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2 Oct. 2013
Anything for Love
REBEL WILSON (Pitch Perfect) stars in this outrageous new comedy about living life outside your comfort zone.
9 Oct. 2013
Three Men and a Boubier
After they fail to get any interest from an Internet dating website, Kimmie takes it upon herself to embellish her profile and those of her friends.
16 Oct. 2013
Chick or Treat
It's Halloween and both Kimmie and Kendall have a treat in store for Richard. Plus, Kimmie and the girls are invited to a Halloween party by guys in their apartment building.
23 Oct. 2013
Engagement Party
Oscar nominee JACKI WEAVER guest stars as Kimmie's mom, whom Kimmie clashes with in trying to plan an engagement party for her sister, Jazmine (ASHLEY TISDALE).
30 Oct. 2013
Go with Glorg
Kimmie gets new insight into her "frenemy" Kendall when the two end up together on an alcohol-fueled girls' night out. Meanwhile, Marika and Helen-Alice go to the Murna Princess Warrior Convention and are shocked to find that their idol, Murna Princess Warrior - or, rather, Alison, the actress who portrays her - isn't who they expected.
13 Nov. 2013
The Love Lioness
Kimmie and the gang decide to attend a seminar by Jane Spencer aka "The Love Lioness", a relationship guru who likens finding men to hunting prey in the wild. The ladies try her theories out at a hotel bar. It works a little too well when Kimmie picks up a man named Parker, but she isn't sure what to do when he invites her up to his room.
20 Nov. 2013
The Set Up
Kendall sets Kimmie up with one of Richard's dorky old school friends, James. But as Kimmie slowly warms to James on a double date, Richard has a surprising reaction. Meanwhile, Dan, Benji and Ruby temporarily move in with Kimmie and the gang, and slowly begin to drive the ladies crazy.
4 Dec. 2013
Kimmie, a junior attorney gets a big promotion at work. There she meets Richard, the son of the firm's senior partner, and is convinced that he is attracted to her. Kimmie starts to believe that life is starting to go her way, causing her friends Helen-Alice and Marika to worry that she may leave them behind.
11 Dec. 2013
Merry Super Fun Christmas
Richard reluctantly drives Kimmie, Marika and Helen-Alice to a remote cut-your-own Christmas tree lot upstate, but the trip over the river and through the woods goes terribly wrong when Marika gets them lost and they run out of gas on Christmas Eve. They think they're saved when they find a beautiful cabin miraculously stocked with a holiday feast - until the cranky old man who lives there shows up. Meanwhile, Kendall goes it alone with her frosty parents, Spencer and Lydia.
8 Jan. 2014
Li'l Big Kim
Kimmie taps into her alter ego, "Lil' Big Kim," to convince famous rap artist Miss T - who hates all lawyers - to sign with the firm. Meanwhile, Miss T's bodyguard, Antwan, takes a shine to Kimmie when she ends up taking the whole gang to an exclusive club in an attempt to seal the deal.
8 Jan. 2014
Dinner Party
Kimmie invites James to her place for a dinner party. What could go wrong? Lots, especially when neighbors Dan, Benji and Ruby volunteer their catering services, and sister Jazmine and her new hubby Jason show up very drunk.
15 Jan. 2014
Hostile Makeover
After her breakup with Richard, Kendall takes her anger out on Kimmie - so much so that Brian Headfoot, the firm's frazzled head of Human Resources, is called in to broker a truce between them. Meanwhile, Marika and Helen-Alice agree to let Jazmine's vapid friends Heidi and Hayley give them a makeover at their new salon.
22 Jan. 2014
Let the Games Begin
After Kimmie loses her virginity to James and the pair begin having sleepover dates, Marika and Helen-Alice feel miffed that their friend suddenly has no time for them. Meanwhile, Kendall, feeling a little lonely since her breakup with Richard, stoops to a new low - hanging out with Marika and Helen-Alice.
29 Jan. 2014
When Richard's hard-partying ex, Lucinda, turns up in New York City, they hook up and he falls off the wagon. Kimmie and Kendall team up to show Richard that Lucinda is a bad influence. Meanwhile, Ruby asks Marika out and she assumes it's a date. She's shocked when he tells her he just wanted a wing woman and he's always assumed that she is gay.
5 Feb. 2014
Cookie Prom
After law firm big wig Porter Warner advises Kimmie to act more professional, she starts calling herself "Kimberly" and looks to Kendall for advice. But friends Helen-Alice and Marika fear that the new and improved Kimmie may be too cool for their 10th annual Cookie Prom, a celebration of their disastrous high school prom.
12 Feb. 2014
Kimmie celebrates her first Valentine's Day with a boyfriend, but work intervenes and, later, Richard sends her mixed messages about their relationship. Meanwhile, Marika gets a different message of her own when new friend, Frankie, hits on her and Kendall hosts a sex toy party in honor of the holiday.
19 Feb. 2014
...Till the Fat Lady Sings
Kimmie's boyfriend, James, breaks up with her when she admits that Richard kissed her. She's torn between trying to get James back or telling Richard how she really feels about him. Meanwhile, a visit from Richard's autocratic dad, Rupert Royce, throws the firm into chaos over who will be getting the next big promotion, and Marika struggles to find a way to tell her friends she's gay.

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