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Season 2

18 Oct. 2013
Texas Skateboard Horrorland Zombie Activity 3
Lil Rob and the Wild Grinders must spend the night in a haunted house as part of the Skatey-Oh's cereal contest where the winner gets to design their own skate park! Little do they know that the contest has been taken over by the deranged former mascot of Skatey Oh's, Skatey the Skunk, who after a factory accident has become the evil Crunchy Face who is bent on revenge. Now the Grinders have to escape his basement of deathtraps or horror tropes or die trying!
5 Feb. 2014
Grindbox 1080: Start/Grindbox 1080 - Game Over
Trapped. Lil Rob zaps himself into Goggles' amped up video game to help save Stubford, and now they are both stuck in the digital craziness. Together, Lil Rob and Stubford must power their way through different levels while the Grinders try to help from the real world. But will the grinders' help be enough to defeat the throng of evil villains that confront them?
12 Feb. 2014
The Secret Life of Spitball/Backside Grinders: The Reunion Tour
In "The Secret Life of Spitball", Lil Rob and Meaty are determined to find out what Spitball does every time he ditches the grinders. In "Backside Grinders: The Reunion Tour", the Backside Grinders get back together to accept a singing challenge from the new pop idol, Justin 4.0.
19 Feb. 2014
Survivored/Fast Times at Sprawl City Middle School
In "Survivored," the Wild Grinders get stranded on a desert island. But they make the best of it and turn it into a skater's paradise, that is, until Stubford washes ashore and wreaks havoc. In "Fast Times at Sprawl City Middle School," Lil Rob tests out Goggles' new Hyper Turbo board. When he cranks it up to 11, he starts super-speeding at the speed of light. Can the grinders slow him back down?
26 Feb. 2014
The League of Xtraordinary Sk8ers/Wild Grinders, Assemble
In "The League of Xtraordinary Sk8ers," When Lil Rob's viral video crashes the interwebs, his newfound fame attracts the attention of Todd Topdeck, who needs a web celebrity to boost awareness of his less-than-successful Skate League. In "Wild Grinders, Assemble," When a giant alien robot threatens to conquer the planet, it's up to Lil Rob and the Grinders to save the day.
5 Mar. 2014
Pen Pal from Another Planet/Roman Grinders
In "Pen Pal from Another Planet," Jack Knife has a new pen pal that could be out of this world... or is it just one of the grinders pranking him? In "Roman Grinders," Goggles creates a time machine board so that the gang can cool off an over-heated burrito, but when the board malfunctions, the grinders end up in ancient Rome.
12 Mar. 2014
The Luck of the Grindish/Bend It Like a Wild Grinder
In "Luck of the Grindish," Meaty wins a leprechaun's hat and gets all the powers and responsibilities of a real Leprechaun. But be careful what you wish for because soon everyone's after Leprechaun Meaty for his legendary pot of gold. In "Bend it Like a Wild Grinder," Lil Rob and the Grinders welcome Sir Percival, an exchange student from across the pond. Sir P may be a great amateur athlete in his home country, but he can't get the hang of boarding. Before he returns home, the Grinders have to teach him how, or risk their reputation overseas.
19 Mar. 2014
Treasure of the Sierra Sprawl/Special Delivery
In "Treasure of the Sierra Sprawl," the Grinders' favorite snack has been discontinued because it causes extreme flatulence. But there is one last rumored "Stinkie" in the world, so the grinders must trek across the Sierra Sprawl to find it. In "Special Delivery," to get money they need to buy a skateboard horn, Lil Rob and the Grinders get jobs as pizza delivery boys. But their speed and enthusiasm puts them at odds with two BMXers and their mad delivery skills.
26 Mar. 2014
The Tell Tale Board/It's Not My Asphalt
In "The Tell Tale Board," when Lil Rob gets an awesome new board, Meaty can't stand the temptation and gives the board a ride when Lil Rob isn't home. Meaty wipes out and massively ruins the new board. Realizing there's no way he'll ever be able to fix it, Meaty panics and buries the board in the backyard, then lies to Lil Rob that Denise took it. But as guilt starts to eat away at Meaty, he swears that he can hear the board's wheels still rolling. In "It's Not My Asphalt," With the Grinders tired of wiping out due to pebbles, Goggles creates a Smart Asphalt that ...
2 Apr. 2014
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Grinder/Skate or Sick
In "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Grinder," There's a new exchange student in staying with Emo Crys, Skidoosh, who seems very reserved. If only Skidoosh could be more like the other new kid, Flingo Jalapeno, who's a total gonzo daredevil skater. But Lil Rob and the Wild Grinders are shocked to discover that Skidoosh and Flingo are actually the same kid. In "Skate or Sick," Lil Rob makes up a barely believable mystery disease to get out of going to Tool Con with Gene, but the soon the whole town is infected and quarantined.
9 Apr. 2014
The Big Sleep... Over/Lil Rob'n Hood
Lil Rob is faced with horrible news when he finds out that Patty arranged for a play date with Stubford. But Lil Rob agrees to go because he wants to get a photo of Stubford's mysterious mom, whom urban legends says no one has ever seen. In "Lil Rob'n Hood," A discussion of the Wild Grinders' famous relatives reveals that Lil Rob is related to the legendary Lil Rob'n Hood, who stole burritos from the king and gave them to his hungry friends. At least that's how Lil Rob tells the story that he stars in.
16 Apr. 2014
School Daze/Grindergeddon
In "School Daze," Lil Rob convinces Gene and Patty that he should be home schooled, thinking one of them will be his teacher and he'll be able to cruise through the day. But Lil Rob's plan goes awry when he shows up for his first day of home schooling and is greeted by his new teacher... Denise. In "Grindergeddon," The Grinders take the space shuttle up to an asteroid that's going to pass by earth so they can have the ultimate skate experience in super-low gravity. But when Stubford horns in on their action, he bumps the asteroid off its path and aims it straight for ...
23 Apr. 2014
Wild Grinder with Two Heads/The Legend of Jilly
In "Wild Grinder with Two Heads," Goggles has created the ultimate invention: a ray gun that'll combine two foods into one even more awesome food. Goggles warns them that his ray gun is experimental and has no idea what will happen if it's used on something other than food. Jay Jay and Emo Crys ignore the warning and as they have a tug-of-war over the ray gun, zap. Emo Crys and Jay Jay are combined into one Wild Grinder with two heads. In "The Legend of Jilly," Denise thinks that her accidentally flushed baby alligator, Jilly, is terrorizing Sprawl City. It's up to ...
3 Sep. 2014
Midas Touch/Pre-Teen Mutated Karate Warrior
In "Midas Touch," When Lil Rob and the Grinders take a "coolness" quiz, Goggles' coolness quotient ranks so low, it's off the scale. Lil Rob reminds Goggles of a nerdy kid who used to skate at the Lot, but now he's an ultra-cool skater named Shecky. Shecky agrees to give Goggles a Scheck-over. In "Pre-Teen Mutated Karate Warrior," Lil Rob is responsible for babysitting the new classroom pet, a turtle named Gary. Gary, however, has a secret: He's an elite, skilled hero - or at least he used to be. Lil Rob and Meaty promise to help Gary get his mojo back so he can stop ...
3 Sep. 2014
Fists of Justice: The Beginning/Mr. Dogfyre
In "Fists of Justice: The Beginning," Captain Grindstar hold auditions for form a superhero team and he casts all the Wild Grinders. Just in time too, because an alien warlord is threatening an invasion that will destroy the planet. In "Mr. Dogfyre," There's a new dog at the Lot named Travis who's a huge fan of the Backside Grinders, and it's his dream to play drums with the band. Lil Rob gets the band together to play with Travis, but Meaty gets jealous that Travis is a better drummer and worries he will be kicked out of the band permanently. To save his position as ...
10 Sep. 2014
The Amaaazing Racers/Wild Wild Mess
In "The Amaaazing Racers," Start your engine, Lil Rob. This year's around-the-world Golden Baco Rally starts in Sprawl City and Lil Rob and Meaty are in the driver's seat. With a prize of 10,000 bacon-wrapped tacos to tempt them, our heroes will race with only one obstacle between them and the taste of tasty victory: Stubford. In "Wild Wild Mess," Stubford becomes Sheriff of Sprawl City during Wild West Days. But Stubford's idea of fun is no fun at all. It's up to Lil Rob and the Grinders to make Wild West days fun again.
17 Sep. 2014
Grindinator/Grinder of Another Dimension
In "Grindinator," After Track Hucksterball cons Goggles into giving him his new robot skateboard, Lil Rob's grandson appears from the future with the news that Stubford's grandson has used an evolved version of Goggles' skateboard to take over Sprawl City. The Grinders must get back Goggles' original skateboard from Stubford and destroy it in order to save the future. In "Grinder of Another Dimension," in an attempt to impress Lil Rob, Preston disappears Jay Jay to the fourth dimension. Now it's up to Lil Rob and the Grinders to get him back before someone confuses ...
1 Oct. 2014
Demolition Man, Man/Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
In "Demolition Man, Man," Jack Knife joins the Sprawl City Skateboarding Demolition Derby, but now he must face his idol, Crash Basher, an undefeated champion who has never shown his face. With the Wild Grinders supporting him, Jack Knife prepares for the competition. In "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow," A new skater arrives at the Lot with major hair problems- namely an alien living his long locks with evil plans to take over the world. When all the grinders become infected with the alien hair, Meaty and Lil Rob must come to the rescue.
24 Sep. 2014
Lil Rob and the Beanstalk
In "Lil Rob and the Beanstalk," Jack Knife trades new skate wheels for magic jelly beans. A beanstalk then grows straight into the sky. The Wild Grinders climb the beanstalk to get back their skate wheels, but they soon encounter a giant skate park which can only be inhabited by one thing.
8 Oct. 2014
Cat Scratch Meaty/Wild BFFs
In "Cat Scratch Meaty," Schultz from the Good Dog, Bad Dog Academy moves in across the street and Meaty doesn't like that Schultz is now interested in cats and not dogs. Meaty plans to find out what Schultz is up to with all those cats by becoming a cat spy. In "Wild BFFs," Jack Knife and Stubford become new Best Friends Forever, much to the dismay of the Wild Grinders.
15 Oct. 2014
A Mole Lot of Trouble/Redonkulousness
In "A Mole Lot of Trouble," the Mole King comes to the surface and declares war on the surface dwellers. His next order of duty - he kicks Lil Rob and his family our of their home and makes it his castle. Lil Rob and Meaty must reclaim their home and get the Mole King to go back to his. In "Redonkulousness," Todd Topdeck hosts the greatest show ever to have donkey fails. Jack Knife becomes the star of that show, but his fifteen minutes of fame are up fast, leaving Jack Knife looking for a way to get back in the spot light.
5 Nov. 2014
When You Grind Upon a Star
When the super duper ultra extreme ramp comes to Sprawl City, the Grinders decide to build a practice ramp to test their skills. However, the ramp is a bit high and a bit scary, so Goggles builds a robot to test the ramp - Jagger 2.0.
12 Nov. 2014
Web Wars
In "Web Wars," Denise is upset that the grinders keep ruining her webcast about Freddy. So she takes things to the next level and creates a new webcast where she plays tricks on the grinders and makes them fail at all their tricks. It's a webcast beef now. Who will win?
19 Nov. 2014
Blast from the Past
When Goggles send Meaty and Lil Rob into the past, Lil Rob accidentally runs into his dad, Lil Gene, and changes his future. Now it's up to Lil Rob, with the help of Goggles' Dad from the past, to put things right again.
3 Dec. 2014
Gettin' Cheezy/Grindy the Snowman
In "Gettin' Cheezy," Lil Rob and his famous cousin switch places for the day. But fame proves to be a little too much for Lil Rob to handle. In "Grindy the Snow Man," the Grinders build a snowman who comes to life. But Grindy the Snow Man puts Sprawl City into perpetual winter and the Grinders have to take matters into their own hands.
10 Dec. 2014
Wild Grinder Style
Lil Rob wants to create a viral video so that he will be invited to Skate-a-thon Con. However, his video goes a bit too viral and now he must fend off fame and crazy fans.
17 Dec. 2014
Call of the Wild Grinder
When Lil Rob and Meaty discover how awesome skating down a mountain is, they invite all the other grinders and use their Off Road Boards. But when Jack Knife gets lost, the grinders find him in a fairytale-esqe scenario.
4 Feb. 2015
Lights! Camera! Denise!
In "Lights, Camera, Denise," Denise's crush, Freddie, is filming a movie and Denise is dying to be the star. So when Freddie casts Lil Rob and Flipz in his film, Denise is determined to find a way to be in the movie as well.
11 Feb. 2014
Great Wheels of Fire
When many of the Wild Grinders are kidnapped by Fong Say Yuck for his evil plot, it's up to Spitball and Lil Rob to find the magical wheels of fire and save their friends. But first, they must go see The Wolf Master and the Dragon Master before they can complete their quest.

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