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jasmine_remak102 March 2013
I think this comedy is very good. Usually Nickelodeon shows have dried out humor or terrible jokes; like Marvin Marvin... But this one is very great and an addictive show. I hope it doesn't get canceled an keeps going. It's a very interesting comedy and very awesome. I look on my TV guide to see when the next episode is,it's so cool. But like I said, This is such a great show, not like those shows that are such a stinker. I don't like to talk about other shows while reviewing one, but just to give an example: New shows like Marvin Marvin have pretty bad jokes, and not much humor, also, Studio 10 is such a waste of time I can't believe that show interrupts SpongeBob. Sorry to criticize other shows on this review but... I just had to give examples.
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Great, but is it on the wrong channel?
kylexy_middleman347 June 2013
I'm not entirely sure if it was originally supposed to be for younger viewers because some of its content and language seems to be geared more towards people aged 17 and older - I even forgot I was watching a Nickelodeon show. Describing it in relation to other shows or movies, Wendell and Vinnie is similar to Melissa & Joey and Raising Helen in that the deemed single, irresponsible/Peter-Pan-like family member gains custody of his/her sibling's child(ren) for a tragic reason. It's a television show that not only can make you laugh, but also has its touching moments.

It is not your nowadays average Nickelodeon show, shows like iCarly or Victorious. Don't get me wrong, I respect Dan Schneider's work, but sometimes, iCarly and Victorious just seemed like they were trying too hard to be funny. Oftentimes, it was awkward to watch because of how hard they were trying. Here, Wendell and Vinnie and the people in their lives are more real and less in-your-face with the humor - it's subtle - just like most of us in reality would be. It's not awkward because the characters - and by extension, the writers of the show - know when to stop or when they're about to risk crossing a line.

All in all, it's a great show. If Nickelodeon DOES decide the show is too much for them, they should at least consider moving it to another network rather than cancelling it.
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Best nick show since Drake and Josh
claypelis22 October 2013
Since I was a child, I have always enjoyed Nickelodeon. But after Drake and Josh ended, I have always preferred Disney Channel. However, this show gave me a reason to tune in to my childhood channel. I thought this show was really funny and its a shame its now cancelled. People believe this may have been due to its humour content which apparently inappropriate to kids. I must agree as it does contain some adult jokes. However, I believe the show was still not worthy of cancelling due to this reason. Can't have nickelodeon just sold the show to a different channel like Comedy Central? I mean its such a shame! This show could have been a big hit like The inbetweeners(UK) or Two and a Half Men. :/
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An Actual Good Show
slimer848913 February 2015
This show was pretty damn good. I found it surprisingly good. Going by the commercials, I thought this was gonna blow, but it turned out pretty good. I love this show, but sadly, Nickelodeon is in that stage where the instant they hear about one of their shows getting so much praise, they drop it like an atomic bomb (well, that's the over-dramatic version.)They took off Korra, they took off You Gotta See This, and they took off this. All of these shows were good (well, I've never seen Korra, but it seems like EVERYONE loves it), and of course, Nick had to can them, making room for crap like Henry Danger and Sanjay & Craig.

ANYWAY, getting back to the review, this was a pretty smart show. It was about this boy who was already sophisticated living with this laid-back guy. It seems mediocre, I know, but when you see it, it is amazing.

For starters, this show actually takes Jerry Trainor seriously. For once, he's not an annoyance. Not an annoying secret agent dog, not an annoying artist manchild, and not a crazy person, he's finally not annoying. Sure, he kind of has the characteristics of a manchild, but he's the mature kind of manchild, who goes out on dates, drinks, and stuff, but still wants to live life the cool way. Him and Wendell bond perfectly.

I like how Wendell, although he has a mature personality, tries to live life in his childhood. He goes through normal kid things, like sleepovers.

The writing isn't toned down to the lowest common denominator like most of Nick's live-action programming (I'm talking to YOU, Dan Schneider!), and it isn't filled with stupid dialog (again, talking to YOU, Dan!) But with all this genius behind the show, it had to get cancelled. WHY? Well... Probably a ratings or viewers issue or something, but let's talk about the hatred of this show.

Forgive me if I sound like a Justin Bieber fangirl here, but the people who hated on this show are people who can't get their heads out of their asses, and hate on modern Nick program just because it's modern, and it comes from the channel that apparently "ruined their childhoods". They complained about this show because someone supposedly got pregnant and someone said "Damn" or drank alcohol or something like that. Well, maybe it's for ADULTS!!!! That's why it aired in the night, isn't it? There's a little program called Nick @ Nite, you know. And plus, you complain when a kids show isn't adult enough, but when there's a kid show that has some adult humor in there (this show is more for adults, but let's just say it's for kids for this example), you complain about the adult appeal in there. Don't believe me? Well, someone on Facebook commented about the Rabbids shoving an egg back up a rooster's behind in the Rabbids Invasion cartoon. Well, I've never seen that show, but maybe it's for kids AND adults. Geez!

Sorry about that little rant, but ever since I heard about the hate for Wendell and Vinnie, I had all this built-up rage that I had to let out. Anyways, after the cancellation, the show was brought to the TeenNick channel, the burial ground for old cancelled Nickelodeon and Nick @ Nite shows. Well, it's now off. How sad.

Well, I'll miss you, Wendell & Vinnie. You were a great show.
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not bad but...
Vincentiu18 October 2014
far to be a bad series, it is package for a good idea. the result is not really impressive because, like many other series, it has as basic purpose the easy entertainment. so, the situations and the dialogs are not examples of inspiration. for Jerry Trainor is only new clothes for an old role.Buddy Handleson does a good job but the script is not always the best help for his character. the humor is in too many situations fake and the sin could be only to ignore the story possibilities. but it is only a series. nice, comfortable, junk food for leisure. and that fact is enough. in a way. because the comedy has its fans. always.
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Not appropriate content for children.
peggyway25 March 2013
We were excited when we seen Jerry Trainor (Spencer) in a new series as we really enjoyed watching him on"iCarly"

I have watched two episodes of this show with my daughter and it is now on our "Do Not Watch List" In one episode Wendell's Uncle Vinnie tells him he is in hopes for a change that Wendell is looking at girls or boobs on his computer. In the next episode we watched one teacher refers to Wendell's Aunt as a Sluttier version of herself and entices Uncle Vinnie by talking about her extensive lingerie collection.

While we like the characters and concept of the show we feel that the intended humor is not age appropriate for children.
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One of Nickelodeon's worst decisions
j-marsden17 September 2013
Like a lot of the other people that have reviewed this, I was excited to see Jerry Trainor in a new TV show but I could only watch about 10 minutes of this before getting sick of it.

It's a definite step up from some of the other crap like Marvin Marvin and the Fred Show which seemed to have lasted about a month because of how plain terrible they were. I get that the shows are made for pre-teens and not for 20 year old males like me but putting Lucas Cruikshank in a TV show is just a bad idea but I digress, it's not the worst TV show to ever come from Nickelodeon but it's nowhere near the best.
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Messing up Jerry trainor's reputation on Nickelodeon
Pintadgl262 September 2013
I'm not saying this show is awful, but I don't like what it's doing with Jerry Trainor on Nickelodeon. The show is taking away Jerry trainor's popularity on iCarly as a funny, goofy, and creative guy who doesn't curse or drink alcohol. I don't like how they are trying to take away Jerry Trainor's cuteness by making him star on some adult show on Nickelodeon. I read that the show was cancelled. I'm just glad I don't have to hear Jerry Trainor say another curse word again. They need to understand what people think of Jerry Trainor when they watch him on Nickelodeon. They better keep him the way he is: not cursing or seen drinking alcohol.
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Overrated by some, just like Sanjay and Craig.
Bambifan101-44 June 2013
This show, like Sanjay and Craig, is both new and bad. It's COMPLETELY cheesy, corny, contrived, tried, familiar, get the gist? Do NOT let kids watch it just because it LOOKS LIKE a spin off of iCarly. It's not. Not at all. Jerry Trainer being in both shows is the only thing they share, besides being on Nick and having laugh tracks. Why this and Robot and Monster both get a rating of 6.9, while Gordy and the Teletubbies get 3.4 and 2.9 respectively, is something I will never understand. Why some people have already said to have liked or even LOVED this show and/or Sanjay and Craig, I will never know. This show and Sanjay and Craig have both gotta go. This show's rating should switch with Teletubbies, and Robot and Monster should stitch with Gordy. End of story.
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Let's Address Jerry Trainor
miss_sami_nicole12 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Pintadgl26 Your review, in a nutshell, was to keep Jerry Trainor a manchild for the rest of eternity.

Jerry Trainor is well into his 30's if not older, so for him to portray a more grown up version of a manchild (drinking and cursing included) is most definitely not a crime against nature or against Jerry himself. I think it would be a good idea for him to get into more adult comedy so he can spread his wings and fly. Saying that somebody should stick to the characters they know and do well is pretty cruel considering actors, like anybody else in the workforce, want to improve their performance and move on to bigger and better things. Jerry Trainor has the ability to move away from Nickelodeon and really make his mark on the world outside of the children's network, and if doing that means he drinks or curses occasionally than so be it. Not the mention the show was technically on Nick at Nite alongside shows like Friends, George Lopez, and The Nanny which all have drinking and/or swearing.
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This show was not worth to be a show!
Georgeprknight17 June 2014
Ever since, the disastrous Sam & Cat started to air on Nick. I watched the first 2 episodes of that show and was waiting for it to finish. Because it was so bad, I stopped watching Nick. When this show was showing Adverts/Commercials of it. To be honest, I found it quite funny. So I gave this show a shot. So I watched the first episode of it, and it sucked. The acting was very poor, the plot line was very bad, so does the jokes. The script was very poorly written, the jokes make no sense. They tried too hard for it to be funny, so it just comes out as yapping gibberish. Buddy is the worst part of this show, making it even worse than it already is!

But you have to give them credit for the character clothing design, as they do follow the latest fashion. The directing is also not that bad, I saw behind the scene clips, and from what I've seen the filming is very accurate. But this does not change the fact, that it is still a very poor show! To be honest, nothing on set was anything OK or good. It was all very bad.

This was my review, and thank you for reading it.

My score: 2.3
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A step in the right direction
jonaheroju13 February 2014
This show actually displays some really hilarious material as opposed to most of the retarded shows on the network. Hoping all the other shows can learn a thing or two. It's a little mature for kids of around 9 but at the same time I don't really think that their target audience, possibly the reason it's shown too late. Perhaps the only show on Nick that could survive on a major network and am talking about ABC (not the Nick isn't a major network, but networks that attract mature audiences). Would probably get canned after 2 seasons but it would keep people from throwing up. Currently the ONLY funny show on Nick (note the word "only" in caps).
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