai, a brash young pilot whose brother served under Okita and in whose memory he joins the mission; and radio and sensor operator Yuki Mori, a woman missing her past. Together with te rest of the crew they set out on the perilous journey to Iscandar. Time is not on their side as they have to travel 168, 000 light years to Iscandar and back in only one year, or else the Earth will die.

Star Blazers (as the English dubbed is called, like with the original series) is a space opera, science fiction anime, similar to series like Robotech and the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. The series has a serious tone, with the threat of war and it's consequences being a central theme. The ship gets damaged, machine fail, space fighters run out of ammo and not everyone makes it back alive (though mostly faceless extras.) The Yamato does have its all-powerful McGuffin plot device, the wave motion engine, which powers the ship and gives her the ability to fend of waves on Gamilon ships and make the long journey through space.

The art style is excellent. It looks modern, but is still harken back to the original anime's designs. The original series was directed by manga artist Leiji Matsumoto, famous for the Space Pirate Captain Harlock series, so you can see how the ship design for the Yamato (a WW2 battleship) influenced the ship design in Harlock (17th century pirate space!) The remake keeps that design, updating so that the ship is larger and only made to look like the Yamato as camouflaged for before it was launched. The crew of the Yamato is more varied than the original, with a third of the crew being female (Yuki was the only female crew member in the original) with most with speaking roles being all new characters, with only the character of Akira Yamamoto being gender-bent into a woman in this version. The Gamilons, the Nazi-esque enemies in the series also were updated, with only those with blue skin being the "pure , true Gamilons, with the others of different skin tones and features, bring races subservient to the Gamilons but still as loyal. nubles-space-battleship-yamato-2199-2012-episode-8-720p-10-bit-aac-mkv_snapshot_03-49_2013-05-28_23-51-04 Pure Gamilons are blue-skinned.

The writing also gives us a better look at the Gamilons. There are more scenes showing their leader Dessler, interacting with his subordinates. While most of them are arrogant and looking to please Lord Dessler to advance their own careers, we see some of them in a more sympathetic light. Some are fathers and husbands, some make the hard choice between duty and family. Some even express their understanding on why the Earth and Gamilons are at war, causing some of the Yamato crew to realize Earth is not without blood on their hands. But over all, the Gamilons are still a conquering race, driven by their own self-importance to consider the cost of their actions.

Still there are a lot of similarities' with the original series. In fact, there are episodes that are pretty much retellings of ones from the original series. The fourth episode, "Grave Marker on an Icefield" follows a similar plot to the original series' "Space Destroyer Yukikaze Sleeps in the Ice Field" or 'Paladin Rest in a vast icefield" in the Starblazers version. The major differences are the inclusion of the female medic, Makoto Harada on the mission (the original only had Kodai, Mori and the robot Analyzer) and the introduction of the robot Gamilon troops (one of which plays a big part in a later, orignal episode. Truthfully, it has been over 35 years since I've seen an episode of the original Starblazers, so this is all new to me again, but is seems there is a good balance between honouring the original and telling a new story.

WTF Factor: Low. Now, with cartoons imported from Japan, there will be some cultural differences. Different aspect of their culture, like holidays and beliefs will pop up and that is to be expected. Space battleship Yamato 2199 doesn't really have this issue (at least not with what I've seen so far as of episode 14). Despite the addition of more females to the cast there has not been much of a romantic sub, those both Yamamoto and Mori showing interest in Kodai. And there hasn't been much in the way of fan service in this version (the original had a plot of Analyzer being in love with Yuki Mor, flipping her skirt and even confessing his love (this was cut from the Star Blazers version). While there is a scene with Yamamoto and Yuki Mori in the communal bath (again, a common thing in Japanese culture), any nudity is avoided and the most salacious thing we get is a bit of lower side boob from Yuki. If anything can be called fan service, it is that all the female characters wear body suits. While the male uniforms have tunics and pants, the women are all in tight, form-fitting body suits with the only exceptions being Makoto's nurse uniform with a skirt (or is it a long tunic?) and stockings and Yamamoto's bomber jacket and flight suit. Still this is not played up for fan service, with the only exception I can think of is a shot of Yuki descending a ladder behind Kodai in episode 14 (and I think she was flirting with him.)

Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is a great science fiction anime that hold up well for a Western audience. Older folks like me who watch the series will get a kic out of this new version. For those new to the series, I think you will find it an intriguing anime with a memorable storyline. The series is done in Japan, but there is already a sequel retelling the second season of the original being streamed in Japan. Here is hoping we see that sometime in the near future.

Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is currently on the Funimation and Crunchyroll streaming services with 14 episodes released and new ones released every Thursday.
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A great upgrade
maxillofacial28 December 2019
Yamato 2199 is a great and authentic remake of the first Starblazers series. However, there is much more revealed about Gamelon politics which adds a whole new dimension to the series.
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Excellent animated space opera
TVholic29 November 2019
Now this is how to update a classic TV series. If you look closely at the 2005 Battlestar Galactica, you come to the realization of what doing a "reboot" truly means. It means the creator of the new series had absolutely no respect for the original material. He liked so little of it that he threw out the baby with the bath water. Nothing was worth saving except for the barest essentials - character names and the tiniest shred of the premise. The characters themselves were completely unrecognizable. JJ Abrams' Star Trek movies are the same way. Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is the opposite. It's a remake, not a reboot. The difference is they wanted to fix or modernize a few things, but by and large had great affection for the series and kept as much of it intact as they could.

I really wanted to watch the original Star Blazers, as the show was called in the US, but alas, the time slot wasn't cooperative as it conflicted with the school day and consumer VCRs were expensive and rare in 1979, so I couldn't timeshift it. Many years later, I finally had recordings of the show, but couldn't really get more than a few episodes into it before losing interest. Still, I did eventually see the English dub of the Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato movie and enjoyed that. The live action SBY movie from 2010 again left me cold and I don't think I even finished that. If I did, it was so unmemorable that I've forgotten even watching it through to the end. To me, this remake is the best version yet, good enough for me to binge-watch the whole series in a matter of days.
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Nothing special
smugler536924 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I never watched the original so I have no nostalgic attachment to the franchise.

Vast swaths of the plot make no sense and most of the time -the victor of the battles (Yamato) is merely the side that displayed the least amount of incompetence. That being said there are plenty of examples where Yamato's incompetence was so astounding that only their impervious plot armour saved them.

All the characters are pretty much comprised of the standard issue anime qualities. The easiest way to see all the stereotypical clichés and tropes is to think of the show as a mecha anime (with the Yamato being the mech). The show never made me care about the characters -especially after I realized that all the A and B list characters are immortal due to plot armour.

I mean even the elder Kodai: His ship is shown being blown up near Pluto with him on it. His ship is then found on way the hell on Enceladus and his own brother unequivocally declared that their were no survivors. But apparently he was the only survivor and was taken prisoner. His transport ship then crashed on Iscandar where he was the only survivor and then despite being mortally injured (and later dying from his wounds) was able to impregnate the alien princess on the
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