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Season 1

4 Apr. 2012
Messenger of Iscandar
When the last space fleet of the UN forces fight against Gamilas forces near Pluto, a mysterious spaceship make a emergency landing on Mars.
7 Apr. 2012
Toward a Sea of Stars
The space battleship Yamato is the human built in secret. Yamato has to trip to the planet Iscandar, 168,000 light-years away from the Earth.
30 Jun. 2012
Escape from the Jupiter Sphere
Yamato has engine trouble during the test of the warp drive system. When the crew are repairing it at Jupiter, Gamilas forces attack on Yamato.
30 Jun. 2012
Gravestone on a Frozen Field
Yamato receives a rescue signal from an UN spaceship on sixth moon of Saturn, Enceladus.
30 Jun. 2012
The Trap on All Sides
There is a Gamilas meteorite-bombs launching base in Pluto. Earth is devastated by the bombs until now. Captain Okita decides to attack on the base.
30 Jun. 2012
The Sun Sets on Pluto
Yamato Space Flying Corps keep looking for a enemy base in Pluto. During the confuse fight, Kodai finds out something.
22 Nov. 2012
Farewell to the Solar System
Yamato going to pass the Heliopause. The crew are allowed to contact each of their family, have endless sorrow of parting.
22 Nov. 2012
Wish Upon a Star
In Gamilas capital, Dethler will show the state that Gamilas forces attack and sink Yamato by his strategy, because wants to show off his power to cabinet ministers.
22 Nov. 2012
Clockwork Prisoner
During AU09 (a.k.a. Analyzer) analyzes a Gamilas android-soldier that Yamato's crew captured, friendship has begin to grow between them. Are there the heart in the machines?
22 Nov. 2012
Graveyard of the Universe
Yamato falls into the dimension-fault where wrecked many spaceships, such as the graveyard of the universe.
22 Feb. 2013
A World I Once Saw
Yamato crew's opinions are opposed about Melda who survived a pilot of Gamilas forces.
22 Feb. 2013
What Lies Beyond
Which started the war, UN or Gamilas? The question and the truth makes a gap between Kodai and Shima. Meanwhile, Dethler orders Domel to subjugate Yamato.
22 Feb. 2013
The Wolf from Another Dimension
While the invisible enemy attack on Yamato, Cap.Okita collapse from his illness.
22 Feb. 2013
The Whisper of the Witch
When Kodai and Yuki came back from reconnaissance, it seems that not a soul was to be seen in Yamato.
13 Apr. 2013
Point of No Return
The crew feel distressed by persistently attack of Domel. Finally, some crew have raise doubt about Yamato's mission.
13 Apr. 2013
A Choice for the Future
The planet named Bemera-4 where Yamato stopped for supply is Earth-like world. Niimi and Itou lead a mutiny to abandon Yamato's mission, and they want to let people emigrate from Earth to Bemera-4.
13 Apr. 2013
Out of the Forest of Memory
Kodai brings a information back from the relics of Bemera-4. It seems that Yamato will be enabled to jump tens of thousands light-year by the hyperspace gate network in the relics.
13 Apr. 2013
Over the Black Light
Shinohara uses hyperspace gate network, and goes on a scouting flight to Balan. Unfortunately, there are ten thousand of the battleships of Gamilas forces for naval review.
16 Jun. 2013
They're Coming!
Dethler orders Domel to subjugate Yamato again. However, Domel was given that child soldiers, old soldiers, and four aircraft carriers.
16 Jun. 2013
Under a Rainbow Sun
Yamato, the Carrier Strike Group under the command of Domel, the two forces confronting each other in the Rainbow Star Cluster.
16 Jun. 2013
Prison Planet 17
The prison planet 17 is one of Gamilas's concentration camp planet for political dissidents and POW. In this camp where a prisoner is abused routinely, but the supervisor will come from Gamilas.
16 Jun. 2013
The Planet That We Head For
Cap.Okita found the position of Iscandar and Gamilas, and orders the crew to jump toward Iscandar.
24 Jul. 2013
One Man's War
Just after warp out, Yamato was attacked by high energy beam.
24 Jul. 2013
The Distant Promised Land
A few Yamato crew meet with Queen of Iscandar, Starsha. She tells totally unexpected for them.
24 Jul. 2013
The Forever War
Yamato leaves Iscandar for home. They go to Balan to use hyperspace gate network, but the remnants of Gamilas forces ambush there.
24 Jul. 2013
Memories of the Blue Planet
Yamato come back into the Solar System. And a miracle will happen to crew.

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