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Sex & Nudity

  • Full frontal male nudity and female nudity
  • Some implied sex/scenes, (straight and gay), and sexual conversation / language throughout.
  • Episode 1 (Limbic Resonance):
  • A woman is seen lying naked in a bath. Her breasts are seen.
  • A female couple have sexual intercourse. Breasts are seen and a strap-on is thrown to the floor afterwards.
  • A man is sexually aroused and is trying to stimulate himself through his jeans. A woman interrupts him and tries to force sex by grabbing his crotch through his jeans.
  • Episode 2 (I am Also We): A male couple kiss and strip down to their underwear. One man puts his hand down the underpants of the other man. No explicit nudity and the following sex scene itself is not shown. A woman later interrupts them by visiting one of the men and starts to strip whilst trying to seduce him (no nudity). She then runs up to the bedroom to find the other man waiting in bed.
  • A man and a woman have sex, his buttocks and her breasts are seen.
  • Episode 3 (Smart Money on the Skinny Bitch): A woman claims she gets off on gay porn.
  • Episode 4 (What's Going On): A woman wakes up to people having sex in the room next door.
  • A woman walks through a brothel and sees women and men in various states of undress. Breasts are seen.
  • A woman is seen taking a shower. Her buttocks and the side of one breast are seen.
  • Episode 5 (Art Is Like Religion): A man is swimming naked in a pool. We see his buttocks and other naked people of both genders in the pool area (slightly obscured, some buttocks can be seen). We see his penis as he swims in the water. After a couple of minutes the man comes out of the pool naked. The camera focuses on his penis and then pans up to his face. We then see him fully naked from behind as he is in front of a crowd.
  • On a birthday card, we can see a naked man with an enlarged fake penis that he is carrying over his shoulder.
  • Episode 6 (Demons): A man is sitting in a hot tub naked and we see his penis under the water. A naked woman joins him. We see her breasts and pubic area.
  • Afterwards, we see the man in the hot tub again with his penis visible under the water once more.
  • Episode 7 (W.W.N Double): A man climbs onto another man and mimics having sex.
  • A picture of 2 men having anal sex is seen on a cell phone. No explicit nudity.
  • Episode 8 (We Will All Be Judged By The Courage Of Our Hearts): A dog is seen humping a man's leg in a movie theater
  • Episode 9 (Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye): Two men are seen kissing passionately as they enter a washroom. They then occupy a stall and one man goes to his knees to give the other man a blowjob. No nudity is seen but the scene is narrated quite explicitly.
  • Boys can be seen stripping another boy under a shower; they also ask the boy if he "got wood?". No nudity but we do see juvenile boys in underwear.
  • Two women can be seen having sex on the Fourth of July during the fireworks; they finger each other in the dark with minimal lighting. There is a cut between the fireworks and the sex. Only the side of their butts can be seen.
  • Footage of eight different woman are seen giving birth (one cesarean).
  • Episode 11 (Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes): None!
  • Episode 12 (I Can't Leave Her): We see one of the birth scenes, repeated a few times (supposed flashback).
  • A man asks how they know another man. The other man replies: "We had sex"
  • Christmas Special: A picture of two men performing anal is projected onto a board behind a man
  • A scene involves sexual intercourse being experienced by multiple people which lasts for a couple of minutes.

Violence & Gore

  • There is fist/martial arts scattered lightly in the show, most which doesn't involve blood.
  • One character is an action movie actor, we see several scenes of the violent 'tv show' throughout the show, which often includes gunplay and blood.
  • At the beginning, we see a character commit suicide, light blood splatter.
  • A character is shot off-camera, we see his bloody wound several times.
  • In a shoot-out, several people are shot, some with bloody outcomes.
  • In a prolonged scene, a character is tortured by having a bag held against her face several times.
  • In episode 7, the violence intensifies. We witness a man's hands cut off with a clever, very bloody.
  • Later in episode 7, a man is shot with a shotgun in slow-motion, very bloody but brief.
  • A character believes in beating a woman in order for her to show respect.
  • In episode 8, a man is stabbed several times by a a group of people, mildly bloody.
  • In episode 10, a gun fight occurs and several characters are shot, blood splatter with each hit.
  • Later in episode 10, two men engage in a fistfight and a woman tries to help but gets hit.
  • Later on in episode 10, women can be seen giving birth, the first birth was bloody as each flashbacks progress there are less blood.
  • At the end of episode 10, a woman collapses with blood running down her nose
  • In episode 11, a man is brutally beaten by a woman, blood can be seen running down his face.
  • Directly after in episode 11, a character uses a machete to kill a group of people, which features decapitation of limbs and a lot of blood.
  • Later in episode 11, a gun fight occurs with occasional bloody results
  • Later in episode 11, a man is hit with a metal tool box and has a bloody mark on his face.
  • In episode 12, a prolonged gun fight sequence involves several deaths with bloody results. Several headshots include blood splatter. We witness a man shoot a clip worth of bullets into a man's head, probably one of the more gruesome scenes of the series.


  • Strong language is moderately used by some characters, while others may use it more frequently. F* is regularly used in every episode.
  • C* is used once in episode 3
  • Some name calling such as "bitch"
  • Boys can be seen harassing another boy asking him if he's "got wood"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Severe heroin use by one character, seen in explicit scenes. The consequences of heroin addiction are never discussed. The immediate consequences of heroin use are barely discussed. Heroin withdrawl is not seen nor discussed.
  • One character is alcoholic.
  • Characters are seen smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.
  • We witness the negative effects of drugs at the beginning when a character is seen in withdrawal.
  • A character is seen smoking hash on several occasions through an electronic device, similar to a e-cigarette.
  • Several characters smoke DMT through a glass pipe in one episode, we see the positive effects of this and it is even discussed.
  • A group of characters use ecstacy
  • One character is a drug dealer.
  • A character is seen taking multiple shots of tequila
  • Some characters are seen taking a smoke break

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Within the show there is a side story of a woman who is beaten by her husband, stories are told in the beginning but bruises are visible later on in the series.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A female couple have sex (showing breasts and buttocks). A male couple also have sex in front of a woman who starts to masturbate herself under her panties. She also takes photos of the men on her cell phone.As the other Sensates can feel the pleasure, a group of them join in through remote connection. The scenes are shown in various different locations and we see kissing between all the characters involved (woman to woman, man to man and man to woman).
  • A woman pours fake blood onto a tampon to create distraction
  • Episode 10 (What is Human): A man tells another man that his friend sucked a cock for a safe combination

Violence & Gore

  • Later in episode 7, a man is shot in the arm, with blood splatter. A man shoots another man, then shooting him in the head, very bloody. Finally, the man with the gun commits suicide, partially bloody.
  • A young boy uses a cord around a man's neck to choke and slowly kill him

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