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Season 4

30 May 2016
The New Girls
Joss testifies in Wilson's murder trial; April worries Lucy is growing up too fast; Karen adjusts to motherhood while her attractive male nanny makes an unwarranted advance.
6 Jun. 2016
Mistaken Identity
Harry's sister Kate makes a surprise visit; Joss struggles with celebrating her engagement with Harry; April gets an opportunity to apply for a painting fellowship.
20 Jun. 2016
Under Pressure
Kate discovers that dating in Los Angeles is more difficult than she thought. Plus, Harry has a new job venture, and the boundaries between Karen and Robert become complicated.
27 Jun. 2016
Blurred Lines
Karen starts working with her clients again, putting her love life on hold; April's client starts to get much closer to her; Someone from Marc's past returns; Kate finds out her ex-fiancé is in a new relationship.
4 Jul. 2016
Lean In
Karen's new book proposals don't satisfy her agent; April is forced to make a tough decision with her job after Michael kisses her; Joss and Harry have trouble with their new working relationship.
11 Jul. 2016
What Happens in Vegas
Someone returns to Karen's life and creates ripples; April and Marc disagree about parenting styles; Kate's new man has an unexpected connection to the family; Joss snaps right before their impromptu wedding in Vegas.
2 Aug. 2016
Survival of the Fittest
Alec threatens for full custody of Vivian; April and Marc find a condom in Lucy's jacket; Joss' actions put Jonathan's nephew in the hospital, causing tension in her relationship with Harry.
8 Aug. 2016
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Marjorie convinces April to extend her stay after discovering she needs a liver transplant; Karen feels uneasy about her new nanny, Lydia, but still attempts to bond with her.
15 Aug. 2016
The Root of All Evil
April's mom extends her visit, causing friction with her and Marc; Lydia (Karen's nanny) creates an online dating profile using Karen's picture. Kate moves out of Harry and Joss's house, and Joss starts taking pills.
22 Aug. 2016
Karen and Adam take their relationship to the next level; Joss continues to unravel as she copes with the loss of a friend; Harry finds out about the pills Joss is taking; Marc picks his things up from the house; April finally confronts her mother.
29 Aug. 2016
Fight or Flight
Marc ends things with April for good; Karen is furious to learn Lydia was posing as her online; Harry juggles two potential business opportunities, which backfires; Joss, and her impact class friends, goes to find the man who killed their friend.
5 Sep. 2016
Back to the Start
April is unsure how to announce her big news to Marc just as his career is taking off. Karen reaches a relationship milestone when she meets Adam's parents. But her relationship is put in jeopardy when the Lydia situation resurfaces. Kate's anger at Joss shows no signs of subsiding, until she learns the truth.
6 Sep. 2016
The Show Must Go On
Everybody reunites together for a funeral. The episode jumps ahead a year and shows what everybody is up to. Harry and Jos open up the bistro. Someone new comes to town.

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