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As bad as it gets
dgh18023 February 2013
A truly awful film,there are numerous mistakes,Michael Steele is portrayed here as supplying the ecstasy that killed Leah Betts which is completely untrue.Also it relies on imaginary events such as the Essex Boys whacking 3 drug dealers in Amsterdam,anybody who has even a basic knowledge of what happened in Rettendon in 1995 will laugh their heads off,i was simply gobsmacked at how this even got released,it is not even good enough to go straight to DVD.Kierston Wareing was great in previous 'Essex Boys' films but should really have known better,the acting is so over the top and the worst thing for me was the talk over by some idiot trying to sound threatening but actually coming across as a prize chump.
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one film too many
sihedley14 March 2013
Where do we start. If you really have nothing else to do, you could do worse.

Paul Tanter is an up and comer, but he is in danger of "pigeon holing" himself in this genre of gritty crime dramas. He is obviously talented and his past work with Simon Phillips and Nick Neverne is worthy of inspection. Phillips in particular was under used in the acting sense for this picture.

OK the story - Same old, same old. with a couple of extra twists, which if you believe the front cover/poster, will enlighten us as it is the "only true Essex Boys movie". If you do, you'll be disappointed. Some characters were depicted with their real names, other were complete falsehoods, like the poor girl who tragically died. I am sure that there are reasons why real names were not used.

Same format, different actors, apart from poor Kierston Wareing, who has now played Pat Tate's downtrodden lady in at least three films. Now Kierston is good, a very good actress, but she really must either live in Southend, close to the pier, or Alex Kingston sold the exclusive rights to the part, once she saw how bad Essex Boys turned out. Kierston, all that breeze coming off the North Sea is beginning to make your cheeks very rosy. Get inside and have a cup of hot tea!

The main protagonists - Jay Brown I like, but in this part (Tucker)he seems to have been told to walk around like he was in a Mr Universe pose-down. He is so much better than that. The script obviously did not allow him to play the part with the charisma of Terry Stone who played the part on a couple of previous occasions. Pete Barratt swears his way through the move, as all previous Tate incarnations have to do. Unfortunately he doesn't look the part, like the hulking Tamar Hassan or have the presence of the charismatic Craig Fairbrass who I think is best actor to capture this hoodlum. (although you could argue that Hassan and Fairbrass gave Tate a comedic turn also, however warped that sounds.)

The police detective was solid and Ewan Ross was believable. Unfortunately the scenes where he was the central character, gave him little to work with in terms of antagonist to converse with and develop his character more.

There must have been investment from someone and I love the fact that people are still investing in UK film. Maybe this was a tax break, because if I was a serious investor - I would be upset with my end product.

The story has been done and has been done better, much better. The worst of the films depicting this infamous story. It is time it was left alone now. I do not blame the actors. I blame a weak script and blasé production.

3/10 - Could do better, but please do not try with this story again please.
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The worst one yet
jameslovessteph7 March 2013
I was looking forward to this movie but within a few Min's of watching I knew it was going to be weak.. Sorry to say but some of the worst acting I have ever see. I thought Pat Tate was a hard man? well, the Pat Tate in this movie does not come across as a hard man at all, just a loud mouthed all talk bad actor not the right actor for the part. To be honest non of the actors in this playing Mick, Pat, or Tucker should of played the parts not the right people for the job. If my insomnia wasn't playing up I would of turned it off within the first 10 min's it really is that bad. I would rather watch "Rise Of The Foot Soldier" (AGAIN) or "Essex Boys" (AGAIN) this movie does not come anywhere close to as good as these 2 Movies. My opinion, the only good actors in this movie where the copper and the undercover, absolute PANTS
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Worst of the movies about this story
djvapour25 February 2013
we have already seen a lot of films about this story (and all of then very enjoyable) but this film is spoilt but a story that feels rushed and a narration by someone who is clearly wants to be the local hard nut down his "locaaal Booooza mayte"

Who ever done the soundtrack needs to do more research as this film is based in the early 90s but features up to date house and dnb throughout - a minor point you may think but it does make a difference

putting the tedious voice over and rushed story aside the acting is pretty good and the filming is good

Skip this and watch bonded by blood or essex boys if you want a better showing of this story
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Not as good as the others
roglowe23 February 2013
I thought, Not another film about the Rettendon Murders. They say it is the best British Gangster film in years since Lock Stock. May as well watch it. Sounds great!.

What a let down. At first I wasn't sure how long I could listen to the overacted narration of Darren Nichols. Shouting the story line like he was on speed on a football terrace. Then the awful acting started.

Most of the scenes were badly cut and shot and the colour correction and lighting was all over the place. Far too many technical distractions for me to sit and enjoy. Also, what was the casting on? Pat Tate was a mountain of a guy!

Lets hope this is the last film made about the "Essex Boys" and that British gangster films see a new breed of quality actors and directors in the future.
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Was this really necessary?!
natashabowiepinky10 August 2013
There have been three films made about this very case, which in my (not so) humble opinion is at least one too many... and this entry may be the straw that broke the dromedary's back. Hamstrung by a tw*t of a narrator who you want to psychically harm ever time he utters a syllable, and full of drug-snorting losers who can only repeat the C and F words ad infinitum, there is no-one here to care about and consequently, zero reason to keep you watching. Of course, this being a 'lads' movie they throw in a strip joint with plenty of gratuitous nudity for the undiscerning, but you can see more in Nuts magazine every week, so why not get a copy of that instead? Just don't bother trying to find it at the Co-op.

The minor pleasures on offer here include a few scenes of ultra-violence perpetuated by our psychotic 'heroes'... at least you can can't accuse these parts of being dull. And, because this film is set in the mid-90's, the attempts at period detail are interesting... from chunky mobile phones to discussing the O J Simpson trial. Such isolated moments however, are overrun by tiresome kn*bs with annoying accents competing with each other to see who can be the biggest idiot. I think I'll declare a draw. And if another movie company decides to do yet ANOTHER version of this oft-told tale, could they do me a personal favour and... forget it? 4/10
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Not the best
its-smid21 February 2013
Not one of the best adaptations of the story.

Nothing you haven't seen before in the other versions, apart from the very end (which I won't give away)and the slightly different viewpoint; it almost assumes that you've seen or read the story before and it has the familiar milestones. The acting isn't too bad, but the cutting of the scenes could have been a bit sharper, and the characters could have been introduced better. Again, if you're not familiar with the story, you'll wonder what's happening. It copies some story styles from other movies, but without the same care and finesse. All the versions I've seen and read about portray Tate as a psycho, but they all have the same few stories about him. He was obviously wild, but he doesn't seem to have been prolific in his violence, more of a show-off. It does try to be a quick fire narrative, but it comes across more as a badly edited, amateur production. Disappointing.
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You soppy chaaannnntt....
FlashCallahan22 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
So this is the fourth movie about the land rover and the shootings, and its the worst one yet.

Essex Boys was bad but had Sean Bean in it, Bonded By Blood was also bad, but you really can't hate anything with Tamar Hassan in it, and Rise Of The Foot Soldier was surprisingly watchable.

This though is really the lowest of the low, it's beyond Rancid Aluminium bad, and the acting is appalling.

I thought it was going to be just another cockney, sweary, Danny Dyer type movie, which I can tolerate, but as soon as the narrator sounded like someone from an episode of Top Gear, I knew it wasn't going to be 'tasty'.

For starters, the cast are the most pathetic depiction of 'Mockneys' I have ever seen, its as if every other word begins with C and has four letters, and anybody they do not know gets a lot of abuse for no good reason.

So all in all, it's just another excuse for lads to swear and drink beer and just be totally wrong about facts and disrespectful to the dead.

RIP Leah Betts.
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Three muppets get shot
Karl Self28 February 2013
There are now three movies on the 1995 Rettendon murders, if I have counted correctly. In chronological order: Essex Boys, The Rise Of The Foot Soldier, and now The Fall Of The Essex Boys. The former is a conventional feature movie (starring Sean Bean), the latter two use a documentary-style approach with first-person narrators. The Fall Of The Essex Boys tries to be the hardest of them all, it almost feels as if the narrator is spitting into your ear ("It didn't take long for the near gear to spread frough Essex like an effing virus.") The actors are all trying a bit to hard to appear tough as nails and their overdone Cockney accents quickly begin to grate. At the same time, it does a bad job at recounting at least a semblance of a plot. All three movies revel in machism and violence. If that's your cuppa, I recommend The Rise Of The Footsoldier, to which The Fall Of The Essex Boys has nothing to add (except maybe more plump-breasted birds).

The fact that a fairly conventional triple gangland murder still spawns movies twenty years later tells you what a quiet little place Old Blighty really is.
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Makes Essex look and sound like a place you should avoid.
wayne-uk24 February 2013
The premise for this movie looked pretty good to begin with. I was looking forward to watching something that is sort of based on truth, and something that is far removed from the usual American type gangster stuff we are all so used too, a movie that is based in an area I grew up in, hoping to catch an insiders glance at what else happens and has happened in the now notorious realms of Essex gangster land. However after just a few seconds into the movie it was clearly apparent that the only emotions this film was going to stir in me was utter disappointment!

Who on earth thought that a shouting over acting voice over man was a good idea? his voice is so not Essex! his constant swearing and over hyping was completely off putting. Then there's the acting itself, with most of the the actors just trying to be look as if someone just stole there lolly pop, so they decided to throw their toys out of the pram and create completely unbelievable characterless caricature of what I guess the director thought Essex people are! and no we are not a cross between Towie and Derek from Eastenders with a leaning towards mental breakdown.

The films look and feel could be rather immersive at times, the camera work lighting locations etc and the soundtrack made for a slick looking gritty Brit movie, Just to be horribly let down by a dreadful script and even worse acting, I mean who are these actors? (and I am being kind when I call them actors) The subject matter has been seen before and done better before.

If you want to see Essex in a less than flattering portrayal and your a fan of movies about football hooligans and the like, then this will be up your street, however for me this film is not only poorly made, but well out of date, this could have been made 10 to 15 years ago and perhaps been better received back then.

Sadly this movie should be avoided and lost in the bargain buckets of bankrupt video stores or a late night TV outing, not a cinema screen.
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Accents galore
skinhead-51 May 2013
OK...just because you give ten or so people a "Sarfend/Essex" accent it makes them a gangster. Well it don't. Too many films have tried to copy the original Lock, Stock and Two Smoking barrels and failed doing so, this is no exception.

Some of the acting is abysmal, some of them I am sure were just picked off the local bus stops and told to read a script. The running commentary is a "larf" with pseudo Cockney/Essex/Gangster accents, it's almost comical and turned the whole thing into a parody of it's self.

Other than that it is watchable and do like I did and wait for it to be in the bargain bin in your local Tesco for a £3.00!Also for a film post 2012 why the old bangers? Gangsters at least have Audi's and Jags nowadays.....
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My eyes are bleeding
Spencercollins20 October 2014
I actually cannot believe what I have just seen. The acting was utterly appalling. Pat Tate was a man mountain that commanded respect, a steroid driven hulk. The guy playing him looks like hes never even walked past a gym let alone been in one. And tony tuckers character???? he'd be spinning in his grave. Id be more scared if my Nan piped up at me. and whose narrating this?? someone just wasted a whole bunch of money shooting this crap. its billed as the true story but anyone who knew the boys, or at least a basic knowledge of how the story goes will know that this movie is filled with more holes than a teabag. what the hell was the Amsterdam scene about?? when did that happen? and since when did mickey Steele supply the pills that put Leah in her coma. if the terrible, completely unbelievable character acting don't seal its fate, the atrocious production, editing and lighting certainly will. the only thing this DVD came in useful for was to De-ice my car windscreen. avoid it like the plague or spend an hour and a half of your life that you'll never get back. 1 out of 10
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nwisty25 December 2013
It gets 5 only because the motives suggested are more developed; interesting and slightly better than those in the 2 previous.

But the portrayal of the 4 main characters( I include the perfidious Nicholls in this) are way way off the reality. T T and R were genuinely frightening ; even R carried a pretty menacing presence-not the idiots shown here. Liars, rip off merchants, they may have been--bullshitters they were not.

There are factual inaccuracies that spoil the notion of a true story. The massacre in Amsterdam was nowhere near as portrayed--no one died where is Draper in all this??? just a Q.
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a great thriller based on true events
daworldismine2 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
based on the true story of the essex boys and the rettendon range rover murders, the fourth movie to tell the story after 2000's essex boys, 2007's rise of the footsoldier, and 2010's bonded by blood, and to be honest after rise of the footsoldier, this is probably the best, and is completely different to the other movies on the subject, while a few things have been fabricated its pretty accurate to true events, and the cast i liked very much, especially jay brown as essex kingpin tony tucker a man you really don't want to mess with, same goes for peter berret as pat tate, they both put there own spin on the characters, and pull them off with ease, same goes for tony denham as jack whomes, and Simon Phillip's as Craig Rolfe, all of them have the aura of menace, the movie is very well made, and if anybody is familiar with the other movies about it should guess its very violent, it remains a brutal story, and the idea to have it from Darren Nichol's point of view is a good idea, i liked the other movies, but this is different so it stands out more, go see it brilliant stuff
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What have I just watched
mrcowdenbeathfc17 November 2019
The most embarrassing pathetic acing I've ever seen . Unwatchable
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The worst of the bunch.
RatedVforVinny14 November 2018
The weakest of the 'Essex Boy' movies but still rather compelling to watch. I mean once you have seen one you have to watch the whole series but this just seems like the idea has run its course.
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Absolute complete and utter joke of a film
PTR_theReturn14 February 2015
Well there's not much to say that hasn't already been said about this terrible film, particularly the idiot who ruins the entire film doing the voice over - he attempts to sound 'ard and menacing but ends up SHOUTING EVERY SINGLE WORD and just sounds like a total nob head who cannot act to save his life. The characters were all wrongly cast, and wrongly acted by a bunch of fools, The exception being the guy playing the grass, who should have swerved this movie as he is actually a good actor and deserves better scripts and Co- stars than this pile of crap. 'Rise of the foot soldier' was so so much better in every aspect, better cast, direction and writing. Don't waste time and money on this, watch foot soldier if you haven't already, and leave it at that. I noticed a couple of positive reviews here, don't be fooled, I bet they are from the idiots that had something to do with the making of this film lol *********AVOID THIS MOVIE AT ALL COSTS*******
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How do you say 'overacting' in Essex?
bowmanblue1 June 2014
Let me just say that this will be one hell of a short 'review' and I even feel pretty embarrassed called it such. I could only manage the first twenty minutes of this film before turning if off.

It's about the infamous 'Range Rover murders' of the mid nineties in the criminal underworld of Essex. Only this topic has already been covered numerous times (and better!) in recent films, plus Rise of the Footsoldier from a few years back, which was the best of the bunch in my opinion.

I watch a lot of horror and gangster movies - both hardly known for their 'Oscar-worthy performances,' so I like to think I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to acting. However, the simple fact is that the acting in this film is just too painful to watch. The voice-over alone is enough to get you reaching for the remote control's 'off' button. It's seriously like someone trying to do an exaggerated Danny Dyer impression, but without what little 'talent' Dyer actually possesses.

I should have checked online before watching this. At the time of writing this review, Fall of the Essex Boys currently holds a 3.1 out of 10 on IMDb. Quite generous in my opinion.
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owendavies-801512 May 2020
Tate and tucker were good looking hard men steroid abused physical big men ,tucker in this film is tiny Tate skinny and both not oil paintings...plot seems a lot different to bonded by blood and rise of the foot soldier which are fare better films .
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What have I watched
mrcowdenbeathfc5 March 2020
The worst acting I've ever seen and that's all I'm going to say . A car crash of a film
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wilsonstuart-323463 November 2018
I have not seen 'Rise of The Foot Soldier' but by all accounts it's an underrated crime thriller with a modest budget and a good cast. So I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. I have watched The Fall of the Essex Boys - and it is terrible.

Anyone who has read a British 'True Crime' novel in the last twenty odd years knows the story about the Tate-Tucker-Rolfe triple murders in 1995. Despite the ''wink wink', 'true story' hints, this partly fictionalised account tells you nothing that you will not have already learned from the works of Wesley Clarkson or any of the preceeding films.

Three interchangeable, unpleasant bullies, rampage across Essex swearing (endlessly), punting drugs with no thoughts to the consequences, abusing steroids (and their partners), carve up innocent people, visit lap dancing clubs and sleep with 'brasses' until the bloody denoument in a Range Rover. There's zero character development, no coherent storyline. Wash, rinse and repeat for ninety minutes.

The actors playing the cops are actually quite convincing, despite the poor quality script and amateurish direction. The Essex Boys in question are absymally portrayed and totally lacking in any sympathy. You will struggle to stay awake.

In short, avoid at all costs.
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I enjoyed it
macub86 October 2013
I brought this on a whim from a supermarket alongside with my weekly groceries. I am glad I did I really enjoyed the film,so much in fact that I decided to write a review I was surprised at the bad reviews it had it is definitely worth watching Sure it is not a big budget film but this only adds to a certain style being used in production It is a good British film so buy the DVD and make your own mind up Sometimes making a film about subject matter that has been done twice before And adding your own twist cannot be easy .i have seen Rise Of The Foot Soldier and Bonded By Blood also so feel I can make this judgement it really was a surprise to me to see so many negative reviews here If I had come here first I would never have bothered to buy it but no regrets at all on the purchase .i actually feel that it tries to portray a more realistic portrait of the leading characters .They are after all under the influence of steroids etc and not really your run of the mill people This has reignited my love if the genre .
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