Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) Poster

Jennifer Ehle: Carla



  • Anastasia Steele : Holy fuck!

    Carla : What? What is it?

    Anastasia Steele : It's Christian. He's here. Um... in Georgia.

    Carla : You're here!

    Christian Grey : Mrs. Adams. Delighted to meet you.

    Savannah Hotel Waiter : Something to drink, sir?

    Christian Grey : Gin and tonic. Hendricks if you have it, otherwise Bombay Sapphire. Cucumber with the Hendricks, lime with the Bombay.

    Carla : I like him already.

    Anastasia Steele : What are you doing here, Christian?

    Christian Grey : I came to see you.

    Carla : I'm going to step outside for a minute.

    Anastasia Steele : [drinking cocktail]  I broke rule seven, clause five.

    Christian Grey : We'll let it go. Let's not talk about the contract right now.

  • Anastasia Steele : [answers phone]  Hi, mama.

    Carla : Anastasia, what is going on? I've left you two messages this week.

    Anastasia Steele : I know, I'm sorry. I just got a little distracted.

    Carla : Sorry I missed your graduation, honey. I heard it was lovely. And your new beau? Ray told me all about him. He sounds like quite a young man! Of course I would have preferred to have heard about him from you.


    Carla : Ana? What's the matter?

    Anastasia Steele : Nothing, I'm fine.

    Carla : Is he not making you happy?

    Anastasia Steele : He is, yeah. Most of the time, yeah. It's complicated.

    Carla : Listen, honey, if you need a break you just come right on down here. Even if it's for a day or two. I have air miles and we can talk and have girl time. Promise me you'll think about it.

    Anastasia Steele : Yeah, I promise. I promise. I love you, mama.

    Carla : I love you too, darling.

  • Carla : Sweetheart, I wish Christian could have stayed. Bob was really looking forward to meeting him.

    Anastasia Steele : I know. He had to get back to Seattle, though. There is some situation at work.

    Carla : I wish I could tell you that things get easier, but they don't. You just get to know yourself better.

    Anastasia Steele : Thank you for everything, mama.

  • Anastasia Steele : [answers phone]  Mom, I'm at work. Can I call you back?

    Carla : Oh, wait. Wait, I called for a reason. Bob broke his foot playing golf, of all things.

    Anastasia Steele : Is he okay? Is he in a lot of pain?

    Carla : Who can tell with the man. He calls the paramedics for a blister. It means, though, we won't be able to fly in for graduation.

    Anastasia Steele : Really? You don't want to just come alone? You don't have to bring Bob.

    Carla : And leave Tiger Woods to fend for himself? You do understand, don't you darling?

    Anastasia Steele : Yeah. Yeah, it's fine. I really have to go. Okay?

    Carla : I love you, Ana!

    Anastasia Steele : I know. I love you, too.

    [hangs up and scoffs] 

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