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Nothing to see here
Leofwine_draca19 June 2016
EDEN LODGE is one of those low budget British horror films where nothing really happens apart from a halfway-decent sense of mood and place. It reminded me a lot of the film shown the previous night on the Horror Channel, SIREN, which had more exotic locales but was similarly light on plot and incident.

The story is about a sinister bed and breakfast where the guests go missing. There's no more to it than that, and fans looking for slasher horror in the form of death and gore will be disappointed as this is very tame. Instead the viewer has to put up with the tiresome acting of unknown cast members and a major plot point that seems to have been borrowed from that '70s horror classic FRIGHTMARE. The most interesting thing about EDEN LODGE is the way the title and box art blatantly copy the earlier British horror EDEN LAKE, which was about ten times more powerful and compelling than this rip-off.
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What is this?
jackrmiller-6075613 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
*Contains Spoilers*

I just don't know what this was to be quite honest. I think I looked at the display time at one point and 52 minutes had gone, 15 minutes remaining and nothing had happened yet.

I saw this DVD very cheap and it appeared aesthetically intriguing from the cover and the blurb. After watching the film though I was wondering who are the people on the front of the DVD case? Who are the pictures of on the back, they weren't in the film?! It's like the budget went on the DVD case (even though it looks like it was pretty much copied from 2008's Eden Lake)

I managed to sit through the whole thing (although it's relatively short), I only continued watching it in case there was a great twist ending but alas - nothing happened.

The movie plot is similar to Vacancy (also very similar opening credits!), a car breaks down and the family have to stay in a B&B while their car is fixed. But instead of the owners making a snuff movie of them like in Vacancy, the family enjoy about three nights in a really nice, quiet, luxurious guest accommodation. After that the owner kills a few people, some without much of a motive it seems (the farmer and the guy camping). The couple run around for a bit and then the film ends.

This is not scary and I wouldn't deem it a horror movie. There is a bit of violence/gore but nothing that you'll lose sleep over. In all fairness, I would probably stay at Eden Lodge. It looks very relaxing/comfortable and I would just lock my door if I didn't want the old woman owner to inflict harm upon me. It's only £65 for a night too.

In conclusion, nothing really happens. Don't pay money for it. If it ends up on Netflix, laugh at it as part of your subscription.
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OK low budget horror
epiceffectss9 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I actually enjoyed this. I am ashamed to say! It's low budget and there are probs within the film , but the story was good , script OK, actors OK , a few were a little wooden , the lead woman was great though. The one thing that let this film down was the film soundtrack , if your going to make a horror film for gods sake listen to other horror films and get with the program. You need a sound palette that reflects the genre not some kind of budget Indiana jones string soundtrack. OK so film premise is a couples car breaks down , they go to a small guest house and book a room. A lovely old lady puts them up for sixty five pounds a night and they later discover they should've never booked into the hotel , I won't write spoilers why not. I think the writer had some good ideas , film work was good , characters good and varied. For me the adventurous soundtrack just was not for this type of film , the soundtrack for a horror film needs to be ominous , sparse , full of sound effects , subtle pulsing , tension building . Sound creates the feeling of dread and despair when you have a scene in the dark , you need a soundtrack that reminisces john carpenters old films done in an updated style. Anyway I enjoyed it and it had some good bits and was well watchable.
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Pretty good.
parry_na2 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Adam Michaels (Ben Gardner Grey) and his determined-to-be-miserable wife Rachel (Cyd Casados), along with baby Alfie (Georgio Costa Houtris) stay the night at Eden Lodge, unaware of the slate of carnage that erupts around the place. A rambler is killed, her friend is imprisoned and tortured – and shortly after this everyone the couple meet are either dismembered or killed. The only two other survivors appear to be lovely landlady Mrs Wilkes (Ellie Dickens) and her reserved son David (James Killeen).

From the offset, Wilkes is represented as deeply religious, which appears to earmark her for suspicion. David is an awkward, ungainly fellow, and so he, too, should be considered a suspect.

Although highly likely to be red herrings, it materialises toward the end that they must be guilty, because everyone else has been killed. Except there is a twist – David committed suicide ten years ago, and his mother is the only one who sees him. Rachel discovers the real David is a long-dead cadaver safely tucked up in clean sheets, in the top bedroom of Eden Lodge.

As is often the way with these things, there are plot questions. It is ten years since David's death – are we to suppose that his mother has only now decided to carry out her twisted revenge – and if so, why the wait? If not, and she has been making these seemingly arbitrary killings, what has happened to the various corpses - at least five people die within the few days in which 'Eden Lodge's' events take place, so by that reckoning, a large amount of corpses would have built up?

Presented as a slightly more-grisly-than-usual television horror drama, some of the acting is occasionally stilted. What gore there is, is effectively conveyed and, although it never intends to stray too far from standard horror, this is nevertheless a competent and enjoyable film. One online reviewer has compared it favourably to the films of Pete Walker, with Mrs Wilkes being an ideal part for Sheila Keith. It hadn't occurred to me, but it's a convincing point of view.
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Worth watching, short horror film.
geoffrey_bellamy3 April 2017
I found most of the characters in the film pretty unlikeable. Mawky girls, quiet, simmering men, a horrible local but a very nice old lady. Much is unexpected and it takes a good while for the plot themes to start coming together. Some don't seem to have any logical connection to the plot resolution at the end, frankly. The gore is not too much for the faint-hearted, though very effective and realistic. The music is well used and has a nice depth and presence. I've seen a lot worse that this. It's a decent enough horror film and worth a watch.
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Could of been much better
shamblesmantony11 September 2016
If the acting was any more wooden, the cast would be crapping out MFI wardrobes.... ! It would of been better if the director had said "perform your lines, but if you want to add anything in do so as it would appear more realistic"

This didn't happen and what would of been a better film was ruined because everyone was waiting to deliver their lines.

What it does tell you is that anyone can become an actor and get work, regardless of if you have any talent.

The premise was good but poorly delivered. It's a shame as I thought it was going to be good.
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