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Always skeptical about a movie based on a good book - was not disappointed...
skitzavolly151 August 2015
A lot of people compare Dark Places to Gone Girl and say, book-wise, Gone Girl was the better book. I actually liked Dark Places better, so when I found out they were making it into a movie, I was of course skeptical about whether or not it'd be good. I just finished watching it and was happy that my skepticism was for naught - this movie stayed true to the book. Casting was done well and the flow proved that the screenplay writers & director paid attention to the original book.

The book is dark, has some twists and turns and doesn't gloss over anything. Where in Gone Girl I felt like some scenes were made a little lighter for the screen, Dark Places doesn't have that issue. The sets were also very accurate - it's been YEARS since I read the book, but while watching the movie everything came back to me...the layout of the farm house, the crappy apartment Libby lived in as an adult with her collection of stolen items...all the way down to crap hole Runner was living in...

This is not going to be a big blockbuster. Most people will not like it (as you can tell by the ratings) but I will tell you, if you like thrillers/mysteries with twists and turns then watch it. If you've read the book, watch it. It's not the greatest movie ever done, but it was good enough that I felt compelled to write my first IMDb review.

And even if you don't watch the movie, read the book. If you like Patterson, Demille or Clancy, you'll like Dark Places.
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Dark Places indeed
evondorster31 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
What do you expect from a story with a title like that? You do indeed find them in this earnest and thoughtful movie. A fifteen-year-old boy accused of pedophilia and Satan worship who gets his girlfriend pregnant and is then accused of murdering his mother and two sisters by his third sister - how much darker can you get without it seeming too contrived?

As with Flynn's other tale brought to the cinema, Gone Girl, there is a mystery at the heart of the story that leads to a surprise ending that has been carefully built up but is nonetheless completely unexpected. A constellation of great character actors helps populate this dreary landscape of poverty and despair. And it does end with a note of resolution and hope. The truth shall set you free.

The plot revolves around an event that takes place in 1985 and an investigation thirty years later that seeks justice for the boy sent to jail for killing three family members. Fans of the book should be pleased with the faithful and sensitive adaptation.

I went last night to the world premiere in Paris. Charlize Theron was there, thanking the French people for understanding her attraction to dark places. Her brilliant performance may not get her another Oscar - the film itself is not the sort of story that many will find entertaining - but she has again created a memorable character who suffers and is redeemed.
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A great indie mystery.
albertojleal112 August 2015
A great little movie. Slow and intense, it tells a very good story. Compelling as well as intriguing, the movie real characters. Normal human beings that for better or for worse are people dealing with their life in a desperate way of making things better. It is heart braking as well as full of hope even is the latter is harder to find at times. I had a great time watching this movie but I also didn't expect it to be Gone Girl - which is directed by David Fincher. Gilles Paquet-Brenner gives us a good mystery with a secret that doesn't reveal itself until the very end. Great cast, good script but this movie is more challenging than Fincher's. Gave it your absolute attention, and you will be rewarded.
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A captivating film
Gordon-1113 August 2015
This film tells the story of a woman whose mother and her two sisters were murdered on their farm at night. Her brother is convicted of murdering the three family members. She gets contacted by a club that is intrigued by mysterious murders, and she is forced to confront her multilayered traumatic past.

"Dark Places" is a truly haunting drama that keeps me captivated thoroughly. Viewers are lead to believe from the beginning that there is something Libby is not completely honest about. As more of the past is revealed in flashbacks, and even more of the past is unravelled through various interviews, the shocking truth is finally revealed. The ending is very poignant. I really feel for Libby and Ben, who have squandered almost thirty years away. They could have lived and loved, but they let naïveté get in the way big time. I do hope more people will watch this film. I think it's very well done, and it leaves me wondering all the would haves and could haves in the plot.
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shine your light on Dark Places
locatordave5 August 2015
I didn't care much for Gone Girl -- maybe it was Ben Affleck -- but I was drawn to this movie despite that. Maybe it was Charlize Theron, maybe it was Nicholas Hoult, whom I have enjoyed watching grow into a first rate actor since his days in Skins. In any case, whatever reservations I had at first rapidly dissolved into a distant memory as the first ten minutes passed.

Usually I roll my eyes at flashback-driven efforts, but not so with Dark Places. Each switch back to 1985 is like the tumblers on a lock giving that satisfying click as you pick it, breeding anticipation and certainty that there is a rich reward at the end for your efforts, every scene evoking a subtle revelation that drives the story onward.

Well cast, well scored, well directed, Dark Places deserves more recognition than it has garnered. If I had to point out one flaw, it would be a forgivable one; MISFITS swag was not that easy to come by in 1985.
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If you've read the book and loved it, you will hate this movie. If you haven't, it's still a horribly boring movie.
alden-mackie10 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie does a huge disservice to the book. The screenwriter/director went on an ego trip and cut and/or drastically changed characters, changed the setting, and then did lip service to most of the major scenes. Some of the most pivotal scenes in the movie were present, but the setup for why they were important was never made, so when those scenes took place you were just sitting there going "meh."

Example - Ben shows up with dyed hair in the kitchen, but the reaction from the sisters is not nearly as volatile because there's no setup for their circumstances. They skipped over the sh*% storm of an environment that the mother returns to when she comes back with Diane. Later on, when you meet Ben Day as an adult, he is balding and his natural hair color is dark brown...completely eliminating the significance of the dye.

They took away all the suspense of the movie, every person you suspected of committing the murders in the book wasn't even suspicious in the movie. Long before the climactic scene, you knew who killed everyone and you didn't care. Then for some unknown reason they changed the end to something that is just incredibly boring.

Example - Lou Cates is presented as some scrawny average middle aged man, not intimidating at all, and except for some side comment by Lyle about him being arrested later for assault, you would never have known he had any kind of depth to him at all, but by the time you find that out, you don't care and he's never presented as a potential suspect.

None of the characters were properly developed; they were inconsistent with the book, and within the movie itself. Diondra was some sad emotional, but slightly manipulative girl whose only erratic behavior took place under the influence of drugs. How you go from that to what she does makes no sense at all, whereas in the book her actions were consistent with her character.

Other than a small example of kleptomania, Libby Day was never developed as the dark, disturbed person that Gillian Flynn wrote about. One of the primary agenda's of Gillian Flynn's writing is to show that women can be just as dark and twisted as your stereotypical dark male protagonist; this movie failed miserably in that.

Lastly, I'm not really sure what movie the other reviewers watched, but the acting was about as good your average lifetime network special. The scene at the Cates' house was particularly abysmal...no one was believable. Just a huge waste of an amazing book.
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A satisfying mystery that tells of savage desperation and sadistic cold-hearted murder
ArchonCinemaReviews20 July 2015
Ungodly and sinister, Gillian Flynn's Dark Places is just as devilish as you hope.

Again Gillian Flynn takes inspiration from the headlines, this time Dark Places sheds unsettling and ominous light on the famed mass murders that capture society's attention.

When Libby Day (Charlize Theron) was just seven years old, she was the lone survivor and he family was viciously murdered in what the media claimed was a satanic occult sacrifice at the desolate farmhouse in Kansas. Her brother Ben, just fifteen at the time, was found to be guilty. Twenty-five years later, in desperate need of cash and with no way to get it except capitalize and exploit her seedy past, she allows an organization obsessed with real life murders investigate the case with her help, as they hope to exonerate Ben. As she investigates her past, she opens old wounds and uncovers things about her life she had long since buried deep in her soul.

Not being able to speak of the novel, the Dark Places as a film does a great job of leading you on myriad paths of misdirection. The audience desperately following leads and evidence to discover the truth of what happened that fateful night in the when a family was brutally murdered, leaving two surviving siblings left standing when the carnage stopped. The multi-layered story is well paced and realistically utilizes real life murders and victims for a believable interpretation of a crime.

Gillian Flynn and her fellow screenwriter of the adaptation, Gilles Paquet-Brenner, do a marvelous job of refusing to resort to lazy exposition, showing rather than telling. The result is an engaging mystery that garners your full attention in the hopes you might be able to deduce the truth of the heinously bloody murders. Paquet-Brenner does double duty in directing the film, and translates the subject matter with cohesively gritty and complementary cinematography.

It seems as though fans of the novel were a bit disappointed in the casting for this film, that Theron does not match the physicality of Flynn's written description. Not knowing this fact, Charlize Theron is flawless as the tortured lead Libby. Her Libby and the medley of supporting characters are gripping and match the brutal content of the film.

Dark Places is a satisfying mystery that tells of savage desperation and sadistic cold-hearted murder. Given the weak and bland thrillers of recent years that shy away from the truly horrifying callous of human nature, fans of the genre should be pleased.

7.5/10 Please check our website for full reviews of all the recent releases.
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Haven't read the book, I liked this movie a lot
glorygopi14 April 2015
I am one of the lucky guys to watch this movie in Paris earlier than the fans around the world. After the initial 30 minutes, the movie starts picking up its pace which was maintained till the end.The screenplay and direction were near perfect.

Needless to say, Charlize Theron has done an amazing job in acting. She carries the film on her shoulder from the beginning to the end. Next to her, Chloe has done a good job. Apart from these actors, the other people play a little role.

I can say that it's better than Gone Girl. Just go for it people. You won't get disappointed. My rating : 9/10.
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Another gripping mystery filled crime drama?
paul_3-960-89677410 April 2015
Dark Places was interesting but not as riveting as I had hoped. I never had a chance to read the book - because the movie came out very early in France - so I watched the film with fresh eyes not knowing what I was in for. Problem solver that I am, I watched the film looking for clues but I fairly quickly had all the right suspects lined up before I even got through a quarter of the movie. I don't know if it's a testament to my "mad" deductive skills or a lack of mystery in the story telling. The exact same thing happened to me with Gone Girl - the book - which is why I didn't finish reading it. I guess I was hopping for more of a challenge with Dark Places, something that would have surprised me at the end.

Anyway, I still enjoyed the film, particularly how Libby's past memories were shot. They had an 1980s feel to them, I mean in the quality of the images, they had an old VHS tape look to them. They were grainy and shaky, which also gave them an horror movie vibe, while at the same time illustrating how Libby feels about them.

The film is like the title suggest dark, and I'm not just talking about the murders but the whole context the characters are in. It's socially realistic, you really feel for the struggling mother (Christina Hendricks) and her kids, the poverty and the hardship of their situation is almost palpable and that's thanks to Hendricks' performance. The rest of the cast is good but Christina Hendricks and Corey Stoll stand out and elevate the film.

So to me Dark Places really depicts how prejudices, despair, and a bunch of white lies can snow ball and change people's lives forever. It's definitely not thriller of the year but the film is not boring. @wornoutspines
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VERY underrated suspense thriller!
closerlookfilms4 August 2015
I'm going to do this short and sweet: This film starts out like an episode of "True Detective" or "Touching Evil", and then as it comes down to the final inning, shifts into a beautifully paced and developed revelation, that is truly unexpected and chilling.

Charlize Theron, as always, is amazing. Her performance here has the intensity of both "Monster" and "North Country, " and she gets great support from the supporting cast.

Ignore negative reviews. This is a film that you need to see and then make an opinion about. For me, this was a very satisfying and effective movie that deserved far more accolades than it has received.

After viewing "Dark Places", It is hard for me to comprehend that it is not receiving a positive buzz right now. After being somewhat disappointed with "Goodnight Mommy" and seriously disappointed with "It Follows," "Dark Places" is a thriller that actually thrills. Bottom line" you need to see it!
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Good solid whodunit
gridoon201915 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It's been a while since I've seen such a good old-fashioned whodunit on the big screen; the genre seems to be somewhat of a forgotten art in modern cinema. Compared to "Gone Girl", "Dark Places" is less flashy, less psychologically twisted, more down-to-earth, more plot-driven. It kept me wondering who-done-it until the end, and the solution is clever and unpredictable (let's just say there is a thin line between innocence and guilt in this movie). The narrative moves very smoothly and methodically between the present and the past, helped by a solid cast, well-selected in terms of the younger and the older actors who are called upon to play the same character (especially in the case of Chloë Grace Moretz and Andrea Roth). Recommended for fans of the genre. *** out of 4.
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Slow but involving murder mystery
abisio22 September 2015
I did not read Dark Places nor Gone Girl (the other Flynn's book) but I can really said that movie is slow but captivating. Theron is as always excellent and modest. Her character does not shine like the female character in Gone Girl; in fact her character is really an accessory to the story that basically happens in flash backs.

As a murder mystery; the end is somewhat unexpected but not completely convincing; but it is obvious that the important thing was the sadness, misery and tough decisions some of the characters had to make and its consequences.

It is an interesting slow cooked movie; far from commercial but worth seeing anyway
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Intriguing but Disappointing…
jaime-fins18 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is about a crime committed some 30 years ago where the mother and the sisters of Libby Day (Charlize Theron) and her brother, Ben, are murdered. She and her older brother were the only survivors of the crime but, due to the fact of his brother was involved with a satanic group, she blames him of committing it, they go to court and he admits the crime and he ends in the jail. Then, she became a national icon and she was sustained by donations she got during all her life. Thirty years after, most people have forgot about her and, she is almost broke and needs to find a way of getting money. Then, a group of amateurs that enjoy solving crimes and mysteries go in the encounter of the Libby Day saying that they believe his brother was not guilty and, in exchange of money, they ask for her help in finding the truth behind the murdering of her family. Libby Day starts the journey of remembering all the facts behind that night. She then starts to talk again with his brother and she's going after all the people that could know something about it.

During this part of the movie, you feel very connected to the story and very intrigued. The characters, they all seem very natural and the interpretation makes you believe the script.

The main problem of this movie, is how it ends. It has a very anticlimax ending and all theories that you came up during the movie they all fall down. Really poor creativity in here, you really find yourself thinking they didn't know how to end it.

So, although it had very positive things, I rated this movie 5 stars, because for me a movie is all about how it ends, and his one was ... poor!
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Very Good
julesfromny8 April 2015
Unlike Gone Girl (which I liked a lot), this movie does not have a major plot twist in the middle. This is a Whodunit, with the finger pointed on a different character every 15 minutes or so. And instead of flashy, campy directing by David Fincher, Paquet- Brenner opts for social realism and... dark. Which is a good thing, because it keeps the focus on the plot which is thick, and moves at breakneck speed. The past and the present are interwoven seamlessly until the end, which was surprisingly moving - and for my money more satisfying than Gone Girl's. The acting is solid throughout, with special mention to Christina Hendricks and Corey Stoll as the emotional core. Hendricks is absolutely stellar. Gillian Flynn's unique voice comes through in the Voice Over narration and the dialogues which are at times funny and quite cynical. This time, the themes are growing up as a victim, confronting your past, the satanic panic of the 80's, as as with Gone Girl, the lies we tell ourselves and others. Definitely worth the price of admission. 9/10
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Really? A 6.2?
blanche-214 June 2017
From 2015, "Dark Places" stars Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Christina Hendricks, and Corey Stoll in an adaptation of a novel by Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl).

Theron is Libby Day, one of two living survivors of the mass murder of her family in 1985 in Kansas. Where else - it's where the murders in In Cold Blood took place. The other survivor is her brother Ben (Stoll), a teen at the time, who has been in prison for the last 25 years for the murders, due to what she told the police.

Libby is a cold, closed-off human being, understandably, given what she went through as a child; she cashed in on the murders and never worked. As a child people sent her money, and she also wrote a book -- well, her name was on it and she was paid, but she states that she never even read it. Now that she's an adult, she has $412 left and has never had a job. So when she's approached by a crime club called the Kill Club, which discusses and works on famous murder cases, she takes their money to make an appearance.

Though she insists her brother is guilty, Libby takes more money to actually investigate for the club's president (Hoult). It has to be done right away because storage problems in the state building mean that cases more than ten years old will be destroyed in a few weeks.

Flashbacks recreate the circumstances surrounding the murders, showing her mother (Hendricks) trying to hold onto their farm despite poverty, her alcoholic husband who shows up for money, Ben being accused of child molestation and of practicing Satanism, and Ben's relationship with Diondra (Chloe Grace Moretz), who seems to be the town bad girl.

Slowly Libby is able to put the pieces together and learns the stunning truth.

I don't understand the vilification of this movie - what has it ever done to anyone? A 26% fresh on rottentomatoes.com. Was it Hate Charlize Day or what? This is a terrific, suspenseful film that will keep you guessing right to the end.

Theron gives a frosty performance, right on for this isolated, unfriendly woman who has cut herself off from the world and people. She wears a baseball cap throughout most of the film; we don't really get to see her true beauty unless it's off. There is a book called "Flesh and Fantasy" which has a chapter on How to Win an Oscar. One way is for a beautiful movie star to make herself look bad, as Theron did in Monster. She prefers to make films that are not about her gorgeous looks, and this was one.

Christina Hendricks does a great job as Libby's downtrodden mother - she looks and acts defeated - a far cry from being one of the glamorous stars of "Mad Men."

For fans of this genre, and I gather for people who haven't read the book, I think this is a very well done film that deserves to be seen as a rental or on Amazon streaming.
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Production/Reception Problems Don't Nearly Sink This One (Despite Their Best Efforts)
zkonedog28 February 2017
A few years ago, Gillian Flynn's novel "Gone Girl" was turned into a film that received Academy Award consideration. While I won't go so far as to say that "Dark Places" is quite as good as that one, there must have been something going on behind the scenes in the production that really hampered its marketing. It doesn't nearly deserve the terrible reputation it is receiving right now.

For a basic plot summary, "Dark Places" tells the story of Libby Day (Charlize Theron), a woman still haunted by the memory of a childhood incident in which her brother murdered the rest of the family...or did he? Down to her last dollar and no longer able to exploit public sympathy, Libby hooks on with a group of murder investigators/enthusiasts led by Lyle Wirth (Nicholas Hoult), who pay her to re-examine that infamous past night. The lead-up to the massacre is told in flash-backs, featuring Ben Day (Tye Sheridan & Corey Stoll) as the supposed killer and mother Patty (Christine Hendricks) as the mother hanging on by a thread. What really happened that night? That won't be determined until the final memories begin falling into place.

To me, "Dark Places" matches up pretty favorably with "Gone Girl" (I actually liked this one even better as a book than I did "Gone Girl"). They both have a pretty respectable cast (even Chloe Moretz has a key role in this), they both feature a psychological thriller/mystery at the heart of the narrative, and both are thoroughly entertaining from beginning to end.

So, why did "Gone Girl" soar while "Dark Places" puttered out? There seemed to be very little advertising for "Dark Places", it premiered in very few theaters, and came to home video right away. There is also a sense (while watching the film) that the production value isn't quite as good as maybe it could be. Not overly detrimentally to the experience, by any means, but also not quite as polished as "Gone Girl". It felt a little bit cobbled together and stunted when it could have been just as great and nuanced as its Flynn-inspired predecessor.

Overall, though, "Dark Places" is a pretty solid movie that (for whatever reason) gained such a bad reputation that it flopped early and often. If you enjoyed the book, though, I think you will like this one just as much. Don't be scared away by a few bad reviews and some terrible score markings on other websites...it isn't nearly that bad!! Had some of the kinks been worked out of it, it could have been a lot more well-received.
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A messed up situation that created some messed up people
ihanson727 February 2017
A very appropriate title for a messed up situation that created some messed up people. I am biased with Charlize, but this was well done and an entertaining yet twisted tale. If you are a fan of her work you won't be disappointed. The rest of the cast was enjoyable also. I hear the book was good too.
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I like it, thought it was a great murder mystery.
subxerogravity12 August 2015
I thought the film had a lot of really cool twist and turns that kept me guessing all the way to the end.

There were a lot of layers too it that did not jumble up on you to become too complicated. I guess the story was flushed out quite well by the filmmaker.

The film had a lot of cool elements too.

Charlize Theron plays Libby Day, the lone survivor of a massacre done by her brother of their entire family. Twenty years later, a convention of geeks that love serial killers, lead by Nicolas Hoult, contact her and pay her to help them prove that her brother did not do it. Even though she said he did Twenty years ago.

The movie lives up to the title. It points out how low a person can get on many different levels.

Good watch.
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Thriller Whodunnit
kz917-110 July 2017
Based on the Gillian Flynn book of the same name. Flynn also wrote Gone Girl.

As far as movies go - Gone Girl was better.

This was an acceptable entertaining thriller. But, well the book was just better. They can't put everything in the movie and often times things are changed radically.

This was good and definitely worth the rental. Just not as good as the book...
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Decent And Enjoyable Enough
dfa12037429 December 2015
Dark Places (like a lot of movies, I guess) won't be everyone's cup of tea as it's a pretty slow-paced Thriller that concentrates on a decent cast delivering a good story. If you're more into faster-paced films then you more than likely won't enjoy this.

The story sees Charlize Theron play Libby Day, a young woman who believes that her brother brutally killed her mother and sister when she was 8-years-old. When Lyle Wirth (played by Nicholas Hoult), a member of a crime investigative group, manages to get in touch with Libby, and starts to provide possible evidence on what actually happened, Libby starts to doubt her own recollection of what actually happened that fateful day.

The story may sound a bit dull & unoriginal, but it plays out better than it initially sounds, and it also gets better as it unravels. It's also a story that you have to pay attention to, especially with the flash backs as there is no immediate indication the flash backs have started (but it doesn't take a genius to figure out when a flashback scene is being played). So, with the jumping back & forward from past to present, you do need to watch it carefully to get what is fully going on. Also, while there is no twist as such, the story does keep you guessing as to how it will pan out.

The cast all do a decent job with their individual parts as well, from Theron's performance as Libby Day, a woman who finds it hard to trust anyone and has become a bit of a recluse, to Chloë Grace Moretz's performance of a young manipulative Diondra. Put a decent cast in to deliver a decent story and you have yourself a pretty enjoyable movie.

As I mentioned earlier, it is a pretty slow-paced Thriller, and while I don't mind watching these, there were a few scenes where I thought it dragged a wee bit, but for the most part it is interesting and enjoyable enough.

It's not the best film you'll ever see, but Dark places is a good film that is definitely worth a watch.
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This is no Gone Girl
eddie_baggins3 November 2015
Last year David Fincher delivered a pinpoint accurate adaptation of Gillian Flynn's bestselling book Gone Girl, a thriller that was both well designed, well-acted and perfectly constructed in its adapting of Flynn's source writing and was a break out hit the world over. Gone Girl as a film then is everything that Dark Places isn't.

Studios were undoubtedly clambering to secure rights to Flynn's books once they found themselves on bestselling lists and after the success of Gone Girl at the cinema and on face value Dark Places seems like another sure fire hit. There's dark tones everywhere you look from the Satanism themes, the struggling family murdered in cold blood, a kill club that get their kicks from solving crimes and front and centre Charlize Theron's Libby Day, the grown up survivor of the family murder that gives a testimony that imprisoned her older brother for the crime but in a convoluted story that seemingly worked quite well in book format gets lost in a shoddily edited and unveiling cinematic narrative.

Much of the films failings can be placed squarely at the feet of director Paquet-Brenner who unlike Fincher seems to lack any single amount of vision for this event. Proceedings meander along but there's never an energy to this tale, revelations come and go yet you're left anticipating the film kicking into another gear only to find by the time the credits role it never once threatened to breakout. Much of the film fails unequivocally and is saved only by a decent Theron turn as the feisty Libby and some nice support from Tye Sheridan as the young Ben Day and Corey Stoll as the older incarnation. Other performers in the piece get lost in a mistreated retelling of the source material with yet another OTT turn from Chloe Grace Moretz front and centre in this aspect.

Uninvolving, lacking any energy and most tellingly just downright boring, Dark Places barely feels like it belongs in the league of cinematic thrillers and in the end comes off as a cheap and nasty TV movie that is notched up a peg on the ratings scale thanks to some Hollywood talent that deserve better material to work with.

2 sacrificial cows out of 5
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Lifeless and Emotionless Drama about Destroyed Lives
claudio_carvalho19 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Libby Day (Charlize Theron) is a lifeless woman that survived a massacre of her family in their farmhouse in the countryside of Kansas when she was eight that has been living from donations and lectures ever since. Thirty years ago, the police believed that a satanic cult was the responsible of the murder of her mother and two sisters, and her brother Ben (Corey Stoll) was convicted with her testimony in court. On the present days, her acquaintance Lyle Wirth (Nicholas Hoult) invites Libby to visit "The Kill Club", where amateurs investigate famous crimes, and she finds that they believe Ben is innocent. Libby needs money and accepts to revisit the slaughter of her family and comes up to the painful revelations and the ultimate truth.

"Dark Places" is a lifeless and emotionless drama about destroyed lives. The story is very dark and the cast is excellent. However, the screenplay that entwines present and past could have been much better and the direction misses the opportunity to make a powerful drama. Charlize Theron performs a totally unpleasant character, cynical, lazy and greedy. The conclusion does not bring any emotion to the viewer. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Lugares Escuros" ("Dark Places")
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Lack of pace and discernible direction lead to disappointment
s327616931 July 2015
A lack of pace and discernible direction robs Dark Places of any real interest.

Like the main character Libby Day this is a listless, aimless, rather lifeless film, so over injected with cynicism and nihilism that you quickly stop caring who did what to who.

The acting is passable but I'm damned if I see what the fuss is regarding Charlize Theron. I've yet to see anything from this actor that's truly impressive. This film is no exception. Wandering around in a hat being sarcastic, glaring and smoking, just don't cut the acting mustard in my estimation. My advice, give this one a miss. Three out of ten from me.
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Very good mystery / thriller
deloudelouvain30 December 2015
If there is one thing I like about mystery/crime/thrillers is that when they are good you keep try to figure out who done it during the whole movie. And Dark Places is one of those movies. It's good, even very good. There are a lot of mysteries, plots and twists in the movie that keep you interested for almost two hours. I've been trying to figure out what happened, guessed a couple times wrong while I thought I figured it all out. And that's what I like about those kind of movies. You're absorbed by the story. Charlize Theron gave us a very good performance with her role. The other actors are all good as well, I can't fault anyone in Dark Places. The ambiance during the whole movie is very intriguing and you will only know what really happened at the end. I wish they would make more of those movies. Certainly worth a watch if you are in for a bit of detective work.
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I'll have to see if the problem was in source material...
paper-pagan1 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
*Spoilers* The ending made no sense. Either this is because it was done poorly by the director or the book isn't very good either. I'll get my hands on it and read it. How did it make more sense for the woman to invite a murderer in her home where her children slept to kill her as opposed to selling the farm and moving to her (inviting) sister until she gets a job that isn't a total loss. Because she liked the farm so much? How are her four per-pubescent kids with a creep father supposed to benefit from that?

The directing was actually really bad. Charlize Theron was oddly cast and nobody else seemed to make any sense either - a lot of really good actors just showed up to do some weird scenes and the were gone. Theron wonders from one scene to the next like she is hoping this will be over soon and she gets paid. The kids had most of the story and the boy who plays the brother is the only one that stands out. For some reason i really don't like Chloe G. Moretz, she always plays such unpleasant people. Great actress, just ... Creepy. Of course they chose her adult version well - all the women in this movie stand by their 'white trash once, white trash for ever', and it's even worse if they had rich mommy and daddy.

The one thing I liked somewhat were the costumes. (Not so much the make-up, because in one scene Theron's 'trailer trash tanned' face totally mismatches her chalk white hands, and the MUA seemed to only know how to apply eyeliner and not much else to make women seem trashy.) Although it feels like this takes course over three weeks and not one day and the lead COULD change her styling at least once, she is wonderfully locked in her own mental prison, as her brother points out - she cannot think outside herself at all. Her family is said to be incredibly poor, but I always imagined poor people to be, dunno, less neat and not quite so perfect. The hair of several actors has more character and message than their faces and clothes.

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