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2 Oct. 2016
Tyttöjen ilta
Episode 23 - "Girl's night out" The Roba precinct is busy with cross-border crime and desperate bank robbers. Taru is trying to find a connection to her daughter while she leads her forces at work, where the pressure for budget cuts and better results is mounting. Arto cannot let go of his obsession with Puustinen and collides head-on with Taru, also endangering the permanent position promised to Pekka.
9 Oct. 2016
Episode 24 - "Pressure cooker" Taru fears for her job when a raid to a bordello, prepared in cooperation with the NBI, goes awry. An explosion is not far with the staff disobeying Taru's orders. Jani is single again, and jealous for Maikki. He's trying to find out whether Maikki is seeing someone. Jani is also pondering whether it's high time to approach his brother, with whom he hasn't spoken in years.
16 Oct. 2016
Kunnian miehet
Episode 25 - "A few good men" Arto is on tenterhooks after finding out a secret about Puustinen. The secret may endanger the future of Roba precinct and, at worst, even Arto's life. Jani identifies with the sympathetic veteran officer. Taru makes Maikki an unexpected job offer, and Maikki has to decide whether she's ready or even willing to take the job.
23 Oct. 2016
Neiti Etsivä
Episode 26 - "Ms Detective" Arto tries to protect his family, but instead, finds himself chasing a dangerous escaped convict. The glitches in the police database cause everyone gray hairs. Maikki learns she has a rival for the new job. Elina is about to lose it, as once again a NBI guy screws up an investigation lead by the Roba precinct.
30 Oct. 2016
Taru starts a manhunt to catch the traitor. The noose tightens and the concern for the news spreading is growing bigger. Niilo feels like the scapegoat of the precinct, but he has his moments. Maikki is riding her last patrol, and Jani is not sure whether he should celebrate or mourn it.
6 Nov. 2016
Episode 28 - "Traitor" Maikki's first day in her new job coincides with the day the Roba crew is under more pressure than ever to catch a suspect. Jani rides with a surprising partner, and the whole shift is about to turn into a farce when they chase a psychotic patient on the loose. In the evening, the crew parties under unusual circumstances and the guest of honor throws caution to the wind.
13 Nov. 2016
Apu on tulossa
Episode 29 - "The cavalry is on the way" The work at Roba is hindered both by the slander in media and the mudslinging by the NBI. Elina concentrates on catching a cruel rapist, the others are busy with a citizen pretending to be a police officer. Taru's concern for Jenna grows, and this time Taru decides to use her contacts to find out what Jenna is up to.
20 Nov. 2016
Episode 30 - "Hatred" A wave of hate crimes washes over the Roba precinct. Jani gets a new partner and Arto and Pekka ride with the Minister of the Interior. Their aim is to show the Minister what lack of resources means in the field, and soon there are plenty of gigs: all free patrols go after the perpetrators of racist attacks and a serial rapist.
27 Nov. 2016
Jotain isoa
Episode 31 - "Something huge" Roba precinct is investigating a case of a missing mother and child, and Arto and Pekka respond to a routine call to a school. What first seems like a harmless prank turns into a serious situation. It escalates quickly, endangering many lives and in the end, the whole police force, including the swat team and snipers, are called to the scene.
4 Dec. 2016
Episode 32 - "Tomorrow" The aftermath of the tragedy hits the precinct and Taru is in danger of losing her job. Jani comes back to work despite Maikki's protests. Elina, back from her sick leave, gets a vigorous grip on a case where a small child may be in danger. The case affects Arto more than usual, but this is what the job is about. The question is: who can still take it tomorrow?

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