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One of the best 'behind the scenes/making of, that I've seen in a long time...
Stultitiam1 December 2012
Ridley Scott is from 'old film school' and yet he is one of the very few, that cares about having good extras on DVD and Blu-Ray, for us, film fanatics. So I'll thank him for that. If you are a fan of Blade Runner see ''Dangerous Days'', it's equally good, and it's also 3 hours long.

I didn't loved 'Prometheus', when I saw it. I felt disappointed at the time, but that's because of the dazed script. I just felt that Ridley was so anxious to show the amazing visual effects, that he had in his mind, that didn't properly polished the story.

I'm alway eager to see some good 'behind the scenes' footage, but this was beyond my expectations! We can see every step, from scratch, since the creation of the tittle, the visual effects, casting choices, scriptwriting, etc... Nothing was left behind in this documentary, I guarantee you!


  • By the way, if you are a young filmmaker, and you like to learn about film craft, this is an excellent tour for you do see how stuff is made. Even if you hated PROMETHEUS, you should see this documentary.
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