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Season 1

10 Jun. 2013
Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are Washington, D.C.-based private investigators. Both are former Secret Service officers who left after having protected persons in their care killed and kidnapped. King is questioned by the FBI after his good friend, lawyer Ted Bergen is found dead, shot in the head. Bergen had recently taken on the case of accused serial killer Edgar Roy and Bergen's secretary Hilary Cunningham is subsequently killed as well. Roy's sister Kelly Nelson hired Bergen and is convinced he is innocent. When they learn Roy had recently worked for a major ...
17 Jun. 2013
Second Chances
Michelle suddenly finds herself under investigation by FBI agents Rigby and Carter when someone takes a shot at a visiting Georgian politician, Nikoloz Arziana, wounding a Secret Service agent in the process. Michelle has a history with Arziana: when assigned to his protection some years ago while she was still in the Secret Service, she stopped his aides from smuggling a drugged and nearly unconscious 14 year-old girl into his room. Rigby won't reveal what evidence he has implicating her but that doesn't stop her and King from investigating on their own. With the ...
24 Jun. 2013
Wild Card
When Agent Carter is suspended for hitting another police officer, King and Maxwell go onto the case to see if he was set-up by someone inside the government. But who would have the means to frame Carter and what could be the motive?
1 Jul. 2013
King's Ransom
King and Maxwell are called in by FBI Agent Rigby to help with case involving the kidnapping of a 13-year-old boy by a Colombian terrorist group.
8 Jul. 2013
Loved Ones
Someone is targeting the members of Sean's old Secret Service detail that was involved in an incident in Mexico ten years ago.
15 Jul. 2013
Stealing Secrets
A Congressman planning to run for the Senate, is worried someone might uncover dirt that would embarrass his family. Sean identifies the likely muckraker, but when she is murdered, they then have to find out who is behind her murder.
22 Jul. 2013
Family Business
Michelle's brother JT Maxwell suddenly appears looking for help on a background check of a woman's fiancé. Michelle is reluctant to get involved with her brother's case, but once they do, they find he may be a con man without a past.
29 Jul. 2013
Job Security
Sean and Michelle are hired to find a stolen phone allegedly for its sentimental value. However, the phone has something on it that is of interest to a lot of people and find themselves pursued by the FBI, a shady lawyer, and a drug cartel.
5 Aug. 2013
Locked In
While they are visiting Rigby at the FBI headquarters, everyone is locked in when someone manages to infiltrate the building and kill a witness for a congressional investigation. Rigby has to swallow his pride and ask them for their help.
12 Aug. 2013
Pandora's Box
Michelle considers rejoining the Secret Service while Sean uncovers a vital clue to finally solve the Ritter assassination.

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